Bow & Crossbow Targets

Apr 26, 2021
Bow & Crossbow Targets

Best Targets to Practice Your Shooting in 2021

Have you ever witnessed missing your shot on the point just because you're bad at targeting? If yes, you must have felt guilty at that time! The tensions of those who struggled hard to reach their targets have now been resolved. You'll love to get your hands on the top-notch quality bow and crossbow targets after having a look at the choices we're going to reveal.

Do You Know?

Many shooting experts suggest using target materials to increase your excellence on bows and crossbows. Ranging from bow targets to crossbow targets, a wide variety of options are available out there. Thus a rush of items may bewilder you about which one to choose.

But wait,

We've spent our extra time collecting some top-notch choices of bow targets and crossbow targets for you. Our collection will make it easy for you to practice your shooting wherever you want to.

Top-Rated Practice Targets in 2021

Hunting Giant being the most suitable place, they have collected some of the handiest options to help you out. In addition to this, we've made it further easy by jotting down the most reasonable options for you.

Without any further ado, let's get started!

1. Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Caribou

If you're looking around to get a practice target that you can keep in your backyard to practice shooting on weekends, you've landed in a pretty right place! We're going to start our exciting loss with the Rinehart ½ Scale bow target, which comes with never-ending durability. The materials and the capacity to bear the bullets of your bows or crossbows are beyond any comparison in it.

Key Features:

It comes with an accurate animal-looking outlook which will make you feel like you're pointing at a living target. The size is large enough to cover the shooting area of your backyard. The length of this fantastic crossbow target ranges up to 45cm. Moreover, this item's scale size is 600-pound bull elk making it perfect for 20 yards and 60-yard shots.

The solid foam body will not bounce back the bullets of bows. Thus it can be a perfect option for you if you want safety and an efficient shooting system.


  • Highly durable
  • Made up of foam material
  • Crossbow compatible


  • Priced a bit high

Final Verdict:

It'll seem like a slightly highly-priced, but on the whole, it can be the wisest choice for professional hunters since it has all those features which are dreamt to be present in bow targets. Some of these qualities include the foam-made core and versatility for both bows and crossbows.

2. Real Wild Raccoon and Groundhog Combo Target

Catching sharp animals is not the game of beginner shooters. Only practice and time investment with efficient bow targets can get you to go through this. This is why we've added Real Wild Raccoon and Groundhog Combo targets to this list. It will make you able to point at running raccoons with great accuracy.

Key Features:

Unlike all the crossbow targets, these standing raccoons and groundhog are made in three dimensions to make the shooters feel like there are living animals standing in front of them. The materials used in it are ensured to be of top-notch quality for increasing its durability and never-ending lifespan. The self-healing form will not let you damage the environment with bullets.

The best part?

This bow target comes in a one-piece design which significantly helps the shooters to carry it from one place to another. You can bring it even on shooting areas without getting tired. The outlook of this crossbow target is quite similar to that of raccoons. Thus you can get real shooting vibes while practicing with it.


  • Made up of high-density foam
  • Attractive design
  • 3D structure for better target


  • It causes problem instability

Final Verdict:

The availability of self-healing foam in it and super high constructed density attracts a wide range of shooters who want something durable yet handy. Moreover, the 3D structure helps beginners to figure out the shooting techniques very quickly. The only thing you'll have to bear is its stability otherwise; investing your money in it will not be a wrong decision at all.

3. Delta Chunk Target 15 in

The majority of the hunters and shooters don't feel comfortable using the animal bow targets to practice before the actual game. For helping all those customers, we're going to introduce Delta Chunk Crossbow target. It had gained immense fame because of its never-ending durability to bring the best practice results to even those who are beginners.

Key Features:

With integrated handles, this option provides the best handling to those who keep shifting their crossbow targets from one place to another. The use of durable MO foam in it is perfect to bear the pressure of incoming bullets from crossbows. The cube shape design offers the feature to shoot it from every point.

In addition to all these outstanding features, the outer surface is made with heat-welded layered durable materials. This integration has boosted up its durability to noticeable extents. Moreover, it's compatible with all broad heads of bows and crossbows.


  • Integrated handles
  • Cubic design for enhanced shooting
  • Mo'Foam Construction


  • It offers fewer features as compared to others

Final Verdict:

You'll find comparatively fewer features in it compared to all other bow targets, but the rest features in it are pretty worthy of talking about it. Almost all shooters and hunters, whether beginner or professional, like it overall because of its small size and lightweight. It'll surely be the best addition to your hunting gearbox!

4. Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Moose Target

Have you ever experienced shooting the animals in woodland? If yes, you must have an idea about how it's challenging to catch the moose and deer when you're a beginner in the field of hunting. But all your worries are to an end now. Rinehart 1/3 Scale Target is mainly designed for those who want to get a firm grip over even running hunts. It has all integrated features which will make you enjoy hunting to the fullest extent.

Key Features:

It's considered one of the best archery bow targets because of the realistic outlook and scaled-down design. Moreover, the transport of this item has become greatly easy because of its lightweight feature. The price is too affordable to purchase without disturbing your savings. The delicate painting details on this bow target's upper surface make it look like a living animal. This is why hunters consider it as a living option to practice the shooting in better ways.

What's an exciting part here?

The unique foam construction in it is strictly resistant to UV radiation. Thus there's no need for you to worry about the damage even after using it for months. The self-healing foam will never bounce back the inserted bullets. It means the safety of the shooter is fully ensured as well.


  • A locking insert system is present in it
  • It looks like a living moose from the outlook
  • Self-healing foam is integrated into it


  • The durability isn't much appealing


Final Verdict:

Ranging from the living outlook to MO foam, it has got every demanded feature that makes hunters fall in love with it. The only thing you've to compromise with is its durability. But believe us, you're going to buy it again and again because of the appealing shooting experience it gives to beginners and experienced hunters as well.

5. Delta Speedbag 24 Target

Sometimes it's quite challenging to practice your shooting skills with high speed yielding crossbows because the targets often fall away instead of bearing the bullet's pressure. That is why our experts have decided to end this astounding collection with the handiest bag bow target. It has several pointed surfaces where you can keep your eyes to embed to bullets or bows.

Key Features:

The first thing that attracts almost all users towards it is its affordable price. It comes with a very reasonable price, which makes it stand out of the list with perfection. Besides the handiest price, there're many other worthy features to talk about in it. It's integrated with straps to hang it at a certain height for practicing flying shooting.

Furthermore, the adjustable hooked straps will allow you to change its position according to your comfort zone. It's perfect for distance shooting since it doesn't fall back no matter how much the incoming bow's pressure is. Thick layered foam is inserted in it to capture the bow with full grip.


  • Highly durable
  • Allows 25-yard shot
  • Perfect for high-speed crossbows


  • Not suitable for pointed bullets

Final Verdict:

It may burst on exposure with pointed bullets. Overall, it is the perfect option for beginner hunters who are always afraid of losing the game because of lack of practice. Its handy nature will allow you to practice your shooting skills on it all day long.

Wrap Up!

You can never catch your hunt on the very first shot until you practice the skills. We have tried to cover the best bow targets and crossbow targets to make you fall in love with shooting. So take your time and select the best option from the list above.

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