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Fishing is a hobby for some, passion for many more. And for occasional fishing trips, everyone uses a Kayak for ultimate enjoyment and trouble free fishing. But, a new, top-notch quality Kayak costs thousands of dollars, and not everyone is willing to spend that much for a passion or leisure activity. So, people often go for the options within the budget, and among the budget options of Kayaks, Lifetime Tamarack angler 100 has been quite popular. 


Buying a Kayak in the mid-range or in the budget has always been difficult, and now there is a new, quite popular option in the segment, which is Lifetime tamarack angler 100. It has a good build and some features that give it an edge to suit better with the fishing needs and the budget. Let's see the in-depth reviews of Lifetime tamarack angler 100.

Build and Technical Aspects

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is made with high polyethylene, which is also UV-protected. This gives the kayak a strong and durable build, along with a rigid body. And because the material is so light in nature, it is also lighter than many of its competitors, which makes it easier to carry to the fishing zone and can easily be carried on the roof of the car.


Every Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 comes with a 5-year warranty from the company, so if there are any issues with the kayak, the customer got himself covered. This is important as a Kayak is meant to be on outdoors, being carried and also floating and being carried back on, sometimes stored in shades, so if any of the units has any manufacturing fault, it will increase over time, so this 5-year warranty is a relief for all. 

The rivet holes in the bottom of the kayak allows the water from the river to seep in overtime, however, this never occurred any problems or any kind of incidents.  

Comfort and Carry Ability

This specific model of Lifetime Tamarack kayak has been considered as a kayak with good comfort, but certainly not one of the best. To keep the price tag lower than expected, Lifetime has cut some of the costs in the field of comfort. Make no mistake, it is still a comfortable enough kayak, and any passionate person can do hours after hours of shipping on this, but this could have been better in passenger comfort.

Tamarack Angler 100 has a big and spacious cockpit, even though it is not a big oat in terms of size. It has a two-part seat, which also has an adjustable back. On occasions where needed, this seat can be folded over the support strap as per the need of the owner.

The biggest feature this Lifetime Kayak has in the field of comfort is the multiple foot we lls, which provides the Kayaker the ability to move and place his or her feet wherever in however position he likes, or becomes comfortable in. Despite not having too many comfort features, this was a plus for the added thought and design element.


In carry ability or storage facility, Lifetime tamarack angler 100 fishing kayak has some good decent facilities on board to reduce the hassle. But, even those are not the best offerings in a fishing kayak. Lifetime tamarack has a pretty good storage space compared to its size, and it starts with two round compartments that are given to carry and store told or anything small in size, that you might need during fishing. One of them is placed right in front of the seat, and the other one is designed to be placed at the stern.

At the stern of the tamarack, there is a storage deck, and similar to this one, another small one is placed at the bow. One of the most eye-pleasing features of the kayak is the bungee cords that come with, and these cords are placed over both of the storage deck to be used in any kind of emergency, and also for making the kayak secure at any given place.


Tamarack 100 has three different fishing rod holders in it, among these fishing rod holders one is placed carefully on the starboard side, to be with the reach of the user. The other two rod holders are behind the scenes, which are also flush mount holder.


Paddling Experience

The tamarack is not a long or wide boat, but it is only 10 feet in length. Because of this small size, it gets an advantage while paddling across any crowded part of any river or lake.

as it is a light and small fishing kayak, it picks up speed very quickly depending on the paddling, and it has a turning ability like a bird flying in the sky, arguably even quicker. Most of the users of this tamarack angler have stated that this floats and maneuvers really well, and it a good kayak to go a little bit further from the shore to catch some good fish.

If we begin from the start, there is no hassle to carry this kayak to anywhere, mainly because of its small size, lightweight design, and most importantly, 4 handles. It has one handle on the bow, one on the stern, and on both sides of the cockpit, it has the rest of the two handles. This weighs only 50 pounds, so one person can easily carry this to the desired place, and enjoy his outing.

One of the things many flaws of generic fishing kayaks is that the small ones usually become really unstable on the real waterbed, mainly because of their lack of design progress, poor materials, and huge cost-cutting. The Lifetime tamarack angler 100 fishing kayak stands out from the category of a budget fishing kayak and proves its performance and stability to every one.


Most of the users have stated their opinion as, when purchasing this they were not so confident, mainly because of the small form factor and lightness. But, once they first tried it, the stability of the tamarack exceeded their expectation. Considering the price, it provides stability like a much more expensive option.


The footrest position helps the paddler to fix themselves onto the tamarack, and this increases stability, taking advantage of that fixed weight of the user. Even if you sat on top of the seat or even try fishing while standing up on the kayak, the boat is capable of providing good stability and will never give you any indication to trip over or something related.


As the kayak is compact so the room to move around is relatively small but you'll not feel this lack of room while you get use to it. This massive amount of stability comes from the chine rails. the Muskie 120 has a larger beam than other kayaks in the segment, which is 31 inches wide, and this contributes to the stability.


Other Features

Lifetime tamarack angler 100 fishing kayak might not cost so much like other high end kayaks, but despite sitting at an affordable price range, this offers a good amount of feature.

First of all, they include a paddle with the kayak, and there is a paddle keeper placed in it so that any chance to lose the paddle is long gone. Despite being not too comfortable in terms of position, the seats are padded to provide some comfort to the paddler, especially senior people will benefit the most from this.

the top mount fishing rod on the side of the cockpit works so well in the real world, and the multi-chine hull design confirms extra stability, and it makes the kayak more flip-resistant.

the kayak weighs only 52 pounds, and it can carry a payload of up to 275 pounds, which is really more than what a big person weighs, therefore it provides more weight capacity for the accessories and the things the paddler wants to carry with him, let it be some beer or foods.

The footrest positions of the kayak really offer more paddling and sitting positions, which in fishing is really important to avoid any kind of back pain or cramps. The front and rear hatches are a nice addition, and the UV protected body protects the kayak from taking any kind of wear when it is in the open sunlight.


Some Drawbacks

From the price point, it has a great value for the money with so many features. But, there are some drawbacks too, which could have been done better.

First of all, Lifetime Tamarack doesn't have any skid plates under it, so when launching the kayak or coming near the shore, you need to be careful.

The storage compartment doesn't have any kind of partitions, and often the accessories or things move inside it, going further from the reach of the paddler or getting mixed with one another.

Due to compact size the cockpit is relatively small, and the seats are not really comfortable. But the rivet holes sometimes causes to slowly sweep water in through them.

Pros and cons at a glance


1. Strong built

2. Lightweight

3. Very comfortable

4. Pretty good storage space

5. Three different fishing rod holders

6. Compact size

7. Floats and maneuvers really well

8. Affordable

9. Padded seats

10. Comes with a paddle

11. Can carry up to 275 pounds

12. 5-years warranty



1. No skid plates

2. No Partition on storage compartments

3. Relatively small cockpit


Should You Buy It?

Lifetime Kayaks

If you are passionate about fishing and taking days to paddle your kayak, to enjoy the water and the surrounding, there are certainly a lot better options than the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100. But if you are on a limited budget, and know about kayaks and looking for one to buy within the price range of other fishing kayaks Walmart offerings, then this could be a good kayak to help you meet with your passion.

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