New Ravin Crossbows for 2021 Season

Best Ravin Crossbows – Best Picks to Buy in 2021

Are you a hunter or trying to be your best version in the field of hunting? If yes, you must be looking out for getting your hands on top-quality crossbows. After all, crossbows are the basic need to get your hunt right on the moment with great accuracy. Thus, to increase your efficiency and enable you to catch the target, Ravin Crossbows has made it into the market.

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It's quite tricky to point in the target if it's standing far away from your position. For this, rifles and efficient crossbows are used by the majority of the hunters out there. A powerful Ravin crossbow can continuously point in the bull eyes standing 100 yards away.

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But the major task is to find the best quality of Ravin Crossbows since there's a huge rush of a large number of items in the hunting essentials market. But don't worry, we have managed our time to collect some of the top-notch Ravin Crossbows of 2021

Top-Rated Ravin Crossbows in 2021

If you're struggling to enhance your hunting skills by trying out versatile crossbows, there's no need for you to struggle more. Our experts have collected some go-to options for you which will satisfy you fully.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Ravin R18 Crossbow

The majority of the hunting Crossbows are integrated with wide dimension essentials making them quite hard to operate or carry from one place to another. But don't worry, we're starting our impressive list with Ravin R18, which has stood out of perfection in the case of accuracy and compactness. With all its remarkable features, it offers ease of use to even beginner hunters.

Key Features:

Unlike all the other traditional Crossbows, it comes with a 25 inches lengths, which shortens up to 18 inches, making it easy for the hunters to manoeuvre it. The take-down style of the Ravin R18 Crossbow shuts out the bolts at an amazing speed of 330fps. This feature has made it one of the most preferred choices of those hunters who want accuracy with precision.

At the pull of the trigger, all its limbs can stand vertically rather than horizontally. Thus you can point at the incoming hunt with great ease by setting it up in a fixed position. Furthermore, it can rotate around the cam and cam axle to catch the target from every position.


  • Very lightweight to handle
  • Offers the highest accuracy in pointing
  • It comes with versatile lengths

Cons :

  • Some users still find it difficult to use

Final Verdict :

Undoubtedly, the integration of many complicated features makes it a bit difficult to use by beginner hunters. But still, if you're a professional hunter, you can enjoy access to every demanding feature in it. Ranging from precision to standing accuracy, it has got everything.

2. Ravin R500E Crossbow

HexCoil cam system isn’t common in a wide variety of shooting Crossbows. Plus, the pointing frequency is quite hard to find in local Crossbows. Thus considering these very demands of our enthusiastic hunters, we have decided to introduce you to the Ravin R500E Crossbow. With a perfect electric drive system, this Crossbow enables the hunters to believe in their hunting skills.

Key Features:

A cock and decock system in it is precisely integrated with the electric drive system for increased ease of use. Not only this, but a high pointing speed of 500 fps is present in it. Thus you can point your target without even missing a single shot. Furthermore, it has got a 12-volt battery which plays the leading role in increasing its operating time.

For charging and recharging this Crossbow stock, you can efficiently attach and detach the motor with its driving system. An amazing thing to talk about is its lightweight, which helps people carry it for longer durations without breaking. The trigger firing system in it never lets the hint get out of the targeted line.


  • It comes with a field-ready kit
  • Offers high firing speed
  • Pretty easy to assemble


  • Some folks consider it quite expensive

Final Verdict:

Compared to all other Crossbows, the electric drive system and field coiling technology have made it stand out of the list. No doubt some of its users consider it pretty expensive, but the presence of as many as worthy features in it is all worth it.

3. Ravin R500E Crossbow Sniper Package

The targeting length is one of the most crucial factors that make a hunting Crossbow the best choice among all. This is why professional hunters always try to grab the high-end Ravin Crossbows. But there’s no need for you to search more about it. We’ve added Ravin R500E Crossbow Spinner Package to this impressive list. We bet you that you'll fall in love with it after knowing its features.

Key Features:

A staggering target length of more than 500 feet has made it an unmatched Crossbow in the hunting industry. As the name indicates, it comes with a spinning HexCoil cam that rotates in 360 degrees. Thus you can get an exact idea about the target from every position.

You can manually handle the cock and decock system; thus, you can use it like a professional if you're a beginner. With the help of the VesaDrive system, you can resume the clocking and decocking mechanism at any time during shooting. It comes with a compact hunting kit that offers all essentials needed to increase accuracy.


  • Efficient cock and decock system
  • Offers Spinner cam of 360 degrees
  • It comes with 0.001 premium quality arrows


  • It doesn’t offer vertical standing

Final Verdict:

If you want to enjoy the ease of handling with long precision pointing length, Ravin R500E Crossbow Spinner Package is the best option for you. However, it may run low in vertical standing, but we're pretty sure that all its amazing features with accessories kit will impress you.


4. Ravin R500 Crossbow

Almost all those Crossbows which come with worthy features are out of the range of normal waged hunters. But wait, here's good news for you! Our experts have decided to benefit the shooters with the most reasonable Crossbow ever names as Ravin R500 Crossbow. Besides its handy price, it has got all those features that dreamt to be present in hunter Crossbows.

Key Features:

A next-level innovation is available with it because of the presence of 360 degrees rotating HexCoil cam Spinner. It rotates in all directions to make it accessible for the hunter to experience versatile ways of hunting. Compared to all other Ravin Crossbows, this item is coupled with the slimmest width of only 3.6 inches.

The internal screw system is adjusted so that the hunter can move the firing system back and forth very conveniently. Thus it has become easier for beginners to maintain a firm grip while pointing at the target. Furthermore, the internal clutch will allow you to resume the cocking at any position.


  • Quite handy to shoot at the target
  • Appealing power stroke
  • High shooting speed of 500 fps


  • The quality of the materials isn’t attractive

Final Verdict:

The only thing that manufacturers have to focus on is the quality of the materials in it. Overall, it is one of the most appropriate choices concerning the speed of hunting. A complete bouquet of remarkable features is available it ranging from power stroke to accuracy of shooting.


5. Ravin R500 Crossbow Sniper Package

Do you want to enjoy the convenience of single reticle speed along with the high speed of firing? If yes, our last but not least product is mainly designed for you! Ravin R500 Crossbow Spinner Package has now crossed the limits of perfection to make hunting an easy activity for everyone. Furthermore, you’ll find all the required features for hunting in its package.

Key Features:

The versatility in the length of about 26 inches has made it comfortable for the new hunters to operate without losing the hunt. In addition to this, 3.6 inches width enables the hunters to carry it on their shoulders for longer durations without any inconvenience. The trigger firing system can move back and forth to increase the accuracy and precision of shooting abilities.

The internal clutch system eliminates all kinds of over-cocking; thus, you'll not lose your grip on this hunting Crossbow. This unique item's level of accuracy is greatly increased because of the presence of 0.001 premium arrows. Because of this feature, a hunter will never lose the precision in his hunting.


  • Offers total length of 28 inches
  • It comes with back and forth movements of the firing system
  • Work with efficient kinetic energy


  • The stroke system is not up to the mark

Final Verdict:

Coupled with all amazing features, including a powerful firing system, longest length for precision, and compact width, this Crossbow makes it out of the box. However, the stroke system is not appealing, but you'll find it perfect in every case of hunting feature. Check out all Ravin Crossbows line-up. 


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