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Ravin Crossbows - Which One To Choose

Ravin Crossbows - Which One To Choose

We tried many hunting products here at hunting giant and we believe that crossbows are one of the most popular and practical weapons for hunting. Several brand stepped up they hunting game and on of them makes fantastic crossbows like Ravin Crossbows. They have been in business for years after years and have been producing some really advanced crossbows for hunting.

Ravin Crossbows 2022 are designed and developed by Hunters and they make few of the most advanced crossbows in the industry. Crossbow enthusiasts run the company and the key motto of the company is to achieve superior performance. Their product line-up is designed carefully to meet the preference of all the hunters.


Ravin Crossbow - The Technology

All Ravin Crossbows have a long-range of products and their crossbows are based on Helicoil technology. This advanced technology has shaped the industry for the betterment, making the most accurate crossbows in the hunting industry right now.


The Helicoil technology operates uniquely as it coils cables away from the top and bottom of the cams, resulting in the perfect balance of the cams. Another advantage of this is that it makes the cams rotate up to 340 degrees, which is incredible. This design in the crossbows makes the perfect package and has perfect accuracy similar to a rifle.


The arrow and the string float free above the rail of the Crossbow and this gets rid of any kind of friction. Less friction while shooting arrows results in better accuracy and longer cable life.

There is an advanced trigger system in all Ravin Crossbows, which is a trac-trigger firing system. Ravin patents this trigger mechanism and this slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the exact middle of the string when the bow is drawn. Mechanism allows for straight-line nock travel and this why advanced technology delivers an unmatched accuracy.

The cocking system in all Ravin Crossbows is another advancement than many other crossbow manufacturers. Ravin Crossbow uses a versa-draw cocking system, which is provided by Helicoil technology. This works with a coalition with the trac-trigger firing system and it is built into the sleek design.

Cocking mechanism features a really low cocking force of 12 pounds and provides the versatility to cock and un-cock the Ravin cross very easily. Silent cocking system provides flawless action and makes sure you are always ready for any activity.

Ravin Crossbows have a long product lineup of R10, R20, R26, R29, R29X and several packages of these products. Products range from entry-level all the way up to expert sniper level, and the prices stay in the same region. Ravin Crossbows for the 2021 hunting season line-up was very stacked. Some models are here to stay, starting with all time best seller Ravin R10.


Ravin Crossbow - Ravin R10

Ravin R10 is the most entry-level Crossbow from Ravin and even starting at a price for a beginner level crossbow. It carries and delivers the aesthetic of lightweight, compact, and accurate. This Crossbow is unique in many ways and stands ahead of the other competitors in the segment.

Ravin R10 is a perfectly acceptable option for beginners and sits at the same price range as other beginner level crossbows, but at the same time, it is a really powerful hunting weapon. 

Ravin R10 crossbow has the patented internal cocking and un cocking mechanism along with a free-floating strap. These two are set into the receiver section, which requires only 12 pounds of pull to cock the Crossbow. The Crossbow is suitable for both lefthanded or righthanded person. 

The attached scope is a custom unit designed especially for Ravin Crossbows and this Ravin R10 can shoot at speeds from 300 all the way up to 400 fps. Crossbow can shoot with 100% accuracy to 100 yards and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Due to the low pull force, this Crossbow is suitable for both beginners and elders and does a pretty good job of hunting. The free-floating arrow technology, the hunter can use broadheads up to 1.625 inches wide in this Ravin R10. 

The Ravin R10 comes in two colors and graphics variants - grey and camo. The camo version fully dissolves with other camouflage overalls and in the wild. 

  • Only 12 pounds of Draw weight
  • Up to 400 FPS speed
  • Pinpoint accuracy till 100 yards 
  • Added 100 yards illuminated scope
  • 6.8 pounds of weight


    Ravin Crossbow - Ravin R20 Crossbow

    Ravin R20 is one of the most all-rounder and versatile Crossbows in the Ravin line up. This sniper package can deliver accuracy like a rifle and is really compact. 

    Like all other Ravin Crossbows, the R20 is engineered by Helicoil technologies. It has all the features- optimized balance and lightweight build and the cast polymer in the build makes it durable. The key advantage of the Ravin R20 crossbow is the speed and power. 

    The 34.5 inch in size and 6.8 pounds in weight of the Ravin R20 have a frictionless flight system, making it feel like a gun while shooting. It also has a velocity similar to a rifle which generates kinetic energy of 164 feet-pounds and can shoot at a 430 FPS speed. With cams perfectly balanced, Ravin R20 shoots with complete accuracy up to a range of 100 yards.

    The silent cocking system means the user can cock and uncock the Crossbow without a single drop of sound. This cocking mechanism is also fully integrated and works smoother than normal mechanisms.

    Including the quiver and the scope, the R20 weighs 8.8 pounds more than usual, but even then it is among the lightest crossbows in the market. Ravin R20 crossbow package has the signature trac-triggers system which is ant-dry-fire and bilateral positioning.

    The pull weight of the trigger is only 3.2 pounds, which is pretty good. The Ravin R20 comes with a 100-meter illuminated sight, which has 9 targets ranging from 20 meters all the way up to a 100 meters. 

     The Helicoil is really unique and the railless design adds a really uncommon feature to the design aesthetics. The Crossbow's arrows do not stay at the rail  and the front of the Crossbow has roller support. Along with this, a lock-in nock is used in the outrigger back. Ravin r20 also comes with a crank and the whole design is really useful, ergonomic, and good looking. 

    Ravin R20 comes with some added accessories in the crossbow package such as a Versa-Draw cocking handle, quiver, a mounting bracket, 6 Ravin arrows, an adjustable jack plate, and a scope that can be mounted on a riser level is included with the package. 

    The most interesting piece on the added accessories is the scope. With an added elevation plate, the hunter can rise the scope and dial to a range from point-blank all the way up to 200 yards. Also, scope has impressive features, delivers a good and clear image, and performs well in low light conditions due to its multiple coating. 

     The R20 has great and textured grip which it is really easy to grab and hold onto. Its finger grooves are really placed in the perfect position and they are also textured. The finger grooves are placed on both sides for a better user experience for people who use their left hand as trigger finger, or their right hand as trigger finger, both kind. It also has a built-in sling mount for carrying and this really makes it compact.

    The trigger system has some pretty good safety features and the trac-trigger firing system is really well-designed and it is on per with some firearms. The trigger has an anti-dry fire safety feature and two-position safety, and they both engage automatically whenever the trigger clamps the archway bracket string. 

    • Illuminated scope with a 100 yards range
    • Produces a powerful energy
    • Great safety mechanism
    • Good grip and texture
    • Added quiver
    • Built-in cocking mechanism
    • Added sling mounts 
    • anti-dry fire 


       Ravin Crossbows - Ravin R29

      Starting from the beginning of Ravin R10 and mid-range players like Ravin R20, Ravin R29 sits is the closest to the throne for one of the best Ravin Crossbows ever made. During the launch, it was the fastest Crossbow ever made by Ravin. 

      Ravin R29 is built based on the previous R20 and shares many similarities in the design and some features. Even with all those similarities, this is far more advanced and far more compact. R29 is one of the shortest Crossbow ever made. 

      The Crossbow is engineered by Helicoil technology who designs and makes all the crossbows of Ravin and they made the R29 as one of the best in their lineup. 

      The Ravin R29 is only 29 inches long. The width is 10.5 inches when the axle uncocked and 6 inches when cocked. It Weighs a tremendously low 6.75 pounds and the draw weight of this is only 12 pounds, which is really a low number when it comes to cocking a crossbow. 

      The Ravin R29 crossbow produces 164 pound-feet of kinetic energy and using a 380-grain arrow. It can shoot at a speed of 430 feet per second. The power stroke is only 12.5 inches and still able to deliver this much power and performance. 

      This sheer power and force is the clever engineering of Helicoil technology and the strong cable system of the Crossbow. When is drawn, it is perfectly balanced and this perfect balance eliminates any leans on the cam and increases the downrange accuracy. The cams rotate all the way to an astonishing 340 degrees and combining with a 400 grain bolt. It is as lethal as a rifle. 

      The Ravin R29 gets all the exclusive Ravin Crossbow features. Frictionless flight system, trac-trigger firing system, versa draw cocking system, to low draw force - the R29 checks all the boxes. It also has state of the art safety feature on the trigger. 

      Ravin R29 is available in the Predator Dusk Camo color variant, which really helps to camouflage in nature.

      • Shoots at 430 fps
      • Produces 164 Feet pound power
      • Lightweight
      • Small form factor and compact
      • Top-notch safety features to prevent accidents
      •  Pinpoint accuracy
      • 100 yards scope


        Ravin Crossbows - Ravin R29X 

        Ravin R29X is the fastest crossbow Ravin Crossbows have made. This is a completely brand new model and it was designed by Hunters to do one thing. shoot at the highest speed achievable. And With a 400-grain arrow, it can Shoot at a speed of 450 fps (feet per second)! 

        Ravin R29X is the top of the line crossbow which is currently one of the best crossbows available in the market right now. It as a length of 29 inches and the axle width is 6 inches when cocked and 10.5 inches while un-cocked. The draw weight is only 12 pounds, similar to the rest of the crossbows in the lineup and this R29X comes with a silent cocking system. In this era of archery, the perfect bow of the modern hunter is the R29X. 

        The most impressive thing about this is not the size or the form factor, but its power. It can shoot at 450 feet per second and while doing so, it produces kinetic energy of 180-foot pound. To control this much powerful shooting and prevent it from any accidents, it has state of the art safety features on the trigger and also textured grip and finger groove for complete control of the Crossbow. 

        It is available in the predator dusk camo color option.  

        • Very Light
        • the cams are perfectly leveled
        • It's completely silent while shooting or cocking
        • Zero rail friction means perfect accuracy
        • 450 fps shooting speed
        • Produces 180 feel pound kinetic energy while shooting


        Ravin Crossbows - Are They Worth It?

        Yes Ravin Crossbows are slightly costlier than other options, but at the same time they are premium, very light, faster than most other options, silent cocking system, and Helicoil technology. All these features combined makes Ravin really stand out from competition. The Ravin Crossbows can shoot from 400 to 450 feet per second speed and shoot with pinpoint accuracy up to 100 yards. Skilled hunter can shoot up to 200 yards while mounting the scope in the riser and push the limits even higher.  Yes, they are absolutely worth it. 


        Ravin Crossbows - Conclusion

         With proper training, anyone can improve and prove to be a hunter.  The same  case with Ravin Crossbows. Their innovative, durable technology combined with the raw power and pinpoint accuracy makes them really good value crossbows even for the high price tag. Ravin Crossbows are one of the best options for those who want the best and only the best when it comes to hunting and accuracy. 


        Hunting Giant

        Hunting Giant