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Tenpoint Vapor RS470 vs Ravin R29X

  • 7 min read

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 vs Ravin R29X

Tenpoint and Ravin. Both these companies have crossbows in all the price ranges to target hunters with all skills, but If we are talking about the most high-end crossbows from these two companies - the Ravin R 29X and Tenpoint Vapor RS470 will be the two that goes head to head.

Anyone who is interested to buy a top-tier crossbow often spends hours deciding. Today, we will discuss all the features and the differences between them and talk thoroughly about TenPoint Vapor RS470 vs Ravin R29X.


Difference Between Brands

Tenpoint has been making high-end crossbows for around 27 years. Till now they have around 95 patented technology which they have implemented on their crossbows for a long time. They have some unique features which can be found only on their crossbows.

Similar to Tenpoint crossbows, Ravin crossbows has been making bows for a good amount of time. They both have unique technologies, like frictionless string movement and more. The long-range of products suitable for all sorts of crossbow enthusiasts - from beginner to expert. Ravin and Tenpoint has best crossbows to choose in 2021


Size And Weight

The first thing that differentiates these two crossbows are their size, dimensions, and specs. Tenpoint Vapor RS470 has a length of 31 inches compared to the 29 inches of the R29X. The RS470 has a width of 12 inches while undocked and 6.5 inches while cocked, and a weight of 8 pounds without attaching any accessories.

On the other side, the R 29X is 6 inches wide while cocked and an un cocked width of 10.5 inches and it only weighs 6.75 pounds.

The Vapor RS470 has a power stroke of 17 inches compared to the 12.5 inches of the R 29X.

Size and weight-wise, the RS470 is a slightly bigger and heavier crossbow among these two, and the R 29X has a smaller and light form factor. At the end of the, they both are ultra-narrow crossbows.


TenPoint Vapor RS470 Features

Both crossbows works absolutely great, but when it comes to the technology used and the features, they are slightly different.

First of all, let's talk about the standout features used in the Tenpoint Vapor RS470. The first thing that is unique for this model is the slingshot technology, which is paired with the RX-7 cams that power the dual flex limbs.

The crossbow has a reverse draw crossbow technology. This utilizes the full 17 inches of the power stroke. The two-stage trigger - S1 provides the most consistent break for any other crossbow and can help massively with zero interface releases.

It has an integrated string stop system, that reduces the noise. This technology basically makes this crossbow the most silent one in the current market.

Another standout feature of the Vapor RS470 crossbow is the new ACUslide, which is used in the silent cocking and de cocking of the crossbow. This is a patented technology for Tenpoint.

The ACUslide cocking system reduces the draw weight by up to 95%. Along with this draw weight reduction, this also makes the cocking and de cocking experience really smooth, noise-free, and most importantly, safe.

There is another technology by TenPoint used in the Vapor RS470 Crossbow, which is the Trac Barrel. This reduces the string friction and makes them last longer.


Ravin R29X Features


HeliCoil technology is the most recognizable feature of the R 29X. This crossbow has a drawing technology called Versa-Draw. This has two helical cable grooves on both sides of the cams to coil the cables away from the cams during the cocking process. This changes the positions of the cables rapidly and therefore prevents overlap and gives a greater rotation of up to 340 degrees.

The R 29X has a Trac-Trigger Firing System, also known as TTFS. This is a patented firing system by Ravin. The trigger box is housed in a small and mobile sled that slides up and down on the track on the rail. What this technology does is when drawn, the TTFS gives an audible click and engages the safety to prevent accidental trigger press or fire. Then when the trigger is pressed, it releases the bolt with almost no resistance and almost no noise.

Ravin has its own frictionless flight system. When the crossbow is drawn, the bolt floats above the rail and upon firing it leaves the bow with zero friction. This mechanism reduces friction, therefore increases the speed, pitch-perfect aim, and prevents noise.


Vapor RS470 and R29X - Scopes

The RS470 gets an EVO-X Marksman 5 x 30 scope with the standard base model. This scope is made with machined aluminum and mounted on a fixed dovetail mount. It has several markers that are also illuminated to assist with the low light shooting.

The markers can be customized to light in either red and green and have 5 luminance settings for brightness.

The scope can be calibrated for 20, 30, 40, 50, and up to 60 yards distance.

On the other side, the R 29X has a similar illuminated scope that can touch up to 100 yards. It has a similar yardage counter and can be adjusted for preferred distance.


The Performance Difference

The first thing that differed between these two is the draw weight. Both of these bows have reduced the effort and force of drawing the crossbow and R 29X has the edge here with 12 pounds of draw weight.

The biggest difference that comes between the two crossbows is the kinetic energy produced by them and the speed. The RS470 can deliver maximum kinetic energy of 192 feet lb with Evo x centerpunch Carbon Arrow of 445 grains. The R 29X delivers a maximum of 180 feetpounds of kinetic energy with Ravin bolts.

The Vapor RS470 is considered the best crossbow available in terms of speed. It can shoot at a maximum of 470 feet per second on the lighter Pro Light Carbon Arrow. It was fastest tenpoint crossbow in 2021 until they released tenpoint nitro 505 xero - fastest crossbow in the world in 2022. R29X comes very, very close in this section as it can reach a whopping 450 feet per second.

The lightness and the different technology used in these crossbows make their experience completely different. While they both are really good hunting crossbows, they are different in ergonomics and assist.

The R 29X is a more light, nimble, and smaller crossbow. Though it has a top speed close enough to the comparison, it is more used in quick draw and carrying to rough and rougher terrains where a bigger crossbow would make drawing and shooting more difficult.

The Tenpoint Vapor RS470 is slightly bigger in length and width. Also weighs a little more. In a real hunting scenario, it provides a more stable, precise aim with the most silent release of the bolt, and this makes a great hunting session and experience.

Though the weight of the crossbow is lighter than literary most of the other options out there, when the comparison comes to the R 29X, it feels a bit heavy while carrying.


The Price and Packages

Both the crossbows come pre-assembled in the package - only the scope needs to be mounted onto the crossbow and you are good to go.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 has two variants. The standard variant and the Vapor RS470 Xero. The standard package includes:

  • Crossbow
  • Exo X Marksman scope
  • The hard official Tenpoint Stag hard crossbow case
  • 6-arrow quiver
  • Neoprene sling
  • 3 EVO-X CenterPunch broadheads
  • 6 Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows
  • 6 lighted variants of the Evo-X arrows.


The Xero package includes a state of the art Garmin Xero X1i digital range finding crossbow scope. It has so many more features and an extended range of 250 yards.


The R 29X comes with two variants. The standard R 29X and the R 29X Sniper package. The standard package includes:

  • Crossbow
  • Hard case
  • One 3 arrow quiver with mount
  • 12 pieces of 400 grain .003 Ravin arrows
  • 6 pieces of 100-grain field points
  • Removable draw handle
  • 100-yard multi plex illuminated scope.


The R 29X sniper package includes all of the standard accessories along with a tactical crossbow scope and 6 pieces of Ravin .001 arrows.


Ravin R 29X has a price tag of 2,599.99 USD and the TenPoint Vapor RS470 has a price tag of 2,949.99 USD.


Comparison Summary

While sitting at a similar price range and the top of the product line up, both the bows provide really high performance and deliver a good speed rating. They both have their own and unique drawing technology, trigger technology, and accessories.

While Tenpoint Vapor RS470 has a slightly bigger form factor in terms of length, height, and weight, it has more lean and torque with a higher top speed of 470 fps. Along with this, it provides perfect accuracy every time and delivers the most silent shot.

On the other hand, R 29X is a bow that is one of the lightest and compact crossbows ever built, and its new technologies give a very different experience than the RS470. The end performance stays really, really close with good aim and a top speed of up to 450 fps. It's slightly cheaper than the RS470 and gives it a slight edge to be arguably a better value for money.



Both these Crossbows are known to be two of the toughest and most high-performance crossbows on the market in 2021, and despite being launched last year, these two are still ahead of many other flagship crossbows by other brands. 2022 Tenpoint crossbow lineup still has vapor RS470 listed as top crossbow. Tenpoint Vapor RS470 and Ravin R29X both are designed for professional and expert hunters. While which one is better is arguable, these two will always be two of the top choices.


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