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Top 5 Best Crossbows

With the rising popularity in crossbows, manufacturers are keeping up with the demand by producing new models.  With the many varieties of crossbows that you are likely to find on the market, you may find it hard to pick one that suits your needs and at your preferred price.


We, however, have made it easy for you to shop for a crossbow by reviewing the top five best crossbows to help you choose the most suitable for you. Read on to find out all you need to know about the hunting machines and learn how to choose the best crossbow for you.


How to Choose the Best Crossbow


Whether you are a beginner looking for your first crossbow or a seasoned archer who is in the market shopping for a replacement, it is important to choose the one that will meet your needs.

Here are the things that you should look out for to ensure you get the best deal:




Bows are used for hunting, archery, or leisure shooting. Most of the bows in the market are good for any of these activities, but you should confirm with your vendor if the one you want suits your need.




The price of crossbows for sale varies widely depending on their quality and specifications. Look for the finest crossbow within the price range of your budget.


Draw Weight


Draw weight is regulated by authorities and you have to find out the allowable range within your region. Most hunting bows are in the range of 125-200 pounds. A heavier one shoots faster than a lighter one.


Arrow Velocity


The initial velocity of your arrow will give it enough kinetic energy for accurate shooting and a reduced trajectory at long ranges. A crossbow with 300 feet per second (fps) is good enough. Leading manufacturers, however, are increasing the velocity, and you can now find one in the range of 400 fps.


Scope Sight


If your crossbow comes with an optical sighting device, it will make your shooting more accurate. In fact, most have multi-reticle scopes that allow you to focus at intervals of 20 yards, 30, 40, or even 50 yards.


Quality of Crossbow Accessories


Your bow will only give you your desired results if you use it with good quality accessories. Some of the accessories that you will need are arrows and broadheads. Some arrows and broadheads are made for a compound bow and, therefore, will not work on your crossbow.

Purchase ones that are made specifically for crossbows and as you select them, be sure to consider their quality so that they can boost the performance of your hunting gear.


Types of crossbows


The crossbows on sale vary significantly in design and operating mechanism. This is because they are designed to serve different purposes, though you can find some that are made for multi-purpose use. For you to pick the crossbow that suits your need, you will need to know the different types of bows and their purposes and price range.


Recurve Crossbow


This is the best hunting gear for pro a hunter targeting big animals. It delivers powerful and high-speed long-range shots and has a high accuracy level. The name is derived from the delicate curves at the end of the bow that points away from the shooter.

These curves hold the string in place by straining and locking it. This is good since the string cannot flick out, which increases the safety of your recurve bow. This strain is also good because it increases the initial velocity of your arrow.

Get a high-end string so that it can withstand the strain of this machine, or be ready to replace the string frequently. The heavyweight and big size of this recurve bow makes it tedious to carry around.


Compound Crossbow


The design of compound crossbows is more complex, although it is easier to operate. It is popular with pro hunters because it is highly energy efficient. Additionally, it is highly accurate and the build is smaller and easier to carry. Moreover, it is durable.

The string connects two levels of limbs that use pulleys to reduce the energy needed for a shot. This minimizes vibrations and gives the arrow a strong acceleration projectile. However, you will need a special tool to replace the string.

The maintenance of this machine is also more demanding since a compound crossbow has several parts that you have to maintain. You may find its weight a bit demanding when you need to move with it in the bush.


Repeating Crossbow


This is the simplest crossbow to use since you can execute a shot in only one movement. It also allows you to make repeat shots in quick succession, which is good if you are targeting several small games. It is a good bow for beginners who want to target accurately without undertaking a lot of shooting training and comes at a pocket-friendly price.

However, you will miss out on the fun that comes with shooting from a more complicated bow. Additionally, you cannot enhance its performance since it uses mechanical technology.


Riffle Crossbow


This is among the latest models that combine the convenience of a riffle and the highlights of your regular crossbow. It has a more superior aim capability, which makes it highly accurate. It offers the most excellent machine design for you if you are looking to make long-range shots since you can aim from as far as 250 feet.

You will also find it easier to carry around, as it is more compact. Moreover, you will not have problems penetrating narrow spaces in the bush. This hunting machine has a rail design that reduces friction to increase the velocity of your arrow. However, the rope cocking process is complex and the machine is not energy efficient.


Pistol Crossbow


These are more compact and small size machines. You can get them in the weight range of 80lbs, 150lbs, or 200lbs. You, however, have to master how to do rope cocking before you can use this bow. That notwithstanding, they can give you accurate shots in short or long ranges. They are also more energy-efficient and easier to carry as compared to the rifle hunting machines.


Bullet Crossbow


They use bullet-like projectiles that are made of clay, stone, or lead. You can get one with a two-string design, one string, or a barrel.


TenPoint Vapor RS470 Crossbow Package Veil Alpine


This is one of the most powerful rifle crossbows in the market. Made by manufacturers with over 25 years in the industry, its precision will give you powerful and highly accurate shots. It is made in a way that reduces contact between the string and the rail to increase your range accuracy.


The cocking device is also enhanced by two stainless steel rollers that create a smooth noiseless glide. The crank handle is adjustable from 5 inches to 7.5 inches. This is good since you can vary your range length and regulate the effort you put for your shots. It also allows different users to operate it.


It has a draw weight of 225lbs and 17 inches power strokes, which is good for accurate shots in the long-range. You can achieve a speed of up to 470 fps with TenPoint crossbows.




  • Easy and safe to use
  • Fast and highly accurate
  • Noiseless
  • High draw weight
  • Comes with high-end accessories



    • Price considerably high



    Ravin R29 Sniper Package Predator Dusk Camo Crossbow


    This bow is made with HeliCoil Technology that coils cables in helical grooves to keep the cams balanced. This gives your bow significant stability that allows you to hit highly accurate shots.


    It also uses a frictionless flight technology that allows the string and arrow to float freely, thus reducing friction and increasing the arrow velocity. This increases the kinetic energy of the machine and the arrow speed.


    The cocking device is powered by Trac-Trigger Firing System that lets the arrow move in a straight trajectory at high speed. This is combined with the Versa- Draw Cocking System to make cocking and uncocking effortless and safe. You can get 450 feet per second and you can adjust your scope level from 20–200 yards. The draw weight of Ravin crossbows is 12lbs.




    • Easy to use
    • Made with highly innovative technology
    • Compact and safe to use
    • Noiseless
    • Premium arrows and scope level included in the package



      • Price on the higher side



      Mission Sub-1 XR Crossbow Only Realtree Edge


      Mission crossbows suit you if you are not one to compromise on quality. It is made with Bench Fire Control technology that allows you to safely and quickly cock and de-cock your crossbow. This is good because it gives you high-speed shots and makes the machine energy efficient. With a draw weight of 7.6lbs and an arrow speed of 410 feet per second, you will get powerful shots with great precision for a bow in its price range.




      • High-speed shots
      • Easy to use
      • Highly accurate
      • Fair price



        • Accessories sold separately



        Horton Vortec RDX ACUDraw Package


        You will love the incredible features that come with Horton crossbows such as the reverse limbs that make it easier for you to shoulder it. It also has an adjustable cheek and butt plates for added safety. Moreover, it is energy efficient. It will also allow you to shoot at about 3.5lbs.


        The device is easy to assemble, needing you to only fix the scope and the string stop block. The machine will give you about 340fps and the scope can focus from 10, 20, and 50 yards. This is a good power for you even if you are targeting a big game.




        • High speed and accurate shots
        • Reverse draw technology makes it easy to handle
        • Fair price
        • Easy to assemble



        • A bit heavy to move around with



        Excalibur ASSASSIN 360 Crossbow


        If you want a dead silent crossbow on sale, go for the Excalibur Assassin. The Charger Cranking System of the Excalibur crossbows will allow you to take repeat shots without needing to pre-load it. The stock and cheekpiece are also adjustable while the string and arrow are frictionless.


        This is great because it saves you energy and allows the arrow to accelerate with a high initial velocity that enhances its accuracy. You can get a shooting speed of 360fps from this 285lbs draw weight bow. The draw length is 15 inches, which is ideal for long-range shooting at a high speed. The package includes quality accessories like a fail-safe strap, air brakes, arrows, and a sound deadening system.




        • Highly accurate
        • Compact and easy to carry
        • Easy to use
        • Noiseless



          • Crack rope may fray prematurely
          • High price


          Final Thought


          If you want the best crossbow for your money, you need to consider its draw weight, cost, scope sight, and arrow velocity. You also have to know why you need the crossbow, as well as know the accessories that go with it.

          From the reviews above, we identify the HeliCoil Technology Ravin R29 Crossbow as the best bow you could spend your money on. It is made using highly innovative technologies to ensure it is powerful, accurate, and fast. It is also safe, easy to use, and noiseless. When you buy it, you also get high-quality accessories in your package to ensure you get your desired hunting results.

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