Cold Steel Crossbows


For quick reloading, whether you are kneeling, standing, or sitting, Cold Steel Crossbow can serve you in the right way. This bow is efficient to fit in young hands. However, when adjusted with the stock out, it can also go best with an adult frame.

The frequent practicing session with this quality product will let you fire the surprisingly smooth and accurate target. With a speed of 226 Frames per second, the bow can penetrate with greater accuracy over 30 yards. Due to its suitable size and simplicity, it is a practical choice for young shooters. 

With the help of its tiny size and lesser weight, these amazing crossbows are easy to handle and maneuverable. The pump-like cocking mechanism makes it conveniently cock regardless of the position of a shooter. There are no other accessories available to complicate the cocking process. 

Innovative Technology

With the unique technology transformation, the Cold Steel Crossbow is built with telescoping style butt stock, Picatinny rail, a removable foregrip, and red dot sight. The combined effect of all the features makes this bow a better combination of technique and precision. Indeed, a clever selection to hunt rabbits and squirrels. 

What sets it apart?

Its extraordinary ability to shoot into 3” groups at 30 yards within seconds. It is quicker to reload and aim the target again.

The Cold Steel Crossbow is a reliable, cost-friendly, and long-term investment. It is suitable for rural shooting and has enough power to hunt down a deer with nearly no noise. With the ambidextrous technique, both of your hands will have convenient and firm control over the bow. 

For the maximum digging in the target, this awesome bow can  effectively hit the complex objects with a draw weight of 130 pounds. It shoots 175-grain carbon arrows to hit the aim.

What Stands it Out?

The principal factor that makes a Cold Steel Crossbow stand out is its affordable bow made of durable materials. The Carbon arrows are designed explicitly for crossbow shooting and hunting adventures, while with a red dot sight, it is easy to focus on an object with greater accuracy. The constructors kept in mind all the safety measures and regular maintenance to ensure the maximum advantage of the crossbow.

What is in the Pack?

The single pack of Cold Steel Crossbow consists of all the accessories and equipment required to boost your hunting experience. They make reliable and long-lasting products which makes them a popular choice in the hunter’s community. 

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Cold Steel Cheap Shot 130 Crossbow

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