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Hunting Giant
Whether you are an experienced hunter, beginning your hunting journey, or maybe you just have a passion for the outdoors.  Hunting Giant experts are happy to assist you. Need help with choosing the right hunting gear, or have a question about the latest crossbow or electric hunting bike? We got your back!  
Email us at or simply give us a call at 1-833-900-2163We also listed the most common questions we receive from our fellow hunters to help you. 
Live, Laugh, Hunt

How far can electric hunting bike go

It is way more fun to go on a hunting trip with your electric hunting bike. How deep into the woods can you go on a single charge? Your range will always depend on several factors. Weather conditions, power mode, cargo load, terrain you riding on. The average range of most hunting bikes is between 20-100 miles/32-160 kilometers. Mid-price rage e-bike will get you around 40+ Miles. Want to know more?  check out our post in detail on how electric bike range is calculated. 

Is a crossbow legal in my state

It is good to know your state's laws before getting in to the crossbow hunting. Crossbows are legal in most of the states. There is a map for you to help, you can also check DNR website for updates, rules and regulations. 

 crossbow hunting map by state


How do I adjust the draw weight of my bow

You can easily adjust by turning the weight adjustment bolt or limb bolt clockwise to increase weight or counterclockwise to decrease weight. ​For the recurve bows there is a tiller bolt.  ​Be sure to always turn the both ​top and bottom adjustment bolts in equal amounts. It can cause damage to the bow and injure the mechanic If the limb bolts are unscrewed too much.


Do I really need a rangefinder for hunting

The short answer is no. Although to know your range will without a doubt make your hunting game more lethal and improved. I personally use the Ravin Rangefinder and it does the job. It became actually an essential tool in my hunting gearbox. It ranges from 1200 yards and is equipped with a backlit LCD display and angle range compensation. I don't see a downside to using a good hunting rangefinder, as it will make you a more ethical hunter with well-placed shot. 


How far can crossbows shoot

A skilled hunter can hit the target from up to 80 yards and still be lethal. However, the optimal distance for a crossbow is 40-60 yards and less for beginners somewhere around 30-35 yards. If you like to test the distance you could shoot as far as 450 yards and more with crossbows like Tenpoint Nitro or Ravin 500




What is the best Target Bow

In our humble professional opinion, we have to go with PSE target bowsThese bows are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of target shooting, focusing on precision, stability, and consistency. We love that PSE's target series bows are continuously evolving, with new models and features introduced over time.


Do I need a 1000W Electric Hunting Bike

Whether you need a 1000W electric hunting bike depends on your specific hunting needs and personal preferences. What we do know is that there are some factors to consider when deciding if a 1000W electric hunting bike is suitable for you like terrain and hunting conditions, distance, range. You can check our more in-depth post on how to chose electric bike for hunting for more information. 

electric hunting bike


Do I need a stabilizer for bow hunting

Stabilizer for bow hunting is a personal preference, and its necessity can vary depending on individual shooting style, bow setup, and hunting conditions. I personally use Dear Ringer as it helps me with stability and accuracy during the aiming process and release. It reduce bow torque and absorb vibration, leading to enhanced shot control and increased accuracy. Also if you incorporate vibration-dampening materials with stabilizer it can help minimize noise and reduce unwanted vibrations during the shot. The best thing for me is balancing the weight distribution of the bow, which can make it more comfortable to hold and aim for extended periods.


Should I shoot my bow every day

Practice makes it perfect. Practicing with your bow daily can have great benefits towards your hunting game, but it's not strictly necessary and it's important to balance practice with rest. For me personally like any skill, the more you practice archery, the better you'll become. Regular practice helps to improve muscle memory, form, and accuracy. Also archery requires focus and precision, which can be calming and meditative for me at least. Don't over do it muscles need time to recover and grow stronger. It's essential to rest and not overdo it to avoid fatigue or injury. 6 -12 shots a day does the trick for me. 


What is the difference between forward draw and reverse draw crossbow

Choosing between a forward draw and a reverse draw crossbow often comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the hunter, as both have their own advantages.

Forward Draw Crossbows: Are the traditional style of crossbow and tend to be more common these days. They generally less expensive due to their more widespread use and simpler construction. Forward draw crossbows can also be more compact from front to back, which can be advantageous in confined spaces and they usually lighter than reverse draw crossbows. Tenpoint Stealth is a great forward crossbow that I like to use. 

Reverse Draw Crossbows: These are a newer design, with the limbs reversing direction towards the shooter. They tend to have better balance because the center of gravity is shifted towards the shooter, reducing front-end weight and making it easier to hold steady for long periods. What I noticed is they are quieter and produce less vibration due to their design, leading to a smoother shooting experience.

Reverse Draw crossbows are faster and more powerful because the reversed limbs increase the power stroke (the distance the string travels from its resting position to the latch), generating more speed without increasing draw weight. Tenpoint Nitro 505 is a great example. Crossbows can be way more quieter and produce less vibration due to their design, however, they tend to be wider and more expensive than forward draw crossbows.

reverse draw crossbow

What broadheads should I use

Choosing the right broadhead for hunting can make a big difference in the success of your hunt. There are 3 main factors to consider when talking broadheads. 

Type of Game: The type of game you are hunting plays a significant role in the kind of broadhead you choose. For smaller game, I choose a small, sharp broadhead, while larger game may require a heavier, more robust broadhead.

Broadhead Type: There are three main types of broadheads: fixed blade, mechanical (or expandable), and hybrid broadheads. Fixed blade broadheads have blades that do not move. They are durable, reliable, and can penetrate deeply. Mechanical broadheads have blades that open upon impact, offering larger cutting diameters, but may not penetrate as deeply. Hybrid broadheads combine features of both, with fixed blades and expandable blades. I personally prefer fixed blade for deer hunting. 

Weight: Broadheads come in different weights, typically measured in grains. Common weights include 100 grain, 125 grain, and 150 grain. Lighter broadheads fly faster but may be influenced more by wind and less stable, while heavier broadheads fly slower but provide more momentum and penetration. The right weight depends on your bow’s draw weight and the game you’re hunting.

Also there is legality by state, cutting diameter. Send us a message is you need help in choosing the right one for you. 


How fast can electric hunting bikes go

The speed of an electric hunting bike can vary greatly depending on the brand and model. Typically, most electric hunting bikes can reach speeds between 20 to 28 miles per hour under electric power alone.

This speed limit is often set due to legal regulations in many places. For example, federal law caps the speed of an e-bike at 20 mph under motor power alone (Class 1 and 2 e-bikes), while Class 3 e-bikes can reach 28 mph but only with pedal assist.

Some models may reach higher speeds, especially if they are also manually pedaled. For example Bakcou Mule, Bakcou Storm can reach 35 - 38 mph. However, it's important to note that using an e-bike at high speeds requires more power, which will drain the battery faster.


How to properly maintain and take care of the crossbow

Maintaining and caring for your crossbow is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. I will share my list what I am doing to keep my crossbow in good shape. I check your crossbow before and after each use, inspect your crossbow for any visible wear and tear, especially on the string, cables, and limbs.

Its a good idea to lubricate the rail every 15-20 shots to reduce friction when you fire. This can usually be done with a special crossbow rail lube. Don't over-lubricate, as this can collect dust and dirt. Strings and cables wear out over time and should be replaced every two years or so, depending on use. If you notice any fraying or wear on your string or cables, replace them sooner.

Waxing the string can help it last longer. Use a crossbow-specific string wax and apply it every 10 shots or so. I rub the wax into the string with your fingers. Be careful not to wax the serving (center of the string where it contacts the rail and arrow), as this could cause it to slip.

When not in use, store your crossbow in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage. Using a crossbow case can help protect it from dust and damage. Don't leave your crossbow cocked overnight or for a longer time. 

Keep your crossbow clean from dirt. After each hunting trip, I wipe it down and making sure it's dry before storing it. Most of the time l use the manufacturer's recommended arrows. Using the wrong arrows can damage the crossbow and potentially void the warranty. Depending on how often you use your crossbow, consider getting it serviced by a professional once a year to ensure it's in top condition.


killer instinct diesel X crossbow


What is the best electric bike for hunting

The "best" electric hunting bike will often depend on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Factors such as range, comfort, durability, load capacity, and your local terrain should all be considered when choosing an electric hunting bike. Bakcou Mule has been a best seller for several years now and there is a good reason for that. It comes with accessories you need like fenders, rack (you don't have to spend extra money). Also awesome Bafang motor, has speed, and most of all great battery. Available in 7 colors and it sells at less then 5k. 


How to select a draw weight for my bow

Selecting the appropriate draw weight for your bow is crucial for your comfort, accuracy, and overall shooting experience. It is the amount of force required to pull back the bowstring to its full draw length. It's crucial to choose a draw weight that you can comfortably handle and control. If the draw weight is too heavy, it can lead to improper form, reduced accuracy, and even injuries. Specially if you are a beginner, I advise  to start with a lower draw weight and gradually increase it as you develop your strength and technique.

If you are more advanced consider where are you planning to use it for target shooting, hunting, or both? Different activities may require different draw weights. For example, target shooting typically requires lower draw weights compared to hunting.

I suggest, try out different bows with varying draw weights to get a firsthand experience. This will give you a better sense of what feels comfortable and manageable for you. Experimenting with different draw weights will allow you to find the sweet spot where you can maintain control, consistency, and accuracy in your shots. It is always a good idea to visit a local archery shop for advice. 


Are hunting blinds worth it

In my humble opinion yes. Of course it can depend on the environment you'll be hunting in, and the specific game you're pursuing, but I think there are more upsides in having / using hunting blinds than not. 

If you hunt in open areas or areas with limited natural cover, a hunting blind can significantly improve your chances of staying hidden and getting closer to your target undetected. It offer you  a protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, and cold temperatures. You don't want to be standing in the wind or rain. 

It is easy to carry, you can set them up in strategic locations, such as near feeding areas or travel corridors, where game animals frequent. I can blending into the environment and staying hidden and have a better chance of attracting game within range for a successful shot opportunity. 

hunting blinds


What is the weight capacity of the electric hunting bike

The weight capacity of an electric hunting bike can vary depending on the  model and the brand. Generally, electric hunting bikes are designed to accommodate a range of weights, therefore I am sure you can find the bike for you and your gear to carry.

Major brands like Rambo, Quietkat, Bakcou, has electric hunting bikes with weight capacities for up to 330 pounds (149 kilograms). If you need an extra weight to carry, you can always grab one of the cargo trailers that save my day many times. 

It's important to refer to the manufacturer's specifications  to determine the exact weight capacity of a particular electric hunting bike model you are interested in. If you looking for the bike that has over 330 pound capacity, there are brands that build the hunting bikes specifically for that weigh. 


How to change crossbow strings

You can change crossbow strings yourself pretty easy. It requires careful attention though and the right tools. Make sure your crossbow is not loaded and the limbs are secure. You'll need a stringing aid or a bow press, pliers or a string separator, and the replacement strings specific to your crossbow model. Some crossbows cables can be changed without bow press. 

Using the stringing aid or bow press, relieve tension from the existing strings by following the manufacturer's instructions. With pliers or a string separator, carefully detach the old strings from the limbs and any other retention points on the crossbow. Take note of how they are attached for reference.

Now it's time to install the new strings. Begin by attaching them to the appropriate retention points, following the same configuration as the old strings. Ensure proper alignment in the grooves or tracks designated for the string. Double-check that the strings are centered and seated correctly on the limbs.

With the stringing aid or bow press, apply tension to gradually stretch the new strings onto the limbs. Be cautious not to overstretch or damage them. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the specific tension required.

When I finished  installation, I inspect strings visually the alignment and centering of the new strings on the limbs and retention points. I make sure they are properly seated and balanced.

It is always a good ides to thoroughly inspect the crossbow, check the limbs, string alignment, and other components affected by the string replacement. Test the crossbow's performance and accuracy before use. If you're uncertain or lack experience, you can send a a message or refer to the manufacturer's instructions. You can always drop by the local qualified crossbow technician or archery professional to ensure a safe and successful string replacement.


What is the best bow for woman

The best bow for a woman, or any individual for that matter, really depends on personal preference, body type, strength, and what type of archery or hunting you planning to do. We have written extensive blog post for best compound bows for woman, but in short.. 

Choosing a bow  consider factors like your draw length, draw weight, the bow's weight, axle-to-axle length, let-off, and the overall feel of the bow in your hands. It's always best to go to a pro shop and try out a few different models to see what feels best for you. Also, keep in mind that if you plan to use the bow for hunting, different game may require different draw weights. Try Diamond Bows they never disappoint me personally. 


Where should you put a deer feeder

Positioning a deer feeder can significantly impact its effectiveness. There are best deer feeders  available for you like Gravity Feeders, Tripod Feeders, Hanging Feeders, Automatic Feeders. It can be used with a variety of feeds, from corn to specially designed deer feed mixes. When choosing a feeder, consider the local deer population, the feeder's location, how often you'll be able to refill it. 

Seclusion and Access. Deer are wary animals. A feeder placed in an open field may be visible, but deer may be less likely to approach it because of their fear of predators. Instead, try placing it near a tree line or in a lightly wooded area where deer will feel more secure.  Don't forget you also need to be able to access it easily to refill it with food. Consider a location that's remote enough to attract deer but still reachable with a vehicle or on foot.

I think it is a good idea to place your feeder in a location where the wind will carry the scent of the feed away from your hunting stand or blind. Deer have an excellent sense of smell and will often be cautious if they catch the scent of humans. If you place your feeder near a water source, deer are more likely to visit it regularly.

Don't place feeders near roads or residential areas where deer might be a hazard to vehicles or property and make sure to check local regulations regarding feeding wildlife. In some areas, it's illegal to bait deer, even on private property. I always try to place the feeder a fair distance from my hunting stand or blind, but within effective shooting range. This helps keep human scent away from the feeding area. Try to blend the feeder into the surrounding environment as much as possible to avoid spooking the deer.

deer feeder



Are Ravin Crossbows any good?

We get this question a lot. Are they really worth the money? I was a bow hunter all my life but after my shoulder injury I started to use crossbows more. Considering all the facts the company is new to the industry. Although I've found that Ravin crossbows are truly a cut above the rest. The sheer power they pack into their compact and lightweight design is phenomenal. The narrow construction that I love is a blessing when maneuvering through dense woods or confined hunting blinds, where space is often at a premium.

Ravin's proprietary Helicoil technology ensures a smooth, accurate, and quiet shot every time. It keeps the cams perfectly balanced, enabling an incredibly straight and stable arrow flight. The remarkable speed that Ravin crossbows deliver is a game-changer too. With some models achieving arrow speeds of over 400 -500 feet per second, it significantly flattens the trajectory, increasing the range and reducing the need for precise distance estimation.

Comfort and ease of use are other aspects where Ravin excels. Their crossbows feature a very manageable cocking system, reducing the draw weight and making it easier for a broader range of people to use, regardless of their physical strength. The safety features built into these crossbows are also reassuring, making the hunting experience both safe and enjoyable.

Lastly, what sets Ravin apart is their precision. Their crossbows are factory pre-tuned, ensuring top-level accuracy right out of the box. Personally I use Ravin 29X. When I take aim with it, I have absolute confidence in my shot placement. For all these reasons, even though it is mid-high end products, I find Ravin crossbows to be an exceptional choice. 


How much do electric hunting bikes cost?

Firstly, if you considering buying electric hunting bike it's great! I like them a lot not only for our hunting trips, but juts for cruising. 

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 for an electric hunting bike. More budget-friendly options are typically less powerful and have fewer features, and I would say they are not really hunting bikes. These electric bikes has very little climbing ability and not suited for rough terrain. 

While well build high-end electric hunting bikes like Bakcou bikes or Rambo bikes can offer better range, more power, higher quality components, and advanced features such as integrated lights, advanced display units, or superior off-road capability. There are also brands like Rungu bikes that has 2 front wheels for even better stability on mud, sand or snow. Rungu has the exceptional climbing ability and comes with double battery. They sell at $5000 - $8500

It's also worth noting that additional costs can come into play for accessories and maintenance over the lifetime of the bike. Be sure to consider these factors when panning to buy an electric hunting bike.

electric hunting bike


Do I need solar ebike charger?

Good question. If you frequently go on hunting trips that last several days or in areas without easy access to a conventional power source, a solar eBike charger could be a valuable investment for you, I know it was for me. I know it is a little expensive and sells around $800-$1000, but with modern day hunting all the gadgets, GPS systems not only makes your trips more convenient but also safe. Even if you don't plan to rely on it as your primary charging method, a solar charger can serve as a useful backup power source in emergencies. You have a electric hunting bike already, why not invest when you can to solar ebike charger, it will be worth it.

If you need more info, we wrote an extensive article about the solar ebike charger and what we think about it after using it. 


Is a red dot scope good for a crossbow?

 if you ask me, a red dot scope can be an excellent accessory for a crossbows. One of the primary advantages of a red dot scope is its simplicity and speed. It projects a straightforward red dot reticle on your target, simplifying the aiming process and making it faster and more intuitive. This is particularly beneficial in situations like hunting where swift target acquisition is key.

Additionally, a red dot scope can help enhance your accuracy, particularly if you're a beginner or a less experienced hunter. The straightforward reticle can aid in aligning your shot with precision.

Many red dot scopes come with illumination, which can be extremely useful in low light conditions such as dawn or dusk. This is a time when many game animals are most active, so being able to see your reticle clearly can be a significant advantage.


I love Ravin Crossbows and if you have one you know what I mean, and if you don't you should check them out. Sighting in your Ravin Scope involves adjusting it so that the point of aim and the point of impact align at a specific distance. Remember, weather conditions, especially wind, can affect your bolt's trajectory. You might need to make minor adjustments for different conditions. Regularly practicing and sighting in your crossbow can help ensure you stay accurate over time.



What crossbow accessories should you have

To have a great crossbow not enough I tell you that. The best crossbow accessories include a quality scope for enhanced accuracy, top-grade bolts and broadheads for effective shots, a cocking device for easier and safer loading, a sturdy case for crossbow protection, and a noise dampening system for stealthier hunting. These accessories will plays a key role in improving your crossbow shooting and hunting.


Where are Bakcou bikes made?

Bakcou bikes formerly know as Backcountry, based out of Ogden Utah and are leading electric hunting bike manufacturer in USA. With the Bakcou Mule voted best selling bike for several years in the row, the guys know what they are doing. Being hunters themselves, two friends set out to develop a ebike that can withstand rigors of the outdoors. As a most ebikes these days, some parts are imported from China but assembled in US. That doesn't mean somehow Bakcou bikes are inferior it is actually opposite, the brand hold their partners to an incredibly high standard and we won’t accept anything less. Therefor Bakcou can offer most competitive prices and the best hunting bikes on the market. 


Do you sell used TenPoint Crossbows?

If the reason you looking for used Tenpoint crossbow is the price, I suggest check out our Tenpoint crossbows collection where we constantly having sales, promotions and close out sales. That is where you can find the model you looking at discounted price. Tenpoint crossbows warranty won't apply for used models and we like to ensure that fellow hunters getting taking care of if something brakes, or any mechanics won't work.  


Who makes AXE crossbows?

FeraDyne Outdoors is the manufacturer of the several hunting premium brands including Axe Crossbows. They are truly masters of the craft, delivering products like my favorite Muzzy broadheads, Carbon Express arrows, Block targets and many more. 


Do you have used Bakcou bike for sale?

We don't sell used Bakcou bikes, however, we have promotions and closed out sales quiet often for them, where you can find awesome deals and great price. 

 hunting saddle kit

What are the advantages of saddle hunting?

Saddle hunting offers several advantages that have contributed to its growing popularity. Saddle hunting provides increased mobility and versatility compared to traditional tree stands. Hunters can easily move between trees and adapt to changing hunting conditions. The gear is typically lighter and more compact than traditional tree stands, making it easier to transport and carry into the field.

 The ability to hug the tree trunk and minimize movement increases stealth and decreases the chances of being detected by game animals. This can significantly enhance your hunting success, especially if you are bowhunter who require close proximity. Not to mention it allows you to have a full 360-degree range of motion while remaining safely secured to the tree. This freedom of movement provides a broader field of view and shooting angles, improving situational awareness and shot opportunities. Hunting Saddle Kit can be adjusted and customized to fit individual preferences and body types.


Do you offer free hunting gear?

Yes we do. As a part of your order instead of using a discount code, you can have free hunting gear, meaning anything from our site for that amount. Have more questions? You can read about more on how to get free hunting gear we have, or simply give us a call is you have any questions. 

Thank You Note

Dear Hunting Enthusiasts,

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We understand that the world of hunting can be filled with questions and uncertainties, and we are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable answers to help you navigate your hunting journey. Your questions have allowed us to delve into various aspects of hunting, from equipment and techniques to regulations and conservation, and we are thrilled to be able to share our knowledge with you.

Whether you are a experienced hunter seeking advanced insights or a beginner in need of guidance, your presence and participation make our page a vibrant and valuable resource. We appreciate your active involvement, from asking insightful questions, emailing to us, to sharing your personal experiences and tips. Together, we are creating a collective knowledge base that benefits us all.

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