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TenPoint Vengent S440 Crossbow Package

The new TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow package is the world's quickest and narrowest forward-draw hunting crossbow. The lightweight Vengent S440 produces 440 FPS at lightning speeds and includes the latest innovative quiet and safe ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system. 

The TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow package is our flagship forward draw crossbow, measuring less than 6′′ wide when cocked, making it one of the narrowest crossbows ever made.


  • Weight 7.7 lbs.

  • Axle to Axle 5.8"

  • Power Stroke: 14"

  • Speed: 440 fps.

  • Length: 35"

  • Width: 11"/5.8"

  • Draw Weight: 250

The Vengent S440 package includes:

  • Tech Quiver,

  • Six-EVO X centerpunch Arrows,

  • Blazer Soft Case,

  • Bubble Level,

  • ACUslide & Rangemaster Scope.

The fastest and narrowest forward-draw hunting crossbow

This ultra-fast hunting crossbow for sale is our thinnest ever, measuring an astonishing 11 inches when uncocked and 5.8 inches cocked. The Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package includes the crispest, consistent break yet, a 3.5 pound, 2-stage S1 trigger. TenPoint created the quiet cocking and de-cocking mechanism to allow them to securely de-cock their hunting crossbows without risk of damage, making our crossbows the finest and safest on the market today.

The Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package is a long, yet light, crossbow. It measures 35 inches in the whole length and weighs 7.7 pounds overall. The lightweight Vengent S440 crossbow was expertly balanced by TenPoint. It's not nose-heavy at all, and the feeling in hand is a perfect balance.

RangeMaster Pro Variable Speed Scope 

The TenPoint Vengent S440 package includes a RangeMasterTM Pro Variable Speed Scope. Yes, you read that right! That is, in fact, the same scope that comes with the Viper S400. Tenpoint placed the RangeMaster Scope on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount designed by Tenpoint.

The RangeMaster scope was officially intended for crossbows with speeds ranging from 275 to 425 feet per second. The Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow can shoot arrows at 440 fps, but the EVO-X CenterPunch carbon arrows are the best choice for the crossbow package. The EVO-X Centrepunch carbon arrows will attain speeds of up to 410 fps, and though they were made a little heavier than the Pro-Lite carbon arrows (75 grain heavier), Tenpoint compensated for this with enhanced penetration to give our customers are more lethal kill with one arrow strike. With the EVO-X Centrepunch carbon arrows, kinetic energy increases by 7 FP KE to 166 Foot FP KE.

So, TenPoint made the correct decision in equipping the Vengent S440 with the RangeMaster Scope. It has a variable speed and compensates for arrow drops. The scope also does not require any distance adjustments.

RangeMaster Pro optics quality

The RangeMaster Scope has a one-inch tube diameter and a 30mm lens diameter. It measures 8.25 inches long and will fit on any crossbow rail that has a Picatinny or Weaver rail. It weighs 15.4 ounces, so it will add slightly less than a pound to the overall weight of your crossbow. I've worked with lesser scopes as well as heavy ones; this one is of typical size and weight.

The TenPoint Rangemaster Pro has completely multi-coated lenses and provides excellent light transmission. The reticle has three lines for shots at 20, 30, and 40 yards, as well as two freestanding dots for shots at 50 and 60 yards.

It has an etched glass reticle and completely multi-coated 1.5x to 5x lenses to prevent light transmission loss. You can select between a non-lighted black dot and one of two rheostat-controlled illuminated, colorful dots (red or green). 

The image resolution is really sharp and clear, and even at the highest magnification, the image resolution remains sharp and lifelike.

The RangeMaster pro scope comes “bore-sighted.” Sight-in is simple enough. Because the RangeMaster scope is speed-adjustable (based on front focal plane operation), it may be tuned to provide the appropriate arrow drop compensation for your arrow weight and bow speed.

Sighting in the RangeMaster pro scope

The main difference between RangeMaster pro scope and others is that it has a speed adjustment for adjusting the sight to the velocity of your crossbow. After mounting the scope, just set the speed dial to the indicated velocity of your crossbow and sight in at 20 yards. After you've completed your 20-yard sight-in, walk back to 40 yards and evaluate your accuracy. If your crossbow shoots high at 40 or 50 yards, you should increase the speed dial setting. In contrast, if you shoot low, you should reduce the speed dial setting. Once you have this set, you should be set for a really long time. 

The TenPoint Rangemaster Pro is also incredibly waterproof and fog proof, all ensuring exceptional degrees of accuracy in almost any hunting condition. 

ACUSlide Safe Cocking and safe De-cocking

Returning a crossbow to an un-cocked position at the end of a hunt is one of the most vexing aspects of utilizing one (assuming you did not shoot an arrow). The most frequent approach is to shoot an arrow into a target. Unfortunately, this is not always practical or convenient. There are techniques for discharging crossbows without shooting them, but the draw weight of the crossbow must be managed while the rope is let down. This can be harmful and result in bow damage.

TenPoint debuted the groundbreaking AcuSlide cocking and de-cocking system to address this issue. 

The ACUslide system is a key element of any TenPoint crossbow. Forget about clutching buttons, and straps, and losing control when de-cocking. TenPoint's revolutionary ACUslide is the market's first regulated safe de-cocking crossbow mechanism.

The Vengent S440 crossbow package has a draw weight of 250 pounds. However, using the ACUslide system will lower the draw weight by 95%. This implies that cocking the crossbow will only need about 12.5 pounds of force.

The ACUslide safe cocking and de cocking system is the most advanced cocking system on the market today. It's the most secure and simple technique to cock a crossbow. You can let go of the handle in the middle of the crank and it will not spin/release. You may then securely de-cock the crossbow from a half-cocked position.

TenPoint also performed an excellent job of keeping the ACUslide as silent as possible. When you crank the ACUslide, there is no clicking or sound.

The recently launched ACUSlide de-cocking system is certainly a game-changer in crossbow technology. Crossbows may now be cocked and de-cocked safely AND silently for the first time. The ACUslide has an integrated brake mechanism that keeps the crank handle from unwinding during the safe de-cocking of your bow. We couldn't be more excited about this TenPoint's ACUSlide cocking and de-cocking system. The internal brake mechanism also prevents the bow from being dry-fired during cocking and de-cocking, further increasing the safety of this bow.

The Nylon Strap on the ACUslide attaches directly to the trigger box and can handle a load of up to 1600 pounds. Other crossbows with sliding trigger boxes leave the whole weight of the bow on the strap while cocked, but TenPoint's latest invention eliminates that stress as well. The innovative Trigger-Lock Latch keeps the trigger cocked at the same point every time, boosting the possibility of downrange accuracy. Making ensuring there is a steady anchor point is a notion that compound and traditional archers have employed for centuries. TenPoint claims that its improved Trigger-Lock Latch may improve accuracy by 48%.

The Vengent's simple, integrated ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system enables all hunters, regardless of physical ability, to easily pull the bowstring to cock the bow and safely de-cock the bow without having to fire the bow. The extended crank device fits snuggly into the stock's back.

Tec-X Stock Trigger-Lock Latch from Tenpoint

The TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow package also has a completely redesigned stock design, the Tec-X Stock. The new design shrinks the stock significantly and decreases the overall weight by half a pound. This stock retains all of its stiffness and comfort when combined with the new ACUslide. TenPoint's redesigned Xtend grip is also included with the new bow. This redesigned TenPoint handle extends from 5′′ to 7.5′′, reducing overall cocking effort by an extra 45 percent.

S1 Trigger

TenPoint created and incorporated an all-new trigger on the S440 as if the ACUslide wasn't enough. The Vengent S440's new 3.5-pound 2-stage S1 trigger comes equipped with zero creep and a crisp break.

Until recently, crossbow triggers had to be heavier in order to be safe. Triggers have caught up to the astonishing developments of these modern crossbows as technology has matured. The S1 is constructed in a straightforward five-piece design. The Rolling sear design ensures a clean and sharp feeling shot time after time.

The S-1, 3.5-pound two-stage, zero-creep trigger of the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package has a release catch that holds the trigger box in place when the string is cocked. This relieves stress on the cocking strap while maintaining the trigger box in the same position for each shot, making the Vengent S440 crossbow package safer and more accurate than most rivals' designs. The innovative design of the S-1 trigger allows the shooter more control with more consistent let-off, resulting in tighter groupings and enhanced down-field accuracy.

Micro-Trac Barrel

The lightweight, aircraft-strength CNC-machined aluminum riser on the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package is built of 6061-T6 alloy and incorporates the new 20-inch MICRO-TRAC fluted aluminum flight rail. This innovative barrel design has inner and outer rails. The arrow lies on the inner track, which is somewhat lower than the outside rails. The Micro-Trac Barrel is an important feature that is frequently overlooked when looking at this crossbow. After a few shots with any crossbow, you won't notice any string wear. When hundreds of arrows are launched downrange, though, string and service wear become more visible.

That is why designers at TenPoint created the Micro-Trac Barrel. The Vengent's revolutionary 20-inch MICRO-TRAC fluted aluminum flight rail decreases the flight deck surface by 50%, lowering string-to-barrel contact and assuring the industry's longest string life (over 1,000 rounds) while eliminating irregularities to boost accuracy. By creating a deep dip below the rail, they were able to decrease half of the touch created while firing the crossbow.

Dovetail bubble level

The Dovetail bubble level is also an excellent addition to the crossbow. While getting ready for the shot, you can readily tell if you're holding the crossbow level. This small detail added to the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package improves the overall accuracy of the crossbow. It is also among the reasons why the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package is so balanced and incredibly accurate. Overall, the TenPoint Vengent S440 performs admirably. 

TenPoint Narrow Soft Case

The TenPoint Vengent S440 comes completely constructed and in a hunt-ready box. As a result, it is not very necessary to construct the crossbow yourself.

The Vengent S440 does not need to be disassembled in order to be properly or safely stored or transported. TenPoint includes a complimentary fitting case to secure your investment while also accommodating the large range of accessories that make each crossbow hunting trip more efficient, effective, and successful.

The TenPoint Vengent S440 comes with a fitted, lightweight, robust, ultra-sleek soft case made of strong nylon and polyester with foam cushioning all around. The inside of the box has a hook-and-loop strap to hold the crossbow during transit, as well as a large compartment for compact accessory storage such as broadheads, field tips, lubrication, and other essentials.

The case's outside has two zipped compartments for quiver and arrow storage. Two padded straps with quick-release buckles are made for backpack-style or as shoulder carry, the non-slip strip prevents sliding during transport, a nylon hanging strap eases storage while camping, Molle straps are available to attach extra gear on the exterior, and padded straps and a comfortable rubber grip handle are included.

The Blazer case is 40.5 inches in length, 18.5 inches in width, and 10.75 inches in depth. Other crossbows, including take-down versions, may be transported in the case, which has plenty of storage for spare parts, accessories, and other supplies. The Blazer crossbow case is included with the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow bundle or sold separately for $109.99.

Six Evo-X CenterPunch Arrows 

Six Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows and 100-grain target points are included with the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package. Each arrow weighs 400 grams and is 16 inches in length. This crossbow can shoot out arrows at speeds of up to 440 fps.

6-arrow Tech Quiver

The 6-arrow Tech Quiver is one of the crossbow package's most underrated features. Most crossbows come with a quiver that can only hold three or four arrows. However, you may now be able to bring all six arrows onto the field so that you don't necessarily bother yourself about collecting them if you missed a shot or two.

The 6-Arrow Tech Quiver allows you to carry up to 6 arrows in the field.

Speed And Arrows

The top hunting crossbows strive towards some essential performance standards, and one of such standards is speed, often known as arrow launch velocity. The faster the arrow, the better its downrange penetration and the flatter its trajectory.

The Vengent S440, as the name suggests, is capable of shooting arrows at 440 fps. TenPoint offers a 6-pack of EVO-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with the Vengent S440 crossbow package, weighing 445 grains and reaching speeds up to 440 fps, and features incredible accuracy.

It’s best to shoot the EVO-X CenterPunch premium Carbon arrows for the longevity of the crossbow. Most “newbie” hunters may be tempted to shoot the crossbow with the lightest possible arrows, but this will cause more vibrations and shock through the whole crossbow and therefore ruins/breaks your crossbow faster.

Silent Control

Crossbows lack the power of a rifle or handgun. That is also why the recoil of a crossbow is not very high. The vibration of a crossbow is usually caused by string friction, which can produce sound, drawing the attention of the prey during hunting. 

TenPoint's silent ACUslide eliminates these worries and gives the shooter total control. You can simply let go of the handle at any point throughout the cocking or de-cocking process, and the handle will not move due to an inherent brake mechanism. After de-cocking, a special tool attached to the telescopic crank handle can be used to separate the trigger housing unit from the string.

Draw Weight

Never be concerned about the draw weight when purchasing a high-end TenPoint crossbow such as the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package. The ACUdraw pro quiet cranking mechanism is used by TenPoint. It decreases the crossbow's draw weight to less than 10 lbs. Which is crazy even to consider.

You can simply load this crossbow without ever worrying about the draw weight. As so long as you can draw 10 pounds of weight, you’d have absolutely no issues with the Tenpoint Vengent S440 crossbow package. 

Performance at the range

Taking a crossbow to the range for some target shooting is by far the most enjoyable aspect of evaluating a crossbow, and the Vengent S440 crossbow package is no exception.

The trigger used on the Vengent S440 crossbow package is the TenPoint S1 trigger. This is a two-stage trigger with a 3.5-pound break force. It's a silky smooth trigger that's still one of the nicest available.

The TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow bundle includes 6 Evo-X CenterPunch16 quality arrows with 100-grain practice tips.TenPoint, thankfully, now only rolls out their crossbows with one sort of arrow.

TenPoint's Vengent S440 crossbow package is the whole package, that is well balanced and handles quite nicely. Even in the range, Tenpoint’s tests on the Vengent S440 crossbow package illustrate just how well the Vengent balances. Even when firing with one hand, the Vengent S440 crossbow package did fairly well, hitting the mark. 

Shot noise was now within the predicted range for a crossbow with these bolt speeds on the range, and the ACUslide made firing the Vengent S440 crossbow package a breeze. 

Customer Feadback

The Vengent S440 crossbow package has accrued many 5-star ratings so far on our website, and only a few 4-star ratings. Specifically, the safety and accuracy features are rated at 4.9 of 5 stars, performance, and ease of use at an average rating value of 4.8 of 5. With an overall product rating of 4.7 of 5 stars, the Vengent S440 crossbow package is an exceptional crossbow with great appeal and functionality at a fair price. 

What we think

The Vengent S440 is a crossbow brimming with high-end features, the fastest and narrowest forward-draw hunting crossbow yet by Tenpoint. It’s a fast, accurate, narrow, and safe crossbow. The Ten Point Vengent S440 Crossbow Package employs cutting-edge technology to achieve speeds up to 440 fps and features incredible accuracy. This 5.8-inch crossbow boasts a 3.5-pound trigger pull and is the most consistent break ever. With a weight of 7.7 pounds, this bow compromises little performance for its size. The S1 trigger and the ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system are unrivaled premium features. TenPoint continues to produce high-quality crossbows, and they will not disappoint you. The Vengent S440 crossbow package is far less expensive than the Vapor RS470, yet it still boasts some incredible features and is lightning fast! 


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