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Top 8 Electric Hunting Bikes for 2024


Enter the rule-breaker — the electric hunting bikes. For someone like me, who relishes the raw, and embraces the physically demanding, these machines aren't just convenience, they flipped the hunting game. They're silent companions that amplify the chase, offering the power, agility, and stealth needed to navigate in the wild. "The greatest reward of hunting is not the kill, but the experience itself.” - Steven Rinella. And to add to that experience are an electric hunting bikes.  

Honestly, there are many models available for you today and each year new brand pops up making the choice more difficult. In this guide, we'll dive into the world of electric hunting bikes, exploring their motors, capabilities, and the top models available in 2024. It will help you to get a better understanding when choosing bikes for hunting. I chose several models I believe are the best in their category to save you time and help you make the purchase you are happy with. Join me on this journey as we unveil the tools that don't just aid in the hunt, but elevate it—e-bikes that resonate with facing challenges and emerging stronger on the other side. P.S. I will be updating this post since we are at the beginning of the year, with new models and brands worth mentioning. 

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There are two main things to look for when looking for the best hunting bike, motor, and battery, everything else is secondary. Don't get me wrong all that important and can impact hunting success, but not as much as how far you can ride, and where can you go. 

Understanding Battery Range

Alright, let's decode the mystery behind an electric bike battery range. There are variables at play - your weight, terrain, wind, uphill climbs, pedal assist, and even chilly weather. You burn way more calories when is very cold, you get my point? An e-bike battery is measured by its voltage (Volts) and Amp-Hour rating. If we multiply its V and Ah we get the Watt Hours (Wh). Take for example Bakcou Storm from Bakcou Bikes. It comes with a standard 48v -17.5Ah battery. 48 x 17.5= 840Wh. If you are a savvy driver, each mile will use about 20Wh, therefore 840Wh divided by 20Wh gets you 42miles. This little math trick I just showed you? It helps you crack any e-bike listing and figure out the real range you're in for.

Tip - Mid-drive motors offer a slightly better range than hub drives because they work better jointly with gears.


Rear Hub Motor

Positioned within the rear wheel hub, the rear hub electric motor offers simplicity and low maintenance. With power outputs ranging from 250W to 1000W, my guess is these numbers will go up every year, suit moderate terrains, and provide straightforward operation. Ideal for hunters valuing simplicity and ease of maintenance on less challenging terrains.

Recommendation: If you are a hunter who navigates moderately challenging terrains and not going after extremely rugged landscapes this electric bike motor is for you. 

Mid-Drive Motor 

 Located at the bike's center, near the pedals, mid-drive motors excel in efficiency by utilizing the bike's gears for enhanced torque and power. The rumor has it will give you better battery life, just don't tell anyone. With power ratings for up to 1500W or more, they shine on steep inclines and rugged terrains. 

Recommendation: For hunters exploring terrains with inclined landscapes, looking for enhanced torque and climbing capabilities. Ideal for those who prioritize efficiency and performance across a range of hunting environments. 

Ultra Mid-Drive Motor 

An advanced variation of the mid-drive motor, the "Ultra Mid-Drive" usually with smart torque sensing offers increased torque, power, and efficiency, reaching 1500W output. Suited for hunters requiring top-tier performance and advanced capabilities, perfect for conquering challenging terrains and demanding landscapes.

Recommendation: Hunters seek the utmost in power, torque, and efficiency. If you navigating the most challenging terrains and demand high performance and advanced capabilities from their electric hunting bike, this one is for you. 

All-wheel drive (AWD)

Indicating bikes equipped with both rear and front hub motors, AWD enhances traction, stability, and power distribution on challenging terrains. You can switch between power settings as needed and with both motors roaring at a Peak Rating of 2400W, they offer superior control, especially on extremely rough or steep landscapes.

Recommendation: Hunters who explore extremely rugged or steep terrains, seeking superior traction, stability, and control. AWD bikes offer enhanced maneuverability and power distribution.

Load Capacity and Comfort

Let's chat about load capacity and comfort on electric hunting bikes. Well, most bikes can handle around 250 to 300 pounds, give or take. So, if you're a bigger fella or you're planning to haul some heavy gear into the wilderness, that's something to keep an eye on. Size matters, therefore for 5'10" and taller riders looking for a 19" bike frame and a 17" bike frame for 5'7"-5'10" riders. How about those shock-absorbing suspension seat posts? They're a blessing, trust me! No more feeling every bump and jostle, they cushion your ride, ensuring you stay comfortable even on rough terrains. Unless, you go for the full suspension hunting bike, which is the level up in comfort and riding experience. 



Bakcou Mule

Best Electric Hunting Bike


The Bakcou Mule was crowned as the best electric hunting bike again this year. At its core is an Ultra M620 smart torque sensing motor, and it is a pure joy to ride those demanding landscapes. It intelligently adapts to meet all 3 classifications of e-bike regulations. Effortlessly switch between 750 watts and 1,000 continuous watts, with a peak power output reaching 1,500 watts. 

It has a top speed of 35 mph and the standard model comes with a battery, ensuring you can cover significant distances – up to 40 miles on a single charge, with upgrade options available. There is plenty to love about this hunting bike besides performance. Comes with essential accessories, which means you don't have to spend extra cash like with other brands. It ticks all three boxes to earn the top spot, value, performance, experience and resonates with Cameron Hanes, the legendary hunter, who aptly said, "Keep hammering.", it sure does. 

What stands out

  • The power from the mid-drive motor was striking.
  • Front suspension.
  • Bike comes with accessories.
  • The handling was impressive.


Rambo Bushwacker 2.0

Best Extreme Performance Bike

If you like to turn it up a little, the Rambo Bushwacker 2.0 is a bike built for extreme performance that combines power and reliability for the adventurous outdoorsman like you. This convenient step-through model comes with the Rambo High Output mid-drive motor, delivering a peak power of 1500W and the ability to shift between the gears effortlessly without having to backpedal or stop pedaling, thanks to the Enviolo HD hub.

The price for Bushwacker is lower than most top bikes and specs are not that much different. That's something to consider when spending your hard-earned cash. It is equipped with a 48v 15ah battery that offers a decent average range of around 36 miles. For this bike Rambo bikes  offer an option for a dual battery setup to give you a staggering 125 miles, that's for the ideal riding scenario of course. The top speeds are a little lower than other high-performance hunting bikes, but it comes with a smart charger and the new model looks rad. All things considered, it sits at the well-earned spot for the best extreme hunting bike. 


What Stands Out

  • Good specifications for the price.
  • Felt good and no big problems on the steeper terrain. 
  • Looks badass.
  • Switch  between 3 ebike classifications. 

Moon Cool 

Best Hunting Bike Under $2000

The Moon Cool is a new kid on the block and gaining popularity amongst the hunters. Why so cheap? Let's be honest here, lots of e-bike brands import parts from overseas, assemble them here, and call it an American hunting bike. Only very few manufacture it here. This bike is equipped with two 500W hub-drive motors, front and rear that peak at a formidable 1300W and 150 NM torque. This all-wheel drive hunting bike, may not come with a 100mm AIR Fork like the Bakcou mule, but an 80mm suspension, mechanical lockout fork does the trick and feels comfortable enough while riding through rougher terrains. 

It will give you an average range of 36 miles with the option to support dual batteries. Weighting at 72lbs, which is slightly heavier than other models, but has a load capacity of 350lbs. It comes with Trigger Shifter 7 Speed, not Shimano 9 speed like flagship models. It is built surprisingly well and sits at a good price point for the hunting bike you get. It takes the spot for the best budget hunting bike for under $2000 in 2024.

  What Stands Out

  • Definitely the price.
  • Comes with great packages for hunters.
  • It is well build, handles good on the trail.
  • All wheel drive option .



Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon 

Best Hunting Trike

If you are an adventurous hunter who goes hard on the trails the Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition ultimate electric hunting bike is built for climbing and power. It is a heavy bike weighing 130 lb. with accessories but has awesome weight distribution and a total control wheelbase that keeps more traction on the front wheels. Mid-drive 1120-watt motor achieves up to 242 of torque while the superb climb ability allows you to remain seated while tackling steep grades of over 50% making it easy. Rubicon Trail Edition comes with double battery technology already, running two batteries in parallel for an impressive range. This monster from Rungu Bikes comes fully loaded with accessories has a first aid kit, and has a good speed. The rear rack can support 170 lbs. and the bike can support a maximum weight of 332 lbs., and tow up to 300 lbs. It has serious muscle to tackle real off-road challenges.

 What Stands Out

  • Stand alone capability.
  • Very powerful motor.
  • Climbing hills was easy and fun.
  • Mean looking machine that handles well. 


Bakcou Storm 

Best Full Suspension Hunting Bike 

Bakcou Storm G2 heavy-duty hunting bike for serious hunters. You will fly easily through rocky climbs, and steep hills as this e-bike has a tremendous amount of torque with sensors that provide, an awesome and smooth driving experience. It is equipped with RST Renegade Air Front Fork (with 120mm of travel) and RockShox Monarch rear that gives you access to remote areas. The rear suspension is where you feel how it changes your riding experience, the props for  Bakcou Bikes pull it off. Available in two sizes with 19" and 17" frames has all the main accessories needed for you to hit the trail. The Storm is super powerful and it feels that can drag, I don't know a bear maybe. The Bafang ULTRA mid-drive is the best motor on the market with a max power output of 1,500 watts is a true beast on the trail taking a fully deserved spot as the best full-suspension fat tire hunting bike. It is hard to jump on any other hunting bike after full suspension and pretend that it's the same. 

 What Stands Out

  • Silky smooth ride with full suspension
  • Available in 2 sizes 
  • Color options
  • The motor, just WOW.


QuietKat Ranger

Best Hub Motor Hunting Bike

The Quietkat Ranger comes in three sizes small, medium, and large which fit riders from 5’6” to 6’0” and up. The 1000W motor feels much better than the 750W option, it gets that extra push when needed. Handling well in the city, or rough mountain roads, through mud, snow, and loose dirt. The ranger comes 95% assembled, and an integrated bike rack with 100 lbs. of carrying capacity is a must for every hunter. You can switch between all 3 bike classes which is convenient, and the bike has good mileage for the battery that it comes with. It has built-in redundancy, which is pretty dope. It allows you to get back to the camp or home even without power or chain because it can be operated simply by pedaling. If you not looking to go too crazy and want a reliable well-built hunting bike to hit the trail, the Ranger from Quietkat bikes is for you. 

 What Stands Out

  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • It tackled some steep climbs that we didn’t think were possible.
  • Has a ton of stability.
  • Priced well for the value you get.


Rambo Megatron 2.0 AWD 

Best all-wheel drive Hunting Bike 

The myth, the legend of the Rambo Megatron 2.0. You can call it "The Best", "The Machine", or "The Monster", and you will be spot on. Now this is the ebike you can go crazy with. The nickname is earned by two powerful Bafang hub drive 1000W motors, providing on-demand power with the flexibility to switch between the front wheel, rear wheel, or all-wheel drive. This means you can conserve battery on flat terrain using rear-wheel drive, and switch to AWD for extra torque to tackle steep inclines or pull a loaded cart. It is worth mentioning that is it a bigger hunting bike and weighs 75 lbs. It has a very impressive battery range of 80 miles and supports 350lbs load weight capacity. If you are a bigger guy, someone adventurous who charges through the most demanding terrains, or simply looking for a powerful electric bike for performance Rambo Megatron 2.0 is for you. 

 What Stands Out

  • Extremely powerful.
  • All wheel drive feels that you can climb any hill.
  • Great battery when you not shredding.

Quietkat Apex PRO

Best Mid-Drive Hunting Bike 

Go hard, or go home, is how we like our hunting. The QuietKat Apex PRO can go hard on the trail and can also haul up to 100 pounds with the trailer. The rear cargo rack has 100 lbs. of carrying capacity to add on, and the walk assist mode is an unreal option available for getting heavy loads up steep hills. Powered by a 1000W mid-drive motor that offers an outrageous 160Nm of torque, the Apex Pro comes with VPO™ Technology where you can go as hard as you like without worrying about legalities and bike classes. Weighting at 70lb. is a true workforce that gets the job done. TEKTRO 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc is quiet and responsive and SRAM 9-speed box felt smooth. If you use unlimited mode it will drain the battery, but you know why, otherwise you get a good range on a single charge. The versatility, power, and available accessories make the Apex Pro a true champ of mid-drive motors.  

 What Stands Out

  • Brakes feels really smooth and quiet.
  • Walk assist mode is ideal.
  • Towing, cargo.
  • Shift sensor to prevent gear damage


Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, folks, it's time to head back to camp and talk e-bikes for hunting. But hey, before you hit the trail, here's a friendly reminder: sure to check your local regulations. Every hunting ground has its own rules about using e-bikes, so be sure to play by the book. Price point? It's a factor, no doubt. You want bang for your buck, but remember, investing in a reliable ride that suits your needs will save you time in the field and headaches down the line. As you gear up for your next adventure, take your time choosing the right e-bike that fits your hunting style like a glove. Happy trails out there!

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