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With years of experience in the e-bikes market, the Rattan collection of e-bikes is known for its durable quality and reliability. You can have the best experience of riding an e-bike at a highly affordable rate. The most exciting part about the Rattan e-bikes collection is that all e-bikes in this range are innovative and can add charm to your biking routine. 

Challenger, LM, and LF are the three primary collections of the Rattan e-bikes range. With a huge load capacity and efficient battery power, the Rattan e-bikes are perfect for your hunting experience. You can carry these e-bikes anywhere without the fear of getting stuck in the way. 

Innovative Technology

As mentioned beforehand, the Rattan e-bikes collection is all manufactured innovatively. The features this bike range has are all hard to find somewhere else. Few of the Rattan e-bikes are also foldable. This indicates that you can also conveniently carry them without the stress of space occupation. 

In addition, the easy storage ability of the Rattan e-bikes helps you carry stuff with you in a hunting area. The fat tires of the Rattan e-bikes provide comfortable suspension, making them easy to ride and move. Out of all the bikes, the Rattan LF 750W Fat Tire e-bike is a bike worth mentioning. Rugged terrain can be conquered with the 750W motor's 65Nm of torque provided by the LF 750 W bike. Using the patent I-PAS motors, this bike uses 83% less energy, but it powers the motorcycle further than the competitors.

With a weight of only 66 lbs, the best among all of the Rattan e-bikes collection is the Rattan LF 750W Fat Tire e-bike which has a mileage of 60 to 80 miles. The most innovative aspect of the Rattan e-bikes is that some of them come with a brushless motor. Just like the LF 750W Rattan e-bike that contains a motor of 8V 750W high-speed brushless motor. 

What Stands It Out?

The Rattan e-bikes range is known to be not only comfortable but of good quality and reliability. It has a charging time of only 6 hours or less. But, it would take you on the longest roads without any interruption. 

What is in the Pack?

The Rattan e-bike range comes with a phone mount holder, a battery with a charger. Storage space to carry your hunting equipment and all that a biker requires during his trip.

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Rattan LF 750W Fat Tire eBike

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Rattan LM 750W Fat Tire eBike

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Rattan LM 500W Fat Tire eBike

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Rattan LF 500W Mini Fat Tire eBike

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Rattan Challenger 2020 Mountain eBike

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