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TenPoint Crossbows

Having the right crossbow that suits your needs should be essential, especially when so many brands are available. Crossbows are a great addition to the hunter's world. When every brand claims to be the best, choosing which brand to trust is challenging. How do you decide?

Before purchasing a crossbow and accessories, you should consider factors such as budget, speed, and compactness. Weight and speed are both critical. Tenpoint has been an excellent crossbow for us on many hunts.

TenPoint Crossbow

Tenpoint Crossbow is one of the leading manufacturers in the hunting industry of the fastest, best selling, compact, high-end, crossbow available on the market. Tenpoint crossbows provide multiple models with specs for the best hunting experience. We at Hunting Giant agree that Tenpoint is among the best and safest crossbows available and their Tenpoint crossbows 2022 lineup is even more inpresive.

To make the best crossbow, the brand always incorporates new technology into every crossbow they make. For TenPoint crossbows, the hunter's needs are always at the forefront of design. Their aim is always to make crossbows that fit the hunter's requirements. TenPoint is the top choice for a crossbow that performs best on the hunt.

Reasons to Choose Ten Point crossbows

There are several specifications in TenPoint crossbows 2022 that will appeal to a hunter on a hunting mission, including:

Accurate stroke
Comfortable Assembling
Noiseless Functions
Reduced Vibration
High-Speed Performance
Lightweight Body
Top Accessories


 Tenpoint models are not the cheapest that's for sure. It's a good thing they offer many models and the price range is quite big. The Turbo S1 is the cheapest high-end crossbow model available, with the ACUslide cocking and de-cocking mechanism. The crossbow has a 19.5-inch MICRO-TRACTM fluted Aluminium barrel that decreases the flight deck surface by an amazing 50%.


Tenpoint crossbow Nitro 505 model is the fastest crossbow available today. Featuring a reverse-draw platform measuring 6.5 inches wide, the Nitro 505 fires an arrow at more than 505 feet per second. It is also a decocking crossbow, thanks to its ACUslide cocking and decocking mechanism, which is preferred by most hunters.

Havoc RS440 and Vengent S440 are right behind the world's fastest crossbow. Both have 440 fps and offer great power stroke and have fantastic technologies.

As I mentioned earlier, the Nitro 505 will be very expensive, similar to the Mercedes or Lamborghini in a car world. It weighs more than 11 pounds fully equipped, which is why there are significantly lighter solutions for people who place an emphasis on reducing the weight of their gear.

On the other hand, none of them are capable of matching the Nitro 505's speed and power, nor will they make you appear as impressive doing so.


The TenPoint Siege RS410 and Havoc RS440 are among the most compact crossbows available. It's a very specific crossbow, designed to be compact and fast that is why the TenPoint Havoc RS440 is the best crossbow in that regard.

It redefines performance and delivers safe decocking with its innovative ACUslide cocking and decocking system, which shoots at 440 feet per second from a platform measuring only 26.5 inches long. Siege RS410 the 2 stage trigger is lighter, the ACUslide system is silent, better designed, and safer. The reverse draw design makes it very well balanced and accuracy is great even with the shorter 16s. It is very impressive from Tenpoint.


Ten Point Crossbows 2022 uses an advanced cocking and decocking system ACUslide to keep your target unaware of your movements, which produces no sound when used. Hunters can take their Tenpoint crossbow on hunting trips and know that it can protect you from cocking crossbow failures. They differ in their characteristics following the model. TenPoint's High-Performance Crossbows Featuring the ACUslide includes:

Turbo S1
Tenpoint Viper S400
Siege RS410
Vengent S440
Havoc RS440
Nitro 505

Due to the ACUslide cocking and decocking technology, which hunters praise most, the Turbo S1 is the best inexpensive crossbow on the high-end market, as well as our cheapest decocking bow.

In addition to quiet cocking and safe de-cocking, the Turbo S1 has a length of about 31 inches and shoots at a speed of 390 feet per second. With a price tag of $1,299.99, the Turbo S1 will redefine your expectations for performance as it is shorter, safer, and smoother than anything else in its price range.


This is what makes this brand stand out even more - accessories. You sure can spend extra money on it, but guess what? they totally worth it. Arrows and bolts are as high quality as their EVO broadheads. They have bow cases for just about any crossbow model.

Top-of-the-line scopes are available if you need one and if you become a fan, you can have cool hats and hoodies from their apparel accessories. We suggest you stick with Tenpoint crossbow cables and strings. Do not look for alternatives.

TenPoint crossbows - a good investment?

 TenPoint crossbows are among the finest crossbows available. In addition to having excellent optics, cocking, and de-cocking mechanisms, they are often small and lightweight. As well as novice and expert hunters, there are also alternatives. Choosing one of these crossbows is worth the investment because of its high performance, reduced string-to-barrel contact, and adjustable speed scope.

What we think

We like shooting the fast crossbow, although it doesn't mean it is the best. Nitro 505 is so fast, it passed right through the animal before it could react. I felt like I was shooting lightning bolts. Based on what I've seen in the field and during testing, there is no other crossbow with this kind of speed and durability. There are so many arrows flying towards the goal you can't see them if you blink.

The Havoc RS440 crossbow bundle is the best I've ever seen. After spending many days in the field with it and having a lot of success, I'm confident the Havoc RS440 is the best reverse-draw compact crossbow on the market. Nothing else will even come close to this bow in 2022. When you look at it, feel it, and touch it, you get a sense of quality.

It's not cheap, but if you want the best, this is where you should go. Some bows are lighter, faster, or less expensive, but none of them are safe. This is the only one that does not make me nervous when loading or unloading it. It is quite evident that Tenpoint prioritizes safety. That's why, when I needed a new bow, I go with Tenpoint.

If you're looking for a high-end crossbow, I highly recommend tenpoint crossbow. It's easy to cock and de-cock something that's fast and light. ACUslide does a good job.

Best Sellers

Nitro 505 - Fastest Crossbow
Havoc RS440 - Compact and fast Crossbow 
Turbo S1 - High-end crossbow on the budget

TenPoint Nitro Crossbow

Among the crossbows we sell here at the Hunting Giant the Tenpoint Nitro 505 with ACUslide became the best seller within the first few months of 2022. There are only 6.5 inches between the axles when cocked and 12.5 inches wide when uncocked on the Nitro 505.

With two pieces of Tech-X stock and cutouts for weight reduction, this crossbow is lightweight. Without accessories, the Nitro 505 tips the scales at 7.9 pounds. When fully loaded, it weighs 11.7 pounds. TenPoint Nitro Crossbow is quite expensive as compared to other crossbows, but the first time shooting it you know the quality.

Speed: 505 FPS
Power: 17"
Width: 6.5 Axle-To-Axle
Length: 30.5"
Weight: 7.9 lbs. (with ACUslide)
Draw Weight: 300


TenPoint Nitro features the new RX8-Cam system, which powers the reverse draw crossbow. This system rotates 404 degrees - the highest in the industry. Nitro 505 is one of the best crossbows on the market today. The foregrip gives you great control over the front and has a center-mounted riser so you do not feel nose-heavy.

Unlike standard cable systems, the Nitro 505 uses a Vector-Quad cable system, which eliminates cam-lean and enables straight nock travel. The Nitro 505 utilizes an aluminum barrel that is fluted to guide its arrow.

By using a barrel, you reduce the overall surface area by 50 percent, which decreases friction and increases string life, while generating straight-nose travel that leads to more accurate up-and-down shots.


It comes equipped with TenPoint's ACUslide cocking system, one of the safest and most efficient mechanisms currently available for cocking and decocking. By using the company's Auto-Brake Gear System, ACUslide's cocking system can be safely cocked and decocked without causing damage to your back.

A brand new brake pad and a strap have been installed on the Auto-Brake Gear System to provide more reliable braking power. Dyneema straps are now two times stronger than previous generation straps, with a breaking strength of 2,000 pounds.

In only 15 seconds, 300 pounds of pulling weight can be converted to 5 pounds with the XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle.


Crossbows such as the Nitro 505 are powerhouses of their class when it comes to performance. With its 300-pound limbs and 17.2-inch pw stroke, it propels its 400-grain arrows and KE knockdown pw of 227 foot-pounds at 505 feet per second.

Capable of taking down even the toughest big game. In our chronograph, the Ravin R500 was the first crossbow to pass 500 fps. This record was broken by the Nitro 505. There is no doubt that this is the fastest crossbow we've seen.


TenPoint launched the Nitro 505, the company's fastest crossbow in history and a new industry benchmark, with a claimed speed of 505 feet per second and 400-grain bolts. The Nitro 505 is not only lightning quick, but it also has plenty of bone-crushing force, with 227 foot-pounds of kinetic energy – more than enough to power through even the hardest big-game creatures.

While the Nitro 505 will undoubtedly make headlines for lifting the ante in the crossbow industry's continuing speed competition, it also comes with a slew of other high-end features, and the superb overall quality TenPoint shooters have come to expect from TenPoint.

Longest Power Stroke

This crossbow was designed, researched, and tested by TenPoint's engineering team with no expense spared. There are no major components that cannot handle the highest speed and force available.

The engineers at TenPoint completely redesigned the Nitro 505 to build the fastest crossbow ever built. There were also 3.5 inches added to the length of the power stroke on the Nitro 505. A 17-inch makes it the longest in the industry.

Perfect balance

Additionally, the longer power stroke keeps the arrow nock in contact with the string for an additional four inches before release, another factor that affects performance.

The new TenPoint RX8 Cams feature deeper grooves that cradle the string and cables more securely and improve cable spacing which allows for an increased string and cable strand count for superior strength and durability. In addition to increasing the strand count in the Nitro 505's strings and cables, the company's engineers designed it so it will withstand extreme forces.

TenPoint Havoc RS 440

The Havoc RS440 packs a surprising amount of force into an incredibly compact package. The most important features of a crossbow include speed and compactness and this crossbow has both of these features. 

Speed: 440 FPS
Power: 13.5
Width: 7.5 Axle-To-Axle
Length: 26.5"
Weight: 7.5lbs
Draw Weight: 270


Havoc RS 440 Crossbow is a compact crossbow that features multiple aspects without sacrificing speed. In other words, this TenPoint crossbow has all the characteristics found in the best hunting crossbows, so it is a compact body crossbow.

Hunters of all levels will be able to experience some of the main advantages of the Havoc RS 440, such as a zero creep S1 trigger, an intense life string, a decrease in draw weight, safe cocking, and reliable decocking. 


Havoc RS 440 feels impressive the first time you hold it in your hands. The weight is beautifully distributed in the crossbow so that the heaviest parts are positioned at the center, giving it an adjusted balance.

There are two rotatable cams on the crossbow, each located on the side, while the Trigger and scope are placed precisely in the center but with lesser weight towards the back. Its balance lends this crossbow its compactness, making it one of the most compact TenPoint crossbows available. You can also choose great accessories for this crossbow from Tenpoint like case or broadheads.


With its rangefinding setup on the Havoc RS440, the Garmin Zero X1i sighting system gives a range of up to 250 yards in the RS440 Xero. To make a successful shot, you need to know how far your target is. The aiming point is also considered to ensure you kill the prey on your first attempt without wasting effort and arrows. 

TenPoint provides a steady aim system that shows hunters the exactness of their aim using a bubble level for those who want to know how persistent they are before each shot.  Like many TenPoint Crossbows, the Havoc RS 440 Crossbow has a silent ACUSlide that enables pin-drop silence when cocking and decocking with a handle control that lets you leave the handle anywhere you like.

You can never have the handle return to its original position like you might have experienced with an older crossbow design. The X1i sighting system also has a multi-colored display option and 3.5 times magnification intensity that helps you watch the prey closely at all times.

Fastest Compact Crossbow

In Havoc RS 440, the Micro Track Barrel controls sliding triggers when the crossbow is cocked or decocked. As a result of its small diameter, this barrel reduces the contact between the string and the barrel. The friction produced by this contact reduces the life of the string.

This is not the case in this crossbow due to reduced contact and, thus, reduced friction. 


TenPoint Turbo S1 

Speed: 390 FPS
Power: 11"
Width: 7.2 Axle-To-Axle
Weight: 7.3 lbs with ACUslide.
Draw Weight: 220

Size and Weight

This crossbow is so narrow that when I’m walking through the woods I don’t feel encumbered. The design they chose for the Turbo S1 is perfect. TenPoint's Turbo S1 is a 31-inch-long forward-draw crossbow. Because of the shortest forward-draw architecture, TenPoint was able to keep the Turbo S1 small. It is only 14 inches wide when it is not cocked, and it is only 9 inches wide when it is cocked. The Turbo M1 weighs approximately 7.3 pounds without the extras and it is easy to carry. In total, the Turbo M1 weighs approximately 7 pounds with its attachments.


As with all TenPoint crossbows, the scope is also constructed by the company. A TenPoint Rangemaster scope was installed on the Turbo S1. Featuring multi-coated glass for optimal light-gathering, the variable speed scope includes lighted aiming points for amazing precision down-range accuracy for this Tenpoint crossbow. It can be used in low light conditions which is another plus for this crossbow.


The renowned ACU cocking mechanism is an integral part of TenPoint crossbows. TenPoint has designed the Turbo S1 cocking mechanism.

The ACUdraw cocking mechanism reduces the draw muscle by half. As a result, cocking the Turbo S1 will only require about 95 pounds of force. The cocking mechanism is fully integrated into the bow's stock, and the ropes retract into the crossbow after it is cocked.  Your hunting experience will be greatly enhanced as a result.

As soon as you have finished cocking the crossbow, there is no need to disentangle the ropes or store them.

RX-6 Cam System

Integrated RX-6 Can system can generate up to 390 feet per second speed without losing its precision and powerful force. Your arrow will hit the target and give you an element of surprise every time.

You can't go wrong with this bow from Tenpoint if you are on the budget. Add Tenpoint accessories like arrows or crossbow case and you are good to go. 

Best Tenpoint Crossbows

 TenPoint Crossbows has been at the forefront of cutting-edge crossbow design and invention since 1994, with over 100 patents in the field. In terms of speed, the Nitro 505 is the fastest crossbow ever made, and the Titan De-Cock is the finest inexpensive crossbow. The year 2022 represents yet another opportunity for the company to develop the world's best hunting crossbow.

The TenPoint crossbow hunting system is the most effective in the market today. You will receive a more fast powerful hunting crossbow when you purchase any TenPoint crossbow or decocking crossbow. You will be outfitted with a comprehensive crossbow hunting system designed to fill your freezer or provide you with a lifetime of memories.  

Tenpoint Crossbows that are of the highest quality have exceptionally fast arrow speeds and are extremely light. In terms of speed, intensity, and precision. TenPoint offers a complete crossbow package that includes the best hunting crossbows as well as the best accessories.

Tenpoint offers top-of-the-line hunting crossbows that outperform the competition, firing at speeds of up to 505 feet per second. When it comes to hunting crossbows, TenPoint has you covered.

Should you get one?

Consider all these factors before purchasing Tenpoint bows. Determine the purpose of your bow. Hunting Giant thinks that TenPoint crossbows are a perfect choice for all ages. Considering the variety, these crossbows are also suitable for teenagers and women since they are lighter and easier to carry. 

However, not every product is perfect!

There are some shortcomings that one has to keep in mind before investing in a crossbow. So, make sure that you do proper research, take your notes, read the comprehensive explanation we’ve given to each crossbow and you’ll surely come to a final decision. You can check our blog for more info on crossbows and bows.

TenPoint also offers crossbows designed for experienced hunters. Bowhunting or crossbow hunting we wish you all the best with your purchase and hope you have a great time outdoors. 

And don't forget! Live, Laugh, Hunt.