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TenPoint Crossbows

Having the right crossbow that fulfills your expectations should be essential, especially when so many brands are available. When all brands claim to be the one, choosing which brand to trust is challenging. How do you decide? Before purchasing a Tenpoint crossbow and accessories for your whitetail, you should consider factors such as budget, speed, and compactness as all are critical. Tenpoint has been excellent for us on many trips and by industry standards, they are durable and perfectly balanced. We have written an extensive article about hunting tips and the 11 best crossbows for 2024 to help you choose the right one for this year. Tenpoint  Technologies is the leading manufacturer in the industry of the fastest, most powerful, compact, high-end available crossbows in the world. This year Tenpoint gives us the selection of best hunting crossbows with a variety of new and powerful features, that are extremely useful and advanced for your crossbow hunting. 

The Latest Crossbow Technology 

Tenpoint Crossbows puts hunters first and is always at the forefront therefore every year, the brand brings groundbreaking innovations for us in 2024. Their aim is always to build products that fit the hunter's expectations like precision, weight, power, and quality. 

ACUslide MAXX.The ACUslide MAXX represents the ultimate in crossbow cocking and de-cocking. It's stronger, smoother, and easier to use thanks to the patented Auto-Brake Gear System. You can safely let go of the handle at any moment during cocking or de-cocking, and it will stay in place without moving

Twin-Riser technology.It will enhance your shooting precision with our revolutionary Twin-Riser Technology. It's 41% lighter and twice as stiffer than standard risers. This new design features matching top and bottom plates, minimizing bend and limb twisting.  You will notice the precision dramatically since this leads to a steadier arrow flight and improved accuracy at long distances. 

Trigger-Tech Trigger.New crossbows TRX 515 & TX 440 are manufactured to maximize precision, right down to the custom-built TriggerTech Trigger. With its innovative Zero-Creep Technology™, this trigger weighs just 3 lbs. It offers a smooth, polished feel, like breaking glass. This enhances precision and accuracy significantly in every shot.

Zero Track Barrel.Tenpoint always improves and does better with this year's rail-less design that cuts down the weight and removes arrow friction. This results in straighter nock travel that improves long-distance shots.

Guide-Lock Arrow Rest System.This new design has three contact points for added security and stability. The arrow sits on two durable, spring-loaded ball bearings that are built that will never wear out, and a top retention brush holds it firmly in place. This ensures lasting use and top precision at any range. You have speed and accuracy with the new Tenpoint crossbows in 2024.

AR-STYLE Ambidextrous Thumb Safety.Positioned right above your firing hand, the thumb-activated safety allows for easy and quick operation without removing your hands from the crossbow or taking your eyes off your target. This one you will like a lot for your crossbow, you feel in control and always ready. 

Centerpunch HPX Arrow With Snap-In with Alpha Knock.Available with TRX 515 and TX 440, you can hear the NEW Alpha-Nock HPX when it clicks into the TriggerTech trigger box, letting you hear and feel the assurance that your arrow is correctly secured and ready to fire.

New TRX 515

Fastest and most advanced crossbow

The Tenpoint TRX 515 with ACUslide MAXX became the most sold within the first few months of the release announcement.  Using premium arrows is the fastest crossbow available packed with the new technological advancements mentioned above. With over 30 years of experience, Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies brings new hunting crossbows to the market year after year which shatters the standards. It is light, elegant, and ridiculously fast, shooting arrows at 515 fps. NEW Twin-Riser Technology reduces riser flex and limb torq for even greater laser-like precision.

New TX 440

Technology Packed Forward-Draw Crossbow

The industry leader in crossbow, with great package and scope options, is the Tenpoint TX 440. With its impressive 440 FPS, introduces the innovative Twin-Riser Technology™. This technology minimizes riser flex and limb torque, enhancing lethal accuracy. Compact in design, it's only 28 inches in length and 6.5 inches wide. The TX 440 includes a custom-built TriggerTech Trigger, the new ZERO-Trac Barrel™, and the innovative GUIDE-Lock™ Arrow Rest System, all combining to form the most stable and consistent shooting platform ever crafted for a crossbow. This is a great crossbow for whitetail hunters. 

New Venom X

High-End Crossbow at Great Price

With the integration of Scope Struts and the Pro-View™ 400 scope, the Venom X guarantees exceptional accuracy at long distances. The Scope Struts ensure your optics have a stable base, enhancing long-range targeting while maintaining robust durability in any hunting scenario. The Venom X, tipping the scales at an ultra-light 6.9 pounds and measuring a compact 9.75 inches wide and 32.5 inches long, pushes the boundaries with its 390 FPS speed and it is the high-end, yet very affordable crossbow for this year. The Venom X ACUslide system, offers the quietest and safest de-cocking, ensuring a stealthy and quiet operation. 

Siege 425

Better, Faster, and More Quiter

Meet the Siege 425, a powerhouse of speed and compact design, launching arrows 10 feet faster than the previous year at a swift 425 feet per second and boasting a size of just 26.5 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width. This crossbow is a spectacle of engineering from Tenpoint, offering 100-yard accuracy that's sharp enough to split nocks. Tailored for the hunter who goes on longer trips, the Siege 425's sleek profile makes it ideal for long hunts where you have to carry gear and be on your feet. The ACUslid system, the Siege 425 guarantees silent and safe de-cocking with ACUslid system. The integration of Scope Struts and the RangeMaster® 100 scope elevates its accuracy, ensuring your shots are on point every time.  Completing this high-performance hunting package is the 16″ EVO-X® CenterPunch™ 16 arrow, specifically chosen for its size, ad silent cocking making the Siege 425 well sought crossbow this year. 

New EVO-X® Marksman™ Elite Scope 3.0

This year, TenPoint unveils an exceptional new scope, elevating your hunting experience to new heights. The 100-yard EVO-X® Marksman™ Elite Scope 3.0, is the new standard in precision optics. This variable speed scope is expertly crafted to enhance accuracy up to 100 yards and is optimized for speeds up to 550 FPS. It comes as a standard option with selected Tenpoint crossbows. Whether you're aiming for distant targets or a fast-moving game, this scope provides unmatched clarity and reliability, ensuring every shot counts. For this year, Burris Oracle X rangefinding scope and Garmin XERO Xl upgrade are still available with TRX 515, TX 440, and Nitro 505. 

Tenpoint Crossbows Accessories in 2024

The brand always had great arrows and this year they give us the new Tenpoint Nemesis broadheads. Its 4-blade expandable broadhead with a devastating total cut of 3.75″ comes in 100 gr 3 pack and is made out of ultra-durable and strong aluminum ferrule. Tenpoint claims it is the most accurate head on the market. There is anAlign 800 Rangefinder available this year, and with 6x Magnification, it is for up to 800 yards which at $150 is a bargain. Also, there are AXIS Tripod and  Tenpoint Pro-View 400 Scope available. 

TenPoint crossbow is a good investment

TenPoint is among the finest available. In addition to having excellent optics, ground braking cocking, and de-cocking mechanisms like ACUslide MAXX, they are compact, lightweight, and well build here in the USA. Models range for novices and experts, at various price points. Choosing Tenpoint Crossbows is worth the investment for their performance and features that will last years to come. The brand has excellent warranty available and customer service is always ready to help. 

Should you buy Tenpoint?

Consider all these factors before purchasing the Tenpoint for this year. Determine the purpose and expectations. We know that TenPoint is a perfect choice for all ages. Considering the variety, these crossbows are also suitable for teenagers and women since they are lighter and easier to carry. Getting the right crossbow can be the factor and the difference between filling your freezer with meat, or waiting until next year.  

Happy Hunting

There are some things to keep in mind before investing in a crossbow. Make sure that you do proper research, take your notes, and consider the points we made about the size and budget. If you encounter Tenpoint crossbow firing issues, we have the article to help you with that. You can check our blog for more info on products and accessories as we love to give our customers the latest news and updates. TenPoint and Wicked Ridge gear are built for experienced hunters and beginners and.  Bowhunting or crossbow hunting, we wish you an awesome season with your purchase and hope you have a great time on the field.