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Best Crossbows for 2023

The million-dollar question. What is the best crossbow on the market today? There are hundreds of articles on the internet claiming that this, or that crossbow is the best. Maybe you get sold on the better draw weight, spectacular speed, or power stroke.

The reality is the best crossbow for the money is for you and only you. There are different body types, different situations, requirements, and experience levels. Would you buy the fastest motorcycle available today and fly on highways, or would you go with the chopper and cruise on the weekends? You got my point.

What you need to know before selecting the crossbow for you

Maybe you have a budget and looking for the best crossbow under $500.You are an avid deer hunter and looking for the best deer hunting crossbow.If you just getting started on your hunter journey, is there a need for you to buy the fasted crossbow for the money? Probably not. If you are however experienced hunter looking for the most silent crossbow, that makes sense.

The best crossbow is the one that fits your budget, expectations, and requirements. The most expensive crossbow won't be necessary the best option. That is the last thing you want to spend $2000 on a crossbow you won't be using. Trust me, it can go as much as $4000 for the latest models these days, with the newest technologies and scopes. The budget or medium-priced crossbows have great specs, and hunting accessories included in the package that will surprise you.

Before you make a purchase, be honest with yourself, don't chase the latest gadgets, unless you always do and that is your thing. Think of it as following a diet. There is no single best one it depends on each person individually.

We always test the latest crossbows on the range with the team or take them on hunts with us. We do this not only because we love it and want to have a finger on the pulse of the hunting world's new releases, but the main reason is that you don't have to do it. We short-listed some models and answered questions that we get the most from our customers. Let's get to it.


Best Budget Crossbow for the money - Killer Instinct Burner 415
Best crossbow of 2021 -TenPoint Havoc RS440
Best crossbow of 2022 -Ravin R500 and R500E
Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting - TenPoint Viper 430
Best Recurve crossbow -Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2
The Most Silent Crossbow - Mission Sub-1
Fastest Crossbow in the world -Tenpoint Nitro 505
Best Compact crossbow -Bear X Constrictor CDX
The Most Powerful Crossbow -Ravin R29X
Best crossbow for a woman -Wicked Ridge Rampage 360
Best Crossbow under $400 -Killer Instinct Burner 415
Best youth crossbow -Barnett Wildcat
Best Crossbow of 2023 - Tenpoint Flatline 460


Best Budget Crossbow for the money - Killer Instinct Burner 415

Killer Instinct Burner 415

You find yourself in a situation where money is tight and you looking for the crossbow. You don't want to get a crappy one, that falls apart after a few shots. We consider a budget crossbow that has decent specs and is less than $500. There are several brands on the market that we chose the winner for the best one. Killer Instinct Crossbows, Center Point, and Barnett to name a few. We have Killer Instinct Burner 415 as our number one due to several reasons.

From our past experiences, we had quite a few problems when using Barnett crossbows. You can check our in-depth comparison article Killer Instinct vs Barnett. The Burner 415 is a great crossbow for the money for beginners or for someone that is on a tight budget but still wants to go after the big game.

This crossbow by Killer Instinct is built solid and of good quality. That is not something you expect from lower-priced bows. The brand kept its reputation and did not build a cheap model. The weight of the crossbow is 6,7 lbs without any accessories. It is deadly silent and accurate with a speed of up to 415 Fps and draws weight at 220 lbs you can easily go after big game animals.

Draw weight is it slightly bigger than other models, but Burner 415comes with a complete noise-suppressing kit. It includes string and cam dampeners and they almost eliminate the noise from the crossbow. Also, it comes with a 4×32 IR scope which performs well considering it is included in the package.

We noticed that occasionally it has some trouble keeping up with the crossbow speed, but it does work much better than other crossbows in the same price range. It does have an adjustable foregrip and one main downside we had with this crossbow, is that the shoulder ring is not included.

If you just starting hunting or looking crossbow on a budget, it is a great one to start. It is priced at $345 for the camo and $365 for the grey one.


Best crossbow of 2021 - TenPoint Havoc RS440

Havoc RS440

The year 2021 was great in terms of the new crossbow releases. Manufacturing was tough. Material shortages due to the pandemic affected some new releases, but nevertheless, the year brought us fantastic models like Excalibur Twinstrike, Ravin 500, and Mission SUB-1 XR just to name a few that we really like. As much as we like all those models, have to go with Tenpoint havoc RS440 for the best crossbow of 2021.

The RS440 Xero model is very impressive. Hard-hitting, compact and comfortable. The brand produced many superior crossbows through the years, but this one could be their best. It measures 26,5 inches long and 7,5 inches wide when the crossbow is cocked, it is Tenpoint's shortest crossbow ever and yet has the power to launch bolts lightning fast. With 7.5 pounds, the Havoc comes with the Garmin Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope in the box.

A crossbow scope has 3.5X magnification and has the ability to range targets with just a push of a button. It does that almost instantly and provides ranges up to 80 yards with deadly accuracy. Regular models come with standard EVO-X Marksman Elite 2-8X magnification scope, which has impressive precision out to 100 yds on the range. RX7-Cam system rotates 360 degrees, delivering speeds of 440 fps with 400-grain bolts. 13 ½-inch power stroke is created by crossbows reverse-draw assembly.

$2,499.99 Graphite Gray - Black Scope, $2,599.99 Veil Alpine - Camo Scope and $3,599.99 with Garmin Xero X1i - Back

Best crossbow of 2022 - Ravin R500 and R500E

The most anticipated crossbow models in years, R500 and R500E series from the brand were scheduled to be released in the spring of 2021. At that time this was THE fastest crossbow on the market with groundbreaking automatic cocking and decocking.

here was a lot of turmoil with production delays, and material shortages that year, and on top of that some regulations setback regarding the R500E electric drive system. Through all that, it finally came through with its models for the main market.

I have to be honest, these models flies out from our store shelves since we got them in. The demand is so high, that we keep preorders open. With 400-grain arrows, the crossbow delivers incredible speeds of 500 fps. It has a width from the axle to axle of 3.6 inches when cocked and 7.6 inches when not.

The most-priced R500E Sniper comes with a complete set of features and accessories, for a good reason. It has a new Electric Drive System, a new adjustable turret scope, a scope level, and six .001 premium arrows. E-drive system is truly amazing.

ravin r500E crossbow

The R500 series has a new draw handle and the new VersaDrive cocking system. Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) moves back and forth all thanks to its internal screw drive. You are able to stop cocking and uncocking at any time. The R500E model has an integrated Electric Drive System, where you can cock or decock with just a push of a button. This groundbreaking technology not only helps people with disabilities, or sore shoulders to safely use crossbows and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but sets the bar higher for competition. Truly one of the best crossbows to be released in years.


Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting - TenPoint Viper S430

TenPoint Viper S400

There are quite a few absolutely best crossbows available today for deer hunting. Again, it is mainly a personal choice, due to many factors, however, we have to go with Viper 430. Why? We loved his predecessor Viper S400. It had advantages over others that served as well while deer hunting. Viper 430 is the upgraded version of it. The bow shoots arrows 430 feet per second and is powerful and quiet which is the big deal when hunting big game.

It is the lightest forward-draw crossbowto date from the Tenpoint, which is certainly another distinguishing aspect. Without any accessories, the Viper 430 weighs 7.5 pounds. It's not a tiny crossbow, but it's also not a hefty one. Viper 430 is 11" uncocked / 6.5"cocked.  It is an almost an inch less that S400. You will be in the woods going through the bushes, and terrains and you don't want a heavy crossbow package to carry along with you.

The new trigger is based on a straightforward five-piece design. It is crucial to note that the S1 is not a traditional trigger, instead, it is a skateboard rivet kind of trigger that gives the user a happy and hypnotic feeling while pressing it.

This crossbow is phenomenal and its accuracy is unmatched. We put hundreds of shots while testing it and 50-yard bulls are not a problem. Strings and cables are strong and durable and not showing much wear and tear. It has a draw weight of 250lbs and the Acuslide cocking device makes loading and shooting an absolute breeze.

It includes the NEW and improved RangeMaster 100 Scope that can accommodate speeds for up to 505fps. It is also has improved cope struts for even more accuracy.  6-Arrow Tech Quiver, Evo-X CenterPunch premium carbon arrows with 100-grain points, and ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System and new for 2023 bow hanger for your convenience. 

Also, you can have some sweet extra accessories if you shop at our store. This crossbow starts at $1749.99 for the Moss green package and $1849.99 for the Vectra Camo. This new model from Tenpoint will definitely be best selling crossbows for 2023 season. 

Best Recurve crossbow - Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2

Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2

When every crossbow manufacturer was focusing on speed, rope cocking devices, draw weight, or something like anti-dry fire, last year Excalibur offered a crossbow model that can shoot two arrows without having to re-cock the bow. It had great success and was one of the most sought crossbow models in 2021. Excalibur TwinStrike TAC2 is a 2022 model and is $500 cheaper than the original and it goes for $1499.99.

The power stroke is where most of the Excalibur crossbows produce their speed. The TAC2 model is a little shorter, maybe an inch and a few ounces lighter weighing 9.6lbs. It is roughly 20 feet per second slower than the original TwinStrike. The brand is notorious for its rigorous tests for its crossbows and this one is no different.

At speeds 340 feet per second, TwinStrike TAC2 has accuracy and power stroke that is a winner for our recurve crossbow for the money award. As for a double shoot? Do you actually need two arrows every time you go on the hunt? Not really. It's definitely nice to have a backup and if you've been hunting for a while, I am sure you had moments when you wished you had an extra arrow.

Package includes 4-100gr field points, 4 arrow quiver, 30 mm scope rings, Tact -100 Illuminated scope, crank cocking aid, and dual fire cocking aid.


The Most Silent Crossbow -Mission Sub-1

Mission Sub-1

The saying goes that the quietest crossbow is the one you don't shoot. You have to realize that there will be noise when you are hunting with crossbows - period. After testing we can say that Mission Sub-1 is the quietest crossbow for the money. Before buying Sub-1, which is a great crossbow, to begin with, and not only because it is quiet.

Ask yourself, from what distance you will be hunting? 50,60,70 yards? Because from around 45 yards and less with speeds around 350 feet per second deer won't be complaining about the noise. If you will be shooting from a further distance, where any sound can spook the deer, then this is the crossbow for you.

Mission has been around for years now and earned the respect of the hunters with its great crossbow models. Sub-1 accuracy is wild and whether you just starting or have been a hunter for many years, once you launched a few shots at the target with this bow, you can't wait to go punch a deer tag or two. An innovative trigger system has the ability to safely de-cock with the only push of a button and the compact frame of the mission crossbow produces speeds of up to 350fps. The pull weight of the quad limbs is 200 pounds, and the power stroke is 13.74 inches.

Mission Sub 1 weighs just 7.5 lbs and sits very nicely on the shoulder and the trigger pull is 3.4lbs. Length: 30.25”,Width 10.7” cocked, 13.8” uncocked.

There are several packages available from just a bow to a pro package that includes Hawke illuminated optics, Mission MX-3 quiver, three 20″ Mission bolts, rail lube, and Mission SUB-1 precisely Level. Available in black or Realtree edge.


Fastest Crossbow in the world - Tenpoint Nitro 505

Tenpoint Nitro 505

We were very excited once the brand announced that will be releasing its flagship model the Nitro 505 in 2022. We couldn't wait to put our hands on this spectacular compound crossbow. This time engineers stepped up big time to achieve a speed of 505 feet per second. By firing over 25,000 shots in testing, which is the most for a crossbow in the company's history, Tenpoint made sure that this is the fastest crossbow in the world on the market.

Where is speed there is power. To achieve such results the team had to completely redevelop the previous bestseller the Havoc RS 440. The fastest crossbow has the longest power stroke in the hunting industry at 17-inches. What is the benefit you ask? The arrow stays engaged with the string for an extra 4 inches before the release. This is just one of the critical aspects of crossbow performance.

The Nitro 505’s limbs are 30 pounds heavier and the cables and strings of the new RX8 Cams move more securely thus adding strength and durability. That helps with extreme draw weight in this super crossbow.

Best Scope for Crossbow

It is available with three different scopes. You can have with Evo-X Marksman Elite Variable Speed Scope with External Adjustment Turrets. Moss green bow options come with black and veil alpine with camo scope. The Burris Oracle X Rangefinding scope is in black, the same as the Garmin XERO X1i Rangefinding scope.

You can hit a target from 100 yards with the push of a button. The package includes Six Evo-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows (.001” straightness), an ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking, a 6-Arrow Tech Quiver, an Integrated String Stop System, and the scope of your choice. If you shop at our store you can have great discounts for cases or some sweet hunting accessories.

Best Compact crossbow - Bear X Constrictor CDX

Bear X Constrictor CDX

Why we chose this model as the best compact crossbow? We were looking at several things like size, price, package, and overall performance. Ready-to-hunt packages are always convenient and Bear Archery released the Constrictor CDX with one. With standard limbs, this crossbow is very compact. Not too many crossbows are available in a smaller sizes. CDX measures 32 inches and 10 inches wide cocked and 14 inches axle to axle uncocked.

Narrow and Quite

With adjustable butt stock and forearm grip, you can make your preferred length of pull by extending or shortening it. The model itself is not cheap made, even though it sells at $499 and fits the budget crossbow reviews. The Constrictor’s narrow dimensions and flaming speeds of 410 fps deliver devastating results without spending a fortune.

The dampening system in Bear X makes sure the crossbow is really quiet. It can be considered a little too heavy side weighting at 8.9lbs, but this is a great crossbow for the money that is built to last. We definitely recommend this bow that also has a scope with illumination and an adjustable intensity dial making this perfect for hunting in the dark. The package includes everything you need, an illuminated scope, three arrows, cocking rope, and rail lube

The Most Powerful Crossbow - Ravin R29X

Ravin R29X

What sells crossbows? Speed definitely is a selling point, what about the kinetic energy? The best sellers "on paper" won't be necessary the best on the field. The R29X is an absolute beast. It has all characteristics, very powerful, compact, accurate, and lightweight which makes it effortless to use and the perfect hunting crossbow.

Ravin’s R29X crossbow is an upgrade to the standard R29 model, just way more powerful and dynamic. The X represents devastating power of 180ft-lb at 450 feet per second. This is achieved with 400-grain arrows, despite the draw weight of 12lbs. It is 9-inch wide while cocked and weighs 6.75lbs without any accessories, which makes R29X one of the best crossbows for hunters.

We believe that Ravin R29X is and will be among the best hunting crossbows in 2023. Trac-Trigger company's patented fire control system that has anti-dry fire and cocks the bow with safety is what separates great crossbows. On top upgraded super silent Versa Draw cocking system is one of the benchmarks in the crossbow industry with only 12 pounds cocking force. The great deal is that handle will stay in place if you choose to stop cocking at any time, instead of charging in your hands.


Helicoil Technology constantly changes the plane and position of the cables, inhibiting overlap and permitting an over-rotation reaching close to 340 degrees. With better and bigger rotation you get a longer power stroke and, faster bolt speeds of 450 feet per second for the R29X.

The R29X comes fully assembled with a 3-bolt quiver, illuminated scope, a crank handle, and six +/-.003-inch straightness bolts with field points, an accessory bracket, and an easy-to-use instruction manual.

Best crossbow for a woman - Wicked Ridge Rampage 360

Wicked Ridge Rampage 360

Wicked Ridge Crossbows has introduced over 10 years ago now, as a budget brand in the TenPoint Family. It gets tons of compliments for the bows being built in America.

We have their Rampage 360 model as the best pick for the woman crossbow. It is very easy to cock has a good scope and is very accurate. The crossbow comes in several pieces but assembles quickly and easily. One thing to mention is that arrows are not included, so make sure you order some, for instance, ProElite 400 AlphaNock arrows.

When cocked it is only 15 inches wide, this crossbow was manufactured to be a premier entry-level crossbow that has users' safety as a priority. It weighs only 6lbs, therefore is lightweight and perfect for a woman, someone with a shoulder injury, or the elderly age.

The safety mechanism is within fingertip reach of the firing hand and it can be flipped quickly and silently. It comes with mounted scope and it sits quite perfect for you, therefore cheekpiece and plate are not adjustable. It is affordable, with great crossbow reviews, and does the job extremely well.

Fast and Safe

Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 shoots arrows at up to 360 feet per second, with a power stroke of 13.5 inches. If the arrow is not knocked and you pull the trigger by accident, you can be sure that strings will not fire, as it comes with dry-fire inhibitor from Tenpoint.

It comes with a built-in rope cocking device (ACUdraw) which is very valuable for beginners, or for those who may lack the power and strength needed to draw a bow. It can reduce the draw weight of the crossbow by up to 95%. That means from 180 lbs just to 8.70lbs give it or take.

Rampage 360 is also available with ACUdraw 50 which can reduce draw weight by 50% to around 87 lbs. Some say it is a little loud, but by the time you hear the noise, your arrow is already at your target. Rampage 360 Acudraw is $595 and Rampage 360 Acudraw 50 is $545

Best Crossbow under $400 - Killer Instinct Burner 415

burner 415

To help you choose the best crossbow on your budget we want to say again, that all our suggestions come from years of hunting experience, field testing, and customer feedback. Hunting Giant operating for 7 years now and we have seen many bows and best crossbows.

When choosing the best budget crossbow, we look at several factors. Performance, quality, price range, and of course our experience. We mentioned in the past that we had some issues with other budget crossbow brands like Barnett and Center Point, also complaints from our loyal buyers.

Killer Instinct Burner 415is a crossbow for less than $400 and ticks every box to be named the best in that price range. Killer instinct brand produced great models and props to them for sticking with the quality and not making it cheap way.

It comes with a completely adjustable foregrip, so you have to adjust the way fits you. Burner 415 is a very powerful crossbow generating 141 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. In this price range, no other crossbow has that kind of force, if fact burner is smoking some high-end crossbows with its flower. It is a lightweight crossbow at 6.7 lbs, but not the most compact if you looking for one. Axle To Axle is 14.75 / 18.75 Inches and Length: is 34.5 – 37 Inches.

Powerful and Fast

With the draw weight of 220 lbs. The burner is can fire standard arrows at over 400 fps every time and can achieve a speed of 415 feet per second. You can get after a big game with this beauty. It has a complete noise-suppressing kit that includes string and cam dampeners, so the bow is quite enough.

For a free scope LUMIX 4x32 IR-W that is included, you get a decent value as it can cope with the speed of a crossbow. You won't be getting any rope cocking device with it, but the rope cocker that comes with the package does the job well, by reducing the draw weight by around half. From compound crossbows that sell for less than $400, you are getting a good deal.

Best youth crossbow - Barnett Wildcat

Barnett Wildcat

If you are a hunter you already know of all the sacrifices that come with it. Discipline, hard work, dedication, practice and let's not forget the benefits, sustainable food source, fun, and connecting with nature. Spending time with family is important and going on hunts with them is amazing. Plenty of bows for women on the market, but how about kids' crossbows?


It has to be comfortable, lightweight, easy to rope cocking, has good scope, and decent specs. Barnett wildcat is a good choice for kids who are starting their introduction to crossbow hunting. This model is comfortable on the shoulder and easy to carry. Weight is 4.8 lbs without any accessories and comes pre-assembled ready-to-shoot package. It comes with three bolts you can install the crossbow and start practicing. There are three Picatinny rails, so you can attach extra accessories, like optics, flashlights, or extra quivers.

Silent and Safe

The crossbow comes with an anti-vibration foot stirrup that alleviates noise and makes the Wildcat quiet during the shooting. It has zero creep, and zero vibrations and the trigger is smooth and crisp without any notice when you pull it. Auto-safety and anti-dry-fire systems are installed which prevent accidentally dry-firing the crossbow. There are finger safety reminders for you, to keep your hands below the flight deck.


A red dot sight is included in the package. It has now special features, but it is of great quality and has everything you need to start.

The Barnett Wildcat shoots arrows with speeds in the range of 250-260 fps if you use 380-grain arrows. It measures a total length of 35.5 inches and 32 inches without the stirrup. Uncocked axle-to-axle width is 28 inches and 22 inches once cocked. The cocking of this crossbow is smooth and easy, which is important. Overall this is a great model to start for someone young and it was one of the best sellers at Hunting Giant for some time.

How far will a 400 fps crossbow shoot?

If you purely going for the distance, a typical crossbow when is perfectly level can shoot about 250 feet. Once you increase an angle to around 45 degrees, it can fly close to 4500 feet. Some more powerful compound crossbows with modern arrows can shoot up to 500 yards. If you are out hunting and want to increase your chances, the best distance would be 30-40 yards.

The maximum distance for hitting the target clean is considered to be around 60 yards and 80-100 yd you have to have a powerful and accurate crossbow like Ravin R29X or Tenpoint Viper S400 and be proficient with it.

Where is the best place to aim with a crossbow at a deer??

When the deer stands sideways to you, is the best time to take a shot. It is called a broadside shot because the widest area of the animal is exposed and you have the best chance. Even if you miss by a few inches, the chances are you still hit vital organs that cause deadly damage.

What is the advantage of hunting with a crossbow?

The crossbow is preloaded before the shot. The users of compound bows often have to have great arm strength and a strong upper body. You not only have to draw the bow but also hold it in the position maintaining the draw, because it might be some time before a deer gets in the right position.

You can use a crossbow if you have fractures in the past, arthritis, or shoulder injuries. Best selling crossbow of the 2022 Ravin R500E has an electric mechanism, that will draw a bow for you.

You don't need much energy to cock the crossbow and once it is cocked, you can solely focus on your target and only squeeze the trigger when it is the time is right.


What is the most accurate crossbow at 100 yards?

crossbow target

If you looking for a crossbow that can hit bulls eyes more times than any other, we suggest Mission SUB1. Great draw weight and combination of speed, power, and precision are unparalleled. If you are a hunter you already know that the most accurate and lethal shot is at 30-40 yards. Everything beyond that decreases your chances of success. We shot the deer once at 70 yards and it is a pretty long shot. Would it be a lethal shot at 100 yd? Probably not.

Can you cock your crossbow by hand?

You can cock your crossbow by hand, but be careful not to get injured. Have a system the way you do it every time, and have a good posture. You can mark the center of the cables with a marker, so you know where it is. The are several options available for you like rope cocking devices and mechanical crank-style cocking devices in many modern crossbows today.

What is the difference between a crossbow and a compound crossbow?


There are a few significant differences between these two. A crossbow is easier to shoot since you are not required to draw a string and hold in the position for some time, therefore you don't waste much energy. With a crossbow, you can shoot more accurately and from a longer distance. For example, bows have lethal and effective ranges of up to about 40 yards and no more than 60 with the most powerful ones.

Crossbows, however, are usually accurate at even 60 yards, and with some most accurate ones like Mission Sub1 or Tenpoint Nitro 505, you can go even higher. Compound bows are lightweight and easier to carry around, also compound bow has a consistent anchor point on every shot which makes them way more accurate.

How far can a crossbow shoot accurately?

If we talking just accuracy, then up to 100 yrd. If we talking about accurate and lethal shots, then for most hunters 35 - 40 yards is where the most action is. If you are an experienced hunter, you can hit an accurate and lethal shot at around 50 - 60 yards, as most crossbows have enough kinetic energy for deer and elk at that distance. This should be the maximum distance for a lethal and accurate shot, maybe 7o yards top.

Is power stroke important in crossbows?

The draw length is important to know when choosing a bow. The power stroke is equivalent to a crossbow. The longer the power stroke you have in your crossbow, the means your arrows will travel faster. It is the distance that the crossbow's string moves from its cocked position to its rested position after the shot. The longer the stroke, the more force is being passed on to the arrow.

Draw weight in a crossbow

Knowing the draw weight of a crossbow or bow for a user it is really important. It tells the hunter how much power his crossbow will have when it shoots. The higher draw weight means more power and speed are generated, while the disadvantage is that a higher draw weight makes it much harder to pull the drawstring back.

There are some exceptions, but generally, a draw weight from 75 pounds to 125 pounds is lethal from a moderate range. This should be enough to kill a deer. The modern crossbows have a draw weight of 100 lbs and up. In recent years, crossbows with cocking devices and even electric drive cocking systems, like Ravin R500e, got really popular and are a great addition to the hunting game.

What type of crossbow is best?

nitro 505 xero

The short answer is, there is no single best crossbow. In this article, we covered all the characteristics when choosing the best one. The best crossbow is for you, doesn't mean it will be the best for someone else. You have to consider body type, features, design, price range, specifications, and what are your expectations. Where you will be hunting? But since you asked, for the best crossbow of 2022 we have to go with the Ravin R500 series. It ticks all the boxes for us. It is a little expensive, but what a hunting machine that is. You can read more about it here.

Best Crossbow 2023

We have to wait and see. Plenty to get exited about though, as the Excalibur are going to have a 40th anniversary model that is going to be awesome for sure.

Other brands are teasing with rumors, but all we know its great time to be a hunter. We will keep you updated as we can not wait to see full 2023 crossbow line-up from all brands. So far, Tenpoint Flatline 460 is our choice, but that can change as the year progress. 


The are many best crossbows available in the hunting market and with new innovations coming nearly every year, this is an exciting time being a hunter. Whether you prefer a bow with retile scope with great kinetic energy and with decent speeds of 300 fps, or you want the faster crossbow available like Nitro 505 with insane speeds of 500 fps. Will you be shooting aluminum arrows? Carbon?

Possibilities are endless and there are many options available for everyone level. There are crossbows that stood the test of time like R10 or Titan Decock and there are new ones getting released every year. We hope this article helped you to understand, what you need to know when choosing the right crossbow. You can always send us a message if you have any questions or need help. Don't for get, live, laugh, hunt...


Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly