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The Bakcou company was founded on a few basic principles: it must be reliable, robust, and functional, and it must enjoy the backcountry in a way it has never done before. Bakcou was built by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts for those that want the same thing we do, which is to climb higher, go farther and explore more without adding more stress to the environment.

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Bakcou Storm Electric Hunting Bike

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Bakcou Flatlander Electric Hunting Bike

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Bakcou Mule Electric Hunting Bike

Bakcou goal was not to create a mountain bike conversion kit by simply installing a motor in a bicycle frame that is not designed to operate as a bicycle. Instead, Bakcou has designed the Bakcou hunting eBike with the necessary durability to withstand abuse and the demands on wheels, motor, and drive. Bakcou then equipped the wheel, which is the motor, and the drive systems with a high-quality, powerful, cost-effective, lightweight, and durable aluminum frame.

The Bakcou hunting products were built by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts because they wanted to do the same thing they do, which is to explore and climb higher and go further without causing more stress to the environment. Ba Bakcou started test tour 2015 with several demos of the e-bike and really enjoyed Bakcou like never before.

Hunters know that the scent of the wind matters and hunters know that the Bakcou hunting eBike has all the equipment to ride faster, hunt faster and hunt more efficiently than any other bike on the market today, even in the wild.

The Bafang motor is widely recognized as a "diesel motor" of mid-drive motors, but try it today and see why it is in a class of its own. In this way, the motor can do exactly what is required: it must be reliable, robust, and functional.

Not all batteries are the same, but Bakcou battery composition, capacity, and efficiency are due to a combination of factors such as battery size, power density, and battery life. Bakcou perfected it. Selected to provide optimum torque for longer distances under load as well as for use in high speed and high torque. Bakcou has 3 main electric hunting bikes. Mule, Storm and Flatlander.

Bakcou Mule

The mule tolerates everything thrown at it, from mud, dirt, rocks, sand, mud, and even water. If you arrive quickly, you can pack the animal, set it up and pack it for the long walk back to the farm. The Bakcou mule Ultra engine is widely regarded as a diesel engine amongst mid-drive motors. The Bakcou Mule hunting bike was designed and constructed by the same team that is also responsible for the Bakcou Mule Ultra engine. The mule ultra motor is also known as the "Smart Motor," and the high-performance metal gearbox combined with the intelligence of the integrated torque sensors makes it the most powerful engine in its class. The high torque and high torque distribution ensure continuous feedback from the driver to the Bakcou engine. Bakcou mule its been number 1 seller amongst hunting ebikes for quite some time now.

In this way, the mule engine can deliver exactly what is needed, and what you get is a very natural driving experience that delivers tremendous torque and power. Try it today and see why the Bakcou Mule has been number one on the market for 2 years and why this hardtail electric hunting eBike is in a class of its own. Bakcou mule is in a class of his own.

Bakcou Storm G2

This electric hunting bike handles rocky climbs and steep descents while still allowing you to pull a trailer full of equipment. Whether gnarled, sturdy, steep or technical, look for an electric bike with great handling and performance with the Bakou STORM G2. The full-suspension STORM G2 was developed and designed with the latest high-performance diesel engine, the Bakou Ultra engine. The Ultra engine is widely regarded as a"smart motor".

For this reason, the rear suspension of the Storm G2 must be just as heavy to handle the torque forces under heavy load on the frame. Ultramotor, also known as "Smart Motor," to ensure continuous feedback from the driver to the engine. In this way, the engine can deliver exactly what is needed, and it is a very natural driving experience that provides enormous torque and power. Try it today and see why the Bakcou Storm is beast amongst electric hunting bike on the market and is in a class of its own.

Bakcou Flatlander

I realize that not every hunt starts on top of a mountain, but if that's the case, then Flatlander is for you. Bakcou has developed a hunting tool for hunting in flat terrain at a price that does not break the bank. To this end, he has adopted high-quality components such as mules and storms and combined them with the high-quality components that are expected. Flatlander has been developed with a high level of quality, high durability, and durability as well as a low price. Available for hunters in kuiu Verde , matte black makes it really beautiful ebike.

The colored LCD display makes operation on the trail easy and allows you to go where you want to go. Bakcou assembled everything with an air suspension fork and everything is in detail, which is why Bakcou has used wide handlebars and lockable grips on a large base. Bakcou used a high-quality, high-performance hunting grip shoe for eBikes to prevent the formation of mud and snow.

FAQ about Bakcou

How far Bakcou electric bike can go?

It is to many variables to tell accurately. How much the rider weighs, what level of assistance the rider chooses, The terrain they’re cycling over or the amount of luggage they’re carrying, etc. So good rule of thumb is two miles per amp-hour. If a bakcou hunting bike is advertised with a 36-volt battery, with a capacity of 9 amp hrs, then the true capacity of the battery is 9 x 36, that is, 324-watt hrs (written as 324 Wh).

Does Bakcou electric bike come with a charger?

Yes, it does.

How fast does Bakcou hunting bike go?

1,000 Watts can 30mph and a 750 Watt eBike can go 25mph.

Bakcou Mule , Bakcou Storm, Bakcou Flatlander

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