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Bakcou Bikes


BAKCOU  simply looks and feels different. Unlike other eBikes, these will handle rough terrain, sand, or snow. The goal was to create an electric mountain bike that has the durability needed to withstand the desire to access these remote areas of the backcountry. Quiet and non-pollutant means it has minimal disturbance to wildlife.

You will be able to explore areas and regions you otherwise wouldn't have considered.
Bakcou Bikes are praised for their durability, performance, and ability to handle rough terrains, which are essential features for hunting. Bakcou Mule has been selling electric hunting bikes for 4 years now. If you are not sure which ebike to choose, the best electric hunting bikes in 2024 article we have will help you to make an informed decision. 

Shipping is Free to 48 states ( $280 Value)
Accessories  ($550 Value)
Lifetime support ( Invaluable)

NO Sales Tax

    Hunting Ebike For Anyone

     No matter your age, now you can go places without being tired and exhausted. If you have an old injury Bakcou bikes can carry up to 300 lbs and if that’s not enough the hunting trailers can carry an additional 150 lbs or more. Instead of carrying gear on your back, now you can go up to 40 - 80 miles on a single charge.

    Durable and Efficient Model 

    Maxxis Minion tires specifically used in Bakcou Mule provide good traction in harsh weather conditions, and an aluminum alloy frame ensures durability. I think the best thing about this hunting bike is that you will never have to worry about getting a puncture because Bakcou e-bikes have an installed puncture-proof lining between the tube and tire. 

    Bakcou bikes are pretty easy to control. You don't have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of the road. This Bakcou eBikes has been designed with the durability necessary to handle the demands of wheels, motors, and frames. To make the wheel and drive systems cost-effective, lightweight, and durable, Bakcou equipped them with a high-quality, robust, and lightweight aluminum frame making the bikes the most durable. 

    Bakcou storm

    Go Further - Stay Out Longer

     With many accessories available like waterproof saddle bags, and front and rear racks, you can go even further not worrying about carrying all the gear. Extend your hunting trip for even longer. All hunters want the same thing, and a successful hunt and electric hunting bike will help you to achieve that.  They make it easier for anyone to reach their favorite distant spots without the fatigue of hiking with gear so no matter your age or physical stature those once-forgotten golden spots are attainable again

    Torque Sensing Smart Motor 

     "Diesel Engine" of eBike Motors the Bafang mid-drive motor. Bakcau wanted to design a bike around the motor since it is the most important part. You can access remote areas with minimal disturbance, climb higher, and go farther and explore. There are options for all like Bafang M600, 500W, and Triple sensor systems in  Carbon Alpha that have 1 torque and 2-speed sensors that deliver instantaneous response to pedal power.  input. There is also the Bafang M620 with smart torque sensing G510 motor, powered by Bafang in  Bakcou Mule is capable of falling under all 3 Classifications of e-bike laws. Toggle between 750 watts, and 1,000 continuous watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts. 

    Electric Bike for Backcountry

    Out of the technologically advanced features, the Bakcou bikes are accompanied making them the best market today.  The Bakcou Flatlander e-bike is of exceptional quality and with a Bafang 750W High-End Rear Hub motor that can take you places.  It wasn’t designed and intended for basic cruising, although you can do that as well, it was designed for abuse and demands placed by nature. Comes with a rack and many accessories included the bike is well made, powerful, and yet affordable. 

     Despite the difficulty of hunting on flat terrain, Bakcou offers a hunting ebike that will not break the bank and that is Flatlander.  E-bike has incorporated high-quality components with standard features. In addition to offering high quality, durability, and low price, the Bakcou Flatlander has been designed to be a more affordable model from the brand. Available in 7 color options, the ebike is for true sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

    LCD Screen 

    In addition to providing an insight into the essential information, the LCD found at the stem bar of the Bakcou E-bikes always gives an overview of power consumption and battery life. It's brilliant at displaying the most important information without getting distracted, and LCDs are one of the most modern types available right now in the market. 

    Bakcou Storm jager

    Bakcou Electric Bike with Torque Sensing 

    Built by sportsmen and outdoor lovers the Bakcou bikes are genuinely unique in the fact that they can endure anything. No matter what the weather is, a hunter should always be ready when traveling with Bakcou E-bikes. Now Ultra motor, works in conjunction with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor, making the Ultra motor the most efficient and durable on the market. 

    Hunting e-bike With Full Suspension 

    The manufacturing of Bakcou bikes is designed and built to last. They are equipped with a charger, a battery, and various items to take you on an enjoyable trip without getting tired along the way. The highest quality full suspension makes your trip to rocky mountains and terrains feel like a breeze. Your love for the backcountry and the desire to be in the field just got more accessible and easier. Order your best electric bike today, Bakcou was built by sportsmen for the adventure that needed to withstand the abuse. Live, laugh, hunt...



    We own several electric fat tire bikes and personally used them on the hunts. If we travel to neighboring states like Colorado or Kansas, we take bikes all the time. It is so much fun and we go deep into the woods, camping, hunting, and enjoying time together with the crew. You want a bike that is not heavy, that has great battery life, and has good suspension and you want to pack all you need. 

    Bakcou, in my opinion, has the best electric hunting bikes, and not only course I have one. There are several well-known e-bike brands we have on our team and they are in the same price range more or less. I beat them on price, the accessories that come with my Bakcou are much better, the power is close but the battery is better. It comes with free shipping and no sale tax , it is built for hunters and enthusiasts for those who want to purchase a real hunting bike, that won't harm wildlife and their habitat, help you to succeed at your hunt and most of all have fun.