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Bike Racks for Electric Bikes

While many hunters can ride to their destination without any hassle, sometimes you drain your battery because the trail is simply too far. To make this simple a rider must have a convenient e-bike rack to hold the electric bike firmly and also safe space in the pickup truck. 

E-bike racks come in many different styles, sizes, and depending on which vehicle you have to use and how often you using, as it should be easy and quick to put the rack on and off. Electric bike rack offers extra security, has frame clamps and adjustable trays which makes travel easy and simple.


Electric Bike

The most common bike racks for cars are platform or tray-style as they are easy to use and can be conveniently installed on the vehicle. Usually, these bike racks are equipped with 2 inches ( or smaller) conventional trailer hitches to best fit in smaller cars.

Moreover, the QuietKat Single Bike Rack is an efficient hitched rack that can carry and balance the load, doesn't require you to lift your bike, and doesn't impact your fuel tank much. However, they are some limitations as they can only accommodate specific wheel sizes, and you must look for them before purchasing these bike racks for cars.

Best Bike Rack

Many drivers opt for carrying the bikes on the roof of their vehicle as it is less space occupying and a cheap option. A rooftop rack is a relatively easy addition to other complicated and expensive bike racks for cars.

Consequently, these bike racks come with both upright designs and fork mounts. The fork mounting requires the removal of the front wheel of your bike, then placing it on the top.  It adds an extra step and hassle to your ride. After a tiring cycling session, it would not be easy to take the wheel off and make extra room in your car.

Unlike fork mounts, in upright mounted bike racks for cars, you don't have to get rid of the front wheel. Just place it over the top, and you're ready to go. Such types of bike racks are convenient for low-ground cars and sedans.


Popular, pickup trucks are known to carry all kinds of bikes. It is recommended to use a tailgate pad for your bike or bikes and place them in the pickup. Taking the bikes without a pad will keep them loose during transportation and can cause damage with the shocks.

However, using these bike rack pads will guard the bikes against potential shocks. Just hang the front wheel (protected) tailgate for a safe ride and get the maximum room in your pickup.

There are also purpose-built trucks for transporting the bikes. They consist of extra padding, straps to hold the bikes in the exact place, and flaps to access the tailgate back camera or handles. Such bike racks work best for adult bikes, mountain bikes, and road ecotric bikes. You can accelerate your riding experience by looking into our latest guide about ecotric bikes. Though they are amazing, you have to look out as they can rub the floor of pickup and cause scratches.

Heavy Duty

These bike racks for cars consist of horizontal trailer hitches to carry the bike. With the help of the top tube, they can hang the bikes in them. They have an enormous capacity even to hold the bikes for the entire family or a group of friends.

Furthermore, these bike holders can carry heavy mountain bikes and other bikes with unusual and bulky frames. However, the frames of these racks rely on the floor, which may cause scuffing or tubbing.

Trunk Bike Racks

These kinds of car bike racks are adjustable ones with a strap to fit on the truck of your car. They don't require a hitch at all. They are less expensive and can be removed easily when not in use. 

Moreover, the bikes are hung with their top tube, making it challenging to transport mountain bikes. It is essential to tie these racks properly as the entire weight relies only on the straps. Not recommended for frequent transportation purposes.

Best Bike Rack For E-bikes

As the name indicates, vertical hanging car racks have emerged to be the riders' broad choice as they are available in multiple designs and can hang bikes of various designs and frames.

Due to the presence of the 'mast,' these bike racks for cars extend from the trailer hitch and crossbar to hang the bikes effectively. Some of these racks are only compatible with the holding suspension forks, while others use a tray to hold them from a wheel.

Moreover, there are some double car bike racks like QuietKat Super Duty Double Bike Rack that can offer an equally firm grip over two bikes at a time with a quick tilting and folding mechanism.

What to Consider when buying E-bike Rack

Choosing suitable car bike racks depends on the type of your bike. However, there are some other factors as well that are important before taking a final decision. Some of them are briefly described below:

  1. Check whether or not the frame comes in contact with the base as continuous interaction can rub the base and deteriorate the paint. Before buying a rack, make sure to analyze the contact points to avoid any inconvenience in the future.
  2. Another essential point to analyze is the ease of putting the rack on and off. It adds a lot of difference to your biking experience. Think about lifting your bike and putting it on the top after a long biking day.
  3. It is vital to think about the security of your bike as it's a nightmare for every rider. Choose a bike rack with built-in locks or must-have an option to enhance the security of your bike.
  4. Plus, examine whether it is easy for you to access the trunk of your car with the bike rack on. Some racks can be conveniently lifted along with the trunk, while others have to be removed.