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Gun Soft Cases

Gun Soft Cases

Finding the hard gun cases is quite simple. However, if you want to purchase soft gun cases, you have to do a bit of research. The reason is that soft gun cases are usually available at reasonable prices and come with a variety of features, materials, types of structures, designs, and styles.

Before we dive deep, it is important to understand what soft gun cases are and how they are different from the hard ones.

What are soft gun cases?

Soft gun cases are usually the soft bags that are designed for keeping the guns. They often come up with handles and straps so that anyone who wants to take the guns for hunting or military purposes can use straps and handles for holding them properly.

Here it is worth mentioning that they are usually not rust-resistant so are advised for short-term usage. They are particularly useful when you are planning to hunt and want to get access to your guns anywhere you want. Moreover, you can also use them to keep handguns by purchasing high-quality soft gun cases from the industry's most trusted brands.

When you want to use soft gun cases for keeping the rifles, they are often known as rifle gun bags or rifle gun cases. It would be right to say that the major role of a soft gun case is to make it easy to transport your gun equipment. They are not recommended for storage purposes so if you want to use a gun case for storage purposes, it is recommended to use hardware cases that can prevent it from corrosion as well.

What are some features of soft gun cases?

Knowing the features of soft gun cases will enable you to choose the right ones and help in figuring out what kind of soft gun case is suitable for your unique hunting needs

Heavy-duty fabric

The fabric or material with which soft gun cases are made is usually water-resistant. So any guns that are kept inside or free from moisture. As a result, you can also rely on them for rust resistance. However, this feature is not as strong as it is in hardware cases. If you want to use a soft gun case for corrosion prevention, it is better to add some desiccant.

Nowadays water-resistant soft cases are also available that are made up of polyester. Such cases can provide a maximum level of water resistance and you can rely on them wherever you go hunting.

They can provide enough production to your guns or rifles.

Adjustable shoulder straps

Most soft gun cases are well equipped with high-quality adjustable shoulder straps. It adds to your comfort, so when you have to walk a lot for hunting purposes you can use the long strap that will divide your burden.


The capacity of soft gun cases is usually greater than hard gun cases. The reason is they are quite flexible and are spacious.

The soft gun cases usually have a removable divider that makes it possible for you to keep more than one gun at a time and keep them separated from each other.

The adjustable strap is also usually present inside the case so that you can fix the guns accordingly.

Ultra durability

Whenever we compare soft and hard gun cases, we come to know that the soft ones have an edge over the hard ones. It is since the soft cases are highly durable because the interior and exterior lining is constructed with high-quality polyester or nylon fabric. So the presence of high quality and heavy-duty PVC fabric makes them extremely durable.

Scratch resistance

Unlike hard gun cases, soft cases are scratch resistant because the quality of material and the heavy-duty interior and exterior coating keep them safe and protected from scratches. 

Here it is worth noting that these features increase or decrease based on the quality and type of the soft case you want to purchase.

Locking Features

Soft cases provide excellent locking features as you can directly attach locks with the zippers.  

One of the high-quality gun soft cases that have all the above features to the maximum extent is the Browning Laredo Soft Shotgun Case that is water-resistant and has a very high capacity to absorb moisture. Along with straps, carry handles, and various other features, it also has additional pockets. The rifle model has two side pockets while the handgun version has one side pocket.

What is the price range of soft gun cases?

The prices of the gun cases greatly fluctuate and keep on changing depending on various features, brands, qualities, and materials that were used. However, if you want to purchase them you can remain confident that they are least burdening for your pocket. Some of the high-quality soft cases that are available only anywhere between $10 to $40 include Allen Patriotic Pistol Case and MTM Compact Handgun cases,etc.

Remember that soft gun cases provide moderate protection to your rifles and shotguns in an easy-to-carry manner. By using soft cases, you look more professional and it is definitely better than throwing the rifles to your back seat.

What to consider while purchasing soft gun cases?

While purchasing soft gun cases, the most important thing that you must consider is the presence of high-quality zippers that can resist tearing under heavyweight.

Double stitching is also an important factor that decides the strength of the soft gun cases because they often face high pressure, especially if you have encased more than two guns along with other small accessories like bullets, buttstocks, scopes, barrels, and magazines.

High-quality and durable soft gun cases can protect forearms from direct impacts, and can also be used as standalone storage.

Best of all??

Unlike hard gun cases, soft gun cases are usually airline-approved for flying.

By the way, are you interested in purchasing a soft gun case to take your gun for hunting purposes? Then do not forget to browse our category on gun cases.