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Crossbow Strings

What are Bowstrings and Cables?

Releasing an arrow and maintaining the consistent shooting of incredible shots depends on your crossbow strings and cables. They bear a lot of stress during the shooting game. Thus, it is an essential part of the archery equipment and requires care and replacement when needed.

Along with the release of an arrow, the string also releases a tremendous amount of energy. While the arrow is in the air, the string keeps oscillating before ultimately coming into rest.

Therefore, it is important to purchase the right crossbow strings and cables materials. The cables are the compound bow part that runs cam-to-cam and runs with them during the shot execution and they are equally effective as crossbow strings.

How are Bowstrings Made?

Initially, the crossbow strings and cables were made up of plant fibers, sinew, and animal hides, but currently, manufacturers are making them from high-technology synthetic materials. These fibers make the archery smoother, faster and reliable than before.

With the use of modern and latest materials in the manufacturing of crossbow strings and cables, archers implement personal touch to their bows and customize their shooting tools.

Moreover, the hunters can have subdued grey or neon pink crossbow strings or opt for any color to glow in the dark. It is a popular tradition by the archers to make their favorite color combinations in the bowstrings.

For instance, a FirstString Genesis String and Cable Set are designed in various colors to meet the requirements of the shooters. It is manufactured with premium quality to ensure the strong flight of an arrow.

What Kind of Cross Bowstrings Suit for Recurve and Long Bows?

Before buying a bowstring, you must know the exact length of your crossbow. It will help you to examine which string length will be enough for your bow. Usually, the recurve bows like October Mountain Sektor Recurve Bow requires a string length that is 4 inches shorter than the bow length.

While if you own a longbow, the string must be less than 3 inches from the length of the entire bow. Or you can visit a professional archery shop to let them measure the length of the bow, and they will guide you accordingly.

Furthermore, depending on your requirements, look at how many strands you need, depending on the material of the bowstrings and the draw weight of the crossbows.

For example, heavy crossbows require more strands to equally divide the weight among them, while the lighter crossbows can be handled with fewer bowstrings. Consult your adviser in this regard to get exact knowledge about your bow.

Which Crossbow Strings are Best Suited for Compound Bows?

Normally, the compound crossbow consists of several parts with various crossbow strings and cables connected with the cams. You can accelerate your hunting game by choosing from our best picks of compound crossbows. For such bows, the ideal length for the bowstrings and cables will be written on your crossbow or in its manual.

Once you have identified the length of bowstrings and cables, you can choose your favorite color. Many color options are manufactured for these crossbows, whether go for a single-colored bowstring or multi-colored, as they are available in different colors.

What Types of Crossbow Strings are Available?

Typically, there are two types of bowstrings available for longbows and recurve crossbows: Endless Loop and Flemish Twist.

The Flemish Twist consists of braided twists at each end that give a beautiful and original look. At the same time, endless loop bowstrings comprise several materials making up the braided loops around the strings.

Usually, the professional shooters choose to go with Flemish Twists due to their traditional aesthetics. On the other hand, target shooters opt for Endless Loop Strings due to its precise and durable construction.

How to Take Care of a Bowstrings?

For a prolonged and efficient life span of bowstrings, it is necessary to use them carefully and store them properly. Inspect your crossbows before going to a game and after coming from the game.

Furthermore, it is better to keep the crossbow in a weather-protected area. Preferably, remove the strings from the bow and store them separately to enhance its durability without affecting its efficiency.

What Kind of Wax Can be Applied on Bowstrings?

Analyze your bowstrings by running your finger through the string, and if it feels fuzzy and dry, then it’s time for you to apply wax on it. Put the wax and gently rub it on the strings unless it completely melts into them.

Several bow waxes are available that are suitable for different types of crossbows:

  1. Usually, beeswax is used for the traditional bowstrings. It is because they are manufactured with animal materials and plant fibers.
  2. Moreover, the modern bowstrings are manufactured pre-waxed to keep them lubricated for more extended periods. Even then, they can become dry and fuzzy. For such strings, silicone-based wax is ideal for keeping them moist and lubricating them from inside.