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Ravin Crossbows


Discover the pinnacle of crossbow innovation with the Ravin Crossbows, featuring the groundbreaking DuoMax Cam System. This revolutionary technology combines immense power with downrange precision, offering a smooth, vibration-free shooting experience. The unique dual-track ensures optimal balance, leading to lightning-fast speeds and pinpoint accuracy, while the innovative dual-loop string construction maximizes energy transfer, enhancing string life and hunting confidence. Ravin's commitment to excellence in design, manufacturing, and innovation sets it apart as the premier choice among crossbow hunters. The Hexcoil cam, Anti-Dry Fire, and perfectly balanced cams are just a few examples that enhance velocity, precision, power, and safety, making Ravin Crossbows the ultimate choice for hunters seeking the best in the field.

For those looking to make an informed decision, our comprehensive post on the 11 best crossbows for 2024 offers detailed insights to help you choose the perfect crossbow for your needs. Join us in experiencing why Ravin Crossbows continues to redefine the standards of excellence in the crossbow industry year after year.

Ravin Latest Technology 

DuoMax Cam System: Enhanced for more power and longer string life, it also delivers incredibly fast speeds.

Versa-Draw Cocking: With just 12 pounds of force needed, this user-friendly system works for both left and right-handed users, making cocking and de-cocking your Ravin crossbow effortless.

Trac-Trigger Firing: This unique trigger mechanism, built into the bow, automatically aligns with the string's center each time you draw, ensuring straight nock travel and precision.

Frictionless Flight: Innovation allows the arrow and string to move without any rail contact, reducing friction for more accurate shots and prolonging string and cable lifespan.

Silent Cocking: Integrated seamlessly, it enables quiet cocking of your Ravin crossbow, perfect for maintaining stealth in any setting.

Ravin's Helicoil technology

Ravin crossbows are designed with a two-piece structure that is practically skeletonized, not only for ease but also to keep the crossbow in the proper firing position. Even the most dedicated hunter will be surprised by how durable the body is despite its lightweight, indicating that this is a weapon that will last for many seasons. Ravin's Helicoil is employed in the cams and limbs, allowing them to create crossbows that are both light and strong. Not only that but it is designed to reduce friction between the crossbow's moving parts, increasing its lifespan. For an extra sense of security, Ravin offers a 5-year limited warranty. To extend the longevity of your crossbow, Ravin suggests using only branded arrows and clip-on nock points. 

Ravin R50X

Presenting the Ravin DuoMax Cam System in the New R50X – A revolutionary milestone for crossbow innovation, introducing the highest-performing model in the industry. The price is cheaper than the R500 model and 50X achieves an impressive velocity of 505 FPS with a 400-grain arrow, all while maintaining a compact 4-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked. The DuoMax Cam, an innovative breakthrough, works in perfect harmony with a cutting-edge string, enabling an extraordinary 360-degree rotation. You find this crossbow silent, ridiculously fast and has rifle-like accuracy. Available in grey and XK7 camo the R50X comes with regular and sniper packages. 

Ravin R50XE

The big success of the Ravin Electric Drive on the R500E crossbow was outstanding and it paved the way for its exciting inclusion in the new 2024 model, the R50XE. This advanced feature, allowing for effortless electric cocking and de-cocking, has now been integrated into the R50XE, marrying the convenience with the high performance the Ravin crossbows are known for.

The R50XE maintains the revolutionary high-performing DuoMax Cam System that marks a new era in crossbow innovation. Despite being more affordable than the R500E model, the R50XE does not compromise on power or precision. It boasts an impressive velocity of 505 FPS with a 400-grain arrow and maintains a sleek 4-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked, and 8-inch when uncocked. The drive is a little more silent and the crossbow has supremely accurate shots. Available in XK7 camo, the R50XE is offered in a regular package and is a great choice for hunters and enthusiasts seeking the cutting edge in crossbow technology combined with the ease of use provided by the electric drive.

Ravin Crossbow Scopes

This year  Ravin Crossbows offers a selection of advanced crossbow scopes, each designed to enhance your hunting experience with reliability and precision that is on another level.

Ravin 100-Yard Illuminated 450 Scope: Elevate your aiming with this scope, featuring 20-100 yard reticles and both red and green illumination for clear visibility. Its fully coated lenses ensure a sharp, bright view of your target.

Ravin 100-Yard Illuminated 550 Scope: Specially included with our 450 FPS models, this scope offers 30-100-yard reticles for effortless target acquisition, ensuring the shot is always in the hunter's control.

Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope: With a 1-8x24 illuminated single crosshair, adjusting yardage is seamless, thanks to the elevation turret and included sight tapes. This scope is perfect for precise targeting, allowing hunters to create custom tapes for unparalleled accuracy.

Ravin 450FPS and 550FPS Scopes with Speed Lock: Designed for Ravin XK7 crossbows, these illuminated scopes feature a new speed lock, ensuring your scope stays precisely dialed in for that crucial moment.

Ravin® Integrated Xero® X1i Crossbow Scope: A groundbreaking collaboration with Garmin®, this scope is tailored for Ravin crossbows, offering quick, easy, and unmatched automatic sighting. Preloaded with ballistics for almost every Ravin model, it combines digital aim points with an advanced processor, eliminating the need for a separate rangefinder.

Each scope in Ravin's lineup is crafted to meet the expectations of hunters, from the simplicity and effectiveness of the 450 and 550 scopes to the advanced  Xero X1i, ensuring that every shot counts.

What makes the Ravin Crossbows Special

What sets Ravin Crossbows apart is their standout feature this year: the revolutionary DuoMax Cam. It propels Ravin into the forefront of crossbow innovation, delivering unparalleled power and precision. With the ability to rotate cams up to 340 degrees, ensuring complete horizontal alignment, Ravin redefines what it means to launch an arrow with accuracy and reliability. The Helicoil, unique to Ravin, transforms each arrow into a bullet by maintaining lethal power over distance. It's not just a crossbow, it's the pinnacle of engineering excellence, ensuring every shot is smooth, vibration-free, and incredibly fast. Experience the thrill of the hunt with the most advanced, balanced, and deadly accurate crossbow on the market.

Ravin Crossbow Accessories

Ravin presents an extensive selection of premium archery accessories, enhancing the performance of their crossbows, including the renowned R29X and 500 models. From durable cases, and carbon arrows to comfortable slings, that are designed to elevate your hunting game. For results that see you through every adventure, year after year, these products stand out in sales, making the Ravin crossbow lineup, consistently among the hottest sellers.