Ravin Crossbows

Ravin crossbows


The technology of this bow created a revolutionary design and is still popular in the crossbow community due to its extreme accuracy. A good rifle can consistently punch a hole in a 3-inch bullseye in 100 yards and Ravin crossbow has the same accuracy.

The new Ravin Crossbows features integrated cocking and decocking to ensure ultimate maneuverability and reliability in critical moments. The engineers behind this bow were able to eliminate arrow friction, giving the bow the ability to maintain speed and precision at the lower end. With a five-year warranty from Ravin, it has the reliability that serious players want.

The system provides a dead linear trajectory so that Ravin has an arrow that would otherwise be robbed of its speed and accuracy. As a result, the Ravin Crossbow can generate burning arrows with a range of up to 1,000 feet and an accuracy of one-tenth of a second.


The technology is unique and has created an industry-changing advantage in the area of crossbow design and production. It integrates unique features such as HeliCoil technology, high performance, and ease of use.

What makes the Ravin Crossbows so special are its cams, and what keeps them perfectly balanced. It unwinds the cable from the top and bottom of the cam through a spiral groove. The technology also allows the cams to rotate up to 340 degrees so that it remains completely horizontal during shooting.

Helicoil technology is a bold departure from typical crossbow designs, and the arrow is like a bullet at lethal distance and accuracy. The Ravin crossbows are based on the HeliCoil technology and have established itself as one of the most accurate and reliable crossbows on the market.

Hunters Love it

All this power comes from a crossbow that measures only 6 inches from axle to axle when fully pulled. It is one of the most compact crossbows ever developed and can be reached by any shooter without dismantling the scope.


Ravin offers a full range of accessories and there is a wide range of options for their crossbows. Cases slings and more. Its accessories are a great collection you can rely on for your shooting and hunting adventures. The Ravin crossbow like the fire is still one of the hottest sellers year after year.

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