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Ravin Crossbows

ravin crossbows

Due to its assimilation into traditional bowhunting tactics and seasonal fluctuations, Ravin brand crossbow popularity rose at an incredible rate throughout time. We personally tested and used the Ravin crossbows on many hunts and it never stops impressing us. The brand has blazed a trail across the crossbow industry since its inception and continues to do so now every year.

We had the pleasure of taking several models on quite a few hunting trips throughout the United States. The hype is real my friends. There's no mistake about why the brand has earned huge success among shooting and hunting fans. It's widely regarded as the premier designer, manufacturer, and innovator of crossbows and components.

To begin with, the attractiveness may be traced back to the core technologies that are meticulously included in each product design. All Crossbows use a Technology called Hexcoil cam system which aids balance and leveling while decreasing noise and vibration. This translates into increased speed, accuracy, and power. The Anti-Dry Fire technology provides the user's automatic safety. The Cams system is perfectly balanced, has the very best crossbow triggers, and much more you can expect from the Ravin brand crossbow package use.

Ravin's Best Crossbow Package

Several features of Ravin Crossbows will appeal to a hunter on a hunting trip, including:

Stroke precision 

Convenient Assembling

Noiseless Operations

Noiseless Operations Vibration

High-Speed Capability


Perfect for shooting from a blind

Versa draw cocking system

Cam System

500 fps

Ravin - Most Durable Crossbow

Crossbow hunting is a difficult sport, and the equipment you employ, especially at this price point, must be up to the task. We at Hunting Giant wanted to make sure that every component of each great crossbow was in good operating condition so that there was no doubt that it would survive for several seasons. The construction equipment and component quality were considered in each evaluation. The amount of expected maintenance and upkeep has also been evaluated, and we will notify you if we believe a model requires excessive attention.


ravin crossbows online

Simplicity is the key to the best crossbow

and through archery season and beyond, Ravin has very few complaints. Bowhunters can be overwhelmed with overly complicated bows and crossbows that require a master's degree in engineering to use. If you have a bow that is difficult to wield or control, you are more likely to miss shots that you would have taken otherwise. We at Hunting Giant evaluated how straightforward Ravin's crossbow is to operate when studying his alternatives. Is it simple to put together, how easy is it to cock and uncock the sight, and how easy is it to adjust and use the sight? When using a crossbow, we consider user comfort in addition to ease of usage. Is it difficult to use, or does it have a large footprint?

Safety First

Crossbow hunting requires extreme caution, not just for your own safety but also for the protection of others. When you use

Ravin, you'll notice a high level of safety features, and quality attributes and they're easy to use and understand for any level hunter or target competitor.

Stunning Accuracy 

The technology of this bow created a revolutionary design and is still popular in the crossbow community due to its extreme accuracy. A good rifle can consistently punch a hole in a 3-inch bullseye in 100 yards and the Ravin crossbow has the same accuracy.

The new Ravin Crossbows for the 2023 season feature integrated cocking and decocking to ensure ultimate maneuverability and reliability in critical moments. The engineers behind this bow were able to eliminate arrow friction, giving the bow the ability to maintain speed and precision at the lower end. With a five-year warranty from Ravin, it has the reliability that serious players want.

The system provides a dead linear trajectory so that Ravin has an arrow that would otherwise be robbed of its speed and accuracy.

As a result, the Ravin Crossbow can generate burning arrows with a range of up to 1,000 feet and an accuracy of one-tenth of a second.

Ravin Technology

The technology is unique and has created an industry-changing advantage in the area of crossbow design and production. It integrates unique features such as HeliCoil technology, high performance, and ease of use.

What makes the Ravin Crossbows Special

It differs from other crossbows in its cams system, and what keeps them balanced. It unwinds the cable from the top and bottom of the cam through a spiral groove. The technology also allows the cams to rotate up to 340 degrees so that it remains completely horizontal during shooting. Helicoil technology is a bold departure from typical crossbow designs, and the arrow is like a bullet at lethal distance and accuracy. The Ravin crossbows are based on the HeliCoil technology and have established themselves as one of the most accurate and reliable crossbows on the market.


buy ravin croosbows

All this power comes from a crossbow that measures only 6 inches from axle to axle when fully pulled. It is one of the most compact crossbows ever developed and can be reached by any shooter without dismantling the scope.

Ravin Accessories

Ravin offers a full range of accessories and there is a wide range of options for their crossbows. Cases slings and more. Its accessories are a great collection you can rely on for your shooting and hunting adventures. The Ravin crossbow like the fire is still one of the hottest sellers year after year.

Bestsellers: Ravin R10, Ravin R29, Ravin R500

Ravin R10 crossbow

The R10 crossbow package is one of Ravin's flagship models, giving a lot of power in a tiny frame, which is a recurring motif among Ravin's crossbows. It is not as compact as the Ravin R18 crossbow model, but it is still a great choice for the smaller bow. It is available in gunmetal grey or camo (though the camo comes at an extra cost), and it performs admirably in all crossbow hunting situations, with the capacity to knock down even the heaviest bucks. This set includes 6 Ravin arrows with locknuts, 1 mounted quiver, and 6 100gr field point tips. A 100y mountable lighted scope is included as standard, as are built-in sling mounts, but no sling, which is an extra cost.


ravin crossbows for sale

Ravin's Helicoil technology

The R10 is built of molded polymer, which is exceptionally lightweight yet extremely durable. Its two-piece structure is practically skeletonized, not only for ease but also to keep the crossbow in the proper firing position. Even the most dedicated bowhunter will be surprised by how durable the body is despite its lightweight, indicating that this is a weapon that will last for many seasons. Ravin's Helicoil technology is employed in the cams system and limbs, allowing them to create crossbows that are both light and strong. Not only that but the system is designed to reduce friction between the crossbow's moving parts, increasing its lifespan. For an extra sense of security, Ravin offers a 5-year limited warranty.

This model is the 33-inch in length and weighs only 6.8 pounds. Draw weight is 12 ATA (axle-to-axle) width is 6.5inches cocked 10.5 inches uncocked with 400fps arrow speed. Fire protection, ambidextrous safety

To extend the longevity of your crossbow, Ravin suggests using only branded arrows and clip-on nock points. Thankfully, this kit comes with six as standard. When using Ravin's unique nocks, when the nock is correctly linked to the bowstring, an audible click may be heard, which is a handy supplementary safety feature. Ravin does provide an online guide to inspecting their arrows (which all bowhunters should do anyhow), and it mentions that arrows lighter than 400 grains should be avoided since they cause a dry-fire effect. There's also a clutch with three bolts and a mounting bracket, which is pretty common and nothing unusual.

Most Popular Crossbow

Bowhunters look to the Ravin brand crossbow package when they require strength and efficiency in a small, lightweight package, and the R10 delivers on all fronts. The mobility of this type makes it excellent for shooting from a ground blind or in thickly wooded areas.

The R10 is no slacker, firing at 400fps with a 400grain bolt and delivering enough kinetic energy to stop even the largest animal.

All of this is available for the low price of #12 in draw power. Ravin says that you can obtain rifle-like groupings at 100 yards, which is great for target practice, but we wouldn't recommend taking a kill shot at more than 40 yards. Because the R10 is designed to be androgynous, no modifications are necessary for left-handed players.

New Ravin Crossbow 2023 

The R10, like the rest of their crossbows, is equipped with their revolutionary Trac-Trigger Firing System, which engages the crossbow's automatic safety feature the minute the bowstring is entered into the arched bracket. An anti-fire system is initiated in tandem with the safety mechanism, and it is only withdrawn when the bowstring can fit a Ravin clip-on nock. The R10's 4lb trigger pull makes it one of the best trigger systems for crossbows in the world, rivaling many current weapons.

Ravin R29X

A tactical crossbow sight, a novel fully integrated Silent Cocking System, and HeliCoil technology are all included in the Ravin R29X Sniper crossbow Package. You may change the range from 20 to 200 yards with a simple turn of the dial.

On your next hunt, the Ravin R29X Sniper package includes everything you'll need for top-of-the-line speed and devastating downrange precision.

The Ravin r29x fires 3-inch groups at 100 yards and features a 450 FPS, making it excellent for anybody looking for our fastest, top-of-the-line crossbow. Ravin Crossbows is on top of the wild game with this beast. The Ravin r29x is the big brother of the Ravin R26x and one of the most powerful crossbows on the market today.


Ravin R29X Cocked Width Axle to Axle 10.5" Un-cocked Power-Stroke 12.5" Speed 450 Width Axle-Axle 6", Draw Effort 12 lbs. 300-pound draw weight with HeliCoil Technology and it comes Fully-Assembled/Pre-Tuned Silent Cocking System. Hexcoil cam system.



Most Accurate Crossbow

Most Accurate Crossbow

The R29x shreds the 400+ fps barrier right out of the box. Even though the component is designed for simplicity, it has no effect on the device's accuracy or performance. As a result, with the crossbow throwing arrows at 430 fps, the bow is here to demonstrate flawless down-the-barrel precision and hunters' superior accuracy. All of these traits make it ideal for both small and large game hunting. Because of the Ravin's HeliCoil technology coils and Versa Draw Cocking system, the crossbow is also useful for practicing appropriate shooting tactics.

Best Performing Crossbow

As of this writing, the Ravin R29X is the most exact crossbow we've ever tested. Three-shot groupings at 50 yards averaged just 0.7 inches.  Nothing else in the test came close to matching that level of accuracy in 2020.

According to our stopwatch, the Ravin R29X was the fastest crossbow in the testing, surpassing its service level by nearly 7 feet per second. It also had a fantastic trigger, with an average perfectly balanced draw of 2.03 pounds.

Aside from the crossbow's typical compact design, which makes it easier to wield in a treestand or ground blind, one of the most significant advantages of a Ravin crossbow for hunters is the crossbow's precision and sheer force.

Ravin 500 Crossbow

Just a few years ago, Ravin Crossbows 2022 significantly changed the crossbow world and the way we thought about high-performance crossbow design, and the Ravin R500 is yet another major divergence from that initial notion. The Ravin R500 crossbow represents the pinnacle of design and innovation. The Ravin r500 HexCoil Cam System rotates cams 360 degrees, changing traditional crossbows into the fastest, most precise, and compact designs with more consistent accuracy ever seen.


Ravin 500 Crossbow

It has a Speed of 500 fps, Weight: of 8.4 LBS and a Length of 28” Width Axle to Axle Cocked  3.6” and Axle to Axle Uncocked: 7.6” Power-Stroke:15” Kinetic Energy: 222 FT-LBS Draw Effort: 17 LBS Draw Weight: 300

Most Quite Crossbow

Ravin r500 is completely quiet when in use. This compact crossbow package uses the R500 Draw Handle, which cocks back to a slim 3.6 inches when fully cocked and launches arrow speed at 500 fps Furthermore, the Ravin R500 crossbow features the VersaDrive Cocking System, which features an internal screw drive that moves the Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. This makes it a perfect precision rifle trigger. However, only a few hunting buddies know it. It is perfect for awesome crossbow shoots.

From the strap of this crossbow package that was previously tied to the Ravin trigger mechanism and wound back into the barrel, this is a whole new cocking system. To remove the sling and cock the bow on the Ravin 500, there are no locks or knobs to depress. Without putting anything in jeopardy, you may halt or resume the cocking operation at any time (except the bow limbs and strings). When you reach full draw, a slip clutch engages, stopping you from overdrawing the system. Simply attach the handle and turn the crank in the other way to decock the bow. It couldn't be any clearer. You have the option of winding it up or down.

Ravin Crossbow Scope

A precision-machined safety covering surrounds the whole rail of the Ravin crossbow, including the threaded rods. On top of it is a 9-inch fully adjustable illuminated scope mount, and the bow arrives with a 30mm scope. (The kind scope you receive changes according to the bundle.) The sight on my test bow includes a lighted reticle graded to 100 yards. Surprisingly, the top ring is 30 yards rather than the typical 20; nevertheless, this bow flies so quickly and level the unmatched downrange accuracy that it makes little distinction. This illuminated scope makes it the best crossbow.

The Ravin crossbows 2022 that we discussed are the best-sellers not at our store, but across the USA, they deliver big hunting performance. Their superior speed, precise accuracy, refined rifle trigger, and compact cross-board design make them suitable for Turkey hunting as well. Ravin crossbows come up with a removable cocking handle and high-quality accessories bracket that is usually a part of the solid crossbow design. You can make them even more adaptable after making a few minor adjustments.

Ravin Crossbow Scope


Final Thoughts

When it first launched, Ravin R500 was the fastest crossbow in the world with 500 fps. On average, the brand's crossbows speed is around 450 fps.  This is more than enough if you ask me to take it on the hunt.  Although some models are pricy, considering the technology like fully integrated electronic cocking, and hexcoil cam system in R500 E you are getting a top product with features so advanced that it will serve you for years to come. 

Live, Laugh, Hunt...