Yamee E-Bikes

Innovative, high-end, and affordable. This is Yamme eclectic bikes. 
Yamme has been around for 10 years and exploded into the eBike market in the last few.  
These stylish fat tire ebikes can go up to 100km on a single charge. Thanks to I-PAS technology developed by the company. 
The innovative I-PAS technology transfers the energy generated by the motor back to the generator when riding downhill, braking, or gliding. While the bike doesn’t require throttle during these moments, the motor uses the kinetic energy to power the battery.
You can go extra mile with I-PAS and Yamee. Have more fun while consume energy in more efficient way. Enjoy the ride. 
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Yamee Fat Bear 750S Electric Bike

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Yamee Fat Bear Plus 500W Electric Bike

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Yamee XL 750W Electric Bike

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Yamee X 500W Electric Bike

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