Yamee E-Bikes


For all the e-bike enthusiasts, this tremendous collection of the Yamee e-bikes is all that you need to have. With having a rechargeable battery, you are free from any worries when riding this bike. In addition, the great fat tires of these e-bikes can take you in the deepest forests without getting jammed in between. 

The bike is easy to carry and has the most long-lasting battery time. This bike will allow you to navigate even the steepest of paths without feeling cumbersome. These e-bikes require kinetic energy to operate well. It is thus possible to use the bike properly while having the most fun.

Innovative Technology

When it comes to talking about the technology of the Yamee e-bikes collection, it is the Yamee Fat bear 750S that comes to mind in the first instance. This bike has the power of moving on the busiest roads. You can use it in your everyday routine as well. This bike's 1000 PD shock rear-wheel saves the rider from exhaustion due to its capability of soaking impacts, which is one of the best features that we appreciate about this bike. Furthermore, the reliable motor provides enough power to run through the most challenging terrain effortlessly.

Besides this, Yamee fat bears cover long distances very efficiently, with the highest mileage up until now. Due to its robust motor and solid tires, this Yamee bike is convenient and safe to use whether you're riding in the snow or on a rough path.

The Yamee company has developed an I-PASS technology that can keep the motor working by transferring the energy by the motor to the generator during gliding or moving downhill. In such terrain, the engine generates the power, which is none other than kinetic energy. This innovative technological feature installed in the Yamee e-bike is something that has changed the way e-bikes work. 

What Stands It Out?

An e-bike with the sturdiest frame in extreme weather conditions belongs to the Yamee e-bike collection. This electric bike can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and deliver outstanding performance with its long life expectancy.

What Is In The Pack?

With the Yamee e-bike collection, you can take your biking experience to the next level with various equipment. An LCD screen of 4 inches and an aluminum body prevent rust. In addition to the two-year warranty, the Yamee e-bike collection also comes with a storage bag.

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Yamee Fat Bear 750S Electric Bike

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Yamee Fat Bear Plus 500W Electric Bike

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Yamee XL 750W Electric Bike

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Yamee X 500W Electric Bike

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