With the packaging of power and technology, this crossbow will make you feel like a professional shooter. Its frame is lightweight and made up of RDX that makes it more accurate and maneuverable. The modern design with 13-inch black 165 lbs operates with the silent force for increased accuracy.

The revolutionized design of Horton Vortec RDX includes ACUDraw for three times more illuminated views. It features an instant cocking and decocking mechanism with a quick arrow quiver to maintain precision and speed during critical situations. 

The customized RDX cam systems are installed with the design for improved performance and stability. These cam feature machined aluminum and 440 stainless steel bearings that add to the crossbow's reliability and accuracy.

Innovative Technology

The Horton crossbow's innovative design and latest technology have created multiple dimensions for the crossbows community. It has introduced new technology, such as Horton Vortec RDX Dedd, accessible to balance and highly efficient.

As soon as Horton Vertec lands on a shooter's shoulder, it sets the target with shoots up to 340 frames per second in a blink of an eye. The cocking is so quick with Dedd Sled 50. The perfectly calibrated scope holds the crossbow in the same horizontal position while shooting.

The width of Horton Vertec from axle to axle is 14.875" and 9.125" of uncocked and cocked, respectively. It is the most efficient crossbow with a power stroke of 15.5". The owners of the product featured the crossbows with an efficiency of high-level balance. 

 What makes a Horton Vertec special from others is that it is a complete package that offers a combination of handling, accuracy, and power at an economical rate. The bow is remarkably compact, hunter-friendly, and balanced perfectly.

What Stands it Out?

The easy access and the balance of the crossbow comes from the intelligent manufacturing design. A machine comprises lightweight aluminum with a self-locking mechanism and an efficient cap system vital to reducing limb stress. 

This incredibly balanced, unbelievably compact, and perfectly accurate performance of Horton is packaged in a cost-friendly box, making it a hunter's first choice. Each Horton crossbow is meant to achieve an ideal portion of power with quick handling. 

What is in the Pack?

Horton offers a full range of accessories along with the complete package of the crossbow. A strong crossbow case with other efficient accessories for successful shooting and action. Horton is known to be a reliable and durable brand. If you want to make the most of your buying journey, we have listed the Top 5 Crossbows for you to choose the best one. 

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