Wicked Ridge


For both hunting and shooting, Wicked Ridge Crossbows provide high accuracy, outstanding shooting qualities, and high-quality precision for both small and big games. They are capable of covering a speed of 300 frames per second. 

Furthermore, a professional illuminated view makes it more efficient to target from a distance of 60-yards. Weighing about 33" from one end to another, these crossbows can fire with a power-speed of 400 FPS. Combining accurate scope and kinetic energy have made them powerful enough to break up complicated spaces.

To value your money, our engineers worked hard to develop a crossbow that fits the criteria of an ideal crossbow—a classic blend of modern technology and wallet-friendly. The Wicked Ridge Crossbows are unmatched among the rest in the hunters' community in terms of cost and accuracy. 

Innovative Technology

The Wicked Ridge Crossbows are manufactured with guarded safety wings and a stable grip. With trigger pulling technology delivering a 3.5 lb pull, they are the most flawless and quietest in the community. Wicked Ridges are manufactured to be thin and lightweight with an exclusive semi-skeleton stock. 

Best of all,

These Wicked Ridge Crossbows are assembled with a Modern Dry Fire Inhibitor Technique, which holds the crossbows from firing when it is not loaded with an arrow.

Besides, the main advantage of using Wicked Ridge Crossbow is to aim your target, cock, and shoot. The smooth recoiling mechanism and easy assemble technique are there to make it perfect for beginners and professionals. 

Moreover, the Wicked Ridge Crossbows are made up of built-in cocking devices and narrow output technology. An improved version of the new Wicked Ridge Crossbow is lighter, slimmer, and faster than before. Beyond expectation, they are entirely worth your investment and can be your great partners in exploring hunting adventures. 

What Stands it out?

Wicked Ridge offers impressive variety from different product lines. Due to their innovative and modern design, they are the prior choice of the hunters. The manufacturers kept in mind the basic safety precautions needed and the maintenance of the quality and accuracy of the product.

What is in The Pack?

Along with the single box of Wicked Ridge Crossbow products, a shooter can enjoy the perks of many relevant accessories such as an automatic safety, limb system, cams, pockets, and so on. All the attachments are assembled with a crossbow to enhance your hunting and shooting adventure. 

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Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow Package Rope Sled

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Wicked Ridge M370 Crossbow Package Rope Sled

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