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Spotting Scopes

Just like binoculars, spotting scopes are the optical aids that make it super simple for you to proceed with hunting. So, if you have developed some serious interest in hunting and want to pursue animals and birds in the woods, spotting scopes may be all you need.

What Are Spotting Scopes?

These are powerful small telescopes that have greater magnification and resolution than binoculars and other common optical aids that are used for hunting. 

Whenever you need more magnification than binoculars, you should go for spotting scopes which can be used for hunting the birds, animals, other wildlife, and viewing landscape and surveillance.

On spotting scopes, there is always a label of 3 numbers. The first two numbers reveal the magnification range while the last number shows the front lens.

Features Of Spotting Scopes

If you're looking for very high-grade spotting scopes and do not know what can be the best choice, you can proceed with Leupold Gold Ring Compact Spotting Scope or Bushnell Engage DX Spotting Scope.

Knowing the features of spotting scopes is also important to end up with the best choice. 

High magnification

Although spotting scopes usually have less magnification than telescopes, they have far more magnification than binoculars and monoculars. It gives them an edge over the other optical aids that are used for hunting purposes. They are also more useful when it comes to using them in surveillance cameras. When binoculars and monoculars do not increase in magnification from 10x, the spotting scopes provide magnification of up to 50x or more. However, if you are a hunter, you can easily focus on birds and animals by using the scopes with a maximum magnification of up to 40.

Interesting part?

High quality and best spotting scopes available in the market often have variable zoom features that you can use to change the magnification.

Available at different price points

Not everyone can afford to purchase telescopes or high-quality binoculars but spotting scopes are available at different price points. Users can proceed with their premium spotting scopes by finding the most affordable and highly discounted spotting scopes available on

Slim and portable

While proceeding with your favorite spotting scopes, you can remain confident that they are portable, and you can bring them anywhere you want for hunting purposes. So, whether you want to hunt birds or prepare yourself to hunt fierce animals like lions, wolves or elephants, slink and powerful spotting scopes can help. 

On the other hand, most binoculars are very heavy because they have serious optics crammed inside.


Not all spotting scopes are waterproof as it is not a mandatory feature. However, it is still a good feature to have. The seals of waterproof spotting scopes keep on eliminating and reducing the dust and dirt particles. It is due to this reason the lifespan of waterproof spotting scopes is longer than the other common spotting scopes.

Components of spotting scopes

While choosing spotting scopes for hunting purposes it is better to proceed with reasonably priced and cheap models as you can easily do hunting tasks with spotting scopes of lower magnifications up to 40x. The good news is that the spotting scopes with magnification of anywhere between 36x to 40x are quite affordable. 

Objective Lens

If you want to see more detail and improve the image quality, you need to focus on the size of the objective lens. The reason is the larger the objective lens, the better quality of image you will receive.

So, it is important to focus on high-performance glass and choose the large and quality objective.

Lens Coatings

The coatings on the lens promote the transmission of light and do play a vital role in producing high magnification. However, there are various variations in lens coatings. For example, the ones which are fully coated provide the normal level of magnification while the ones which are multi-coated or fully multi-coated provide a very high level of performance and image quality.

The quality of coating and efficiency of the lens also depends on manufacturers and is directly impacted by the type of chemicals used.


Most spotting scopes are available with eyepieces while they may not be included in the price of some scopes. The best spotting scopes usually have removable eyepieces for a variety of applications. In such scopes, the price of eyepieces is not included in the original product price.

Camera adapters

The premium quality spotting scopes come with camera adaptors and are adaptable with a variety of cameras such as SLR cameras. Such scopes not only allow you to detect the target accurately but also allow you to take pictures using the spotting scope. It adds to the fun while hunting.

Major types of spotting scopes

As you are going to end up with only the best choices, the prism-type spotting scopes can work for you as they are the best spotting scopes available online and in brick-and-mortar shops.

They are further divided into two types of prism spotting scopes and roof prism spotting scopes.

Porro Prism Spotting Scopes

These are the communist spotting scopes that are highly efficient, easiest to use, and affordable. They are refractors and can turn the image right side up.

Roof prism spotting scopes

If you want to choose only the compact, slim, portable, and easy to manage spotting scopes, you should take the benefit of roof prism scopes. However, you will have to compromise on various features because when the product is made lightweight, the camera adaptors are not used. Moreover, you cannot change the lens and the feature of interchangeable eyepieces is usually absent. Still, many people use only this product due to its extreme portability. It works best for hunting purposes and never leaves you alone due to its lightweight feature. In case you are not satisfied with some of its features, you can keep both types of spotting scopes with you. 

Do not forget to browse through all the best spotting scopes available on our platform. We have mentioned the discounted prices of premium brands that are providing high-quality products to the users. Happy Browsing!