Bear Crossbows


Hunting needs specialized crossbows that provide the exact specifications that a hunter needs to shoot a shot at high accuracy. Luckily, Bear Crossbows are precisely the things that can help you out. 

With a high-accuracy structure, they are compact and can be easily carried. The compact design makes it effortless to shoot the target with precision. It can be easily adjusted to any body type providing ease to the holder.

At the same time, it is equipped with a (4x32) scope that targets the hunt clearly in a really long range. If that’s not all, it can move 300 frames per second! It is impossible for the target to run away from this bear crossbow.

Innovative Technology

The built-in technology matters the most. Bear crossbows have the ultimate technology that makes the bear crossbow one of a kind. It is fitted with a high-quality mechanism that allows neat and clean shots.

The 360-degree positional customization present in these crossbows helps to reach the target at higher speed levels than average. Its aerodynamic structures help to aim and target with no time to waste quickly. 

Apart from this, it has anti-dry fire technology that makes it unique. Most people that are near the crossbow face many injuries and harm because of the dry fire. However, due to anti-dry fire technology, this can be actively prevented, and thus, harm-free hunting is all that it offers that is extremely rare.

How Is It Different?

The high-quality material, the fool-proof technology, the veil stoke camo, and the compact design make bear Crossbows the best for hunting. Whether you are buying your first bow or your fifth, we always provide quality over everything. 

But there are a few things that cannot be found in any other crossbow, and that is the auto-adjust scope. It does not need to be constantly positioned or adjusted while using, and above all, it provides a noise-free experience. Now, you can target and shoot without scaring away the animal before you hit it.

What Does The Package Include?

The bear crossbows come fully equipped with additional accessories that help in better performance. The package includes 3-Bear X Truex Bolts to fix and compile the bear crossbow, Illuminated Scope for better optics and vision, Quiver, Sling for perfected shot, Cocking Rope, Rail Lube/String Wax to reduce friction.

They are totally worth the money and are indeed a significant investment that will make your hunting experience one of a kind! 

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