QuietKat E-Bikes


QuietKat E-bikes are one of the most durable collections of all. These bikes are perfect for commuters on the road, street, or even in the woods. In addition to being waterproof and sealed, the battery, motor, and display of the QuietKat E-bikes use a clean, green, and quiet power source. These bikes make long-distance traveling easy and comfortable even for tall riders without making them feel uncomfortable or tired. Moving around the wild has become extremely easy for hunters when traveling on QuietKat E-bikes. 

Hunting deer or other wild animals has never been easier than with these QuietKat electric bikes. Designed specifically for navigating rugged terrain while standing in the trees, this electric hunting bike allows you to analyze trail camera footage and leave your bike on the trail while checking wildlife deterrents.

Innovative Technology

The innovative technology of the QuietKat E-bikes has made it super beneficial and comfortable for all the hunters out there. Moving in the wilderness is no more an issue with the QuietKat E-bikes. People can access nature quickly, safely, and sustainably with QuietKat's thick tires. The QuietKat E-bikes collection, the Quietkat's voyager E-bike is dedicated to making travel more comfortable and fun than ever. Whether you are traveling for hunting, gear, supplies, or to a place you've never been before, it can be any trip. You can travel faster and more smoothly with the QuietKat voyager, no matter your reasons for traveling and how long you plan to travel. 

Battery life is certified to 1,000 cycles when using QuietKat lithium batteries. The battery ranges 20,000 - 25,000 miles based on charging times of 20-25 miles. The battery of the QuietKat E-bikes can last between 10 and 12 years if you ride 2,000 miles per year. The technological equipment used in the QuietKat Ebike is all perfect, especially at such an affordable price. 

What Stands It Out?

Unlike other bikes, the QuietKat E-bikes are not only manufactured for use in traveling through roads. You can enjoy this well-manufactured bike even on terrains, hiking, and mountaineering. Even if you encounter any foreseeable situation, the QuietKat E-bikes won't disappoint you. 

What Is In The Pack?

QuietKat E-bikes come with a wide range of accessories, one of which is its long-lasting battery. In addition, it contains a battery charger and a warranty card. A cargo trailer, cargo coolers, solar charging station, Gator Grip HD rack, and more are available in the QuietKat E-bikes pack. 

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QuietKat 2021 Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Jeep Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Villager Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Voyager Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Warrior Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Apex Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Ridgerunner Electric Hunting Bike

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QuietKat 2021 Ripper Kids Electric Hunting Bike

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