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QuietKat Bikes



Quietkat USA remains at the forefront of electric hunting bike innovation, providing outdoor enthusiasts with superior access to nature's toughest terrains. Their latest premium collection of fat-tire electric bikes is perfect for both urban commuting and off-road adventures, embodying sustainability with waterproof, sealed components and a clean, quiet energy source. Designed for comfort and performance, these ebikes cater to riders of all heights, ensuring ease and comfort on long journeys.

The Quietkat 2024 lineup is specifically engineered for navigating rough terrains, making tasks like checking trail cameras or setting up deterrents simpler and more efficient. If you are interested what is the best ebike option this year, you can check our guide to the Best Electric Hunting Bikes in 2024. Experience the blend of innovation and adventure with electric mountain bikes, designed for the modern explorer.


Shipping is Free to 48 states ( $280 Value)
Accessories  ($1150 value)
Lifetime support ( Invaluable)
NO Sales Tax



QUIETKAT VPO Technology. VPO stands for Variable Power Output Technology. It lets you easily choose between Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Unlimited Modes. Fat tire electric bikes are a groundbreaker for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, offering unparalleled access to nature with ease, safety, and sustainability. 

MOTOR AND POWER. The Quietkat ebikes are equipped with powerful motors, including the 750/1000W Hub-Drive on models like the Ranger, ideal for navigating through tough terrains on long trips. The Apex Sport and Apex Pro models, with 1000W options Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor, allow for speeds up to 30 mph on flat surfaces, highlighting the brand's focus on power and performance.

STEALTH AND GRIT. Designed with the hunter in mind, QuietKat bikes offer stealthy movement through the wilderness, enabling closer encounters with wildlife. The bikes' ability to tackle cliffs, bumpy roads, and sandy paths with balance and solid traction makes them perfect for hunters looking to maintain their edge in any environment.

QUIETKAT BATTERY. You can expect up to 60 miles on a single charge. The brand's commitment to long-lasting performance is evident in its electric lithium batteries, boasting up to 1,000 charge cycles. With a range of 20,000 to 25,000 miles and a lifespan of 10 to 12 years (assuming 2,000 miles ridden per year), these bikes are designed for longevity. This makes them cost-effective, eco-friendly, and reliable for frequent riders.



STAY CONNECTED.Stay in command of your ride with the latest QuietKat app, a comprehensive tool that lets you lock, track, and monitor your bike from any location. This innovative app integrates GPS monitoring, ride tracking, remote lock/unlock capabilities, and maintenance reminders to keep your bike in peak condition. With ongoing updates delivered directly to your device, you can look forward to even more features that will enhance your biking experience, all accessible over the air.

HAUL MORE GEAR. Unlock limitless possibilities for personalization with the heavy-duty rack system on the Apex Pro. This setup welcomes a variety of attachments, including rod holders, rifle racks, bags, carts, and trailers, ensuring you're fully equipped to explore the backcountry. With everything you need securely mounted, your adventures can be as expansive and varied as the terrain you traverse.

HUB-DRIVE MOTOR. Ranger's powerful hub-drive motor delivers an impressive 48-mile range, ensuring unmatched all-terrain capabilities for those off-grid adventures. Whether you're venturing far into the wilderness or navigating rugged trails, you can confidently explore and return on a single charge.

MID-DRIVE MOTOR. Tackle the toughest climbs and carry heavy loads with ease, while pushing beyond the 28mph mark, thanks to the Apex sport and Apex Pro's powerhouse 1000 W Mid-Drive Motor. This motor not only offers the strength to overcome steep inclines but also the speed to cruise at exhilarating velocities, making every journey an adventure in power and performance.

QUIETKAT WARRANTY.Industry leadingQuietKat offers a LIFETIME FRAME WARRANTY on its frames and ebikes come with a 1-year warranty on all components. 

QUIETKAT Accessories

Now you can stay in the great outdoors even longer with the option of a solar ebike charging kit or extra batteries, allowing you to remain in the heart of nature for several days without the need to head back to your camp or back home.The lineup of accessories – built tough for the hunter who demands reliability and utility in the backcountry. There are plenty of add-ons you need, to transform your ebike into an all-terrain, all-purpose vehicle that laughs in the face of steep hills and remote trails. With these you can gain an edge, keeping you in the loop and ahead of the game, no matter where the adventures take you.

We're talking about rugged deer and cargo trailers designed to haul all your gear, extra batteries to extend your range deep into the wild, and heavy-duty tires that grip onto any surface like a lifeline. Each accessory is crafted to amplify your ebike's utility, making every outing more efficient and every hill a bit less daunting. It's about enhancing your capability to explore further, go smarter, and enjoy the wilderness to its fullest. With QuietKat accessories, you're not just prepared, you're unstoppable. 


When gearing up for a day in the wild, you know the difference the right accessories can make. With QuietKat gear, you're not just equipping your hunting ebike, you're transforming it into the ultimate companion. Comfort Saddle, for example, it's more than just a seat, it's a promise of endless comfort on long treks, ensuring that even after hours of riding, you're focused on the things that matter, not the discomfort. The Explorer 2000 Light, a beacon in the early dawn or late dusk, cutting through the darkness to light your path, is a true game-changer for those who don't let the setting or rising sun dictate their schedule.

The Insulated Battery Wrap is another must-have, protecting your power source against the biting cold, thus extending your range and reliability in frigid conditions. The pannier cargo basket is a great way to have extra space on your e-bike and Quietkat fenders will protect you from the mud and water. Also for the hunter things like gun/bow holders and waterproof pannier bags are must-haves on long trips in the wild. 


Quietkat redefines the standard for fat tire bikes with their unmatched versatility, performance, and robust electric motor. Engineered to perform well across the most challenging terrains, these off-road electric bikes deliver the torque and power needed by outdoorsmen worldwide. As the most capable off-road ebikes make on the market, equipped with industry-leading gear, making outdoor transportation more accessible than ever before. The capability to navigate through rugged landscapes effortlessly makes them a top choice for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors. Quietkat ebikes for hunting offer a blend of power, performance, and accessibility that is unmatched in the world of electric bikes.