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QuietKat Bikes

QuietKat e bike

The brand has been around and is the pioneer of electric hunting bikes. These fat-tire electric bikes are perfect for commuters on the road, street, and toughest in the deep woods. In addition to being waterproof and sealed, the battery, motor, and display of the bikes use a clean, green, and quiet energy source. These make long-distance traveling easy and comfortable even for tall riders without making them feel uncomfortable or tired. Moving around the wild has become extremely easy for hunters when traveling on QuietKat bikes. 



quietkar jeep

Hunting deer or other wild animals has never been easier than with these fat-tire QuietKat bikes. Designed specifically for navigating rugged terrain while standing in the trees, this electric hunting bike allows you to analyze trail camera footage and leave your bike on the trail while checking wildlife deterrents.


Quietkat Electric bikes - Thoughest all-terrain ebikes

The innovative technology of the all-terrain e-bike has made it super beneficial and comfortable for all the hunters out there. Moving in the wilderness is no more an issue with the QuietKat bikes. People can access nature quickly, safely, and sustainably with QuietKat's thick tires. In the collection of QuietKat bikes, many models are built to make travel and outdoors more comfortable and fun than ever.

Whether you are traveling with your bike to hunting or to a place you've never been before, it can be a great addition to almost any trip. You can travel faster and more smoothly with the QuietKat bike.

Battery life is certified to 1,000 cycles when using QuietKat electric lithium batteries. The battery ranges from 20,000 - to 25,000 miles based on charging times of 20-25 miles. The battery of the QuietKat bikes can last between 10 and 12 years if you ride 2,000 miles per year. The technological equipment used in the QuietKat bike is all perfect, especially at such an affordable price. 

Electric Hunting Bike

Unlike other bikes, the QuietKat bikes are not only manufactured for use in traveling on roads. You can enjoy this well-manufactured bike even on terrains, hiking, and mountaineering. Even if you encounter any foreseeable situation, the QuietKat bikes won't disappoint you. 

QuietKat bike - What Is In The Pack?

QuietKat bike comes with a wide range of accessories, one of which is its long-lasting battery. In addition, it contains a charger and a warranty card.

Reasons to buy QuietKat Bikes

If you want to have amazing and comfortable road experiences and would like to get an e-bike that can follow you wherever you want to go, you need Quietkat bikes. We guarantee an exciting outdoor experience that will inspire you to ride this ecologically friendly electric bike again and again. Let's have a look and some of the distinguishing features of our QuietKat bikes.

Versatility and style

QuietKat bikes are available in a number of colors and styles. If you need an electric bike for a country commute, the QuietKat Villager electric hunting bike is the appropriate choice, but if you never want to sacrifice speed, the QuietKat Jeep electric hunting bike is the best choice. All of the bikes in this category have a frame that is exceptionally robust, balanced, safe, and stylish. You will observe a high level of perfection and compatibility whenever you go outside.

Although you may buy Quietkat bikes on their own, many users like to add front and rear fenders, grips, and fat-tire electric kits to their orders.

It's worth noting that when you buy one of these Quietkat bikes, you'll get a long-lasting battery, a charger, and a warranty card included in the package.

Low energy costs

The cost of traveling has always remained a great problem for hunters, travelers, and mountaineers. They have to worry about a lot of things especially the drainage of their fuel and the excess energy consumption. But now an affordable solution is available in the market in the form of Quiet cat bikes. They tar available with cases that can accommodate two batteries at a time and extremely powerful motors.

QuietKat Electric Bike is Fun

Using a Quietkat hunting bike for adventures can be the most interesting and entertaining experience of your life. It is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors. While purchasing these bikes you can rest assured that you will be getting a way to add a trailer to your bikes. In this way, you will be able to use your e-bike more frequently.

Lightweight and fastest riding experiences

With these lightweight bikes, you can expect to move at a speed of 15-28 mph. For example, our Quietkat Ibex is the fastest bike in this quiet series where you can have unrestricted speed. 

As we know that you can also use these bikes like mountain bikes and expect to use them on almost any terrain, we have tried our best to serve as a company that provides a great riding experience and a high level of accessibility.

Best Sellers

QuietKat Ranger Bike 2023

quietkat ranger ebike

Self-balancing Frame

Victorious hunting is possible only when you have learned to balance the electric bike, irrespective of the path quality. Queitkat Ranger features a self-balancing framework constructed in a clever way that distributes the bike's load evenly over the whole superstructure. By using it, you can confidently travel on bumpy roads, mountains, steep cliffs, sloppy tracks, or sandy paths.

750 / 1000W Hub-Drive 

The Queitkat Ranger is equipped with a 750/1000W Hub-Drive, which is ideal for lengthy fishing trips over rough terrain. It is due to the powerful motor and torque that Ranger has maintained its position in the category of Quietkat Best Hunting Bikes in Business.

Kenda Juggernaut Tires 

Brand understands that hunting motorcycles are designed to go on different pathways, needing velocity, balance, and solid traction to enable the hunters to maintain their killing enthusiasm burning in any orientation, or if it's a rugged route.


Choose from many accessories available like Quietkat drypack, cargo cooler 

Quietkat Apex Electric Hunting Bike 2023

quietkat apex

Fat Tires That Last

Brandattempts to include every function in their hunting bikes that meets the demands of a hunter in every manner. The emphasis is primarily on installing sturdy wheels since they are an element of a hunter's bike that must be created with consideration, as their performance and reliability may either aid or obliterate the hunter's holiday trip. Built specifically to climb steep hills is great workmanship from Quietkat. 

Aper Sport and Apex Pro

Quietkar apex pro and apex sport

The Fastest Bike

Quietkat offers their quickest hunting bikes, which are ideal for hunting. A skilled hunter with hunting enthusiasm accelerates quickly compared to the thrill in his heart for shooting. It's why the  Apex is built to provide top speed with its mid-drive motor. Apex stood the test of time and was a game changer since the beginning.  Available with 750W  and 1000W ebike comes with SRAM 9-Speed gearbox. You can fly through rough sands or rocks on your next outdoor adventure. The 1000w Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor is the thing of beauty that allows your to travel up tp 30 miles per hour on flat surface.

Sturdy Hydraulic Brakes

Ebikes not only have beautiful stops, but they also had individual brakes for the front and back tires. What is the advantage? It renders a hunter's hunting bike safer, allowing him to have fantastic hunting adventures with buddies or alone. 


QuiteKat Pioneer 2023 

quietkat pioneer ebike

Our best-seller Pioneer e-bike contains two types of motors. The first one is a 500-watt motor, while the other one is 1w. 7-Watt. They differ in their powers and you can choose based on what level of motor power you need. 

Efficient Hunting Bike

Well, these boys let you enjoy more than 40 hours of efficient riding without worrying about the power draining of the motor. Moreover, pedals are also present so that if you are worried about power consumption you can also make use of parallels on the way. Having the motor option is just a great alternative if you do not want to use pedals. Our customers are extremely happy with the Quietkat as it gives a straight road-like experience.

Removable Battery

Without the use of highly efficient batteries, the Quietkat Pioneer could not have gotten so much popularity. It is the feature that also comes with all e-bikes Quitekat Jeep included. So with a high voltage battery like the Panasonic lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy rights without paddling as it provides you with 11 amperes per hour. 

On top of it? 

The brand has made maximum arrangements to ensure the security and safety of the battery. Enclosed in the safe case you cannot only ensure extreme safety but can also use this case to keep the extra one. In this way, you get a golden opportunity to bring batteries with you. Even if one drains, you can use the other one. Moreover, it also gives you the option to use any other battery other than the Panasonic lithium-ion battery as second option. 

The Best Entry-Level Hunting eBike

Do you want to know the most admiring feature of Pioneer? Well, power, torque, battery, and lightweight just to name a few, make this bike so popular. It is a Single-Speed e-bike that comes in four different finishes, Sandstone, True Timber Camo, QK Camo, and Charcoal.

Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes ensure safety and at only 61 lbs the Pioneer has a load capacity of 325 lbs. This offroad bike is stealthy and can handle any difficult terrain. Made of the highest quality materials one of the best bikes on the market. You can quick-connect saddle bags, add a pannier rack and many more accessories, and with pedal assist cruise up to 30 miles. 

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few names floating for the brand, but anyway you call it QuietKat ebikes, you can rest assured that you are getting the premium bike at a highly affordable rate. When you will go through the reviews, you will get to know that people are extremely satisfied with our free shipping options, our product quality price, and the cargo compatibility of e-bikes.

QuietKat bikes include a one-year, 1000-mile limited warranty (whichever comes first) against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship on its battery, controller, motor, wiring harness, and analyst display (LCD screen).  Its frames come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Take your hunting electric to the backcountry and enjoy time outdoors.