Centerpoint Crossbows

High-Accuracy & Mad-Power

The best thing about a crossbow is its accuracy. You can buy the best of crossbows and invest a hefty amount of money, but if it is low on accuracy, you will always regret buying it. However, the case is different for center-point crossbows. It is evident that they are specially made to make every shot count!

The optic lens in this 7.9-pound crossbow allows you to shoot your target with high precision, and you will absolutely love using it! After all, hunting is all about enjoying the game. 

At the same time, this center-point crossbow has mad power. It means that it has 370 FPS firing velocity that makes it unbelievable! It is twice the amount of energy that is needed for heavy-duty shooting. You can shoot even the toughest of grizzly bears with this center-point crossbow with ultimate ease.

The high-accuracy, heavy-duty kinetic energy, combined with great velocity, makes it the perfect companion for hunting, and you can easily rely on it to go home completely satisfied with your hunt.

Innovative Technology

The center-point crossbow is the best a hunter can get if he is going for a heavy hunt such as a bear, a deer, or anything that is difficult to take down. This bow will do the best job without making any extra effort. 

The quality of the crossbow can be cross-checked by the fact that the technology that this build uses is up-to-date and highly upgraded, which makes it unique and one of a kind. The anti-dry fire technology makes it harmless for use, and the adjustable stock is like the cherry on top! 

How Is It Different?

There is always a thing that makes the product more unique and memorable than the others. But when it comes to center-point crossbows, it has a couple of noticeable things that you can list down.

It has String suppressors that are integrated into the design to reduce as much noise as possible. And apart from that, CNC machine cams are built in the structure to help you never miss a shot.

What Does The Package Include?

Coming to the accessories, it has 3-20in carbon arrows, a Quick-detach quiver, and a 3x32mm illuminated scope that makes it a complete package. There is nothing not to like, and it even comes in camouflage color, which means that it is worth every penny!

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CenterPoint Sniper Elite 370 Crossbow Package

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CenterPoint CP400 Crossbow

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