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Rungu Dualie

rungu electric bike


Looking for an all-terrain bike that will help you get around in the wild? What is this Three Wheel Hunting Bike?

Rungu has you covered with their latest and greatest Dualie model. This is one hell of a wild-looking bike, constructed with an electric motor and computer system, and perhaps most interesting, the dual-wheeled design from which it gets its name. Go where other e-bikes can't. 

This bike is perfect for hunters, as it can handle any terrain and get you where you need to go, is comfortable, durable, and can take a beating in pretty much any environment, and all this is pretty much just the tip of the iceberg of what this bike can bring into your hunting adventures.

While it may just seem, at first, like it's a three-wheeled bike (two in front, one in back) that's specifically designed for off-road riding., the Rungu Dualie is so much more than that, and we're going break down all of the features and functions of the Rungu Dualie so that you can decide if it's the right bike for you.

We'll also give an extensive breakdown of why someone should buy this e bike, what you can expect with such an investment, what benefits it can bring into your life, and what you need to look out for to ensure this bike is for you compared to conventional e bike. 

rungu e bike

Superior Features 

Okay, the first thing you'll notice about Rungu's masterpiece is the rungu dualie double wheel design. The most apparent feature that sets this bike apart from the rest of the hunting bike pack is that it's easy to see how these wheels create such an advantage when heading out into an all-terrain wilderness. The single front wheel is a thing of the past.

Spaced nine inches apart, riding becomes drastically safer since there's basically no chance you're to wash out on an obstacle, fly over the handlebars, or become obstructed by something in your way.

Whereas with a traditional e-bike, you only need to hit something small or suddenly at the wrong angle, and it can completely throw you off your bike, sometimes even causing a ton of damage to either yourself or the e bike. That's just not an issue with the Rungu Dualie.

The large gap between the two wheels creates such a high level of stability that it's impossible to reach with standard bikes. In fact, Rungu even states that nine inches was the determined distance between the two wheels.

It makes sense.

Having the wheels close together would simply act like thicker fat tires, thus losing the extra potential stability, whereas having an incredibly wide set of wheels would prevent you from being able to lean into turns, undertake sharp maneuvers, and basically have complete control.

So, bringing this out of theory and into reality, what does this all mean?

Well, imagine you're going through a deep puddle of mud. With a traditional bike with a single front wheel, you're very much at the mercy of the mud. Getting stuck in a deep section with a fat tire is so much effort to get out again, and you're going to be pushed around because you only have that single point of contact.

rungu bike features

The same applies if you're going over soft sand, snow, a beach, hard rock, or basically any kind of landscape or terrain, a combination of the pedal-assist technology, the stunning suspension forks, and the power of the mid-drive motor within this Rungu electric bike, you have absolute full control with every twist and turn you make.

While on the subject of suspension forks, it's important to pay attention to the fact that because of this double-wheel design, the comfortable performance you'll get with the Rungu Dualie e bike is simply outstanding. That's down to the fact each fat tire has its own dedicated suspension forks, so you'll get front padding going over every lump and bump, much like you would an ATV, even at high speeds, on soft sand, or basically whatever you plan on riding across.


Hand in hand with the features above, the Brand has introduced an Ackerman Steering system, which allows each wheel to have a different path. Think of the logic of a bicycle with a rungu dualie double wheel design. 

During a turn, the inner wheel must turn more than the outer one since the inner wheel turns in a smaller circle than the outer one.

The Ackerman Steering system was developed to accommodate the dual radii of vehicle front wheels, and so Rungu integrated it onto the two front wheels. This means absolutely no wheel slipping or fighting for control of the bike's direction occurs, even with dual front tires, just as it does in a car.

rungu bike steering

Climb Higher 

When you think of mountain e bikes, like the traditional ones you had when you were a kid, despite the name, there's no doubt it still felt like a ridiculous amount of effort to climb hills and hard ground. Unless you were incredibly fit, most hills in the Great Outdoors would have been a struggle, leaving you feeling exhausted, out of energy, and basically out of it for the next few minutes.

And that's even if you get up the hill in the first place. There are some beautiful hills and mountains out there, but climbing up them with your typical bike? That seems damn impossible in a lot of cases, right? Right? Well, Rungu's been incredibly proactive when it comes to making this a problem of the past.

Climb Higher

Thanks to the Rungu Dualie e bike design, the center of gravity can be found much further toward the front of the mountain bike than it is on traditional e-bikes. As a result, you can easily climb more hills than ever before, all without even lifting from the saddle, all because you don't have the weight of the aluminum frame and wheels pushing down the same way.

Rungu actually set out to prove this and discovered that their models allowed you to climb up to 40% hill gradients and remain seated and comfortable, whereas traditional e-bikes fall off around the 20% mark. As quoted on the Rungu website, one of the steepest roads in the world is Canton Avenue, Pittsburgh, which sits at the 37% mark, meaning the Rungu e-bikes have more than enough oomph and high enough performance to get you to wherever you want to be.

Rungu Outstanding Technology

If you're quite literally looking to go the distance, you'll want to take a look at the Rungu® Dualie XR models. This model is the answer for cyclists looking to extend their range without sacrificing power or performance. The dual battery system provides twice the total battery life, meaning you can go further and stay out longer. And because the batteries operate in parallel, there's no need to swap one out for the other. Combining all this, a Dualie bike allows you to travel up to 32 miles on a single charge!

Outstandingly, with the pedal-assist mode, you can easily double this already-impressive range, giving you all the power you could ever need to explore more of your favorite trails. So whether you're looking to extend your range or just have some extra power on hand, Rungu® Dualie XR models are the way to go.


rungu e bike tRungu Dualie Standard 2022echnology

There's the ability to charge the batteries in as little as three hours, meaning you're never far away from being able to head back out on the trails for more experiences as and when you want to. But of course, the double-up battery system would be nothing without the motor, and these Rungu bikes are famed for theirs. Inside this Rungu electric bike, you'll find a Bafang 1120W Mid Drive.

Bafang is considered one of the world's leading manufacturers when it comes to e-mobility technology, and they are one of the industry's leading standards when it comes to e-technology, such as batteries, motors, and movement systems.

With this mid-range motor, you'll be able to reach top speeds with your Rungu Dualie of 25 mph, giving you the boost you need to get around, plus it has a long-lasting lifespan that typically lasts around 5,000 miles before needing repairs or to be replaced.

Simple Storage, Easy Standing

Rungu's Dualie line is the perfect three-wheeled bike for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of a kickstand. With its double-wheel design, the Rungu Dualie can easily stand upright on any surface, making it easy to mount and dismount.

Plus, its unique design eliminates the need for a kickstand, making it the perfect choice for anyone who loves to ride on soft ground. Whether you're looking for a bike that's easy to ride or one that's easy to store, the Rungu Dualie is the perfect choice for you. 

The American Dream

An aspect of this bike we absolutely love at Hunting Giant is the fact that every unit is manufactured locally in Southern California, with customers buying units from all over the world. We do love a good piece of American manufacturing, and Rungu is an excellent example of what's possible.

Your Bike, Your Way

Just because this three-wheeled e bike is already packed with features and modern technology, that doesn't mean you don't get control over certain aspects of the bike. I adore this aspect of the bike because you're not just getting a fantastic bike that performs in all areas, but you also have the opportunity to invest in a three-wheeled bike you're guaranteed to love because you customize it to suit what you're looking for.

For example, Rungu Dualie color of the e bike is configurable in;

  • Forest Green

  • Midnight Black

  • Winter Slate

  • Custom powder

And you can even contact the Rungu sales team to create and order your very own custom powder coats and wraps. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or you're just looking to get creative by creating the e-bike of your dreams, Rungu has the tools to make it possible, but don't just believe it's all about the aesthetics. Other factory customizable options include the e-bike class itself. Let's break down your options;

The Off-Road design is the recommended standard model for a Dualie, which most riders will want to go for. You get access to the three-wheeled bike with all the settings and features optimized for the design, including Full Power Pedal Assist and a thumb-throttle-activated feature.

However, in addition to the standard model, you also have Class 1 and Class 2 control modes. Class 1 gives you access to a limited Pedal Assist that's capped at the 749W mark, limiting your speeds to around 20mph, and doesn't come with a thumb throttle.

Class 2 has the same specs, speed, and wattage restrictions, but it comes with a throttle. This kind of control is excellent for all those who need it. Say you're buying a range of these models to kit out your hunting excursion and need to cap the limits for extra safety, or you simply want these to be used more leisurely. These caps will ensure that everything remains safe and secure.

On top of this, you have the option to add both front and rear mudguards to your order if you want them, minimizing spray and mud while out and about, custom FBF and FBR tires, and skid plates (available on the Standard and Steep models only).

All in all, wherever you're planning on riding your bike and whatever experience you want, Rungu has made it easy for you to find a solution that fits the bill.


  • Rungu Dualie Weight: 86 lbs

  • Load Capacity: 325 lbs

  • Motor: Bafang 1120W Mid Drive

  • Range: 52C 15AH

  • A 4.8-inch fat tire on each side and rear

  • Max climbing grade seated: 49% 

  • 9 Speed, three-wheeled bikes withsealed-bearing trigger shifter

  • Built-in locked battery with external charge indicator and charging point access, even while mounted

  • The maximum range on the flat pavement with no wind is 136 mi (219 km)

  • The Rungu 2-year mechanical and electrical warranty

  • Made and manufactured near Santa Ana and San Clemente, California

Note: The specifications above can vary depending on which model, make, and year of Dualie you purchase, so always check to ensure you're happy with the specs you're looking at. These specifications are to be used as a guideline only.

Package Includes

  • The integrated battery

  • A charger cable

  • A mid-drive Bafang motor

  • A fully-approved gearbox

  • The bike itself


With everything we've explored in mind, there's no doubt that any model from the Rungu Dualie line is going to satisfy your tastes for a hunting e-bike. You can get where you need to be with ease while traversing pretty much any terrain or landscape you want. It's basically everything you could ever want in an off-road e-bike, and it's truly a blessing we get to live in a time where opportunities to enjoy such machines exist.

It feels like every single aspect of the bike has been analyzed and designed from the ground up, literally as though the designers at Rungu HQ have broken down what goes into an e-bike and then handcrafted every single aspect they found to make the best bike they could.

This is evident in the fact that there are  5 models available. At the time of writing, there are 2 main best sellers Rungu dualie XR rubicon and Rungu Dualie Standard. You can currently invest in a model inventory that includes;

  • Rungu Dualie Standard 

    As the name suggests, this is the standard model. It comes with all the features, including the off-road mode and various classes, and has multiple shift gear options (MicroSHIFT Wide range or BOX Prime 9 Wide range). Weighing in at 86 lbs and with a 5A battery that charges in 3.5 hours to power a 1000W battery, this is everything you'll need.

Rungu Dualie Standard 2022

  • Rungu Dualie Steep 

    In comparison to the Standard Model, the Steep is all about enhancing your off-roading experience. While an optional extra on other models, this one comes with built-in taillights, front mud flaps, and a cargo rack supporting up to 180 lbs. Sure, the battery is still a 5A one with the standard 1000W, but for the vast majority of hunters, this is a fantastic step up that comes with everything you need to make your next hunting trip an adventure to remember.

Rungu Dualie Steep 2022

  • Rungu Dualie Rugged

    The Rugged model is a fun one. Designed with an optional ball hitch for towing, this model weighs in at 103 lbs with a powerful 7.5A battery to run the 1000W motor. This is a great option if you're hunting because there's more than enough storage space and torque to hold and carry all your equipment. The cargo rack itself supports up to 180 lbs of gear with no issues. It even comes with a first aid kit and programmable tire pump, providing you with the full logistical experience.

Rungu Dualie Rugged 2022

  • Rungu Dualie XR Steep 

    This is the same as the Steep model above, except this one offers access to two 7.5A batteries so you can go further, faster, for longer, and all the gear racks and storage space so you can carry everything you need with ease, all while still embracing the joys that come with a fast and capable off-road bike with two front wheels.

Rungu Dualie XR Steep 2022

  • Rungu's Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition 

    There's no doubt that the Dualie XR rubicon trail is the most elite model of the Rungu bike line. Full Power Pedal Assist, Weighing in a beefy 120 lbs, this still comes with a 1000W motor, but this time modified with a 52V add-on and provides enough power to tow over 300 lbs. It also comes with a dual battery,  two 7.5A batteries for so much power, both of which can be charged in just 2.5 hours and you can go up to 41 miles off-road range with pedal assist on the single charge.

Rungu's Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition 2022

All of this means you get actually get to access the bike that you actually want to ride. Whatever kind of experience you want, there's a Rungu electric bike that will fit what you're looking for.

Hell, this is 2022. When hunting or heading out on trails around the US, or even worldwide, is something you absolutely love to do, why would you want to settle for anything but the best? If you're like me, up until now, you've perhaps had access to electric bikes that you love certain aspects of it, but there's always something missing.

There's always something you would change if you had the chance, or it just didn't have the features or experience you wanted it to have. You wanted your mountain bike to actually assist with you getting up mountains. You wanted your off-road tires to actually help you have a smooth and exciting ride while biking off-road.

Rungu seems to have brought this idea to life, a beautiful blend of modern technology and innovative engineering and design mashed with the same spark you crave from a gritty off-road bike that rides beautifully and looks like a monster.

I will never get over the shivers I got seeing those two front wheels for the first time. When you look at all the features, there's nothing that's not good. I could basically rewrite everything we've already discussed into this section because it all shines.

The design that keeps you upright and stable. The durability of the machine. The speed. The battery life. The handling systems. The storage design. The lightweight aluminum frame. With less effort, the ability to climb hills double the steepness that any traditional e-bike would be capable of. The downright fun you can have is sailing through the mountains, forests, and across snowy tundras. This bike just does not let up and is by far one of the best hunting bicycles around.

Best Features;

  • Incredibly high-quality electric hunting bike design that's built to last

  • Rocking a punchy 1120W mid-drive motor with insane battery life

  • Innovatively designed steering and stabilization technology

  • One of the fastest e-bikes, clocking top speeds of 25 mph, even off-road

  • Dual-front wheeled for ultimate stability and Pedal Assist systems

So, what do we think?


rungu bikes

We took some of these Dualie bikes with the Hunting Giant crew for a test ride, and as you can probably tell from our report, we're absolutely blown away with the experience it offers. It's fun, exciting, engaging, and just felt like nothing we'd ever ridden before.

Traditional two-wheeled e-bikes just pale in comparison to how powerful and capable this bike makes you feel. You can literally feel the stability. And raw push behind you with every pedal. See a hill? Bam, you're up in no time at all, still full of energy and engaging with the overarching hunting experience.

The bike works flawlessly across all terrains and in all weather conditions, handled any surface we beamed it over, and with top speeds of 25 mph, well, you don't need us to tell you just how exciting that's going to be. Yeah, it looks a little strange, to begin with. The two wheels and overall design may seem a little off-putting or even a little weird, but it's just not an issue. This feels like the optimal balance between an ATV and an e-bike, and honestly, we're all for it.

We've hung around with units with a single front wheel fat tire, aluminum frames, and battery-less bikes for so long, and even with new electric models hitting the scene, it's just so refreshing to see a new form of Rungu electric bike taking centerstage.

Whether you're looking for a machine that has a lighter weight and is more affordable than an ATV, but still has the nimbleness and agility of a performance model, regardless of whether you're crossing soft sand, snow, rocks, or soaring through woodlands and forests, these bikes have got it made. It can be class 1 or class 2, go where other e bike can't.

What's more, looking online or on Rungu's website, it's clear that critics and hunters from across the US feel the same way. There are next-to-no negative reviews on this bike and the experience it offers, leaving us all very safe in the knowledge that this is a bicycle you can trust to top your list of favorite hunting e-bikes.

In short, Rungu Dualie electric bikes you're going to love.

Live, laugh, Hunt...

rungu huting bike

rungu electric bike