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Rungu e-bikes have a much lower center of gravity than most other e-bikes, so you'll be able to climb steep hills without getting out of the saddle. Rungu's e-bikes have superior traction at higher speeds, while other e-bikes lose traction at around 20 percent. Rungu has twice the climb ability advantage with this grade.

Putting this in perspective, the straightest road in the world has a 37 percent grade, also in Pittsburgh. Although it seems steeper, the steepest part of the Alpine Loop, the famous off-road mountain trail, is 22 percent. Put your worries to rest with Rungu e-bikes, for they are here to solve all of your issues. 

Innovative Technology

Take Rungu to the next level. Dual battery systems on the Rungu Dualie Extra Range (XR) models extend your effective range twice as much. A Rungu Dualie XR can go up to 32 miles in no pedal assist. You can even double that range when you have pedal assistance. 

As for the descent, the Rungu is even better! Dual front-wheel disc brakes help e-bike Double Front Wheels control descents better, providing twice the braking power of conventional e-bikes.

The weight distribution on the front and the “Total Control” wheelbase on the Rungu allow more traction.  As a result, easier turning on slick surfaces is possible, and washouts and wipeouts are avoided with more front-end grip.

The inside tire of the turning circle always sits on a Rungu when you turn.  Turns require the whole tire to be utilized for traction.  Rather than washing away, it "digs in." A two-wheeler’s turning force is applied to a narrow strip of tread that follows the turning circle when you turn a two-wheeler. Therefore, this wheel technology used in the Rungu e-bike collection has made it easier for any biker to travel in mud, dirt, or even rain since the bike is less likely to slip or lose balance. 

What Stands It Out?

The Rungu E-bikes have an exceptionally impressive quality even at a very reasonable price. If a biker aims at getting a perfectly equipped electric bike at an affordable cost, this all-in-one Rungu is just made for him. 

What Is In The Pack?

The Rungu e-bikes collection comes with a battery, a charger, and a fully equipped gearbox that has all you need to have for your perfect ride. 

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Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition

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Rungu Dualie XR Steep

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Rungu Dualie Rugged

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Rungu Dualie Steep

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Rungu Dualie Standard

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