Rungu E-Bikes

Everything Rungu built is top-notch. You can see the team's commitment and feel the quality of the bike. Assembled in the USA.  All components are tested at Rungu headquarters in the California factory. 

Impressive quality has its price. That is the kind of quality you want, especially when you tear it down day in, day out on muddy terrains, rocky mountains, or sandy beaches. 

Rungu eBikes have many advantages we will list some on them and you will see why Rungu is worth every cent. 

Three situations you want ONLY Rungu Dualie

$9,999.00 $7,449.00
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Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition

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Rungu Dualie XR Steep

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Rungu Dualie Rugged

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Rungu Dualie Steep

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Rungu Dualie Standard

Why does Rungu have two wheels in front?

The two front wheels make it easy for Rungu to master the soft sand, mud, ice, and snow. Two wheels in the front effectively eliminate the digger problem with hunting (and all other) single-front-wheel e-bikes.

The dual-front-wheel design provides control on slick or soft surfaces. Rungu uses the form of Ackerman Steering so that the center of the turning circle for all three wheels is the same.

When you turn a Rungu, you always have one tire on the inside of the turning circle.  You use the whole surface of that tire for traction in the turn.  It “digs in” instead of “washing out.”

When you turn a two-wheeler, all the turning force on the front tire is directed through a narrow strip of tread on the front tire that follows the turning circle.

That narrow strip of tread on the inside of the turning circle needs a surface it can grip, or it skids.  If you don’t straighten out the front wheel in an instant, the skid can result in a “low-side” or “washout,” or worse, a “high-side” or “over the handlebars” crash.  “the digger problem with hunting”




Is Rungu easy to ride?

“Rungu also offers online training videos
for all customers that range from basic operation to skills for off-roading”

It takes first-time Rungu 30 min-an-hour to master riding Rungu.  People with motorcycle riding experience observe that leaning a Rungu into a corner feels just like riding a street bike.  On soft surfaces like soft sand, the experience changes. 

The softer the surface, the more Rungu feels like riding a bicycle. Rungu rides differently than a two-wheeler but is easy to learn. The added stability of the two front wheels makes Rungu easy to learn on all surfaces – pavement, dirt-road, trail, snow, mud, and sand.  It takes first-time Rungu riders less than half-an-hour to master riding Rungu. “Rungu also offers online training videos
for all customers that range from basic operation to skills for off-roading”

Rungu “Straight Up” Climb-ability

Rungu Dualie the center of gravity is much further forward than on other e-bikes, you’ll be able to climb much steeper hills without getting out of the saddle. In fact, on a Rungu, you’ll be able to climb a 40 percent grade while on other e-bikes, you’ll lose front-wheel traction at around 20 percent. That’s double the grade, a huge climb-ability advantage for Rungu.

Note: for perspective, the steepest road in the world, which happens to be in Pittsburgh, has a 37 percent grade. The steepest section of the Alpine Loop, the famous off-road mountain trail, is 22 percent, although it seems steeper. Rungu got you covered. 

Double Up Battery System 

Go further with Rungu. Rungu® Dualie Extra Range (XR) models feature a dual battery system that gives you twice the total battery life which dramatically extends your effective travel range. Without pedal assist, a Rungu®Dualie XR can go up to 32 miles on a charge. With pedal-assist range that range can double!

Rungu“Stand Alone” Storage

Another big advantage is the ability of Rungu to stand on its own makes it easier to mount or dismount and eliminates trying to figure out where to lean or lay down your bike.

Rungu Dualie’s double wheel design is the fact that the bike stands upright on its own without the need for a kickstand. And, we all know how well kickstands work In soft ground - they sink!


 Rungu® Dualie™ Standard’s patented Double Wheel design outperforms any single-front-wheel e-bike off-road where it matters – in slimy mud, through soft snow, on deep sand and over scree and rocky terrain.

Dualie descends better, too! Dualie’s Double Front Wheels control descents better using dual front-wheel disc brakes for twice the stopping power of conventional e-bikes.

Dualie’s 75/25 weight distribution and “Total Control” wheelbase keep more traction on the front wheels.  Therefore, more front-end grip allows turns on soft and slick terrain and avoids washouts and wipeouts common with conventional e-bikes.


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