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Bow Cases

bow case

Why You Need a Bow Case?

Every hunter puts a lot of time and effort into searching for an ideal and terrific crossbow to enhance the hunting adventure and polish the skills. After choosing the right bow, it is obvious to think about what are the available options for bow cases and which one will suit best for your bow.

While selecting bow cases, it is essential to think about which case will be competitive according to your needs and storage capacities. Most importantly, it must be robust enough to provide structural protection to your crossbow.

Furthermore, the bow cases should be adequate with a unique shell-type design for the proper fitting of your bow. Plus, it offers specific spaces for your archery equipment and other essentials.

Travel Bow Cases

If you are planning to travel along with your crossbow, then the protection of your crossbow will strongly depend on bow cases. It is because the longer trips require extra efficient and intelligent use of space to ensure your gears are packed in a consolidated way.

However, if you plan to fly with your bow, getting a case with solid inner walls and a semi-structured interior is vital. So, in case of mishandling in the cargo, your bow case will withstand the shocks. Though your archery bows and other tools might get some scratches, the basic structure and efficiency will remain the same, and you'll receive your equipment in original condition.

It is preferable to get a case with wheels in it for easy movement or consider the one with multiple handles for convenient portability. Plus, it should have various pockets to keep everything organized and keep every tool and equipment in their place so that you can access them quickly.

Recurve Bow Cases

When you have spent so much on your new recurve crossbow, you obviously need to buy efficient and high-quality recurve bow cases to ensure the proper storage and protection of the bow and arrows.

Whether it is about storing the bow in an apartment or at home, it is better to get injection-molded recurve bow cases as they have specified interior. It is perfectly designed for recurve crossbows.

Moreover, the inner walls of these recurve bow cases are manufactured with customized foam, which is essentially designed according to their sizes and shapes. They are made airtight, suitable for air traveling and long trips.

Generally, recurve bow cases like Neet NK-RC Recurve Bow Case can easily handle stung and unstrung bows with their robust design. It is made of high-performance polypropylene with dustproof and waterproof capabilities.

Soft Bow Cases

Another type of bow case that the hunters widely use is soft bow cases. They offer convenient protection, plenty of space to store arrows, and other little accessories that play an essential part in a successful and smooth hunting adventure.

Currently, many brands are consistently striving for improvement in designs and sizes. Tarantula Standard Bow Case is a new creation with a camouflage print to blend in with the surroundings. Moreover, these soft bow cases have extra padding inside to protect each part of the equipment, along with the handles for extra grip.

Compound Bow Cases

If you own a compound crossbow, you definitely might be looking for the most robust and most durable compound bow cases in the industry. Usually, the compound bow cases are sturdy with hard and thick walls for efficient bow protection. Plus, these cases are meant to be weatherproof to withstand harsh conditions during traveling, transportation, or hunting games.

Among all the compound bow cases, Flambeau Compound Bow Case consists of heavy-duty construction to accommodate a bow of almost 44 inches. It has a customizable storage capacity and a removable foam tray to let your accessories fit in easily. You can choose from mission crossbows to boost your hunting capacity and polish your archery skills.

Target Bow Cases

Target bows are specially designed for the archers in mind. It consists of long cam-to-cam measurements and is usually larger than traditional crossbows. For such crossbows, bow cases are specifically designed according to their sizes and lengths.

Furthermore, there are also double bow cases available by different brands to offer unique storage options to the hunters. These bow cases also consist of a large stabilizer and other sleeves and accessory pockets to accommodate arrow boxes, tubes, and other customized pockets for various accessories.

Subsequently, these target bow cases offer archers and target hunters to travel with having quick access to all of their tools, arrows, bow components, and other replacement equipment. These crossbow cases are mostly comprised of internal semi-structure to keep the equipment in place and don't affect its precision and efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Bow Case?

There's no ideal definition of choosing the suitable bow case and which type will fit your needs. It specifically depends on your hunting conditions and what type of your bow is. To that end, you can think about specific points to make sure you get the correct one.

  1. The selection of your crossbow case must depend on the type of crossbow you have. For example, if you have a target bow, it won't fit in a compound bow case. Therefore, choose according to your type and need.
  2. Next, think about where you will be using your case. If you plan to walk along with your bow case on your back, you must choose the soft bow case with lightweight and comfortable handles so that you won't be tired when you reach the gaming area.
  3. However, if you have to air transport your crossbow or cargo, it is better to choose hard bow cases as they can go through shocks and turbulence during transportation. The hard case will provide robust and long-lasting protection to your bow.
  4. Lastly, the storage capacity of the bow case plays a vital role. The bow case must be capable of storing all the accessories within the specified spaces. They should be available for instant access during the game.