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Rambo Bikes


Elevate your hunting game with Rambo Bikes – the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts this 2024 hunting season. With its silent operation and powerful motor ranging from 750w to 1000 watts, it conquers rugged terrains effortlessly. Enjoy speeds up to 25 mph or go unrestricted. Plus, with batteries built to last, explore enormous millage on a single charge. Carry all your gear with ease using the spacious rear rack, or cargo rack, or opt for a Rambo trailer for added convenience. Not sure which eBike to choose? Check out our post on the best electric hunting bikes in 2024 for guidance. Revolutionize your hunting experience with Rambo Bikes.


Shipping is Free to 48 states ( $280 Value)
Accessories  ($550 Value)
Lifetime support ( Invaluable)
NO Sales Tax
rambo e bikes



RAMBO MID DRIVE ROEQUE SENSING SYSTEM. It features a high-output Mid Drive Torque Sensing system with an integrated speed sensor, complying with all three classifications of eBike laws. Seamlessly toggle between 750 watts and 1,000 watts, reaching a maximum power output of 1,500 watts.

MOTOR AND POWER. Rambo Bikes offers unparalleled power with its range of motors. From the Dual Bafang Motors G062/G060 to the 750-watt Bafang hub motor and mid-drive motor, each model delivers exceptional performance tailored to your needs. Whether you're tackling rugged terrain or cruising through the wilderness, Rambo Bikes ensures you're always equipped for the journey ahead.

RAMBO BATTERY. You can expect up to 80 miles on a single charge on certain bikes. This extended range ensures you can cover more ground, explore deeper into the wilderness, and stay out longer on your hunting trips without worrying about running out of power. 

SUSPENSION.You will benefit from fully adjustable air suspension, offering a substantial 120mm of travel, meticulously crafted to accommodate the added power demands of off-road adventures.


RAMBO ELECTRIC BIKES - Additional Features

GO FURTHER. Built for hunters, Rambo bikes let you move silently through the wild, getting you closer to your prey. With their rugged design, they easily handle cliffs, rough trails, and sand, keeping you steady and surefooted. Plus, they help you cover more ground, extending your hunting range.

ON DEMAND CONTROL.  Easily navigate diverse terrains with On-demand AWD control, allowing you to switch between Front wheel,  or Rear wheel drive modes effortlessly while on the move. Just a push of a button gives you ultimate control over your ride's traction and maneuverability when you need it. 

EXTRA STORAGE.Maximize versatility with the spacious rear rack on your Rambo Bike for a total of 300lbs - 350lbs. You can equipped with various attachments like double saddle bags, baskets, carts, and trailers, which ensures you're fully prepared for your backcountry adventures. Explore the wilderness with all your essentials securely stored, making your journeys as diverse as the landscapes you travel. 

RAMBO WARRANTY.As a hunter, you'll appreciate that Rambo bike frames are backed by a lifetime warranty against factory defects, giving you peace of mind for the long haul. Plus, all bikes, enclosed hardware, and accessories are covered for a year from the purchase date, ensuring quality craftsmanship.


What makes the Megatron truly exceptional? Its dual powerhouse hub drives 1000w motors, granting you the freedom to switch between front-wheel, rear-wheel, or awe-inspiring AWD mode. Opt for a rear-wheel drive for smooth cruising, or engage in AWD mode for unparalleled torque, capable of tackling even the most demanding terrain with ease. The best-selling Rambo bike, the Megatron 2.0 - a true trailblazer in its own right. Affectionately known as "The Beast", this bike redefines adventure, offering access to every corner of the wilderness with ease. No hill too steep, no terrain too rugged - it's your ultimate companion made for all terrain. It comes with an integrated 20AH battery and an additional 17AH top-mounted battery, totaling an impressive 37AH, it offers an unrivaled range of up to 80 miles with pedal assist, or up to 40 miles throttle only. Adventure knows no bounds with the Megatron 2.0 the king of hunting e-bikes.

RAMBO Accessories

When preparing for an adventure in the wild, you must have the right gear, because it will make all the difference. With Rambo accessories, you're elevating your hunting game, saving time, and protecting yourself. NCX Suspension seat post will guarantee comfort during long journeys, ensuring you stay focused on the hunt, not discomfort. The Pro Hunter Ultra Bright Flashlight will serve as a beacon during early dawn and illuminate your path. 

The Fat Tire Bike Hitch Hauler is an indispensable addition. This essential gear makes transporting your Rambo Bikes effortless, featuring universal top clamps and an adjustable base for tires, ensuring a secure fit. The Pannier Cargo Basket provides extra space on your e-bike. Among the essential accessories offered by Rambo ebikes are gun/bow holders and waterproof pannier bags. These items enhance safety and security during your rides.


Rambo built accessories as tough as their ebikes. If you seeking reliability and utility in the backcountry they have great options for you.  Things like folding deer trailers, cargo trailers or saddlebags are indispensable for us hunters and make trips more efficient.   Conquer the wilderness and become a trailbreaker with Rambo ebike gear. Protect your truck’s tailgate with the Rambo Tailgate cover, designed to prevent dents and scratches when transporting your bike. For tire insurance, trust the "Original Green Sealant" from Flat Attack, which seals punctures repeatedly for years while being environmentally safe. Take the Rambo eBike Portable Tool Kit with you on the go, equipped with essential items like CO2 Air Cartridge, Hex wrench, spoke wrench, and more.



Electric hunting bikes became an inseparable piece of hunting equipment, a game changer. It makes your hunting so much easier and going to certain hunting spots without it would be impossible. Consider a few things before purchasing one of these fat tire bikes like Savage, Rampage, or Rooster. The budget, the speed you need, climbing ability, and battery. Rambo bikes have options, for commute, beach rides, and hunting trips, so you can't go wrong. Available in true timber viper western camo and many more.It's a must-have hunting equipment for you if you want to cover more ground outdoors, or mountain bike on the adventure.  Now with free shipping, take your Rambo on a fishing trip or just a beach ride.