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Rambo Bikes

rambo e bikes

If you're an avid hunter, you know that having the right hunting equipment can make all the difference in the world. And if you're looking for a bike for hunting that is sure to revolutionize your outdoor experience, look no further than the Rambo Electric Hunting Bike!

This bike is perfect for hunters who want to cover more ground while they're out in the woods, and it's sure to make your next hunting trip even more successful.

One of the best features of these hunting ebikes is that it's completely silent. That means you can sneak up on your prey without them ever hearing you coming. The bikes also have powerful motors that can help you get up steep hills and over rough terrain ranging from 750 watts to 1000 watts. Speed can vary from 25 mph up to unrestricted, which is awesome. Batteries build though as well as Rambo bikes and can take you up to 80 miles on a single charge with pedal assist. 

If you need to carry any extra gear with you on your hunt, the bike has a spacious, rear rack, and cargo rack that can accommodate up to 250 pounds. Or you can get a Rambo trailer to haul all your gear and help you with brink back deer or trophy buck.


Reasons to Choose Rambo Hunting eBikes

  • Durable

  • Suitable for Any Terrain

  • Most Versatile  on the Market

  • Perfect for commuting or adventuring off-road

  • With a Battery Life of 80 Miles with pedal assist

Another great thing about these fat tire bikes is that it's environmentally friendly. If you're worried about the bike being too heavy or difficult to maneuver, don't be! The Rambo e-bikes are lightweight and easy to handle.

<keywordmarkbg><keywordmarkbg><keywordmarkbg>Rambo Electric</keywordmarkbg></keywordmarkbg></keywordmarkbg> <keywordmarkbg>Hunting Bike</keywordmarkbg>

 Buying your first electric bike for hunting can be daunting. The Rambo bikes are full-fledged running vehicles that you can drive on the roads and in the deep woods, no matter how much mud or dirt there is. With every year bringing new features and upgrades, we can not wait to test new Rambo bikes for the 2023 season. 

With a battery life for a distance of up to 80 miles, the bikes will take you places without constantly worrying about the battery drain. The frames allow the batteries to sit more profoundly within the bike frame than conventional batteries. Their integration helps your bike to be lighter and faster by reducing its weight in the frame. You can go places without breaking a sweat. 

Electric Hunting Bike - Stealthy 

The Rambo Megatron Model is an exceptional ebike with high power. With the highest strength and outstanding mileage, this bike is one of the best sellers of the brand. 

 It comes with Dual 1000w hub motors with on-demand all-wheel drive. The ability to change from front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive on the go with up to 80 miles of range.  Quite few e-bikes today that is advertised on the market are poorly made, and not all batteries are the same, they are less durable, they heavy, but Rambo e-bikes use stand-alone lithium batteries lightweight and can perform on another level. 

There is also a mid-drive motor available.  Rambo e-bikes feature the Bafang BBSHD mid-drive. An aggressive but safe driving style, matched with explosive power output, is achieved by the BBSHD model in their e-bikes collection. For hunters who love adrenaline and power and ride over mountainous and sand terrain, this engine is perfect.

Rambo Rampage has Ultra-Drive 1000w mid-drive motor that lets you control and enjoys your bike with unmatched comfort, thanks to its three sensors that measure speed and pedal torque. Defining the Max Drive as a genuine drive provides a nominal power rating of 1000W while peaking at 1500W. 

Best Electric Hunting Bikes From Rambo 

Rambo Venom

Rambo Venom

We love this bike. With a mile range of up to 40 miles, the rear hub motor Bafang 1000w Ultra-Drive this monster can take you to any place you want. Rides smoothly weighing 71lbs with a weight capacity of 300lbs Rambo Venom is one of the best-sellers listed here at Hunting Giant. Thump throttle makes it easy to maneuver and operate.

This time brand has added Maxxis Minion tires in its Rambo Venom, which are precisely the proper choice for any electric bike that is made for rough terrain because they offer  longevity and great grip of the ground no matter if the road is even or rocky. 

rambo bike

The best thing about Maxxis Minion Tires is that you can inflate them to different values depending on your road requirement. You will witness that even by reducing the inflating to 8 psi, your Rambo Bike fat tire will still run like a pro. 

This means that Rambo bikes are manufactured in such a way that hunters and any riders can use them on even as well as bumpy roads.

Allows You to Travel Whisper Quiet 

Rambo e-Bikes are well known for their attention to detail on their bikes. Venom has inverted forks that are designed in a way that the piston lies beneath the fixed part.

It might seem somewhat unconventional, but the way this inverted setting helps the rider with driving the rough rocks as they are not there, thanks to these forks you are not going to feel any heavy jerks. You can go deep into the woodland for your hunting or fishing trip.

Rambo Bike with Extra Mileage

Batteries in a bike are as important as in your phone. The quality and life of the battery can decide how far can you go and that can cost money for an extra one or inconvenience of stopping someplace you don't want.

The 17Ah Samsung in Rambo Venom bike gives you a fantastic assist to go places. The Samsung 48V 17Ah battery can give you an up to 40 miles range with a fully charged. Hunting Giant crew has gone on more than a few hunting trips and we know firsthand how important that is. This is one of the things to consider when buying electric hunting bikes. Venom bike has great mileage.

Safety Enhanced Brakes

The critical part of any off-road bike is that it must have rock-hard and efficient brakes. Hunting is all about the adventure and roads unknown. Ride on difficult and dangerous trails, and explore.

That is why Rambo Venom has somewhat worked on its brakes and integrated Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 203mm and Tektro HD-E725, 4 Piston Hydraulic 180mm for the front and back brake respectively which is just perfect.

Rambo Bushwacker 

Rambo Bushwacker

Mid Drive Motor

Bushwacker is built with a mid-drive motor which is a single motor attached near the pedals. Though it does not match with many other dual motors available in the market, as you may get in Megatron, the Bafang 750w high torque motor is no less powerful than these dual motors.

Bushwacker gives the rider a remarkable speed suitable to ride on steep mountains, mud, sand, and snow.

Rambo e-Bikes emphasized the brakes because they are vital in a hunting bike that is meant to be used in wild. An eye toward some of the best Rambo bikes will help you know more about them.

Bushwacker is not left behind in this as you will get a Tektro 180mm 2 piston hydraulic brake in this ebike, making a biker capable of riding as fast as he can on different surfaces without the fear of brakes because when it is time to apply, these Tektro brakes will not disappoint you.

Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes in  Rambo  Bike have an amazing stopping power that is applicable on almost all of those surfaces that are loved by the bikers. Whether it be a mountain or the ground, Rambo Bushwacker will stop as smoothly as you want, just like in Rambo Pursuit.


At a weight of just 66 lbs, Rambo Bikes introduced Bushwacker with a lightweight frame of aluminum that gives it both reliability and efficiency. This lower-weight frame is more helpful for the biker than the heavy steel body because they enable the biker to enjoy his ride more and have an efficient, smooth ride. Build from an aluminum a lightweight frame will give a long-lasting electric range, giving youa fantastic experience with your bike. 

Furthermore, the aluminum used in frame manufacturing is entirely rust-free, as in some other models of Rambo Bikes, which makes their ebike a suitable choice to be used during bad weather. Although it is not suitable to ride an electric bike in bad weather, who knows what will happen on your way, if your bike is rust-free, you will not have to worry about its life.

Battery for Your Hunting Needs

From the time the Rambo ebike emerged in the market, hunters were more than happy with the batteries of their bikes, because the lithium-ion batteries are way more efficient.

A 48-volt lithium-ion battery integrated into Rambo Bushwacker is more than enough for a hunter who loves to have long rides along the steep mountains, uneven grounds, and drowning snow. Bushwacker has up to 38 miles range on a single charge and can cover a decent distance.

Rambo Nomad Hunting eBike

Rambo Nomad

Like Rambo Roamer, Nomad had unconventionally used Panasonic batteries leaving the Samsung batteries behind. These Panasonic lithium-ion batteries are going to give you a great burst of power for up to 14 amp hours so that you can enjoy your long rides without worrying about the life of your battery. The battery is one of the few things to consider when investing in electric hunting bikes and Rambo bikes are thought of as that aspect.

It enables the hunter to get a smoother experience with a charged power that is way better than the traditional e-bikes that give a shorter timing and power, making long rides a far-fetched dream.

The Panasonic batteries in ebike are so efficient that it gives you more than 25 miles on a single charge. 

Hunting e-Bike with Hydraulic Disc Brakes 

Rambo ebike has not brought any significant change in the brakes this time and is just the same as you may find in some of the best Rambo Bikes.

The reason why companies prefer to choose these Hydraulic brakes is that they are one of the best choices for Rambo Bike because they are powerful enough to provide a smooth and on-the-spot brake system that is just perfect.

Furthermore, Nomad is equipped with 18mm brakes separately for the front and rear wheels, giving more stopping power. You can apply the brake to any of the wheels, which provides more compatibility when riding through dangerous paths.

A benefit of choosing Tektro Hydraulic Brakes is that they give the Rambo Bikes good quality and power. Still, it also provides a lower price that makes Nomad an affordable choice for hunters who don't want to spend a fortune. 

Multiple Speed

Nomad is designed in a way that it can handle multiple speeds, with an estimate of eleven rates in total. The introduction of such multiple speeds in Nomad, which is not present in the previous versions, is because this bike is designed to handle numerous rates to give a more exciting ride.

These multiple speeds allow the Rambo e-bike to go beyond its limits and be suitable for rugged terrain. The use of Bafang Motors in Nomad has made it applicable for multiple speeds, improving its worth. Available in true timber viper western camo, urban camo, and grey.

Made for all Terrain

Rambo Bikes are designed for extreme performances as you can witness in Rebel. But Nomad has something new in it as compared to the other ebikes, and that is the front suspension that gives an extra opportunity for enjoying normal to extreme episodes of thrill.

The already present features include high torque motors, hydraulic brakes, and long-life batteries that act as helping hands to provide you with the best performance when it comes to adventurous thrilly paths around the mountains and rocky grounds.

Best Electric eBike 

For hunters who wish to enjoy a great hunt and want to use the ebike on their hunts, the Rambo ebike collection has got it all for you. Electric hunting bikes were built by hunters for the hunters and every bike has been built to last.

Rambo Electric Bike - Well Worth It 

Ride a Rambo that comes with a bike battery along with a charger. It also has an LCD screen all the necessary gear that a hunter needs when getting on for their hunting trip. These e-bikes also offer single great hunting accessories like saddlebags, gun/bow holders, double saddlebags, trailers, or kayak trailers. Best hunting ebike is the one that suits your needs and Rambo has 

Electric <keywordmarkbg>Hunting Bike</keywordmarkbg>

True Love for Outdoors

Electric hunting bikes became an inseparable piece of hunting equipment. It makes your hunting so much easier. Consider a few things before purchasing one of these fat tire bikes, like budget, the speed you need, climbing ability, and battery to make a decision. Rambo ebikes have several options, so you can't go wrong. Available in true timber viper western camo and many more.

 It's a game changer for hunters who want to cover more ground while they're out outdoors, or as a mountain bike on the adventure. Take your e-bike on a fishing trip or just a beach ride.