Rambo Electric Bikes


Hunting bikes are usually limited to be used only during a trail or in a forest due to their particular composition in this regard. However, the Rambo electric bikes are somehow different. The Rambo E-bikes are full-fledged running vehicles that you can drive on the roads and in the forests, no matter how much the mud or dirt. 

With a battery life for a distance of 75 miles, the Rambo collection can make you feel relaxed without constantly worrying about the battery drain. Rambo frames allow the batteries to sit more profoundly within the bike frame than conventional batteries. Their integration helps your bike to be lighter and faster by reducing its weight in the frame. 

Innovative Technology

The Rambo Rebel Model has an exception for being the only e-bike with the highest power of all. With the highest strength and outstanding mileage, this e-bike is one of the most responsive out of all. Using a 21-amp battery, a person can travel up to 75 miles for a single charge. Many e-bikes today that is advertised on the market at a certain point in time are poorly made, and not all batteries are the same.

A mid-drive motor drives it. Rambo e-bikes feature the Bafang BBSHD mid-drive. Rambo has chosen the one with the highest power-to-weight ratio for its Rebel model specifically. An aggressive driving style, matched with explosive power output, is achieved by the BBSHD model in the Rambo e-bikes collection. For riders who love adrenaline and power and rides over mountainous and sand terrain, this engine is perfect.

Rampage's Ultra-Drive 1000w mid-drive motor lets you control and enjoy your bike with unmatched comfort, thanks to its three sensors that measure speed and pedal torque. Defining the Max Drive as a genuine drive provides a nominal power rating of 1000W while peaking at 1500W. 

What Stands It Out?

For hunters who wish to enjoy a fabulous hunt and want to use the e-bike in their routine, the Rambo e-bike collection has got it all for you. Studies have proved that the Rambo e-bikes are far more superior and faster than several other e-bikes available in the market. 

What's In The Pack?

Rambo E-bikes come with a bike battery along with its charger. It also contains the necessary gear that a biker needs when getting on for their hunt. These e-bikes also offer single saddlebags, stealth black, true timber or mossy oak obsession, Double saddle bags, etc.

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Rambo Pursuit Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Prowler Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Megatron Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Venom Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Ryder Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Roamer Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Nomad Electric Hunting Bike Carbon

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Rambo Bushwacker Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Krusader Electric Hunting Bike

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Rambo Rampage Electric Hunting Bike Package

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Rambo Rebel Electric Hunting Bike Package

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