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Killer Instinct Crossbows

Killer Instint crossbows

Do you want to have a state-of-the-art crossbow in your hands, but can't afford those expensive ones? If so, then this killer instinct company will be the best choice for you as they offer crossbows that are reasonably priced. This is because of their patented technologies and attractive designs. The Killer Instinct crossbows were founded back in 1990 and have been providing high-quality hunting gear ever since then. They aim to provide reliable products that are easy to use and help improve your overall hunting experience. Can make up your mind about the crossbow? Check the article 11 best crossbows for 2024 to help you. 


Killer Instinct Crossbows online

Killer Instinct Crossbow

Killer Instinct is a famous brand among hunters. It is because they manage to manufacture all the products with technical enhancements and systematic accessories. They can be effortlessly assembled, adjusted, and manufactured with silencers.

The crossbows perform well. The multi-patented smart technology built into its system makes for high accuracy and precision in the crossbow, which is vital when you want to hit your target. The 10’ carbon arrows are very fast and powerful, making them lethal at long distances too!

Lifetime Warranty. This warranty guarantees that your crossbow will last a lifetime. It offers 90 days of purchase protection against manufacturer defects. Killer Instinct crossbows also provide a 1-year limited warranty that covers faulty parts, components, or workmanship issues.

Killer Instinct Best Sellers


swat tp

These two crossbows are the best sellers from Killer instinct. Both crossbows are quite fast. SWAT XP is more expensive and is considered a higher-end crossbow from the brand. It offers an elite package that is stacked with awesome accessories. Lumix Speed Ring 1.5-5x32 IR-E Crossbow Scope is high-performance scope. It can be adjusted at speeds between 270 fps to 450 fps. Killer instinct SWAT XP is bigger, faster, and more precise with a price tag of $949.99.


Killer Instinct 405 is a budget crossbow. Why it is so papular? We tested this crossbow package on the hog hunt in Texas and we can vouch for it. Othe Killer Instinct crossbow like Killer Burner 415, or Boss 405 is slightly more expensive than Litha 405. For the price of $299, it offers everything you need in a great bow. Good speed, power, and good scope. It is a great crossbow package without spending too much. Reviews are good and customers give 4-5 stars and seem to be happy with the money they paid.



lethal 405


Draw Weight

For a hunter or any crossbow user, really—the amount of draw weight is a vitally important feature to be aware of because it translates directly to how much power your bow is going to have when it shoots. The higher the weight, the more powerful it is. When we tested the Killer instinct 405 we were impressed that the low-budget crossbow package has 220 lbs, while SWAT XP offers only 200 lbs and the fastest crossbow from killer instinct offers 210 lbs.


Improved Accuracy


Their killer-instinct crossbows have been appreciated by several seasoned hunters as it offers impressive precision and stealthy performance. In addition, the sophisticated design allows the shooter to aim at his target with no effort whatsoever due to its lightweight and amazing balance. They also offer compound bows and accessories like arrows, bolts, etc.



The perfect blend of power and precision is Killer Instinct Crossbows. With the offering of a long carbon arrow for increased, accuracy, and high kinetic energy, they produce a sharp shotThe 425 FPS is enough to dig the punch in a pack with great precision. Furthermore, a Killer Instinct Crossbow has modified the shooting technique with its control, fitness, and exceptional balancing. Installation of the Accutac Barrel system has made them more efficient and faultless. These crossbows are famous for beginner shooters, especially when it comes to maneuverability and control.




The Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Crossbow proffers a mind-blowing velocity of 415 feet/second enough to cover a distance of over 60 yards. It is known to be one of the most accurate and fastest crossbows. It is a lightweight narrow design capable of targeting tight areas with ease at a relatively wallet-friendly price. 

Over-Molded Grip

For better grip and feel, the Killer Instinct Crossbows are manufactured with adjustable buttstock and forearm grip. The over-molded grip is the feature that every hunter loves that makes your shot more accurate. It makes a grip so much better. Also to make crossbows silent, killer instinct engineers have been equipped with string suppressors.


Innovative Technology

The unparalleled balancing and high precision of these crossbows with a trigger-breaking force of 3.5 pounds have made them one of the finest crossbows for new learners. It comes with the main part, limbs and sting, quiver, coking stirrup and rope, non-illuminated scope, and 3 bolts.

The Killer Instinct crossbows are engineered to give you the number one rated speed, with 425 feet per second. It also features an energy-efficient design, guaranteeing it won’t be too cumbersome to carry around on your hunting trips. The durable construction makes this crossbow a great investment for any hunter, making it worth every penny!



These Killer Instinct Crossbows are manufactured with a modern design with effective string suppressors, a rope cocker, a three-bolt quiver, and a rail lube. You won't break a bank with Killer instinct crossbows. With desirable length, it is constructed to be a lightweight crossbow. The elimination of weight has made it more precise with the help of several sockets.

Rope Cocker

With the combination of performance and easy accessibility, it is convenient to say that Killer Instinct Crossbows are the best of their kind. They help in polishing the hunting skills with practical and modern design. It is known for shooting an arrow with the highest speed to hit an object of any size. 

Power stroke length

For example, the type of shooting you want to do will affect your choice of a crossbow. If you want to hunt game without hurting it, then you will need something more powerful than if you only intend to target practice or shoot targets with lower poundage. From this tenet stems another important feature: power stroke length. A longer power stroke means that the arrow travels faster and further, thus increasing accuracy and allowing for greater distance shots with higher kill rates!


lifetime warranty


With the considerable reduction in weight, they are known as the actual cost-cutters. The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 is a great example. An extremely powerful and precise crossbow with a speed of 405 feet per second. It comes with ACU draw technology that delivers a smooth cocking cycle, making it easier to use.

Additionally, the power stroke is 13 inches, making it one of the most powerful crossbows on the market today. If you're looking for a new crossbow, the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 is an excellent choice. It's not the cheapest bow on the market by any means, but it does come with ACU draw technology and a power stroke of 13 inches which makes it one of the most powerful Killer instinct crossbows today.


buy Killer Instinct Crossbows


I would recommend Killer instinct crossbows for those who are looking for a crossbow that is accurate, powerful, and reasonably priced. The company appears to be doing very well as it has been able to maintain an image of high quality in its products which makes the killer instinct generally trustworthy when it comes to crossbows. This article could have begun by giving basic information about the history of this company followed by information on the various types of crossbows they produce for different purposes.

Archery is something we are passionate about and strive to get better. We love to take bows or crossbows to the range for a test or on the hunt with us. The killer instinct crossbows are compact, with little assembly required. Available from our online store with free shipping delivery for your 2022 hunting season. Live, Laugh, Hunt.