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Ravin vs Tenpoint

 Tenpoint or Ravin

If you are contemplating between these two brands, it is a tough one. Both brands are heavyweights in the crossbow industry and have a solid, raging hunting fan base. The hunting industry exploded in the last few years and to no surprise, crossbow manufacturers coming up with new technologies, breaking the barriers and rules every year. This year we are expecting to have some best crossbows for 2024 season from these two brands, Ravin Crossbows and Tenpoint.

It is an exciting time for us hunters and people who want to try the sport. We love to compare bow and crossbow, and hunting brands to give our honest opinion from our experience. If you looking for a crossbow upgrade, or a new model because you were using the same one for years, or you just starting your hunting journey this article is for you. Some of the crossbows we mentioned have made it to the list of 11 best crossbows for 2024

Remember the hunting equipment you are choosing will be the best for you and only you, could be a body type, characteristics, specifications, and experience levels. The important thing is to be open-minded, try to improve your hunting game, and try new crossbows and accessories to elevate your game. Let's get into it. 

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Crossbow Technology

TenPoint Crossbows have been around for over 27 years now and earned the respect of the hunters. Based in Mogadore, Ohio, USA, where manufacturing and engineering take place, Tenpoint has been on the cutting edge of innovation every year. This year they did it again by bringing the fastest crossbow in the world for us in 2024, the Tenpoint TRX 515, which shoots arrows at a staggering speed of 515 fps. The brand has a fantastic crossbow selection suitable for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced hunter.

It has over 90 patents and is best known for its ACUslide Safe Cocking and De-Cocking System where you can smoothly and silently cock your crossbow. It reduced the force needed by 95% and it is available on all Tenpoint top-performing crossbows. This year the brand giving us a real treat with the groundbreaking Twin-Riser Technology™, where riser flex and limb torque are things of the past, meaning you get killer accuracy at long distances, ACUslice MAXX which is much easier to operate, and it is smoother. You can remove your hand at any point & the handle stops in place, ACU-Lock Scope Bridge, AR-Style Thumb Safety, CenterPunch™ HPX with Snap-In Nock, TriggerTech Precision with updated Zero-Creep Technology. This puts them in the drivers seat for best crossbow awards in this year, 

When a group of hard-core hunters runs the Ravin brand, the results are outstanding. They are known the best for HeliCoil Technology which keeps the cams perfectly balanced and level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. They rotate an amazing 340 degrees, ultimately making their crossbows extraordinarily precise. Trac-Trigger Firing System adds another level to its precision, by creating a superbly balanced draw and is available on all Ravin models.

It would be hard to pick the best model, as they all have some outstanding features and specifications. From the most powerful beast, Ravin R29x to the most compact crossbow ever build, R18, which has vertical limbs that rotate 720 degrees. The most recent ground-breaking innovations that changed the hunting game forever is Electric Drive System.  You can cock or decock your crossbow with a push of a button. We have to wait and see what Ravin will brings for year 2024. Will it claim the the fastest crossbow spot?

Winner - We have to wait and see

Ravin stands out with its groundbreaking Electric Drive System and remarkable HexCoil Cam System for precision. They still not released their new models for this year, therefore as it stands we leaning towards Tenpoint for their innovations this year so far. 

Crossbow Speed

When Ravin launched their R500 model, it was the fastest crossbow available, shooting arrows at 500fps with 400-grain bolts. It's pretty staggering to reach speeds like this if you ask me. It didn't take long for the Tenpoint to break that speed record and launch the fastest crossbow in the world. Nitro 505 is the fastest and the most powerful crossbow ever built by TenPoint. At 505 fps and 227 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, it was and still is a stunning piece of hunting equipment. Tenpoint TRX 515 knocks that out of park. Just to give you an idea of how much energy and momentum at 50 yards these produce. It is more than if you shoot a compound bow with a 500-grain arrow, 320 fps at point-blank range.

Speed can help you make a precise and well-placed shot if you’re shooting at the target within 40 -50 yds. Both brands have great crossbow models with a speed of 400 fps - 470 fps though.


Tenpoint  with the TRX 515, offers unparalleled power at 515 FPS.

Crossbow Accuracy

crossbow accuracy

To test  it, we shot several models from both brands. The Ravin R29X, which I personally really like, and the R500 and Tenpoint Siege 425, and TRX 515. All fast and powerful.

We shot several arrows at 50 yards to test it using banded ones. You probably could buy more accurate crossbow, but Tenpoint and Ravin produced decent field point accuracy. TRX 515 averages 2.3 - inches and R500 2.6 inches. Ravin r29x was 2.8 inches and Siege 425 2.7  inches. Ravin .001 R500 Series produced consistent broadhead precision, but we had better luck with CenterPunch HPX Premium Carbon Arrows.

The Tenpoint crossbows are lighter-weight and a little smaller. Have a more solid  rail and is more accurate in our opinion with the factory arrows. One of my all time favorites that never disappoints is Ravin R29X an absolute beast. However, you can get more precision with Tenpoint by using custom arrows. Be aware that a custom arrows will void your Ravin warranty and will not with Tenpoint.

Considering that brands producing top-on-the-line crossbows that cost in the range of $2000 - $4000 and have speeds over 500 fps, they lacked performance in components like broadheads. We still waiting for the Nemesis broadheads from Tenpoint to test, there is a lot oh buzz around it. 

Ravin R29x

Winner - Tenpoint

We giving this to Tenpoint, but this could change with Ravin crossbows later releasing new models. Ultimately, the choice between Ravin and Tenpoint for precision boils down to your specific shooting style and preferences. After testing both we had a better success with Tenpoint.

Cocking and De-cocking

For the sake of the argument, we have the flagship models from both brands. R500 and Tenpoint TRX 515. We like the cocking mechanism of the R500, it is way more innovative and has a clean look with no ropes and straps.

TRX 515 has a more common design with straps, that can come off, it is rare, but it can happen. It takes very little force to cock TRX with new ACUslide MAXX  cocking and de-cocking system.This year Tenpoint really stepped up, its very smooth and silent.

 These are powerful bows and adding an extra level of safety is a smart thing to do. Ravin has a shroud that encloses the string, while Tenpoint has added a AR style thumb safety. Probably the major difference is that on Ravin you just un crank and Tenpoint has a release tab where you have to press it to start undocking.

As we talk about innovation we have to bring Electric Drive System  that was introduced with their R500E model that changed the game. It takes no effort and you can forget about the crank since it is electric and you can cock and decock your crossbow with just a push of the button. You can remove the motor and cock it manually. The 12-volt lithium battery is easily detachable and you can cock your crossbow with it many times. It is a little loud, but it is a step forward with the innovation in the crossbow industry and I believe it will be here in 2024.

Winner - Tenpoint

We don't need another battery in our life. Reliable and effective is what we like, but ultimately, the choice between Ravin and Tenpoint for cocking mechanisms depends on whether you prioritize the convenience of an electric system or prefer the familiarity and reliability of a manual crank. 

Crossbow Design

To draw your crossbow with complete confidence in your shooting experience. The precision begins long before you pull the trigger, it begins with a clear focus, and it begins with design. Other crossbow manufacturers are going overseas, lowering their standards to get to market.

Ten Point has invested more in its American workforce, more in its engineering and product development, and more in its American-based production facility. The result? Record-breaking speeds, safety, ACUslide MAXX, and overall fantastic performing, durable crossbows. Last year models are manufactured in Veil Alpine Camo finish, with few exceptions made in Moss green, but this year Tenpoint brought the Vektra finish for the new models which looks pretty sick. 

Ravin was designed from the ground up to be the best and the most accurate crossbow. The R500 crossbow comes with net-level innovation. HexCoil Cam System rotates the cams a mindblowing 360 degrees, the speed and accuracy transformed are unparalleled making it the fastest, most on target, and most well-rounded model available.

compact crossbow

Or the crossbow that withstands the test of time like the Ravin R10, pure classic, with a crank system that is easy to use. Designers put lots of thought when designing a crossbow, whether is a frictionless flight system, that allows the arrow and string to free float above the rail, or the Versa-Draw Cocking System that is operating with the Trac-Trigger Firing System which is an ultra-compact, integrated cocking mechanism that is a part sleek stock design.

Let's not forget the Ravin R29X, one of the most powerful hunting machines on the market. Designed at only 6.75 pounds with an ergonomic grip, crossbow shooters can easily maneuver in tight spaces and not jeopardize control or comfort. Ravin available in Kings XK7 camo and black.

Winner - Ravin

Ravin offers cutting-edge innovation and compact designs, while Tenpoint emphasizes American craftsmanship and user-friendly features. Both brands offer exceptional crossbow designs to cater to different shooting styles.

New Models for 2024 Hunting Season

With the start of the new year, we look back at the good time we had on the hunts and the crossbows we used and tested. Every year these two brands bring something spectacular, that brake the barriers and rules. Ravin and Tenpoint were the best sellers at Hunting Giant and we expect that in this coming year.

Competition is great and to watch these two go toe to toe is exciting. We hope to see new technologies, with even more spectacular features and specifications. Check our blog from time to time or subscribe to the email list as we will be reviewing and testing new models this coming year. There was no new releases from Ravin in 2024 so far, but the brand introduced Kings camo finish for most of its crossbows. On the other hand Tenpoint released five new models in to the market. 

1. TRX 515


2. TX 440


3. Siege 425


4. Tenpoint Venom X


5. Titan 400


What is the most accurate crossbow?

We tested top-performing, high-end crossbows from both Ravin and Tenpoint, and by our metrics, the R500 was a winner in this category in 2023. The new year brings a new winner, and it is called Tenpoint TRX 515 thanks to its new Twin Riser technology. 


What is the best TenPoint crossbow?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what are your expectations from the crossbow are you a fan of forward or reverse draw? Do you want the fastest, most compact, most powerful? Well since you asked us, in 2024 so far we have to go with Tenpoint TX 440 Burris Oracle Scope. It is forward draw, very powerful, has all the features of TRX has, but way cheaper. Twin-Riser Technology, TriggerTech Precision Trigger,ZERO-Trac Barrel & GUIDE-Lock Arrow Rest System, it is compact, heavy hitting, and accurate out of the box.


What is the best crossbow for the 2024 season?

Even if there would be no new releases, Ravin and Ten Point can still rank among the best crossbows of 2024 with their last year's releases. We still waiting on the news from Ravin and for this season Tenpoin introduced 5 new models, but it boils down to these two I believe at this time. 


Ravin 500E
Tenpoint TRX 515 Burris Oracle X
Velocity (fps)
Draw Weight (lbs)
Power Stroke (inches)
Axle-to-Axle Width (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Length (inches)
Cocking Mechanism
Electric Drive System
Trigger Type
Scope Included
100-yard illuminated 500 FPS
Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope

All Time Best Sellers

In the world of Tenpoint, the Titan De-Cock has been a steady favorite. With its easy-to-use ACUdraw crank system and dependable 340 FPS velocity, it's a go-to choice for many hunters, both seasoned and new.

On the other hand, Ravin R10 has earned its place as a top seller. Its compact design, HeliCoil Technology, and Trac-Trigger Firing System have made it a precision powerhouse. Many hunters have embraced its innovation.

So next time when you're deciding between these two giants looking for newest crossbow, remember that their all-time best sellers have stood the test of time. These crossbows have earned their place in the hunting world and have countless successful hunts to their name including me. 


How far will a Ravin crossbow shoot accurately?

Out-of-the-box R500 can shoot accurately for 80-100 yards. Would that be deadly and with great precision? Probably not. The best distance for a lethal shot would be 35-45 yards. Still, to shoot 100 yd with a deviation of a few inches is mind-blowing. I know there was some attempt to shoot a 2-foot balloon from over 600 yards with Ravin r29x, but we can't confirm that has happened. But we can confirm that for up to 100 yrd, Ravin is a pure speed and accuracy monster of a crossbow. 

Does Tenpoint Crossbows have a lifetime warranty

TenPoint Crossbows guarantees their crossbows against defects in materials and workmanship affecting crossbow operation for the lifetime of the original owner. Additionally, bow limbs, scope, and cocking devices are covered for five years from the date of purchase. It's important to note that bowstrings, cables, cocking cords, and cocking device springs are not included in this warranty. This warranty is exclusive to the original owner and is non-transferable. It does not cover damage resulting from misuse, neglect, or alteration. In cases of warranty-covered issues, TenPoint will provide repair or replacement at their discretion, though it's worth noting that repair or replacement part colors and patterns may not match the original components.

Is Ravin Crossbow worth the money?

Ravin is taking the crossbow market by storm with its innovations like the Electic drive cocking system and out-of-the-box accuracy. It's super narrow, has the best trigger, and great quality build. Ravin is definitely worth the high-end crossbow name and price tag in our opinion.

How long can you keep your crossbow loaded?

To keep your crossbow performance and avoid cables and strings being stretched, don't leave your crossbow cocked for too long. No longer than 12 hours.

Are Ravin crossbows made in the USA?

Ravin is one of the crossbow brands that are completely made in the USA. It is based in Superior, Wisconsin. Great state for hunting by the way. 

Why Tenpoint Crossbows so expensive?

TenPoint Crossbows are priced at a premium due to their commitment to quality, precision, and innovation. Every year they are built with high-quality materials, undergo rigorous testing, and feature advanced technologies that contribute to their performance and durability. Additionally, TenPoint's American craftsmanship and attention to detail add to the overall cost. While they may be more expensive, we  find that the investment is justified by the superior handling, precision and long-term reliability TenPoint crossbows offer.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between these two giants, it's not just about the crossbow itself, it's about aligning with a brand that understands the hunter's perspective. Whether you're seeking the cutting edge of innovation with Ravin or the reliability of with Tenpoint, you're making a choice that reflects your hunting character.

As you prepare for the new hunting season, remember that Ravin and Tenpoint are more than just brands – they will be your partners in the wild. The decision you make ultimately depends on your unique hunting style, terrain, and what feels right in your hands.

In the end, it's about the thrilling moments in the field, the camaraderie, and the unforgettable hunts. Whichever path you choose  – it's a journey filled with adventure, anticipation, and the pursuit of that perfect shot. Happy hunting, and may your crossbow serve you well.

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Rick Bellin

Rick Bellin

March 14, 2023

I have a R20 sniper that I bought new in 2020 and it blew up once already Ravin took care of fixing everything but strings and cables I was just wondering if anyone is working on or has a better string and cable system for my bow I had 32 shots out of it and this fall it’s time to restring it again and I only have 24 shots out of this set. Thanks Rick

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