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Joe Rogan bow

joe rogan


"I shot my first whitetail deer with a bow. It's incredibly difficult hunting these amazing creatures…" – Joe Rogan

Joe is best known as a stand-up comedian and for his most popular podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience" these days. He is also a UFC sports commentator and avid Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, TaekWondo black belt who had several TV appearances in the past.

He was at the crossroads to becoming either vegetarian, or sourcing his meat by becoming a hunter. Joe started his hunting journey at 45 years of age, which shows that it is never too late to learn new skills and get your own food. The major factor in his choice was factory farming, which is associated with huge environmental problems, but also horrible conditions for the animals.

His podcast guests include famous hunters like Steve Rinella (Mesteater), Cameron Hanes, and Adam Greentree. He has put bow hunting and archery on an entirely new level with his huge outreach and shone a bright spotlight on it and all it has to offer.

What bow Joe Rogan uses?

The current Joe Rogan bow was designed for him by his friend famous American archer and hunter and Rogan's good friend John Dudley. This is the most powerful monster that John Dudley has ever built in his entire career.

It is the PSE EVO NTN 33 - code name "KONG" and the first production model was named ‘Rogan 001’. He said that this is the best bow in the world with great draw weight and massime kinetic energy. It has the set up just for him.


Joe Rogan bow Setup

Broadhead: Rage No Collar Broadhead or Slick Trick

Sight: Spot Hog Eddie Sight

Release: Carter Target 4 release aid

Stabilizer: Bee Stinger stabilizer

String: BCY 62XS Center Serving Thread

Arrows: Jacket Pro Series


What is the current bow Joe shoots? 

On recent podcast with Cam Hanes, Joe mentions that he got his new bow Hoyt Alpha Xand will be out getting reps in with it soon. 

Streamlined and user-friendly, the latest Alpha X 33 perfectly fits your hunting style, whether you're in a blind, perched in a treestand, or exploring the backcountry. This model marks a significant leap forward in reducing noise and vibration, enhancing its efficiency in every aspect. It's a revolutionary upgrade for your hunting experience. Experience its excellence firsthand by testing it at your nearest dealer.

  • Speed: 334 fps (ATA)
  • Length: 33 inches axle-to-axle
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Brace Height: 6⅜ inches


What is the other Joe Rogan Bow?

Remember, practice makes it perfect. There is no doubt that Joe has a work great ethic, whether is in martial arts or practicing his bow skills. His practice bow includes Hoyt RX1. This bow has a very low vibration, build durable, has great draw weight, and is extremely quiet.

The bow has a comfortable grip and is well-praised among hunters. Hoyt brand is a top manufacturer in the archery business and has a great model and hunting gear. It is a mid-priced bow, it's affordable, user-friendly, and excellent bow for someone that is looking best hunting equipment.

One of the first Joe Rogan bows was Hoyt Carbon Defiant.It is priced on sale at the moment at $1299.95. Carbon riser helps you to withstand extreme cold and it is lightweight only 3.6 lbs. To give a smoother experience limbs and cams work together when peep sight comes closer. This way you can have a good form and natural head position.

Joe is a fan of the compound bowsand is always in pursuit of excellence. Getting his reps in constantly to get better not only at archery, but to be a better hunter.

Joe Rogan Training Tool

10.000 hour rule is well-established and maybe it sounds crazy to some, but if you put it into practice you definitely reap benefits in hunting. If you travel a lot but still want to get better you can use the hunting training tool Accubow.

Joe Rogan knows to become a black belt in Jiu-jitsu you have to show up and put in the hours. There is no other way around it. Same with archery, you have to practice. What do you do when you are in a hotel room for a few days?

With Accubow you can practice your technique. There is a string and a handle that you can use with your fingers or release aid. It won't cost you much and if you are serious about elevating your hunting skills, get one for your trips. Joe knows that there is no way around it. That is why he travels with it all the time.


A rangefinder is a great addition to your hunting gear arsenal. When bowhunting you want to increase your chances of success everytime. You will be going on long hunts and you want to come back and fill you freezer with meat, hunting accessories like Rangefinders will help you loads. What it does is, measures the distance from the archer to the target and most of the time are accurate within 1 yard.


If you gain experience to the level on Cam Hanes or John Dudley, you could develop a better sense of the distance. Hunters will even go for rangefinder oversights because of their fantastic accuracy. You know what your precise shooting distance is, and it lets you see if you place your arrow accurately.


What bow does Jocko shoot?

Jacko current bow is PSE EVO NTN, by the code name Achilles. The bow was designed by John Dudley. This is high-performance bow is pure beast and right out of the box is shooting absolute lasers out to 90 yards. Jacko is true American hero, retired navy SEAL and good friends with Joe Rogan. Joe introduced Jacko to the hunting and he found a new passion.

What kind of bow Cameron Hanes shoot?

Cameron Hanes is one of the most successful and decorated bowhunters is USA He is also ultramarathon runner and TV Host for the Outdoor Channel. "Keep Hammering" became his most famous fraze.

He is training daily, challenging himself to be the best hunter as he can be. Long life friend of Joe Rogan, Cameron is is fan of Hoyt and uses Hoyt Axius Turbo 80, pushing a 516 grain arrow.

Who owns nock on archery?

John Dudley is the founder of Nock On Archery. Dudley one of the most talented archers and bowhunters in the world and his ability to educate about bowhunting is second to none. He coaches archers, makes custom bows and best hunting products on the market.


In Conclusion

Joe Rogan is very vocal about the dangers of industrial farming and its effect. Therefore whether you like hunting or not, it is a fantastic way to get your food and contribute to the ecosystem. Through his platform, he speaks a lot about the benefits of hunting, physically, and mentally.

He recognizes the effort it takes to hunt the deer or any other wild animal. Joe knows to become better you have to always learn more, practice to be better, and be humble, which makes you a better human being overall.

“In archery, once you establish the proper form and technique the subconscious leads the arrow to the intended target. Sometimes when you’re hoping you DON’T hit a certain target that’s what you hit even when you’re not technically aiming at it. – Joe Rogan


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