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Best Kansas Deer Hunting Outfitters

best places to hunt in Kansas

Best Places to Hunt in Kansas

If you are a barbecue lover, Kansas is the place to visit. There are barbecue places everywhere, and its signature cooking style is known for some of the best sausages, pulled pork, and the finest ribs you've ever tasted. And let's not forget the Kansas dirt cake! Another well-known attraction of the state is hunting mule deer and Kansas whitetail deer. If you are a hunter, this is a destination you must visit for the hunt of a lifetime.

Kansas hunting is renowned. Due to its suitable habitat, whitetail deer can be found just about anywhere in the state. You'll definitely go back home with one, if, of course, you choose the right outfitter. However, mule deer numbers diminish as you travel west of Kansas. Trophy bucks are abundant in the state, thanks to excellent management programs. Grab the best crossbow for the 2023 season or the most popular compound bow and embark on an unforgettable hunt.

We have a list of licensed outfitters in Kansas that stand out and will answer the most common questions hunters have.

Kansas Whitetail License Information

There are three easy ways you can obtain a hunting license:

  1. You can purchase a Kansas hunting license before your trip.
  2. In Kansas, you can buy a hunting or fishing license over the counter.
  3. If you forget, you can purchase it at your outfitters using Wi-Fi.


Best Family Owned

Land Of Giants

"You may come as a client, but we guarantee that you leave feeling like family." This is exactly what one seeks in an outfitter. Land Of Giants is renowned as one of the best family-owned hunting outfitters in Kansas, catering to those in pursuit of Turkey, Kansas Waterfowl, or Trophy Whitetail. With over eight years in operation, it’s celebrated for its dedication, friendliness, and hard work.

Pricing and Amenities: Land Of Giants operates on over 30,000 acres of meticulously maintained land. They offer a range of hunts with prices starting at $4,500 for a 5-day Whitetail deer hunting experience. The lodge is a spacious 5000 sq foot facility with large TVs, reclining chairs, private bathrooms, and a bar that comfortably seats 15, ensuring your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

What Stands Out: The personalized service with the owner, Jason, actively guiding clients and the delectable meals prepared by Whitney make this a standout choice. The property is vast and well-managed, promising a high likelihood of a successful hunt.

Best Overall

Hunt Hickory Creek

Hunt Hickory Creek retains a loyal clientele, returning year after year for an unforgettable deer hunt. Managed by passionate bow hunters, this outfitter excels in food plotting, scouting shed hunting, and ensuring every hunter has a memorable experience.

Pricing and Amenities: The property boasts three fully-equipped lodges and offers a variety of packages, with prices ranging from $2,300 to $3,200 for a 5-day hunt, depending on the type of hunt chosen. The lodges come with TVs, cable, washers, full kitchens, and baths, and transportation within the state is provided upon request.

What Stands Out: Hunt Hickory Creek stands out for its dedicated staff, diverse hunting locations, and the availability of over 400 pre-scouted stands. The comprehensive packages and attention to detail make every hunting trip here an adventure to remember.


Rader Lodge

Best For Trophy Deer 

For an immersive Kansas whitetail hunting experience, Rader Lodge is the place to be. Whether coming solo, as a couple, or in a large group seeking trophy whitetails, the lodge accommodates everyone with stunning surroundings and plentiful game.

Pricing and Amenities: The all-inclusive 6-day archery hunt at Rader Lodge is priced at $3,250 per person, excluding permits and tags. This package includes field dressing, exquisite meals, and lodging. With setups like tree stands and blinds all prepared in advance, hunters can focus on the thrill of the hunt.

What Stands Out: Rader Lodge stands out for its scenic location and the common sightings of 140 class whitetail deer or bucks. The variety of hunting strategies employed, including the use of decoys and scouting, and the meticulous preparation for each hunt, set Rader Lodge apart as a top destination for trophy deer hunting.

These outfitters each offer unique experiences, but their commitment to providing a memorable and successful hunting journey is what truly stands out. With these options, your trip to Kansas is sure to be unforgettable.

Can I hunt with a crossbow in Kansas?

Absolutely! The crossbow is considered legal archery equipment during hunting season in Kansas. It was approved by Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission and it is now available for all hunters during all archery deer seasons. You have to have a valid permit and you are good to go.

How much does it cost to hunt deer in Kansas?

Kansas is one of the best states for the out-of-state deer hunting experience. Getting a nonresident hunting license will set you back $97,50 for the adult and for 15 and younger $42,50. There is a non-refundable application fee of $27 when getting a whitetail deer permit. The permit itself is $442,50 for the adult and $117,50. You can enter a draw for a mule stamp which is nice, or you can purchase one if you planning to harvest one. You will get a refund if you happened to win a draw.

kansas whitetail deer

Where is the best deer hunting in Kansas?

Most of the state is open to hunting and an abundance of farmland plays a huge part in the growth of Trophy whitetail deer hunting. There are few areas in the state that stands out more than the others. Butler county is known for the best spots for whitetail hunts and the Turtle Creek area for Trophy bucks.

Is there good deer hunting in Kansas?

Kansas whitetail deer hunts are quite well known. The success rate in the state is one of the highest in the nation, with many private properties and public lands available. The habitat is quite big due to close to perfect landscape making Kansas a favorite destination for whitetail deer hunting and trophy bucks.

Can nonresidents hunt deer in Kansas?

Kansas Hunting is available for everyone regardless of age. All you need is a valid nonresident hunting license. It can be purchased at the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park office.

What We Think

Whitetail deer hunts must be experienced in Kansas. The numbers for prime Whitetails every year are huge in the state. There are many outfitters offers available, but we shortlisted the best ones for your best Kansas hunting experience. So grab your crossbow or bow, get a hunting lodge with your friends and make great memories you will discuss by the fire.

Live, Laugh, Hunt

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