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Best Georgia Deer Hunting Outfitters

hunting in Georgia state

Georgia deer hunting trip

There are several things you go to Georgia state for. Its peaches, of course, its southern hospitality and hunting. If you live in the state and you like whitetail deer hunting, you are one of the lucky ones. There are close to 100 wildlife management areas that cover about 1,000,000 acres and it has more than 1 million whitetail deer. This makes the state one of the go-to states for deer hunts. With beautiful trees and lush grass, Georgia has some of the best rates for mature bucks. Grab your best compound bowor fastest crossbowand let's go whitetail deer hunting.

Whitetail deer hunting

Most hunters who come for Georgia deer, have a busy work life and let's be honest no one has time to scout the area for the best deer hunting. Outfitters play a big role due to their vast experience in the area. They are familiar with the land, have great insight, and can save you much valued time and money. We will have a look at some best ones in Georgia state and will answer the most common questions about deer hunting.

Top 3 Georgia deer hunting outfitters

Salt Log

Built just a few years back in 2018 Salt Log has fast become one of the most popular in the state. The property is exceptionally managed and sits on the river bottom making it perfect for the herd of trophy bucks. The lodge can accommodate up to 24 hunters and has everything you need to feel cozy and comfortable. There are eight double-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms and there is an additional bunk room if needed. A spacious kitchen, with cooking stations, will make your trip feel really homely. There is a huge dining room with satellite TV, Wifi, a pool table, and even a bar. You can have a glass of bourbon by the large fireplace and the place is decorated with trophies from the successful hunts.

Besides all the accommodations, there is a lighted 100 years rifle range you can use in any weather where you can zero your scope in the evening or night and get ready for the next day. Also, there is a cleaning pad with running water available with an adjacent walk-in cooler. Packages of 1,2 or 3-day Deer/Hog Combo are available.

Prices are $600 per day - Lodging included without food and three-day Deer/Hog Package - $ 1,775 - Lodging and food included. One buck per trip is included and depending on the days you get 1 or 2 boar hogs.

There is a limit on all hunts for 1 hog per day, but there is no reason why you won't come back home with a 10-point buck from this property. Like we say, Live, Laugh, Hunt...

What We Like:It's a new build, cemented cleaning pad, walk-in cooler, 24 guests

What We Don't:Half price for children under 15

Best Family Owned

Gray Host Hunting

You already know that one of the best places to hunt whitetail deer is in Georgia and Gray Host plantation might be the place. The modern lodge has the comforts you need like WIFI, telephone, and TVs. They offer deer hunting, turkey hunting, as well as quail hunting. Hunting is not only a sport, but this is how you create unforgettable memories and Gray Host is the perfect place for that.

Family practices superb deer management to raise quality deer and has antler restrictions on all deer hunts. You can harvest a buck with no less than 8 points and a minimum 16-inch spread. If you just passing by or visiting a state Grey Host provides half-day and full-day hunting packages. The most popular is a 4-day hunt where you can harvest 1 mature buck and a doe. Bow hunting is $999 and $1260 for the general one.

This is without a meal, there is an option for $50 a day for the hunter to have meals prepared. There is a $600 penalty for shooting a buck that is not under the outfitter's standards. You can just book a lodge without a hunt to spend time with family and friends. Create long-lasting memories and have a full freezer of deer from Gray Hunt.

What we like:Provide half-day and full-day hunting packages

What We don't:

Best Overall


Family and Veteran owned for over 25 years, Woods and Water has now around 5,500 acres of hunting land across four counties in Georgia. Wilkinson, Laurens, Johnson, and Washington. We can all agree that to get matured whitetail buck is hard, you have to be diligent, prepared, and patient. If you chose Woods-N-Water you can be sure that as qualified and experienced as they are, your chances of a successful hunt go 10 fold.

They use food plots and panting machines year-round with approximately 150,000 lbs of feed to increase the quality and quantity of the wild game. They are busy and sold out most of the time, so plan your trips ahead to make fantastic memories. The owner (Blaine Burley) once bagged a 14-point, 270-pound buck, which is one of the largest bucks ever harvested on film in Georgia state!

Semi-guided hunts will include extensive pre-hunt scouting by the staff, transportation to and from the hunting area, and any assistance if needed.   Woods-N-Water can provides stands and blinds for your hunting adventure.

Trophy deer hunts with lodging will set you back $525 per day for a hunter. Some like to add trophy fee, but not here, which is nice. Packages include a semi-guided hunt, free skinning lodging, and quartering of your harvest. Keep in mind that meals are not included, but you have an option, just ask for the staff. You do, however, get a free option of fishing in the private lakes to unwind if you like.

What we like:Stands and blinds available

What We don't:2-day minimum

Where is the best deer hunting in Georgia?

Georgia deer hunting is a lot of fun, but where are the best places in the state? For the trophy buck, the best place is southwestern Georgia. There are a few urban areas that are missed for big bucks. Around the Atlanta and Glennville.

whitetail deer hunting

Is Georgia a good deer hunting state?

Georgia is great for whitetail deer hunting, you are about an hour, hour in a half away anywhere in the state from the best deer hunting sites. Just a state public las have close to 4 million acres and wildlife management areas that cover over 1 million acres. Green lush grass and tall trees are fantastic for wildlife.

Can I deer hunt with a crossbow in Georgia?

It is permitted to hunt with a crossbow in Georgia state legal game, throughout all hunting seasons. Broadhead arrows must be used to hunt feral hogs, bears, or deer. It is also lawful to have your crossbow equipped with a scope. You must obtain and possess a primitive weapons license for crossbow hunting. If you hunt a bear or turkey with a crossbow you are only allowed to do it during their hunting season.

Georgia deer hunting

Georgia Deer Hunting Regulations

There is a price difference when getting different hunting licenses depending if you are a resident of the state or not. You can purchase the license depending on your needs, that can be an annual permit or if you just for the weekend you can buy a day hunt license. For deer hunting, you are allowed 12 deer per person per hunting season. They can be of either sex, but ten of them can be antlerless deer and with antlers can be no more than two. At least one has to have four points, one inch or longer, on 1 side of the antlers.

Live, Laugh, Hunt...

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