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TenPoint Crossbow Scope

A well-placed shot is what all hunters are after. If you are a crossbow hunter you know very well that hitting a target with a crossbow is much easier, if you have the right scope. You can have all the latest hunting accessories, and the best and fastest crossbow in the world, but what helps you be more accurate is the great scope features.

Scope Features

Tenpoint has been around for quite some time and is well known and respected among crossbow hunters. We used their impressive hunting gear for many years. Simplicity is in the details and the Tenpoint crossbow scope is one of the popular ones. The brand had a few collaborations with scope manufacturers through the years as well. We will have a look at the scope features the brand has to offer and also will answer the most asked questions. Hopefully, that will help you to make the right decisions when scope shopping.


Most Popular TenPoint Crossbow Scope

TenPoint RangeMaster Pro Scope 1.5-5X

We shot many crossbows through the years and this RangeMaster Pro ticks the boxes. One of the standout features is the ability to adjust the speed of the bolt to the reticle. It is solid Tenpoint crossbow scope that has high visibility in low-light conditions. It is manufactured and designed for a crossbow that can shoot in the 275-365 fps range with changeable speed settings and requires zero adjustments for distance. It can withstand tough winter conditions, holds zero flawlessly still, has zero fogging, and has a clear vivid image.

TenPoint RangeMaster Pro Scope

The fully multi-coated 1.5 to 5 X optics and an etched glass reticule will lower the loss of light transmission. It contains three duplex crosshairs and five dots that are set for 20 yards, 30, 40, and 50. You have a choice of red and green dots that are illuminated and black dot which is not. The crossbow scope is lightweight and has a 30mm aluminum tube for longevity. You can mount it on any crossbow and another great scope feature is light intensity settings that have five positions for two color views makes it a great choice.

The demand in 2019 for this scope was so high that Tenpoint fulfilled orders with the model that had no brand logo on it. Scopes was shipped without it, but nevertheless, it's Tenpoint crossbow scope and you couldn't deny the quality.

Keep in mind if you have a crossbow that shoots over 400 - 450 fps. you might be paying for the zoom feature that you can fully make use of. Since you only get a 3x magnification change.

What we like:Three duplex crosshairs and five dots, Arrow drop compensation settings, 5-year warranty, comes with 7/8" scope mounting rings.

What we don't:For crossbows shooting 275-365 fps


Best Tenpoint Crossbow Scope

EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope

Many crossbows come with scopes that are blurry and really poor quality. The evo-X scope features an innovative design and variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting that is suitable for a crossbow that shoots between 300 - 500 fps. These days that means you can mount it on pretty much any top crossbow on the market. Adjustment knobs are top quality and the aiming system is made very simple for the user. Its ultra-modern configuration system has three illuminated duplex crosshairs calibrated at 20 yards, 40yards and 60. in green or red, then at 30 yards and 50 two illuminated dots also red and green, and for non-illuminated chevrons at 70 yards, 80 yards, 90, and 100.

TenPoint Crossbow Scope EVO-X Marksman Elite

We think it's the best crossbow scope from Tenpoint by far. When using it in low light you will be extremely impressed, especially if compared to other scopes in the same price range.

What we like: Available in veil alpine or black, Micro-adjustable turrets, 2-8x optics, 100yds distance, 30mm Aluminum Tube, Flip-up scope caps, comes with mounts

What we don't:Expensive


Best Tenpoint Collaboration Crossbow Scope

Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope

One of the best collaborations by Tenpoint in 2022 is with Burris Optics. This is a fantastic model with some groundbreaking scope qualities that take your hunting game a level up. It is included with a few Tenpoint crossbow models, Nitro 505 and Viper S400.

If you having trouble with calculating yards in the wild, this scope will change your game. It is accurate out of 100 yards with no problems. Easy to sight in and it calculates range really fast. You can hit the bull's eye from 10-60 years with ease. You will never pick any other scope once you try the Burris Oracle X rangefinding scope. 2 - 7 power zoom range ensures that your aiming point stays accurate and with the push of the button it momentarily displays the distance to your target. You can activate the laser finder with just a push of the range button on the scope, or you can use a wireless remote.

It is lightweight, waterproof and can be utilized in any weather conditions. Burris offers a forever warranty on it, that sums it all up. It is a fantastic model with amazing scope features.

No more guessing yards!

Burris Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding Scope

What we like:2-7 power zoom range, built-in laser rangefinder, Forever Warranty, can be activated via the wireless remote or the range button.

What we don't:A little expensive


Do you need a special scope for a crossbow?

You could use a rifle scope for your crossbow, but we always recommend getting a scope that is designed and built for the crossbow. This way you will improve your weapon's usability and effectiveness.

What are the lines on the TenPoint crossbow scope?

Tenpoint Multiline Scopes has three lines, the first (top) line is 20 yards, the next one is around 30-yards, and the third line is approximately 40 yards.

What is the best scope for a TenPoint crossbow?

Hands down the Evo-X Marksman Elite is the best. You can use this scope if you want on the different crossbows. The speed and arrow drop-compensation setting set for crossbows can shoot between 300 and 500 FPS, which are the most these days.

TenPoint Crossbow Scope EVO-X veil alpine

What is the difference between a crossbow scope and a rifle scope?

The main difference is the distance. Crossbow scope is designed for shorter distances of 10-100 yards and rifle scopes are made for ranges of 100 years and more. With a rifle, you will be going after targets that are way far away.

Can you put a red dot scope on a crossbow?

When shooting your crossbow at close or medium ranges, a red dot sight is an awesome option. It is very popular among crossbow hunters. Especially if it is a three-red dot scope. The major edge over one dot is that it gives you three separate distances sighted in by only sighting on the central red dot. Another great thing regarding adjustments is that red dot scopes have both vertical and horizontal dials.

What we think

A Tenpoint crossbow scope will be a great addition to your hunting arsenal. It's all about ethics, as we don't want animals to suffer. The shot has to be accurate. Crossbow scope maximizes experience and increases your chances of a successful hunt. Live, Laugh, Hunt...

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