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Ebike Hunting Accessories

As an avid hunter myself, venturing into the wilderness with my trusty eBike, I've learned the importance of being well-prepared. The pursuit of a game is not merely about the right weapon or technique, but also about equipping oneself with the right accessories for your electric hunting bike, to handle a variety of situations that can arise in the great outdoors. These accessories have played a pivotal role in turning potential difficulties into mere inconveniences, enhancing my hunting experience and allowing me to focus more on the thrill of the hunt.

Electric Bike Accessory That Every Hunter Needs

Pannier Bags or Racks

These have been lifesavers on long hunting trips for me, easily storing additional gear, food, and water. The ones designed for rough terrain are sturdy and resist wear and tear, adding extra convenience and durability to my hunting excursions. Quietkat and Rambo offer awesome bags for e-bikes


When successful in hunting larger game, these trailers attached to my e-Bike have made transporting it back home much simpler. They're designed to navigate rugged terrains without a hitch, and can also carry extra gear when needed. Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer or Quietkat E-bike Single Wheel Cargo Trailer are great options. 

deer trailer

Fat Tires

These have improved my eBike's stability and grip when I've been riding through tough terrains like sand, mud, or snow. Their wider surface area increases traction, making my hunting trips safer and more efficient. Most hunting bikes come with fat tires already, but there are some cheap versions out there still available, be aware. 

Hunting Saddle Bags

Attached either to the front or the sides of my bike, these bags provide handy storage for items I need to access quickly and frequently, such as binoculars, rangefinders, or snacks.

ebike saddle bags

Bow or Gun Holder

It's crucial to keep my hands free when riding, and these holders securely attach my weapon to my eBike. It allows easy access when I need to dismount quickly for a shot.

bow / gun holder

Noise Dampeners

They've helped me maintain the element of surprise, reducing the noise produced by my eBike so as not to scare off nearby games.

Camouflage Cover

When I need to leave my e-Bike and proceed on foot, this cover helps it blend into the environment, avoiding any unnecessary attention from animals.


These have been vital during my dawn or dusk hunts. Not only do they help me spot game, but they also ensure I ride safely through the terrain in low-light conditions.

GPS/Navigation System

Being lost or disoriented is the last thing I want on a hunt. My handlebar-mounted GPS system keeps me informed of my location and helps plot efficient routes in unfamiliar territory.

Puncture-Resistant Tires or Tire Sealant

 Flat tires can ruin a hunting trip. I've found puncture-resistant tires or quality tire sealants to be invaluable, preventing leaks and keeping me moving.


When riding through wet or muddy conditions, fenders have kept me and my gear clean, saving me the hassle of heavy cleaning after each trip.

Power Bank

For longer hunting trips where I use electronic devices like GPS, rangefinders, or even my phone, carrying a power bank ensures I never run out of juice in the middle of nowhere.

Solar Ebike Charger

As a hunter who relies on an e-Bike for my hunting trips, investing in a Solar eBike Charger has been a game-changer for me. With its unlimited, renewable power supply, I can venture into more remote locations without the worry of finding an electrical outlet. It's an embodiment of freedom, knowing that as long as the sun is shining, my eBike will keep moving.

It's a great piece of technology and moreover, the solar charger's portability is a great caveat. It's lightweight and compact, effortlessly fitting with my gear. It provides on-the-go charging, ensuring my eBike's battery stays topped up and all I can say is let's go!

solar ebike charger

Hunt With More Freedom

From waterproof pannier bags that help me store essential gear to the secure bow holder that keeps my hands free from maneuvering, every accessory plays a unique role in my hunts. Trailers and fat tires have made hauling game and navigating tricky terrains easier. Saddlebags provide quick access to items I use frequently, while noise dampeners keep my approach stealthy.

Perfect Hunt

In low-light conditions, my eBike's lights illuminate the way, ensuring safety and visibility. The handlebar-mounted GPS prevents me from getting lost, and the camouflage cover keeps my eBike inconspicuous when I proceed on foot. Puncture-resistant tires and tire sealants minimize the chances of debilitating flat tires, and fenders keep me and my gear clean when traversing muddy paths. Lastly, a power bank ensures my electronic devices stay powered. I would say it is hunter's must-have item for performance and the ability to be in control of the success. 

All these accessories are not just about convenience, they are about transforming my hunting trips into efficient, successful, and enjoyable adventures. As a hunter, I have come to appreciate these tools not as optional extras, but as essential components of my eBike hunting experience. Don't forget to live, laugh and hunt. 

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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys