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5 Best Turkey Broadheads in 2021

Wondering how to differentiate between an ordinary broadhead and a crossbow broadhead? Doubting which one will go best with your crossbow?

Well, there's a fine line between an ordinary one and a crossbow broadhead. We know it isn't easy to choose one when there are multiple options available in the market.

The best part?

Our team is equipped with expert shooters who will help you select the best crossbow broadhead according to your crossbow type and your comfortability.

For a professional hunter, it is necessary to examine the broadhead from different perspectives according to efficiency, accuracy, and penetration power. We are presenting to you a complete guide to get the best turkey broadheads.

Let's drive straight into it.

5 Best Turkey Broadheads for Crossbows

Here's the list of the 5 best turkey broadheads that will help you enhance your shooting and hunting experience.

1.Xecutioner Broadheads Turkey Necker for High Accuracy

For shooting the turkeys in a single shot, it is necessary to aim at their vital spot. Since every shooter knows that the turkeys move their head a lot and it is difficult to aim. So, the best broadhead would be the one with high power and sufficient penetration ability.

The Xecutioner broadhead turkey necker is equipped with four 0.060 thick blades. With 4 inches of cutting diameter, these broadheads can provide the best accuracy and precision. They are manufactured with high-carbon stainless steel for a prolonged lifespan.

Furthermore, the manufacturing of Xecutioner Broadheads is based on advanced technology to deliver precise outcomes. They are manufactured with premium quality materials to ensure maximum productivity.

Key Features

Xecutioner Broadheads Turkey Necker consists of four blades of 160-grains broadhead with a cutting diameter of 4 inches. For high efficiency and prolonged life, the broadheads are hand turned with high carbon stainless steel.

With this weight and cutting efficiency, the broadhead can deliver the most lethal and cleanest pass-throughs of any other broadhead available in the market.


160 grains weight

O.060 thickness

Pack of four blades with 4-inches cutting diameter



Final Verdict

Overall, the Xecutioner Broadheads Turkey Neckers is the prime pick by professional shooters and hunters. They are best for the ones who require accurate and high-performance outcomes from their crossbows with no disadvantages so far.

2.SWAT Turkey Vector Broadhead with Steel Chisel

Turkeys are known for their telescopic vision but great hearing capabilities. Since the hearing abilities of turkeys are not the only challenging part for the hunters, they possess minute vital areas and are tough to lay down.

To that end, SWAT Turkey Vector Broadhead consists of a steel chisel point with an aluminum cap. Moreover, these four broadheads are equipped with 0.036 inches thick blades made up of stainless steel for strong penetration on the target.

Moreover, these sharp and pointed broadheads can be shot from both crossbows and compounds with equal capabilities. The weight of the broadheads is about 100 grains making them efficient for hunting.

Key Features

TheSWAT Turkey Vector Broadhead is featured with four blades of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.036 inches. The 90° gobble-stopper aluminum tipped broadhead weighs 100gr.

Furthermore, the broadhead is effective for both crossbows and compounds and consists of three heads in each pack.


0.036 inches thickness of blades

100gr weight

90 degrees aluminum tipped


Difficult to aim

Final Verdict

SWAT Turkey Vector Broadhead is advantageous for professional shooters but can be difficult for young hunters since it requires little effort to aim. However, it is an ideal pick while going for small games of turkeys or deers when handled by experts.

3.Dirt Nap Gear Shred Head Turkey Broadheads for Maximum Shock Power

Turkeys are known for their challenging and rugged body type. Thus, while going for turkey games, it is essential to ensure that your broadheads have adequate penetration and maximum shock power to disable the turkey in one shot.

Ensuring better shooting power, Dirt Nap Gear Shred Head Turkey Broadheads is an excellent pick with a pack of four blades specially designed for enhanced shock power and limited penetration.

However, the limited penetration refers to limiting the turkey's abilities to move, walk or fly. Consequently, helping the hunter to reach the turkey and capture it. Moreover, the broadheads are coated with Teflon and wicked blades mastered for small games and turkeys.

Key Features

With a blade thickness of 0.051 inches, these broadheads are designed to disable the small game, specifically turkeys. The perfect balance of shock effect and penetration has enabled the hunters to conquer the hunting world.

Furthermore, the weight of theDirt Nap Gear Shred Head Turkey Broadheads is about 125 grains with a removable 25-grain weight. Subsequently, the 7075-grade aluminum black-tipped and 420J2 stainless steel Teflon-coated blades ensure the prolonged life of broadheads.


0.051 inches blade thickness.

Pack of four stainless steel Teflon made blades.

Specially designed for turkeys

Perfect balance of penetration and shock power


Not suitable for large games

Final Verdict

To enhance the hunter's and shooter's adventure, these broadheads can disable the turkeys in one single shot. They can be a suitable pick to conquer the small game and turkeys.

4.Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadheads with Two Blade Design

With a two-blade design, the Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadheads come with a slip cam head and a 0.75 inches hook tip to impose maximum fatal damage to the turkey's body.

Moreover, this two-blade design requires relatively more minor penetration to reach the vital area of the turkey. Technically, the first blade embeds itself on the ground and holds it until the other one passes and penetrates the target body.

Due to 0.035 inches thickness, these broadheads can produce a 3 inches depth cut on a single go. Each side of the broadhead consists of unsharpened notches to quickly decrease the speed of an arrow when it lands on the target for a safer kill.

Key Features

TheRage Xtreme Turkey Broadheads possess two blades of 100 grains with a cutting diameter of 2-1/8 inches. Moreover, the design can reach the vitals with little penetration.

Furthermore, the broadheads are constructed with blunt degrees on each side to slow down the arrow for a faster kill. It also consists of aluminum ferrule along with a property of Rage shock.


100 grains with 2-1/8 inches cutting diameter

Pair of aluminum ferrule blades

Less requirement of penetration


Relatively less cutting diameter

Final Verdict

Adequate penetration with a capability to reach the vitals in turkeys. An excellent pick with no disadvantages so far. Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead is the one for the shooters to take their adventure to the next level.

5.Solid Turkey D-Cap Broadheads- the Sharpest Ones

Like any sharp object or cutting device, the tool's ability to hit the surface and hold it is essential. Similarly, the initial stability of the broadhead also depends on its material.

The Solid Turkey D-Cap Broadheads are manufactured with 440-grade stainless steel with excellent edges and the capability to hold it. Moreover, it is efficient in generating high impact resistance to stay on the target's body, i.e., turkey.

With about 200 grains weight, the Solid D-Cap is razor sharp and durable. They consist of a 0.060 inches thickness of blades that can rip the surface off with just a touch.

Key Features

The construction ofSolid Turkey D-Cap Broadheads is carried out with standard threads and constitutes a weight of about 200 grains. Moreover, these broadheads produce a massive cutting diameter of 4 inches, which doesn't let the target fly or run.

Furthermore, the thickness of the stainless-steel blade is 0.062 inches with a blade angle of 20 degrees for edge retention and enhanced sharpness. Subsequently, each blade is installed with a leather stropped to provide razor sharpness to the blades and remove any potential blur.

With guillotine broadhead tips, the arrow can lop off the turkey's heads with a quick kill. These tips have long blades sticking with the ferrule making it perfect for shooting less than 50 yards.


Made up of stainless steel

0.062 inches blade thickness

Cutting diameter of 4 inches

Pack of 3 blades


Not suitable for shooting over 50 yards

Final Verdict

The Solid Turkey D-Cap Broadheads are famous for their efficiency and desirable outcomes with high accuracy and penetration power. Usually, hunters choose them due to their razor sharpness to enhance their hunting experiences. Since they are guillotine heads, they can aim and hit the mark immediately.


Whether going for a small or large game, it is vital to ensure you choose the right broadhead for enhanced shooting happenings around you. For the turkey games, the ideal pick would be the one with sharp retention ability and penetration power.

However, in different gaming and aiming environments, the requirements for the broadheads may vary depending on the comfort zone of the hunter. Therefore, make an intelligent selection for your broadhead so that you won't worsen your spring shooting or get a wounded turkey.

Make your shooting experience worth it by choosing the right one and feel confident in the field.



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toney jacob

toney jacob

December 14, 2021

Wow!! Awesome blog. I have benefited a lot from reading your blog. I was looking for a full guideline and here I got it. We hope this article delivers valuable information to me in figuring out the most appropriate Crossbow broadhead for me.

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