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7 Best Tips for Deer Hunting

For years, hunters gather after a game and discuss what worked for them and what wasn't worth it. This is because learning about deer hunting is a non-stop process. You are never done with deer hunting strategies.

Whether you are a beginner or have gone to several deer hunting games but didn't find luck, you might have to prepare some tips and strategies to ensure you get the deer for dinner.

The best part,

With the consultation of expert hunters, we have gathered this article to help you explain some basic tricks for deer hunting. Take a look at this information below, as there might be any point you haven't thought of.

By the end of this guide, consider yourself a deer hunter and ensure you won't miss a deer next time. You never know how a little change can bring a deer home for you.

Let's start exploring the hunting world.

7 Tips and Tricks for Deer Hunting

Here are the basic deer hunting tips you should know before starting a deer adventure:

Tip 1: Get Rid of Smell

You might be wondering how deer ran away from you even you hadn't made any noise or movement. It is because deers have a strong sense of smell. So, next time you go deer hunting, bath yourself from an unscented neutral soap.

Moreover, use any odorless soaps and detergents available in the market to get rid of your smell and soap's smell. Instead, you can fill your chest with leaves or pine needles to ensure you don't smell unusual for deers. Or apply a deer scent to attract the deer and hunt it.

Tip 2: Don't Make Noise

Deers are capable of detecting minute sounds with ease due to their strong sense of listening. Deers understand the sounds of other animals and a human. So, you have to be very careful while walking around and looking for one.

Also, if you are geared up with a stand, and it might make a sound, then try to be as quiet as possible. Be careful while getting your crossbow or gun up to the hunting stand. Or it can be a wise idea to wrap up your metal gear with duct tape or apply foaming onto it to make a minimum sound in the field.

Furthermore, do anything but donot cough on the field. Just muffle your sound if the cough is unbearable to dilute the sound of the cough. Or you better stay at home instead of making deer realize your presence.

Tip 3: Consider the Wind Conditions

It is to be noted that before planning a deer hunting game, consider all the environmental aspects to ensure you get the perfect weather conditions. Think about whether you can reach your desired location without interfering with wind or not?

Furthermore, it doesn't matter how many deers are on the field; the thing that matters the most is whether or not you have planned your hunting adventure. If your planning has a flaw, then trust me, your deer hunting game will be finished before even starting.

Alternatively, you must plan multiple stand locations to make a successful backup plan according to varying wind directions. So that if the wind is not ideal at your location, you can quickly shift to another one and don't spoil your game.

Also, be sure about the velocity of wind and its possible directions during that day. Suspect the wind swirls and movement beforehand because it plays a vital role in making or breaking the hunting game.

Tip 4: Take Small Scores in Predictability

Before going on the field, suspect the area and scout the land enough to ensure the deer's next move so you can shoot accordingly. Be quick and keep your crossbow ready each time. To enhance your shooting experience, here is a guide for thebest crossbows for hunting games.

Mix things up and try from different shooting spots even if the wind is in your favour. Keep yourself prepared for various locations as well as blind spots to get the deer. Always pay special attention to the wind direction before finalizing the stand-location.

Tip 5: Implement Your Imaginations

Every hunter, a night before a hunting game, plans in their imaginations about the strategies and the ways of attacking the deer. Imagine yourself in the field, and deer are walking 15 yds upwind from your bow stand.

You magically aim your ideal shot, and there you go. A perfect shot and you have done it, but it is just an imagination. In reality, such scenarios rarely happen. But you can make it happen by planning every step. You can plan every backup plan to make sure you get your deer.

Tip 6: Don't Let Deer Use Your Stand

Generally, it isn't enough to plan the hunting game and make multiple stand positions to hunt the deer. You also have to ensure that the deer must not use your stand as its climbing stand and run away from you.

However, you might have picked a location for hiding your stand with scrapes, rubs, branches, or other deer signs. Surely, you may have planned how you'll shoot at certain locations, but you also have to think about how you may look at a deer while aiming it.

Tip 7: Cover Your Stand

Consider you have searched for the ideal location to hunt, but what if that location is easily visible for deer? For instance, your ideal spot is on the tree, but it will be a problem if no trees cover you.

Consequently, you will be more exposed to daylight without coverings, and a deer will identify your reflection under the sunlight. Probably not visiting that area again and may sense the danger for themselves.

Select trees with a broad base to camouflage your shape and stand in them to prevent such a scenario. These trees cannot be climbed by the deers and hence a better placement for the bow stand.

On the contrary, you can also wear camo clothes to make it difficult for the deer to identify you behind the tree. Or you can also hide by lying your back against the tree.

What Not To do While Deer Hunting

Even though there are certain techniques and tricks you may follow for successful deer hunting, there are certain mistakes you must avoid while hunting. Some of them are:

1. Not Enough Practising

The most significant hunting mistake that most hunters make is not practising enough before going on deer hunting. It is necessary to shoot with the bow or rifle to analyze your shooting capacity, tool, or any problem with any accessory that you find challenging to aim. Here is the list of variouscrossbow accessories you might need to know.

2. Frequently Checking Cameras

It might seem unusual, but checking cameras too often can warn the deer about potential danger because the more you check your camera, the more you will be spreading your scent, which isn't good for you. If you cannot stop yourself from checking cameras frequently, it is better not to use them.

3. Lookout Habitats

Usually, when the whitetail hunting season comes, hunters fight for their turns to get a chance. However, only a few know which kind of deer they will hunt, their habitats, where they spend most of their time, etc.

4. Improper Planning

The most common mistake that every hunter makes is while planning the multiple access routes -they don't pay enough attention to preparing an efficient and practical plan to ensure reaching the standpoint without alarming the whitetails.

Consequently, it is essential to access your desired point stealthily to ensure you don't push any deer out of that area. This way, you won't disturb the bedding areas and will surely end up with a mature buck.

5. Not Thinking about Weather

Another major mistake made by the hunters is though they make all the necessary preparations regarding the position, clothing, and accessories but forget to think about the weather.

Look for the position where the wind flows in your favor or search multiple access points to make sure you have a plan B, which will be a success.

Final Wordings

Indeed, there are many more deer hunting tips and tricks that one might do to figure out a successful deer hunting plan. However, it also happens with all the ideal conditions and weather scenarios; you end up with no whitetail.

Whatever the case is, you could always learn from others' mistakes and experiences. It is because learning about deer hunting is a never-ending process. You can always explore some new and innovative techniques and ideas for a better hunting game. With some insights and knowledge, you can improve your hunting strategies and boost your deer hunting success rate.

Without a doubt, whitetail hunting is an adventurous game, but it can be dangerous sometimes. While doing so, don't forget personal safety should always be your priority. It is essential to take all safety precautions before entering the field.


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