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Best Turkey Hunting Gear

In recent years, turkey hunting has evolved into a sport where hunting gear plays a pivotal role. With every spring season, an increasing number of hunters eagerly venture out, knowing that success isn't just about skill—it's about having the right tools. But with a plethora of innovative turkey hunting equipment flooding the market, how do you discern the must-haves from the superfluous?

In this guide, we demystify the world of turkey hunting gear. We'll spotlight the essentials and provide insights to equip you with the best tools, ensuring that you're optimally prepared when you set foot in the field. Ready to gear up for your next turkey pursuit? Let's get started.


7 Essential Turkey Hunting Gear to Go with

Presenting you the basic seven turkey hunting gear to help you and to get you a guaranteed turkey on your dinner table.

1. Don’t Forget Turkey Calls

One of the most essential turkey hunting gear is turkey calls. It is not just an ordinary box that comes with different calls, it is a box with various bird sounds to attract turkeys to the hunter. Several hunters use various turkey sounds as there isn’t a guarantee which one will work more efficiently.

For example, aZink Signature Series Snake Tongue Diaphragm Call is the diaphragm one that is completely inserted in the hunter’s mouth to create raspy calls. It might take time for the hunters to learn how to do so but eventually, it will benefit them to gather wild turkeys as it's their natural behaviour to respond to such sounds.

2. Decoys are Must

Decoys have become a must-have turkey hunting gear in the spring seasons. Technically, the main idea behind using the decoys is to attract the turkeys and distract them from the hunters. Typically, a hen, jake decoy, or a tom decoy are used as turkeys get attracted towards them and the hunter gets a chance to aim at them.

You can use aFlextone Thunder Jake Turkey Decoy to gather the attention of turkeys as they are designed to be non-threatening and relaxed jake turkeys and will not alarm turkeys for any danger. It has a dominant position and great visibility for the turkeys. A hunter can place in various positions to guide the turkey towards him.

3. Boots to Stay Comfortable

One of the main concerns while going on a turkey hunting game is to stay comfortable and walk around with ease. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sticky and wet feet. To that end, rubber boots are convenient for the turkey games as they are lightweight and create fewer noises than others.

Among all,Rocky Claw Rubber Boot can be a suitable pick. They are waterproof, consist of memory foam for extra comfort, and easy side zipper for quick on and off. Moreover, they will keep your feet dry and warm so that you can stay on your turkey game for longer.

4. Binoculars for Extra Vision

Amongst all the turkey hunting gear, this one will take you closer to your target. If you are thinking that turkeys can not look enough at night, you are wrong. They have an equal vision as humans have at night and you can not just roam around to locate them. Good optics can make a lot of difference in analyzing the animal size from a distance and it can enhance your hunting adventure.

So, you need a pair of extra efficient Bushnell Engage DX Binoculars 12x50  to have enhanced vision in both day and night times. They possess a roof prism design, weather-resistant, and coated lenses to provide an extra vision for hunters and outdoorsmen.

5. Camouflage Yourself with Blind

Since the sight of the turkeys is good enough that they distinguish a hunter in the field and hide from them. Thus, it is important to get yourself a camouflage blind to get undercover and aim for your target.

To that end, cover up with anAmeristep Throwdown Blind which is large enough to hide you and your partner hunter. The camo created by this blind will not scare turkeys and they won't run away from you.

6. Gloves and Mask

While going on a hunting adventure, it is essential to pay special attention to what clothes you are wearing and what accessories you are carrying with you. As with turkeys, they can see all colors, and most significantly they can distinguish red color prominently.

Therefore, wear gloves and a breathable face mask that shouldn’t contain a red color instead blend with your surrounding colors and you don’t miss your target at any cost.

7. Blended Backpack

Hunting packs are important as you can carry numerous accessories in them but to keep in mind they shouldn’t have prominent and exclusive colors in them. Most backpacks are designed in coordination with the hunting suit to not be so noticeable on the field.

You can useFieldline Big Game Backpack Realtree Edge for the blended and smooth hunting experience. It divides the weight evenly and doesn’t burden your shoulders so it doesn’t affect your aiming capabilities. It consists of a large compartment in the center and two side compartments for water bottles that will keep you hydrated.

Tips for Better Turkey Hunting Game

Turkey hunting season is one of the favorite seasons for many hunters as it allows them to test their skills and bring some delicious turkey for the dinner table. Along with other accessories, the basic tool you would need is the sharpturkey broadheads. These are specially designed for turkey hunting games.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's not your day or there might be some small points you would be missing so you don’t get a turkey. Here are some tips and tricks you can look for and incorporate them into your turkey hunting game.

Tip 1: Reach Early on the Field

It's better to reach early on the site rather than being late and alarming turkeys for something unusual. Ideally, the best suited time would be to reach at least 30 minutes early on the field so that you have plenty of time to set yourself on the roost tree.

Also, it is beneficial for you to construct a plan B if plan A doesn’t work. For example, which site you would go for and how you will be aiming your next shot.

Tip 2: Carry Plenty of Calls with You

Moreover, it is a clever idea to keep several diaphragms, box, and slate calls as you have no idea on which sound turkeys will respond. Usually, they like more than call and it would be the worst feeling if you don’t have the right call. Or it would be wise if you take a global call with you but be careful with it on public land.

Tip 3: Be Patient

While looking for the turkeys in the field, be patient with your search. It isn’t practically possible for you to reach the area and shoot the turkey instantly. Sit on your spot and call after almost every 15 minutes.

Ideally, call 30 minutes before the flight and they will get to you. It saves their extra energy from flying and you can roost them without even letting them gobble. You can carefully listen to their wings and reach to them.

Tip 4: Get Closer

While aiming for your shot, try to move closer to the gobbler as much as you can. Suppose you have detected a turkey, move closer to him but make sure he doesn’t detect your presence.

Generally, a distance of 100 yards or less is enough to aim a turkey and allow yourself to set before making the first call. The chance of success is 10% higher if you make this a regular practice.

Tip 5: Clever Decoy Positions

Despite having incredible turkey hunting gear and shooting skills, if you didn’t position your decoys wisely, you might end up with no turkey. Technically, you must place your decoys at 45 degrees from the hunter on the way where there are chances of gobbler to come from. Interestingly, decoys can be your biggest assets in the turkey hunting game, only if you use them correctly.

Tip 6: You Can Always Go for Round Two

It often happens with the hunters that despite planning each step, you don’t get a turkey for the table so that is completely ok. You can always go for round two.

Consequently, you can go again into that area where you have heard the wild turkeys and re-plan your strategies. Listen to their sounds and analyse how you can hunt them down. Or sneak to them and start hunting in the dark.

Final Wordings

The turkey gear accessories play a vital role in making your turkey game a success. Keep in mind, turkeys' biggest strength is their sight and you have to get away with it. Once you are trained to do so, you can definitely bring a turkey for a dinner table.

Apart from turkey hunting ideas, we have structureddeer hunting techniques for you so that you never miss any of them.

Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys