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Best Hunting Gear in 2024

best hunting gear

As dawn breaks over the wilderness and the forest awakens, every hunter knows that success is not just about skill and patience—it's also about the gear. Today, the landscape of hunting equipment is richer than ever, offering a blend of tradition and technology. The right tools can mean the difference between a memorable hunt and a day of missed opportunities. 

Catching that big buck or quality deer is a thrilling experience many hunters aspire to. It's not just about enhancing the odds of a successful season, but also about safety, comfort, and respecting the environment. In this comprehensive hunting guide, we delve deep, emphasizing the importance of quality and how it can redefine your experience in the wilderness. From the boots that guard your steps to the optics that guide your aim, every piece plays a pivotal role. Welcome to the ultimate journey into the best hunting gear. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just starting out, this guide promises to equip you with knowledge, ensuring your next adventure is nothing short of exceptional.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of new hunting season, it's the perfect time to reflect on the best hunting gear of 2023. This selection of hunting gear and equipment for hunters set the benchmark for the year, with some of them likely to remain as the best hunting gear for 2024. Stay tuned for new updates, where we'll continue to provide the most up-to-date insights. 

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Types of Hunting Gear: Equipment for Different Game

The right choice can make a significant difference, enhancing both success rates and overall experience. Here’s a breakdown of the equipment tailored to specific game types, ensuring that you are adequately prepared for each excursion:

deer hunting cap

What you need for Deer hunt:

  • Crossbows & Bows: Elk and Deer hunting often involves stealth and patience. Using a bow is a much quieter method compared to firearms. The lack of loud gunshot noise means less disturbance in the environment, allowing for multiple shots if needed.
  • Clothes: The woodland camo patterns disrupt the hunter's outline in deer woods terrains. Additionally, scent-blocking tech addresses a deer's primary defense mechanism – its acute sense of smell.
  • Boots: Deer and Elk hunting environments often involve dense forests with twigs, leaves, and potential noise makers. The best hunting boots for every hunter that are comfortable and allows discreet movement has to be top of the list.
  • Accessories: Mule Deer calls or rattling antlers simulate either a doe in estrus or rival bucks, manipulating the deer's natural instincts to your advantage. Elevation from a deer stand or blind minimizes ground scent spread and provides a clear line of shot. The best deer feeders also can't be overlooked. 

What you need for Waterfowl hunt:

  • Clothes: Wetlands are inherently moist and cold. Water-resistant clothing will keep you warm and dry, and protect you from wetness, while also maintaining a stealthy profile in the reeds and marshes.
  • Boots: Marshes, rivers, and lakesides can be slippery and waterlogged. Waterproof qualities are crucial to prevent dampness which can lead to discomfort and even hypothermia.
  • Bib: Besides keeping you warm, bibs also provide extra pockets, ideal for carrying cartridges, calls, and other necessary tools.
  • Accessories: Waterfowl hunting can recognize unnatural sounds or sights; accurate calls and realistic decoys bridge this gap, drawing them into shooting range.


Big Game hunting essentials:

  • Bows & Crossbows: Big game hunters know, that toughness and size require high kinetic energy to ensure a humane kill. Equipment choice should prioritize power and accuracy. We recommend Ravin R10X. 

Ravin R10

  • Electric Hunting Bikes: Covering vast stretches of wilderness quickly can be the difference between success and going home empty-handed. These bikes, being silent, don't scare away potential targets.
  • Clothes: Variable climates mean layering is key. Adaptability ensures you're insulated from cold yet breathable during exertion.
  • Accessories: Big game calls need to be convincing. A moose or elk's suspicion can make them disappear into the wilderness. The hefty weight of the kill also means a large, durable backpack becomes indispensable. A treestand or ladder stand is another accessory you can take advantage of while hunting big game animals. 

What do you need for Turkey hunt:

  • Bows: Due to the turkey's small kill zone, agility and precision are paramount. Compact bows allow for quick positioning and shot-taking.
  • Clothes: A turkey's eyesight is its main defense. Specialized camo ensures you're invisible even at close quarters.
  • Boots: Forest floors can be uneven and noisy. Boots designed for turkey hunting focus on silent tread and stability.
  • Accessories: Convincing decoys and calls play on turkeys' social nature, drawing them out and presenting shot opportunities. It is an essential item in the Turkey Hunting Gear list.  

General Hunting Gear:

  • Accessories: Quality optics mean identifying your target accurately. This is essential for both ethical and safety reasons. Having a robust multi-tool and knife is necessary for field dressing and general utility.
  • Clothes: Diverse environments mean varying challenges. Proper layering can help you adjust to changing weather conditions, maximizing comfort.
  • Bibs: The versatility of modern hunting bibs ensures you get maximum value and adaptability for any situation, whether you're after waterfowl in a chilly marsh or stalking deer in a fall woodland.

By equipping oneself with gear specific to the type and hunting scenarios you can ensure a more effective and enjoyable outing. As the saying goes, "It's not just about the kill, but the thrill of the chase," and having the right tools undoubtedly adds to the thrill.

Essential Gear for Every Hunter

I know that what you choose plays a crucial role in determining not just the success of the hunt but also the safety and efficiency of overall trip. Let's have a look what I believe is a must to have for every hunter. 


Whether you're in the early stages of theearly season or venturing out forsmall game or upland hunting, ensuring you're equipped with thebest hunting apparel is paramount. Attire is meticulously layered to provide protection against the elements. The base layers are paramount for thermal regulation, often made of moisture-wicking materials like merino wool. Over these, you have to wear insulating layers, ensuring warmth, especially during the colder seasons.

The outermost layer needs to be both waterproof and windproof while maintaining breathability. We often need to blend into our surroundings, these are usually available in various camouflage patterns tailored to different environments. Complementing these layers, gloves, and hats become essential, especially in colder climates, to ensure full-body protection. Brands like Kryptec, Sitka, Arctic Shield have the best hunting clothes, that are scent eliminating, light and made with quality. For scent eliminating hunting clothes we recommend Arctic Shield.

arctic shield jacket



Another significant consideration. Depending on the terrain and weather, you need boots that offer the right balance between support, waterproofing, and insulation. Paired with these are high-quality socks, again preferably made of materials like merino wool, which provide both warmth and moisture-wicking properties. Rocky hunting boots  are great for deer hunting and made it to the list of must have hunting gear. 


I know the importance of a reliable bag. It needs to distribute weight evenly, offer padded support in the right areas, and feature compartments for easy organization. More than just a storage solution, it's a toolkit, carrying everything from ammunition to first-aid kits. The best hunting backpacks offers some level of water resistance and plenty of room.


In the world of hunting, tools are more than just gadgets, they're essential for various tasks in the field. A sharp and durable hunting knife is indispensable for dressing games. Meanwhile, a versatile multi-tool can help with everything from making quick repairs to setting up camp. You can check our picks for the 5 best hunting knives.


The set of the best binoculars for hunting  helps in spotting distant games, a rangefinder determines the distance to a target. Scope with a built-in rangefinder, which provides instant distance readings is an awesome gadget. This allows archers to accurately determine the range of their target without the need for a separate handheld rangefinder. We like Bushnell Legacy Binoculars 10-22 x 50, it is trusted brand and we never had any issues. 

 bushnell binoculars

Bows and Crossbows

Not all use firearms. With the resurgence of traditional hunting methods and the rise of new technologies, best crossbows, and bows have found their place in the hunter's arsenal. When considering weaponry the choice can make all the difference, irrespective of the price tag. While silent and requiring a different skill set, can be equally, if not more, lethal than firearms. Their selection varies based on the game and personal preference, with built-in scopes, and different bows tailored for different hunts.

Electric hunting bikes

E-bikes have revolutionized the way we travel vast terrains. These bikes offer a noiseless and efficient mode of transportation, allowing hunters to cover greater distances without scaring away potential game. They are particularly useful for hunts in expansive regions, making tracking and scouting significantly easier.

Game Calls and Decoys

Regardless of the game—whether it's deer, fowl, or bigger game like elk—specific calls and decoys can make a substantial difference, luring the animals closer and making the hunt more successful. From the best deer decoys we recommend Primos Scar Deer decoy. Most realistic, well made with head and tail that move with the slightest breeze.

deer decoy


Safety and navigation cannot be compromised. Modern GPS devices offer precise tracking, but a traditional compass and map act as trusted backups. Two-way radios facilitate communication, especially in areas with unreliable cell reception. Blaze orange clothing is worn in many regions, ensuring that you are easily spotted by others, and reducing the risk of accidents. And never underestimate the importance of a reliable headlamp or flashlight for those early-morning setups or late-evening trails.

Finally, taking care of basic needs is essential. Staying hydrated is crucial, and energy-packed snacks can be lifesavers during long hunts. Protection against the sun and pests comes in the form of sunscreen and bug repellents. Hunting, at its core, is more than just the pursuit of a game. It's about preparation, patience, and respect for nature. The right tools ensure that you can focus on the hunt, knowing that you are well-prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

Training and Licensing for Hunting

Navigating the world of bow and crossbow hunting requires not just a passion but also comprehensive training and proper licensing. Obtaining a  license signifies our commitment to understanding the nuances of techniques as well as the principles of safe and ethical hunting. Many regions specifically require an Basic Hunter Education courses prior to licensing, ensuring that you are well-versed in aspects such as equipment maintenance, shooting accuracy, wildlife conservation, and hunting laws. This training also imparts critical skills, from perfecting one's aim to understanding game movement patterns. Archery license doesn't just enhance your personal experience, they also embody respect and responsibility towards the wildlife you pursue, preserving the rich legacy of bow hunting. Check your local state regarding permits and licenses. 

Top 10 Hunting Gear Picks for 2024

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and innovations. This year has seen remarkable developments in the best clothes and equipment and we've meticulously sorted a list for you. Here are our top picks for hunting.

1. Electric Hunting Bike – Bakcou Mule: The Bakcou Mule is setting the standard for electric hunting bikes.  Compared to other electric bikes, the Bakcou Mule boasts superior battery capacity and a rugged build, making it the top choice for challenging terrains where agility and stealth matter most.

electric hunting bike

2. Crossbow – TenPoint TX 440: The new 2024 TenPoint TX 440 has become the talk of the town. When stacking it against other crossbows, the TenPoint TX 440's blend of high-speed delivery and pinpoint accuracy sets it apart as a true blend of modern design and technology. It sits at great price point for the modern crossbow that will last years. 

3. Best Bow – Mathews V3X: Still holding its position from the previous list, the Mathews V3X is a testament to Mathews' commitment to excellence in archery. While other bows come and go, Mathews V3X's compact and stable design has kept it a constant favorite among bowhunters. 

Mathews V3X
4. Backpack – Badlands MRK 6 Pack: Badlands continues its tradition of excellence with the MRK 6 Pack. While other brands and models may offer storage, none match the ergonomic comfort, specific functionality, and durability of the Badlands MRK 6 Pack.

Badlands MRK 6 PACK
5. Hunting Knife – Outdoor Edge RazorMax Knife: The Outdoor Edge RazorMax Knife is the epitome of precision and reliability. Many knives may offer sharpness, but the Outdoor Edge RazorMax stands out due to its adaptability and effortless operation, especially during crucial tasks like field dressing.

6. Bushnell Engage DX Spotting Scope:A spotting scope is an indispensable tool, offering enhanced visual clarity that far exceeds traditional binoculars. Against standard spotting scopes, the Bushnell Engage DX provides unparalleled visual clarity and precision, bridging the gap between a hunter and their distant target.

7. Hunting Boots – LaCrosse: LaCrosse boots have the edge over competitors with their fusion of modern tech and enduring durability, ensuring that you won't be slowed down by foot fatigue or unpredictable elements.

lacrosse hunting boots
8. Jacket and Bib – Badlands: While many hunting apparel focus just on camouflage, Badlands takes a holistic approach, ensuring comfort, protection, and effective concealment—making it the choice for discerning hunters in 2023. 

badlands clothes
9. Hunting Blind – Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind: In comparison to other hunting blinds, Ameristep's Realtree camo and 360-degree view uniquely position it as the go-to for complete concealment and environmental awareness. 

hunting blinds
10. Hunting Trailer – Bakcou: Where many hunting trailers may compromise on comfort or navigation, Bakcou seamlessly blends both. What sets Bakcou apart is its dedication to understanding the true needs of hunters. Their folding trailers are rugged and durable, handling terrains with ease. Moreover, their compact design ensures easy transport and storage, a boon for the nomadic hunter. While other brands may provide generalized solutions, Bakcou's focus on specialized hunting needs makes it the top for us.

     folding deer trailer

      Budget Picks 

      For those who are new to hunting or just looking for cost-effective options without compromising on quality, we've also identified a few budget-friendly options:

      Crossbow – Barnett Hyper Raptor: If you are budget-conscious and refuse to compromise on performance, the 2024 Barnett Hyper Raptor presents an optimal choice. When compared with higher-priced competitors, the Raptor doesn't falter. It promises reliable speed, accuracy, and power, making it an excellent value for its price point.

      Barnett Hyper Raptor

      Bow – Quest Centec Bow: Don't let the affordability of the Quest Centec Bow mislead you. Despite its friendly price tag, it exhibits commendable precision and power, rivaling many of its pricier counterparts. Its sleek design and dependable functionality make it an ideal entry point for budding archers or those looking for quality on a budget.

      Quest Cantec Bow

      Electric Hunting Bike – Quietkat Ranger: The Quietkat Ranger is proof that you don't need to break the bank for a reliable electric hunting bike. While it might not possess the full suite of features found in top-tier models, its performance in navigating terrains and offering a silent approach is noteworthy. For hunters prioritizing affordability and essential functionality, the Ranger stands out as a sterling choice.

      quietkat ranger

      These budget options are more than just cost-effective; they're about providing genuine value, ensuring that you don't have to empty your wallets to have a top-notch hunt. 2023 showcases the evolution of hunting gear with these top selections from renowned brands. Each product, whether a classic or a newcomer, promises performance, durability, and the edge needed for success.

      Essential Features to Consider 

      Choosing the right equipment goes beyond aesthetic appeal or trendy gadgets. Your equipment is a reflection of your commitment to the sport, ensuring efficiency, safety, and an enhanced experience. Here's our thorough examination of the features you should prioritize when selecting your best gear, be it crossbows, bows, general hunting equipment, or electric bikes:


      • Material Integrity: Whether it's the limbs of a bow, the frame of an xbow, the fabric of a hunting jacket, or the frame of an electric hunting bike, always prioritize high-quality, rugged materials that promise longevity.  
      • Construction: Sturdy stitching in apparel, reinforced seams on bags, and robust mechanical components are vital.
      • Brand Track Record: Established brands often bring a guarantee of durability, having honed their products over years of feedback and testing.
      • Warranty: When investing in hunting gadgets, considering the warranty is paramount. The unpredictability of outdoor conditions means equipment can be subjected to extreme wear and tear, making the durability and longevity of gear a crucial concern. A good warranty, or lifetime warranty offered by some manufacturers not only attests to confidence in the product's quality and durability but also provides peace of mind.

      Weather Resistance:

      • Waterproof Features: Essential for use in wet environments. Waterproofing is especially crucial for electric hunting bike components and electronic equipment.
      • Breathability: Especially for apparel, which should allow perspiration to escape, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable.
      • UV and Thermal Protection: Protective coatings or materials can shield you and your essentials from harmful sun rays or extreme cold.
      • Corrosion Resistance: For metal components in bows, crossbows, and bikes, resistance to rust and corrosion ensures longevity and performance.

      Comfort and Fit:

      • Ergonomic Design: Whether it's the grip on a bow, the seat of an electric hunting bike, or the handle of a tool, comfort during prolonged use is crucial.
      • Customization: Be it crossbows with adjustable stocks or electric bikes with varying seat heights, should cater to individual preferences and physiques.
      • Weight Balance: This is particularly significant for bows, where a balanced weight ensures accuracy. Similarly, lightweight, well-balanced electric hunting bikes or hunting trikes offer better maneuverability.
      • Cushioning: Adequate padding in backpack straps, bike seats, or footwear can significantly improve the hunting experience.


      • Versatility: Multi-functional tools, like a bow that's suitable for various games or an electric bike with multiple terrain modes, offer enhanced value.
      • User-friendly Mechanics:  More complex equipment like crossbows or electric bikes, should be intuitive and straightforward to operate. Keep things simple
      • Battery Longevity: For electric hunting bikes, a durable battery ensures you can cover long distances without the need for frequent recharges.
      • Efficient Storage: Gear bags or backpacks should have compartments designed for specific equipment, ensuring ease of access and organization.


      Selecting the right tools, be it a traditional bow, a high-tech crossbow, essential apparel, or a state-of-the-art electric hunting bike, should be approached with diligence. Nature is as challenging as it is beautiful, and equipping yourself with the right gear that embodies these features ensures you're ready for every twist and turn of your hunting adventure.

      Care and Maintenance for Your Hunting Gear

      To truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt, you must not only rely on skill and knowledge but also on the gear you carry. As with any specialized equipment, it requires regular care and maintenance to ensure it performs optimally and lasts for years to come.

      The immediate aftermath of a hunt is often the starting point for cleaning and maintenance. Nature, with its mud, rain, and other elements, will invariably leave its mark. Brush off the loose dirt from clothes, boots, and equipment as a preliminary step. If any of your gear has come in contact with blood or other organic material, cold water should be your immediate go-to, ensuring those protein-based stains don't set in.

      Your hunting clothing, especially those used in layering, demands careful attention. Gentle detergents work best for base and insulating layers. Outer layers with protective coatings, after several uses or washes, might require re-waterproofing with sprays or wash-in products. All zippers, buttons, and straps should be secured before any wash.

      Footwear, given its direct exposure to the ground elements, needs its dedicated care regimen. Remove insoles and laces, brush off dried dirt, and use mild soap with lukewarm water for a more thorough cleaning. Always air dry, keeping them away from direct heat sources, which can compromise the material's integrity.

      Weapons like firearms, bows, and crossbowsneed routine maintenance. Clean firearm barrels to remove residue and oil moving parts for rust prevention. Bows and crossbows have strings that need periodic waxing. Regularly inspect all components for wear, tear, or any signs of damage.

      hunting gear maintenance

      Optical equipment, such as binoculars, scopes, or rangefinders, should be delicately handled. A soft microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning lenses, and specialized lens cleaning solutions can be used for a deeper cleanse. It's crucial to avoid direct contact with the lens surface, as natural oils from fingers can cause smudging.

      The advent of electric hunting bikes has added a new dimension to hunting, allowing you to travel terrains super efficiently. Their care is twofold: mechanical and electrical. Ensure chains are lubricated and tires are appropriately inflated. Check brake systems and gear mechanisms for wear. On the electrical side, batteries should be charged only when they run low to maintain their lifespan. Store them in cool, dry places and check connections for any corrosion or wear. Remember to consult the user manual or manufacturer's guidelines for any specific maintenance advice.

      Knives and tools must be kept sharp; a sharper blade is, ironically, safer as it requires less force and reduces the chance of accidental slips. Clean blades and tools after each use to prevent rust.

      Lastly, proper storage ensures longevity. All gear should be kept in cool, dry environments, preferably away from direct sunlight. Silica gel packets in storage compartments can prevent moisture build-up, and airing out gear occasionally keeps them fresh, preventing mold or mildew.

      To sum it up, gear maintenance might seem like a chore, but it's an essential aspect of the hunting experience. Properly cared-for equipment not only safeguards your investment but ensures that when the moment of truth arrives in the wilderness, your gear is up to the task. If you interested you can read what else we got listed for what we think are the 10 best hunting accessories

      Conclusion and Final Thoughts

      The hunting, often viewed through a narrow lens, has undergone a remarkable evolution, particularly in the context of gear and technology. The year 2023 brought us many innovations and top products. What is available for hunters this new hunting season exemplifies the blend of tradition with modern innovation, reflecting the dynamic nature of the sport itself. Beyond just functionality, the spotlight on brands like Bakcou, TenPoint, and Kryptek underscores a movement towards sustainability and ethics, two themes that are becoming central to virtually every domain today.

      Hunting, at its core, is about the balance between man and nature. The gear we select plays a critical role in ensuring that this balance is maintained, if not enhanced. By choosing products that are both cutting-edge and ethically produced, we're not just elevating our own hunting experience; we're making a statement about the kind of world we wish to inhabit and pass down.

      As the narrative around hunting continues to evolve, so does its role in our society. The top gear in 2024, combined with a mindset, takes us one step closer to that ideal. As the saying goes, "Whenyou're hunting, always aim for the best deer and make sure every choice makes the new standard in excellence."  

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