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Best Deer Decoys



boss buck deer decoy


Picture this: You got your hunting gear with you, you're prepped and primed for your next hunting expedition. Your top-notch compound bow or the latest season's crossbow is ready. You've handpicked your camouflaged attire, and your hunting e-bike stands by. But have you considered amplifying your chances with the best deer decoys of 2023?

While some hunters swear by the age-old techniques, an increasing number vouch for the effectiveness of deer decoys, especially when paired with deer calls and scents. Sure, one can argue that decoys aren't strictly necessary, but can you overlook their potential to heighten your success rate? Bringing a deer within close range for a humane, well-placed shot is paramount. And a strategically positioned deer decoy can significantly influence deer behavior to your advantage.

In this guide, we unravel our top six deer decoy picks, meticulously chosen based on craftsmanship, realism, portability, and efficacy. Drawing from our rich experience and comprehensive reviews, we'll spotlight best-sellers and address the pressing questions you might have about selecting the perfect deer decoy.

Decoys made it to the list of the best hunting gear for every hunter

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Best Overall Deer Decoy - Primos Scar 

The Primos has been around for many years and it is well known not only for its Primos game calls but for the decoys as well. Primos Scarface Deer decoy with head and tail that can move with the slightest wind. You can pack it away easily and the legs connect by sliding in sideways and they won't fall off as the other decoys do.

The best thing about this decoy model is that all legs, heads, ears, and antlers fit inside the body for simple transport. Ensure you follow the instructions, do it in order and it fits perfectly and won't rattle. This one we love, you can even use it for Christmas time in your backyard, it looks great.

 primos scar decoy

Speaking from personal hunting experience, the Primos Scarface Deer Decoy stands out as one of the most realistic decoys on the market. Its detailed appearance and texture precisely mimic a trophy buck, and the inclusion of moving head and tail components significantly enhances its lifelike appeal.

Crafted with high-quality materials and boasting sturdy build quality, this decoy is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity through multiple hunting seasons.

Ease of Use:
Lightweight and portable, the Primos Scarface is user-friendly, making setup and takedown a breeze, allowing for more focus on the hunt itself.


  • 3d deer realism with moving components
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to set up


  • No negatives, works for me the best.  

In conclusion, the Primos Scarface Deer Decoy is a top-tier choice for hunters seeking a blend of realism, durability, and convenience.

best deer decoys for every hunter


Best Buck Decoy - Flambeau Scrapper 

The Flambeau is an outdoor company that's been offering hunting and fishing products for over 50 years. We used their products on our fishing and hunting trips. Great gun cases, game calls, and great decoys just to name a few. This decoy is built to mimic a 2.5-year-old buck and the main reason it looks so realistic is that is based on a craving by award-winning sculptor Chris Schiller. We love that ears and faux tail move in the wind and you can easily pack and unpack it. The simple but realistic design and durability are what we are looking for. Flambeau is the best-standing decoy for us. A quick tip: You can apply attractant directly to the fax tail or you can place a pad between the rear legs.

buck decoy

Realism: For hunters in search of realism, the Flambeau Masters Series is a noteworthy choice. The decoy exhibits meticulous detail in its appearance, closely resembling a genuine deer. It doesn’t boast moving parts, but the realism in its posture and texture can convincingly replicate a real deer in its natural habitat, making it a formidable presence in the woods.

Durability: Flambeau’s reputation for durability holds true with this model. Crafted with resilient materials, Scrapperis designed to endure the elements, promising reliability across different hunting terrains and weather conditions. This assures you of its longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for seasons to come.

Ease of Use: The included carry case is a boon for hunters prioritizing portability. The decoy is lightweight, and with the case, transport, setup, and storage are streamlined, allowing hunters to effortlessly move to different locations and quickly adapt to the dynamic nature of deer movements.


  • High realism despite the lack of moving parts
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Included carry case for easy transportation and storage


  • The lack of moving components might affect its attractiveness to some deer

To sum it up, the Flambeau with Carry Case is a solid pick for hunters who value a combination of realism, durability, and portability in their deer decoys.


Best Folding Deer Decoy - Montana Trixie Whitetail 

Montana has been around for nearly 20 years, so they definitely know a thing or two about manufacturing and designing the best decoys. The brand makes the big game, turkey, whitetail, and predator decoys. That is why their decoys most realistic on the market. This 2-D Whitetail Deer decoy can be folded by simple twisting in a figure-8 pattern into the size of a medium dinner plate. It is pretty simple but it might take a few times to get the process right. After, you can just put it into your hunting backpack and hit the trail.

What made this Montana unique is its printing method which makes decoys look amazing and natural. It's lightweight and it will increase your chances of success by a milestone. Jerry McPherson the founder had great success with it. “I personally have had some of my best ever whitetail hunts ever here in Montana using Trixie decoy!”

Montana Trixie Whitetail Doe Decoy

The Montana Trixie Whitetail  Decoy showcases an extraordinary level of realism, an aspect I, as an avid hunter, deem crucial when hunting deer. The vivid details, authentic posture, and intricate markings effectively replicate a real whitetail doe, capable of deceiving even the most discerning whitetail buck.

Constructed with materials that resist the elements, the Montana Trixie is resilient, proving its mettle in varied outdoor conditions. This durability makes it a trustworthy companion for numerous hunting expeditions, regardless of weather challenges.

Ease of Use:
Montana Decoy has created a dream team with the Trixie, ensuring it is not just easy to assemble and disassemble, but also remarkably easy to carry. Its lightweight nature underscores its position as a portable, essential for hunters who need to adapt swiftly to the unpredictable nature of deer movements.


  • Excellent realism with detailed features and authentic posture.
  • Durable, weather-resistant materials for longevity.
  • Lightweight, removable parts make it easy to store


  • Make sure you stick it to the ground well. 

In conclusion, for those in pursuit of a realistic, durable, and easily transportable decoy, the Montana Trixie Whitetail Doe emerges as a formidable choice.


Best Doe Deer Decoy -Montana Estrus Betty 

How to attract bucks during all phases of the rut? Remember, the best chance of success while using decoys is to choose them accordingly. Peeing doe decoy will serve you best a few weeks before the rut and during. It looks the same on both sides and has a realistic look that stands out from other decoys that might look too plastic. When bucks chasing does, this decoy will be one to go to. Betty folds very easily, it is light, and the leg posts build very solid.

estrus doe decoy

estrus deer decoy

The Montana Estrus Betty Decoy exhibits an unparalleled level of realism, which is critical for attracting those discerning whitetail bucks during hunting excursions. The meticulous detailing and authentic stance of this decoy represent a doe in estrus, making it an irresistible lure for bucks, especially during the rut.

Crafted with premium, weather-resistant materials, Estrus Betty is built to endure the diverse challenges of the outdoors, ensuring its longevity across various hunting seasons. Its sturdy construction affirms its reliability as a hunting companion in different environmental conditions.

Ease of Use:
Estrus Betty stands out for its user-friendly design. It is lightweight and comes with features that make it easy to assemble and disassemble, translating to a portable decoy. This is particularly advantageous for hunters who need to change locations swiftly in response to deer movements.


  • Exceptional realism depicting a doe in estrus, highly attractive to bucks.
  • Durable and designed to withstand varying weather conditions.
  • User-friendly with easy assembly and disassembly, enhancing portability.


  • 2D Decoy

In conclusion, the Montana Estrus Betty Decoy is a top contender for those seeking the best doe deer decoy, offering a perfect balance of realism, durability, and ease of use.


The Most Realistic Deer Decoy -  Boss Babe Decoy

I personally picked the second decoy for the Flambeau simply because I love how the brand thought about small details when manufacturing it. This 3-D model is a great choice, especially during the rut. It is remarkably realistic, built to lure in whitetail deer. The coloring looks great and is lightweight. Like no other deer decoy model it includes two sets of ears - submissive and alert.

The peg on the rear leg allows for the attachment of scent pads. If you are the type of hunter who uses a scent pad, you can attach it to the peg on the rear leg. It is built like the true-to-life size of a 1.5-year-old doe. All models are made with easy-to-break-down limbs, heads, and ears that can be stored inside the body decoy cavity for simple transportation. Overall it is of great quality for the money.

Boss Babe Deer Decoy

In the realm of deer decoys, the Flambeau Master Series Boss Babe Decoy takes realism to another level, which is essential for effectively attracting the vigilant whitetail buck. The exquisite details, accurate texture, and natural posture of this decoy present a convincing representation of a real deer, making it a standout in simulating the presence of live deer in the field.

Constructed with top-notch, weather-resistant materials, the Flambeau Boss Babe is designed to brave the varied elements of the outdoors. Its sturdy build promises longevity, affirming its position as a reliable partner for hunters through different seasons and terrains.

Ease of Use:
One of the defining features of the Flambeau Boss Babe is its user-friendliness. The decoy is not only easy to assemble and disassemble but is also lightweight. This convenience is a significant advantage for hunters who need to adjust rapidly to the ever-changing patterns of deer movements.


  • Life size realism with intricate detailing and natural posture.
  • Built with durable, weather-resistant materials for extended use.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly, ensuring ease of transport and setup.
  • Body Cavity for storage


  • None

In a nutshell, for hunters seeking the most realistic deer decoy, the Flambeau Master Series Boss Babe Decoy stands out, offering a harmonious blend of realism, durability, and ease of use.


The Best Combo - Montana Decoy Dream team Buck/Doe Set

If you are looking for a decoy that you could use for the entire season, this combo will work like a charm. It allows you to have infinite setup options. You can use them together or separately. Buck decoy in feeding position, you can use it during all periods of the rut and until the last day. This deer decoy duo is a must-have for decoy fans or hunters wanting to add a decoying strategy to their hunting game.

Very easy to fold and have it in your hunting backpack. Montana brand manufactures all decoys that are lightweight and simple. This is a winner for us, grab one and elevate your hunt this fall.

Montana Dreamteam Combo Buck/Doe Decoy

For hunters like myself, seeking a decoy set that exemplifies realism, the Montana Decoy Buck/Doe Set is a prime choice. The detailed features, authentic postures, and intricate textures of both the buck and doe decoys closely mimic real deer, offering a dual advantage in luring in both bucks and does, and enhancing the overall hunting experience.

Constructed with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, this combo set is built to withstand the varied and sometimes harsh conditions of the outdoors. The durable design ensures the longevity of the decoys, making them reliable companions across multiple hunting seasons.

Ease of Use:
What makes this Montana Decoy set stand out is its emphasis on user convenience. Both decoys are lightweight and designed for easy assembly and disassembly, making them highly portable and easy to transport. This is an essential feature for hunters who need to relocate and adapt to the dynamic movements of deer swiftly.


  • High level of realism with detailed features and authentic postures of both buck and doe.
  • Durable construction, capable of enduring various outdoor conditions.
  • User-friendly design, lightweight, and easy to transport and set up.


  • 2D

In conclusion, the Montana Decoy Buck/Doe Set is the go-to option for those seeking the best combo deer decoy, with its impressive realism, durability, and ease of use making it a valuable addition to any hunter’s gear.

MontanaDeer rump decoy

Buying Guide

When setting out to buy the best hunting gear, especially a deer decoy, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure you get the most bang for your buck:

Look for a decoy with high realism, like the series of deer decoys discussed. The more lifelike, the less likely it is to spook the deer, bringing them into your shooting window.

A decoy that can withstand varied weather conditions is essential. It should be crafted with durable materials to endure the elements and serve you in different hunting seasons.

A lightweight and portable decoy, such as the ultimate predator whitetail, can make transportation and setup a breeze, offering flexibility on the move.

Ease of Use:
Opt for decoys that are user-friendly, easy to set up, and disassemble. This will save you time and let you focus more on the hunt.

Balance quality and cost. While it's essential to have reliable gear, consider your hunting budget and look for the best value.

By focusing on these factors, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a stalker decoy that won’t spook your prey and will offer you the best shooting oportunity. Happy hunting!


Which is better a buck or a doe decoy?

The number one thing is to consider the conditions you will be hunting and choose the decoys accordingly. There are many brands that offer realistic decoys, and 3D decoys and they are available in different sizes and shapes. It is very important to choose the right one to increase your chances of a successful hunt.

If your goal is to lure in mature and bigger males you want to use decoys that won't scare them away. Big bucks are dominant in their territory, so if the decoy is too big, or too scary, they might think to look for another area where they feel more dominant.

During the rut, you have a better chance to lure in a buck with estrus doe decoys. The young buck decoys are really effective as well during that time, but if the rut is over these decoys can be very much less effective.

You also have to look for their behavior and choose decoys accordingly. If you see bucks wandering around the decoy in a bedded position can be a great option and if they looking for a companion to feed, feeding the decoys will suit them just perfectly.

When should you use a deer decoy?

Peak breeding throughout some midwest states is usually around November 14. Keep in mind it does vary from state to state. It is very important that you do some research to know when the height of the breeding occurs in your area and have your decoys out 2-3 weeks before the season. This is the time when the deer decoys become very useful hunting accessories. Bucks running around with their elevated testosterone levels and can be more hostile and presiding.

How to use deer decoys

Utilizing deer decoys can greatly amplify your chances of attracting deer, but effective usage is key. Select a realistic decoy, appropriate to the type of deer you're targeting, and deploy it predominantly during the rut when deer are more responsive. Location is crucial,  place the decoy in open, visible spots near trails, food, or bedding areas, with the decoy facing the anticipated approach of the deer. Prioritize scent control by handling the decoy with gloves and applying deer scents, incorporating movement for added realism, and practicing safety by wearing hunter orange during setup and takedown. Positioning yourself downwind and observing deer reactions will help fine-tune your strategy. Through careful and strategic application of these guidelines, hunters can enhance the efficacy of their deer decoys, elevating their hunting experience.

Should I leave deer decoys out overnight?

No, it is better not to leave your buck or deer decoys overnight. If it's cold overnight, the decoy can get frost and scare the deer away. They can get blown down, and break. Make sure you cover them once you bring them to your stand.

grazing doe decoy

Do scent products work with deer decoys?

Although some deer decoys look very realistic if you ask me, what is the decoy good for if it smells like a human? The best thing to do is to clean them before hunting season and use gloves and an odor-neutralizer. To use doe estrus early in the season is not a good idea, deer know when the mating season is and their instincts are strong and you can drive them away.

It is really an individual choice when it comes to scent products. They are popular with some hunters and some think is totally unnecessary. What we believe and what our experience tells us is, that it can add a small hint of practicality and realism when it is not overused. Whether you are using doe estrus, a scent bomb, or territorial buck scents make sure you use them in moderation and with appropriate decoys.

Which way do you face a deer decoy?

When bucks come close to decoy most of the time will circle in the direction in which the wind is blowing and after would stand face to face. So it doesn't really matter that much whether it is left or right, the most important it is to face your stand. This position will give you a better chance for the shot. 

Do deer decoys work?

Yes, from a deer hunter perspective, deer decoys are a tried-and-true method to effectively attract deer. The visual appeal of the decoy arouses the curiosity of deer, leading them to investigate, thereby providing hunters with a strategic advantage. Deer decoys mimic the appearance and sometimes even the movements, scents, and sounds of real deer, which can be particularly persuasive during the rut when deer are more active and responsive. Proper placement, scent control, and the right timing are critical for the success of using a deer decoy. By employing a decoy, hunters can optimize their chances of luring in a deer, potentially leading to a more fruitful hunting experience.

What is the best time for deer hunting?

The best time is considered to be the beginning of the rut. The anticipation of it gets the deer activity close to its maximum. The best deer hunting season is right around the corner. Be sure you make the most of it by grabbing the doe or deer decoy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selecting the right hunting decoy is key, especially when targeting a mature buck. Each series of deer decoy discussed offers a unique blend of realism and durability to meet the varied needs of hunters. Whether you're eyeing the realism of Primos Scarface, the versatility of Montana Decoy’s options, or the details of the Flambeau Master Series, there's something for every hunting budget.

Don’t forget, that pairing a realistic whitetail decoy with strategies like a grunt call can greatly increase your chances of success. Whether a beginner or a pro, finding the right balance between cost and quality can significantly enhance your hunting experience. Happy hunting! 

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