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Slick Trick Broadheads

  • 6 min read

Slick Trick Viper Trick Broadheads Broadhead

The shot placement is the highest factor when it comes to a quick kill. Nothing replaces a well-placed arrow. The simplicity of fixed blade broadheads is really attractive. There is nothing special about them, they just are simple and have a great rating. The Natives had great success with their primitive archery equipment, so what is the catch? The main thing is, they have to fly well. If the broadheads are not accurate, it is useless. All modern heads can kill the prey with no problem if you place the shot correctly. Nothing wrong with mechanical heads, we have nothing against them, but our success outdoor lies with the correct shot, not with the broadhead. The heads we used and killed whitetails with Trophy Ridge, Muzzy, Steel Force, and Slick Tricks.

We really like the tough and compact design of the Slick Tricks broadheads. When we shot them, they fly very well and group with field points. Occasionally the edge of the blades can wrinkle, but this is most likely unavoidable. You can purchase the replacement after a couple of hunts. We have seen staggering blood trails from Slick Trick while tracking whitetail deer.

Adjust your compound bows, properly match your arrows and get some reps in. Try Slick Trick Broadheads in 2022, they have great reviews and I know you will be well surprised and pleased.

Slick Trick Magnum Broadheads Stainless steel

 Slick Trick Magnum Broadheads

Made from super steel this short fixed blade broadhead pack is made to rival the flight and cutting diameter of mechanical heads. If you have a high-performance bow, these are for you. A low-profile design handles are designed with precision. What we like is that it delivers more protection from the elements. It is great for whitetail hunting as it has a thickness of .035”, a cutting Diameter of 1 1/8”, and comes in 4 packs of broadheads for a great price of $44.99. After several hunts, you may have to change the blades, which is easy to do, but it could be seen as a hassle. We personally don't mind that, considering the overall performance of all Magnum heads.

 Slick Trick Magnum Broadheads

Slick Magnum comes in 125 grain 4 pack,125 grain 3 pack and100 grain 4 pack, and100 grain 3 pack.

What we like:Construction,stainless steel, durability, devastating power.

What we don't like: Have to replace blade from time to time.


Slick Trick ViperTrick

Another of our favorites is the Slick Trick ViperTrick broadheadsand often missed by the hunters. These penetrate so well they will be a great option for someone with a lower energy setup. Slick Trick ViperTrick can rival some of the most expensive heads with its consistency and we found that they spin very well.


Slick Trick Viper Trick Broadheads Broadhead 100 gr.

The steel blade is not the same grade as some of the more expensive heads on the market, but they doing more than enough damage and rate way above average. One of the advantages of Slick Trick is that you can sharpen their blades. Really? Yes, to have that ability is a great advantage and it is really important. Made from super Steel Ferrule these can do serious damage and leave a deep penetrating hole. Comes in a 100-grain and 125-grain ViperTrick straight blade and has a 2+2 design that made it easy to sharpen these back to razor sharp after some pre-hunt practice on the target.  Or if you planning a high-volume target shooting another advantage is that can be swapped very easily.

Most of the ventet head will have a hissing noise when it flies, but this comes with great accuracy. In reality, it doesn't matter much as it won't scare the deer. Well, maybe an Axis deer as they are the most anxious animal. Unless you looking specifically for the silent head, don't let that hissing sound deter you from getting Slick trick broadheads.

Viper comes in stainless steel 125 grain 3pack,100 grain 3 pack and125 grain 4 pack,100 grain 4 pack. 

What we like:Extremely accurate,Easy to resharpen,

What we don't like:Easy-to-bend tips, Hiss sound

Slick Trick GrizzTrick 2

If you are looking for a head that can crack ribs, Slick Trick GrizzTrick will do the trick. Super fierce and easy to assemble these broadheads fly really great. It only put a tiny dent in the and didn't bend the center or blades at all after leaving a huge hole. We were very impressed when hunting deer and elk. It is really solid at the practice as well. If you accidentally bend the blade at the hunt, you can still use them to shoot at foam targets it will still deliver great performance.


Slick Trick Grizztrick 2 Broadheads

Comes in 125 grain 4 pack and100 grain 4 pack

What we like:Easy to assemble, Very Sharp, Flies great, Leaves huge holes - Devastating

What we don't like:Little loud

Slick Trick SS3

Delivers unmatched performance with bone-crushing force. The SS3 is a developed head by Slick Trick to fly like any other. It is a very short, machined single-piece that demonstrates a great balance of design and weight for a dead-accuracy flight. Available in 100-grain it is a single piece that leaves a slug-like hole. It is 416 Stainless Steel with Black-Oxide coating it looks not only cool, but it can back it up by its characteristics. What we also like is it easy to sharpen. It is nothing new considering there are many same profile heads, but Slick Trick added to their lineup for the reason they getting popular, and definitely won't hurt to have the, in your arsenal.


Slick Trick SS3 Broadhead

What we like:One-piece, 3-blade, Super short, machined head, Laser-like flight,

What we don't:Have to sharpen

Do slick trick broadheads fly like field points?

Out of the 50 yards, SlickTrick flies like field points with ease. Depending on your setup choose your trick broadheads. We love to shoot them as they fly amazingly, go through like butter, and put elk or deer, giving you a blood trail. Here is a quick tip. If you want bigger damage and a huge hole go Grizztrick 2, if you looking to shoot lighter heads you can go standard, if you the not sure go with Magnum. Choose any Slick Trick as you can't go wrong with any of them.


 Slick Trick Raptor Trick X

What is the most accurate broadhead?

This is a hard question to answer. You have to ask yourself first, what animal are you after? What is the distance you planning to shoot from? There are several factors that can affect the accuracy. The number of blades, grains, quality, and type of the broadhead.

Accuracy is the most important because it makes sure that the animal doesn’t suffer and experience a quick death. All the elements of the broadhead play a role in the performance, so study each option thoroughly before making a purchase. You can send us a message if you need help to choose the right one. We offer free shipping on orders of $99 and more at our store.

What is the most popular fixed blade broadhead?

We have to go with the Slick Trick Magnum 125 Broadheads.It will deliver maximum damage due to its four-blade design and fantastic field point accuracy. Magnum gives you easy-to-follow blood trails after deadly force. Made in the US Slick Trick broadheads served us well and definitely makes the list of the most popular fixed head.


 Slick Trick Raptor Trick X

What Grain of Broadhead Should I Use?

It really depends on what kind of animal you are hunting. Broadheads differ in weight, they could be 75 grains to heavier ones at around 150 grains. The most common with hunters is 100 grain. Any heads below 125 grains are considered lightweight. Light heads are way more accurate than heavy ones and are more popular. If you hunt bigger animals you should consider using heavier heads. You will be sacrificing speed, but gain better penetration and force needed when using heavier broadheads.


What we think

Would I purchase this brand?  Absolutely, we own plenty of them and use them all the time, unless we out there testing other new models.  Many models are available that are shaper, or wider, but with the experiences we had with Slick Trick we can't recommend these enough. They’re extremely accurate, penetrate really well, and flies like a darts.

Live, Laugh, Hunt...




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