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Dogtra E-collar

Best dog training collar

Dogtra manufactures the finest dog training e-collars. The brand focus is to offer user-friendly and simple-to-use e-collars that are designed for the most challenging training conditions. Dogtra offers a fantastic line of e-collars from small god trainers to a variety of hunting dogs to K-9 Police work for a great price. 

Dogtra’s dog training collar is plastic and simply adjustable so you can use it on any dog of any size. Well, maybe super big dogs, this could be a slight problem. Dogtra’s collar has an awesome signal range and multiple levels of low-to-medium stimulation output. It is very simple to adjust them with only one hand by operating the front-facing Rheostat Dial.

How does e-collar work?

The remote dog training collar, o e-collar, sometimes referred to as e-collars, shock collars, or simply remote collars has the same included parts. They have just been called different names. It includes a transmitter, receiver, and collar probes. When you set your transmitter to vibration, tone, or shock and intensity of stimulation, the transmitter sends a signal to the dog's training collar receiver. The receiver has steel probes that it receives stimuli sent by the transmitter, but the probes have to fit against your dog's skin or as close as they can be, as some have pretty big fur.

Have you ever gone to a therapist where they hook you to a machine? This is what electric stimulation looks like, it is not a shock. It has several levels of intensity starting from very low to medium and medium to high. Dog training collars have a vibration option or a GPS signal that you could track your dog. 

Types of e-collars available

We tend to make better and better things and a dog training collar is not an exception. The technology gets way more advanced every year. Finding the one you need can be daunting. There are so many options like touch LCD screens and GPS where you can connect to your phone, different dials, etc. Every collar has its own features, stimulation options and battery life. Most of the manuals are easy to understand, but it can take a little time to used to the gadget and to get the best out of your dog.

Things to consider before buying an e-collar for the dog.

Occasion.What you will be using your dog training collar for? Do you have a companion dog or he is a hunting dog. This is important due to the mile range and battery life. 1/2 mile range or less, 3/4 miles for more active dogs, and a 1+ mile for hunting dogs.

The temperament of the dog.  Is he very enthusiastic or very laid back? We are looking at low mild stimulation or low - high stimulation.

The Size Of The Dog. This is a crucial part of choosing a dog training collar. The receiver size has to fit the dog size. Compact receivers fit dogs as small as, 10lbs or less. Medium size waterproof receiver by Dogtra fits 15-35lbs and large size for dogs 35lbs or more.

dogtra e collar

Best Obedience Dog training collar

Dogtra 1900S E-Collar

The Dogtra 1900S dog training collar indicates what we strive for – an ultimate dog training tool that is long-lasting, tough build, reliable, and build for the most challenging situations.

Dogtra brand has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing dog training e-collars. When it comes to perfecting the comfortable fit-and-finish, instinctive design, and responsible performance. This Dogtra dog training collar is fully waterproof with a unique and modern design. With subtle appearance and comfort, it sits on your dogs neck with a collar strap around the receiver. It has a fantastic 3/4 mile range and patented Rheostat Dial, the gradual and accurate stimulation control is displayed on the illuminated LCD display screen on the handheld transmitter. 

The receiver outputs low-high stimulation from 0-127 levels. This is a wide range of stimulation that will suits any dog’s personality from gentle to most stubborn. The Dogtra model is also available in the 2-dog system, the 1902S. This model is praised by professional trainers, hunters, and some serious amateurs. It's been one of our best sellers for some time. We know is a great tool when ist used even by K-9

What We Like:Good range, waterproof, 2 dog system available, great simulation levels, enhanced contact points, belt clip.

What we don't:is not compatible with the HandsFree Square, no offline Maps

Dogtra 1900S

Best Hunting Dog training collar

Dogtra 3502X E-Collar

This model is developed and is aimed more at professionals. It served us and our friends many times on the hunts. It features a 1.5-mile range, stimulation level lock, and single button Nick/ constant stimulation. You can have an expandable dual dial where you can control 2 dogs, an audible tone, which always helps, and even an 8-level Selector dial.

The Dogtra 3502X is designed for advanced handlers, packaged with a professional grade DUAL DIAL transmitter and IPX9K certified waterproof receiver. Geared towards professionals,  the unique and essential features are intended to elevate your training regimen: 1.5-mile range*, Stimulation Level Lock, single-button Nick/Constant stimulation, HPP vibration, an audible tone, 8-level Selector Dial, and expandable DUAL DIAL for independent 2-dog control. This dog training collar unit has been tested and has received a waterproof rating of IPX9K, which is in simple terms the highest rating currently available for water ingress protection. It is tested at close range using forceful water jets with super high pressure and high temperature over various points.

The dual dial transmitter comes with a dimmable OLED screen and two sets of the Selector Dial. To our surprise, it has buttons dedicated to each collar, which allows the coherent and effective operation of the collars without switching any levels. The 3500X model features makes it an supreme training tool for hunting/competition dogs or training tactical K-9 operations. 

What We Like:Comes with belt clip,Ideal for hunting,waterproof, range, DUAL DIAL transmitter

What we don't:The range may reduce depending on the surroundings

Dogtra 3502X

Best Selling Dog Training Collar

Pathfinder Mini

Do you have a smaller dog? Connect Dogtra PATHFINDER MINI to your smartphone It gives you a more accurate and reactive way to track and train smaller dogs. You can access GPS features right from the phone and even without cellular data. All you need to do is download the free maps and operate your smartphone in the Offline Maps mode.

You have to purchase extra packages with other GPS-integrated god training collars, luckily with Mini all is free. This dog training collar offers a stunning 4-mile range and a Beacon & Locates light to simply track dogs 15 lbs. and more. has simulation level from 0-100 with the fully waterproof receiver. Expandable to up to 21 dogs and hunters and has a Geo fence option.


What We Like:Tracking Only mode. 4-mile range, Offline maps, expandable up to 21 dogs.

What we don't:Battery life

Pathfinder Mini

Key Features of Dogtra dog training collar

Stimulation Levels

With the best and most accurate correction level for your dog, Dogtra has a patented technology called Exact-stim. For every dog temperament, it delivers without any missed and jumps between the levels.

Charging Time

Lithium batteries used can be charged in 2 hours using rapid charge, which is very convenient. Ni-MH batteries take around 10 hours of charging time.

Stimulation Types

If you have a demanding training situation or a stubborn dog, you can use constant stimulation by just holding the button down. If you want to get your dog's attention you can use Dogtra's Nick technology for a rapid burst of stimulation.


The company offers two types of output for these electronic units. Low to medium is for dogs with a mild temperament and low to medium-high is for dogs for challenging training situations or really stubborn dogs.


Ranges can differ from just 400 yards, 1/2 mile, 3/4 of the mile, and 1 mile. Depending on your and your dogs' needs.

LCD Display

For convenience, most units have an LCD display, so you can view the exact stimulation level. You can use it at night as it has nighttime usage and a backlight for low light.


Dog training collar from Dogtra has low to medium output for small dogs as 10 lbs. Low to high can be used on dogs conveniently as small as 20lbs.

Waterproof receiver

The Collar Receiver and transmitter for your dog training collar are waterproof as most of the Dogtra e-collars

Charging Time

Lithium batteries used can be charged in 2 hours using rapid charge, which is very convenient. Ni-MH batteries take around 10 hours of charging time. 

best dog training collar

How long do Dogtra collars last?

The dog training collar batteries will last you on average 34 hours on standby mode. With moderate use, it will last around 20 hours. If you won't be using them for long periods of time it's better to have them fully charged from time to time every 8 weeks or so, this way you will be extending battery life.

Are Dogtra collars any good?

The Dogtra training collar is absolutely incredible. For the most benefit is better if the dog knows simple commands already, but it will be an awesome product to train your dog off-leash. If you have a trained dog you can just simply add this in and you'll have a dog you can certainly have off leash knowing that you can be in control at all times. Your dog will be so happy knowing he or she can be off leash and still enjoy freedom running around and you will be happy and assured he/she won't run off.

Do dog training collars hurt dogs?

I think it's a great time to address and clear up some misbeliefs about collars that shock and hurt dogs. This is not a tool that is meant to hurt your dog, it is simply a tool and it has to be used responsibly. People like to comment negatively and call names dog owners who use dog training collars. If you use it correctly you won't hurt your dog in any way, shape, or form. So the answer is NO, it won't hurt your dog. The static shock is annoying but not in no way painful, and it is designed to get your dog's attention, it will not hurt your dog.

doctra e collar receiver

How do you introduce a Dogtra collar to a dog?

When introducing the dog training collar you want to do it in a non-distracted way, using lots of positive reinforcement. You can use escape training, which means that the dog is escaping the pressure through compliance. For example, if you ask the dog to lie down through verbal command that the dog already knows. Every time you ask the dog to lie down you also be tapping the collar unit until he complies. That way he can associate the command with stimulation. It is very important when you train your dog with the e-collar to always press the button when asking for a command.

How long does it take to train a dog with an e-collar?

There isn't a formula or exact time frame on when the dog will be trusted without a collar. Some get comfortable with dog training collars and reliable without it way sooner than others. You can't guarantee a certain amount of hours to be enough. If your dog will be running around in your backyard, it surely takes less time, but if you planing to take your dog to competitions, hunting, or big open areas it takes longer. What you have to be is consistent in training, and patient and I have confidence that somewhere around 6-12 months you should be comfortable with your dog in everyday situations.

What are the differences between E-Collars and Shock Collars

Could an e-collar be harmful and painful to your dog? It could be if the collar was in the hands of a hostile person and turned all the way up What about the walkie-talkie? Can it be harmful? Sure if you hit someone to the head. Is a tool and only can be harmful if you make it.

Too bad some people are stuck in the stone age when it comes to dog training tools or any tools. Shock color doe's what the name suggests, shock because it has only a few options/ levels and dog training collar has around 0-130 levels where you can, set your dog training color number 3 or 4 and therefore your dog won't feel any pain or shock.

Should dogs wear an e-collar all the time?

The short answer is no. The problem with that is that most owners usually forget to take it off and the dog ends up wearing it all the time, or through the night, but in reality, 4 hours a day for training is more than enough.

What we think

At hunting Giant we love dogs and we think that the dog training collar is the best training tool for dogs that came out in years. With many improvements that we have now with the e-collar like the tone mode, GPS tracker, and vibrate mode we can use this in the best and dog-friendly way when it comes to dog off-leash training.

Live, Laugh, Hunt...

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