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Best Deer Feeders

  • 7 min read

Deer feeders are available from many brands with different sizes, designs, and capabilities. How do you make the decision when selecting one? Do you know what factors to use like durability and materials? Do you need a high-tech programmable feeder or a simple gravity-operated alternative? All these questions can be puzzling if you just looking for one for the first time.

Not everyone has a large corn field to hunt with their buddies. Hunters have to get inventive and provide some sort of incentive for deer. One of the simplest ways is to purchase a deer feeder. There are many best hunting accessories, deer feeders in one of them. 

Which are the best deer feeders?

It depends on the individual needs. We will go over popular deer feeders and look at a few models that we use and the best sellers from our store to help you pick the one that best fits your needs without spending too much money. We will answer some questions that we get from our customers to assist you along the way.

Programable deer feeders

You don't have to worry about feed being released and running out quicker than you planned. If you are looking for convenience, then programmable feeders with a timer for the specific time to feed are a way to go. It sets a battery-powered motor and the feed is distributed with spinning plates.

Gravity Feeders

Maybe you looking for a budget option that you can have hanging at your backyard tree and watch deer through your kitchen window. Or are you just looking for simplicity? This deer feeder can be hung virtually from anywhere, polls, trees, or cables. Gravity deer feeders don't require batteries or much maintenance. They are durable, long-lasting and most of all simple to maintain.

Capsule Feeders

With them, there is no more panic over tripod feeders being knocked down by the wildlife, or stolen feed from your deer feeders. The super resistant feeder cage protects the from varmints while letting an effective disposition of your game feed. One of the few benefits of having capsule feeders is they won't tip over as tripod some tripod deer feeders. Another one is varmint proof, which is something to keep in mind. They are on the bigger side and usually available from 100lbs and up to a 1000lbs. capacity. They are firm, safe, but expensive.


Best Deer Feeder For the Money

Wildgame Quick Set 225 Feeder

tripod deer feeder

Wild game is a great brand known to the hunters for its products like trail cameras, scent concealment, attractants, and deer feeders. This free-standing feeder comes with a simple setup in approximately 15 minutes. Features a heavy-duty leg kit, durable 30-gallon poly barrel with built-in funnel, and digital power control unit with 4 feed times.

Operates on a 6V battery (not included). It holds up to 225 lbs of feed and depending on the programing it should last you quite some time. For example, 5 seconds programed twice a day feed, 40 lbs should last you about 10 days.

The Quick-Set 225 comes feeder has an easy-to-use timer with up to four daily feed times lasting 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds depending on your preference. You can use corn or protein pellets with no problem.

Tip - Make sure to clean the feeder completely out when not in use, as some corn will not funnel down.

What we Like: Easy to set up/ Digital Controler/ Great Price/ Heavy-duty coated legs/ Good Capacity

What we don't: Battery not included


Best Tripod Deer Feeder

Moultrie Deer Standard Tripod Feeder

moultrie deer feeder

Moultrie is a leading brand and we used them a lot. It has Deer Feeder Standard Tripod features Quick-Lock technology and a metal spin plate. 30-gallon hopper will hold 200 lbs of feed and digital timer programs up to (4) feed times per day from 1 to 20 seconds each.

There is an external power port for the solar panel. Dispense Times is much more flexible this is what we like a lot. Made from UV-resistant plastic this deer feeder will last you a long time. It comes with normal AA batteries so you don't have to purchase large feeder batteries and recharge them.

Most automatic deer feeders require rechargeable 6-volt batteries, and general rule, a 6-volt battery in a deer feeder will last 3 to 5 weeks, it also varies how often you be using it.

It holds a lot of feed, at least 4 bags (50lbs), and stands at a comfortable and optimal height of 5.5 feet.

What we Like: Easy programming/ Sturdy legs/ Economical / 1-20 sec intervals

What we don't:


The Best Gravity Deer Feeder

Moultrie Bag Feeder Pine Bark Camo

 deer feeder

This feeder will be the best $35 you will spend. It holds 100lbs of corn with no problem and it's harder for wild hogs to mess it up like they do the feeders with legs. If you go with these feeders, you don't have to worry about batteries anymore because it's a gravity feed.

The Moultrie Bag Feeder is a very lightweight and compact feeder that is built for easy transport. The fabric material is water-resistant to keep the feed dry and the feeder easily rolls up into a compact and easy-to-carry feeder. The Bag Feeder comes in Moultrie’s Pine Bark camo pattern and measures 60”

Simple to use with no moving mechanic parts. Gravity flow provides a regular supply of feed. and blends in well with the vegetation and is easy to refill.

What we Like: inexpensive/good quality/easy to maintain/lightweight and compact

What we don't: Other creatures like raccoons can partake in the feasting


The Best Hanging Feeder

Moultrie Feed Station II Hanging Feeder

hanging deer feeder

This gravity-style deer feeder can be used to feed corn, protein pellets, rice bran, and other types of wildlife feed. Now upgraded version includes a new easy twist-on/off lid. The feeder is securely strapped to a tree or post with the included strap.

It Holds 50-pound bags and now comes with dual feed ports with integrated rain shields and weep holes to keep feed dry. Durable, UV-resistant plastic construction will last for years to come.

What we Like: Dual feed ports/ Capacity/ Durability/ No Batteries/Straps

What we don't:


Consider This Before Purchasing a Deer Feeder

Is a deer feeder a good idea?

Getting a deer feeder will not going to guarantee a successful hunt, but it will be a fantastic help. Deer feeders are used by many hunters to attract deer throughout the year. If you have a bigger area, you can place several of them. It is a good idea to get one. Happy hunting!

What attracts deer to a feeder?

You can't send invitations to the deer to eat from deer feeders. What you can do is use the best deer attractant. Some good fall food sources include hard mast acorns, beech nuts, chestnuts, and hickory nuts. You can use apples, pears from soft mase, or crops like corn, soybeans, brassicas, and cereal grains.

What is the best deer attractant?

deer attractant

Deers could come to feed if you through some apples on the edge of the field, but these days are so much better options available. Modern attractants have strong odors to attract the deer, while others offer flavors deer can’t resist.

Some attractants are available throughout the year, while others are much more fruitful during specific times in the hunting season. Tip - look for brands that have bioavailable trace minerals, so deer can absorb them—brands like Big and J, Wild Game with its Sweet and Savory Arome.

Where is the best place to put a deer feeder?

One good tip we learned through the years is the location has to be more attractive to create an environment where deer feel comfortable. These jumpy creatures need to feel safe and protected if they're going to go anywhere. Placing your deer feeder next to an area of cover is beneficial because they know they can escape into the woods if they feel any threat. The edge of a field or in a small opening are great places to set up.

How high should you hang a gravity feeder for deer?

The optimal height for feed ports to stand or hang is 42-inches. The height you should set up your feeder also can differ depending on the type of deer in your area and other wildlife. This can be limited due to countless factors.

Imagine, if the legs on your feeder are set this high? You may have a difficult time filling the feeder. This height counts from the ground to the port of the deer feeder.

At 42 inches of height, this prevents raccoons and other varmints from reaching the feed from the ground while still allowing most young to mature deer to be able to reach the feed.

What is the Best Capacity for Deer Feeder?

With access to sizable land and a large deer population may go for a feeder with a large capacity. Some models hold a capacity of 300 pounds or even more. On smaller ranches or properties where wildlife lovers want to attract a couple of deer to their backyard, small deer feeders with limited capacities will suffice.

In this case feeders firth 30-50 pounds will do just fine. You can always send us a message if you need help choosing one. You have to consider individual needs to buy the right one for you.

What is the best time to set deer feeders?

In a bigger field, you should see better results by running the deer feeder closer to sunrise and sunset. These fidgety creatures tend to like open areas more at those times. Location is the number one part of the feeder and timing is right up there in importance as well. Try shorter feeding times at first, 5 seconds will suffice. In the smaller field or next to the trees, you may use it for longer since they are more comfortable when they have an escape route.

If you are a hunter, instead of dumping large amounts of feed, better you program the timer to set at certain times.

What we think

We believe that the game feeders first of all have to be user-friendly and simple to set up. It can be automatic or just hanging. If it is an automatic kit, consider your surroundings and requirements first. How many times a day are you planning to feed buck? Will you be using a solar panel kit to charge the battery?

It practically eliminates any troubles running battery power while the feeder is doing its job. If it's hanging regular deer feeders, make sure it has straps, it is such a help when you hanging on the tree of the pall. 

Live, Laugh, Hunt...



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