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Killer instinct lethal 405 crossbow

Killer instinct lethal 405 crossbow

Killer Instinct has gained huge popularity among hunters and crossbow enthusiasts, mainly because of its product quality and price point. Hunting gear can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just one item! But is it good? It's not uncommon to see people spending fortunes on their equipment before they even have a chance to test it. Killer crossbows are fairly new to the market but have hit the industry with a big impact. The American brand is based in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and they make crossbows with accessories such as bolts, optics, slings, cases, and more.

Hunting Giant crew love to hunt with our friends and partners. Test new gear and spend time outdoors. Last season one of our hunting trips was to back Texas for 3 days 2 nighs hog hunting. Sam had one of his high-end crossbows and I decided to test budget one. This time around I choose Killer instinct lethal 405 crossbow and here is what I think.

Crossbow is modular, lightweight, easy to use
It has good-quality crossbow bolts
Crossbow is customizable
Has great accuracy
Decent crossbow package
It offers a lifetime warranty on products
Kinetic Energy


Killer instinct crossbows

 They are known for their incredibly accurate shots. Their crossbows have a proven history of producing some great releases, and the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 model is no different. It has been designed keeping the needs of today's hunters in mind, who want to use a premium-quality product without having to spend a small fortune for it. Killer instinct lethal 405 crossbow package is just that. Before I tell you how did I do on the hunting trip, let me break it down on some details on the crossbow. Also, you want to know what is the difference between Barnett vs Killer instinct crossbows?

Easy to Assemble

I didn't take the whole box on the trip and assembled my crossbow at home. It took me around 20 min and there is a manual with pretty detailed instructions explaining safety and cocking. It comes with the main part, limbs and sting, quiver, coking stirrup and rope, non-illuminated scope, and 3 bolts.Also, there is a rail lube or string wax as they call it, but looks like a chapstick to me. I would just buy better quality actual rail lube instead. The manufacturer advises that you have to apply that every 5 shots.


Lethal 405 Crossbow has a thumbhole stock that is highly adjustable and is made of high-quality materials. It is extremely quiet and easy to assemble as well as reload. Once you get familiarized with it, it will be very comfortable to use. It is also one of the most durable crossbows in the market today. The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 also features an ultra-light composite frame that makes it both comfortable and easy to maneuver.

You'll be able to shoot with deadly accuracy, no matter what the situation, with this lightweight and durable frame. While using a rope cocker, can be a small problem for a teenager since it is required some pulling of a string. Sam was having fun on this one since more expensive crossbows have systems to do it now much more efficiently than using rope cocker.


Sam was showing off with his high-end crossbow, but I was hitting wicked shots at 50 yards with this crossbow, and it's impressive. The over-molded grip feels good quality when holding a crossbow and offers steady control with an improved accuracy guarantee. With kinetic energy 134 FT, it still offers some serious firepower. Also, a target practice where you get better, not getting the most expensive crossbow.


The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 also features custom rubber shock absorbers to reduce noise and vibration. This not only makes the crossbow quieter and more stealthy but also improves its accuracy and performance. With these shock absorbers, you can be sure that every shot is lethal. The included 4x32 non illuminated scope extends your shooting range, while integrated rubber suppressors keep your shots quiet and stealthy. The Hyper-Lite carbon cross bolts improve accuracy for a lethal and stealthy performance.


For $299 it is an extremely powerful and accurate crossbow with a speed of 405 feet per second. It is designed for hunting down big game animals like deer, hogs. I had a few shots at our office a few weeks before and I was impressed. We have a few targets set up where we test and get our reps in. This Killer instinct crossbow feels very nice for the budget crossbow. The Lethal 405 model is very fast and powerful and I must say that Killer crossbows have put in place many proven and simple design principles while designing this crossbow.


With its lightweight frame and comfortable fit, this crossbow is easy to arm and shoulder, giving you the power you need to take down your target. Killer instinct crossbows have been designed to keep beginners in mind, and thus are fairly easy to use. It's a nice crossbow, lightweight composite frame features, and a Realtree Xtra camouflage finish looks slick and enhances its appearance.


Killer Instinct Lethal 405 comes with ACU draw technology that delivers a smooth cocking cycle. It has a power stroke of 13 inches which is the same as other competing models in the market today. For comparison, the high-end crossbow my buddy used has 17". Quad limbs technology helps in maximizing energy stored within the crossbow to produce a velocity of 405 feet per second.

Draw Weight

The draw weight of this weapon is 210 lbs which makes it suitable for all sorts of hunting purposes. It is not too heavy or light either- weighing only 7lbs which means you can carry it anywhere quite easily. There are a few crossbows on the market that are lighter, it felt pretty light to carry around. I know why the instinct lethal 405 is considered a great crossbow which is among the top-rated crossbows 2019 in its category. Its actually beat its bigger and more expensive brother killer instinct swat xp which has 200 lbs of the draw weight. 



Killer Instinct has established itself among hunters, mainly because of its product quality and value. If you are on the budget and looking for the cheaper bow then the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 model will deliver. At only 299$ Lethal 405 comes with some great features that include ACU draw technology, Quad limbs technology, Realtree Xtra camouflage finish, adjustable butt pad, thumbhole stock design, etc. For what you are getting I think its great priced crossbow package. I had more than a few stabs at Sam at his $2000 something crossbow package and I felt damn good about it. :)


Killer Instinct also offers a limited lifetime warranty with every Lethal 405 purchase. This warranty guarantees that your crossbow will last a lifetime and that you'll be able to shoot with deadly accuracy, no matter what. Lethal 405 has some great features that make it powerful, durable, sturdy, and lightweight at the same time. It offers 90 days of purchase protection against manufacturer defects. Killer Instinct also provides a 1-year limited warranty that covers faulty parts, components, or workmanship issues.

Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow package includes:

  • Killer Instinct 405
  • 4 x 32 (non illuminated) Scope
  • Rope Cocker, String Suppressors
  • 3-Bolt Quiver
  • (3) HYPR Lite Bolts and Field Tips
  • Stick of Rail Lube


After several days hog hunting in Texas, which is great for deer hunting as well, we had a blast. The hog hunt starts bright and early. That is when your guide takes you on the farm truck to your stand where the wild pigs step out of the brush. Mornings are great in Texas. I struggled a little on our early morning hunt, but evening (where all the action is happening) I performed really well with my lethal 405 crossbow. I hit several hogs from a distance of around 40-50 yards. After we harvested our hogs they picked us up and the designated time to the skinning shed. When was the time to eat you can stay and cook or can hit the town for some Tex- Mex food which is amazing. Too bad we can't donate the hog meat, they will eat anything including dead animals, feces, worms, fish, you name it they will eat it. This is one of the reasons deer or venison is considered clean meat and places like Hunters for the Hungry accept that and distribute it to people in need which is pretty cool if you ask me.

I felt as I was the winner over Sam since we both performed just about the same. He had an advantage with illuminated scope, oven mine non-illuminated scope, speed, draw weight but overall I did well.

What I think

Killer instinct lethal 405 crossbow package is an entry-level crossbow that is a great option for hunters who want to get in on the crossbow action but don’t have a lot of money, a gift for your teenager an introduction to the hunting world. The lightweight frame and easy-to-aim scope and over-molded grip make this crossbow an excellent choice, especially if you are going after a smaller game or need something light enough to carry all day long! Using a rope cocker can be time-consuming though.

Killer Instinct also offers a lifetime warranty on their products so you can be sure your investment will last as long as possible. If you have second thoughts, then check out what they offer from other accessories like sights and quivers before making your purchase. This particular model comes at an attractive price, being one of the cheapest yet high-performing crossbows on the market. Check out the brand called Killer Instinct and let me know what you think.

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Tomas Deksnys