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Barnett Vs. Killer Instinct Crossbows

  • 6 min read

Barnett Vs. Killer Instinct Crossbows

Are you fond of shooting and hunting? But confused about which one is best suited for you?

If you know crossbows, you might know which brand is the best crossbows manufacturer, but it might confuse you with which model to go for. Since there are many types available in the shooting industry.

Manufacturers such as Killer Instinct Crossbows and Barnett Crossbows produce a variety of products for both beginners and professionals.

In this article, we'll provide you with information about how you can identify which crossbow is best suited for you in terms of accuracy, size, price, and other essential factors.

Let's begin exploring the crossbows.

Barnett VS Killer Instinct Crossbows

Comparison between Barnett crossbows and Killer Instinct crossbows is difficult. Since both of them are magnificent with their specifications. However, there are some distinctive points among them.

With so much to talk about the size and accuracy of the crossbows, other factors also contribute to making the best crossbow for you, such as its price, safety measures, durability, preciseness, and so on.

Some of the particular characteristics of Barnett crossbows and Killer Instinct crossbows are briefly discussed below:

Scope and Accuracy

The reason behind the popularity of Barnett crossbows among shooters is their accuracy and robust design. When we talk about Barnett crossbows, we can imagine accurate, precise, outstanding finish and unparalleled quality.

Take an example ofBarnett TS380 Crossbow with a crank cocking mechanism. It has a power stroke of 12.625 inches and can shoot with a speed of 380 Frames Per Second.

With a string restraining device and unique foot stirrup, the overall vibrational effect in Barnett Crossbow is reduced, which benefits the quiet shooting at the same target multiple times with the same accuracy.

On the contrary, the Killer Instinct crossbows are famous due to their accurate details. They manufacture the fastest and most accurate crossbows with great power.

Many shooters have successfully tried their hands onKiller Instinct Ripper 425 Crossbows. It has a draw weight of 200 lb and a significant power stroke of 15 inches. They never miss a target with their accurate manufacturing qualities.

With breakneck speed and accuracy, this crossbow can hit a target with 390 grains bolts with a velocity of 425 fps. Ultimately, it leaves behind a deep penetration with an impressive kinetic energy of 156 foot-lbs.

Compact Size and Weight

Ever since people have started shooting and hunting, crossbows are famous among them. For excellent and errorless shooting, it is necessary to analyze the size and weight of your crossbow before using it.

Since not every size is suitable for everyone, you must consider which size will enhance your shooting adventure. The greater the size of the crossbow, the higher will be the stability of the crossbow. However, many target shooters prefer using stands for certain distances.

Both Barnett and Killer Instinct Crossbows are manufactured with various size ranges. Barnett manufacturers crossbows with sizes that are easy to operate and handle. You can rely on these crossbows if you're searching for a compact size and suitable weight.

Moreover, Barnett proudly produces compact crossbows in the hunting industry. TheBarnett Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is one of those. It is a compound crossbow with 6.4 pounds weight and a total length of 32.5 inches (from one end to another), and works efficiently for small hunting games.

Besides, the Killer Instinct Crossbows have produced a wide range of crossbows with various sizes and weights to facilitate young as well as older hunters. Usually, their crossbows are designed to be narrow and compact to make the hunting adventure to the fullest.

TheKiller Instinct Swat XP Crossbow is a narrow and high-performance crossbow. With 7.2 pounds in weight and a power stroke of 16.250 inches, they can dig in any place of your choice. Many target shooters also utilize the stand for precise shooting.


Like every crossbow brand, Barnett and Killer Instinct also pay special attention to manufacturing of high performance arrows along with crossbows.

Since arrows play a vital role in making a crossbow purchase a success, whether they are manufactured with carbon or aluminium, both benefit the efficiency of crossbows in different ways.

Killer Instinct offers a wide range of more prolonged and smaller arrows under the name of KillerTech. Commonly, they sold a pack of six carbon arrows with a length of your choice.

Best of all,

These arrows are specifically designed to give you high-speed, accurate shots and tremendous kinetic energy. The packet also contains X vanes and moon nocks for better targeting and field points.

Some of the Barnett arrows are good for beginners or kid shooters as they are lightweight and easy to break. However, many models of Barnett do contain arrows with greater length and weight with more penetration power.

Which One is a Good Brand?

Barnett has fulfilled their commitment to producing high-performance products with the latest technology and designs for years. Their engineering skills have manufactured modern compound crossbows worldwide.

Among many Barnett crossbows, all of them consist of the powerful and fastest striking technology. By utilizing Barnett crossbows, you can experience ingenuity, creative designs, and advanced mechanisms.

They are keen on delivering the best experience with high-speed, accuracy, precision, and power strokes to their users. Whether you're opting to shoot from a long distance or close targets, they have manufactured products for all kinds of shooting adventures.

On the other hand, the Killer Instinct crossbows feature a versatile range of crossbows with multiple targeting and shooting techniques. Whether related to enhancing the shooting experience or safety measures, they never fail to impress their users.

Killer crossbows provide excellent accuracy and scoping with the installation of illuminated reticle glass. They are perfect for long-distance as well as nearer hunting explorations. You don't have to compromise on the quality. Just aim at the target and fire.

Price Range

Before purchasing any crossbow, their prices own a significant place. You must analyze either the amount you're paying, is it worth it? Is the crossbow long-lasting to pay your money back? Or you'll end up wasting bucks on a useless and frustrating product. Killer instinct lethal 405 is  great example where performance meant the price. 

Fortunately, both Barnett crossbows and Killer Instinct crossbows have been cautious about their crossbow quality and costs. Typically, the Barnett crossbows are relatively high in price, but the amount you'll spend on the product will totally pay you back in terms of high accuracy and precision.

When it comes to Barnett crossbows, you can't find a better crossbow at that price. However, they're a little higher on the pocket but trust our judgment. When you shoot your first arrow, you are going to thank us.

While Barnett crossbows are heavy on the pocket, killer instinct crossbows are lighter ones. If you are tight on budget, Killer Instinct Crossbow can be your go-to selection. You can confidently conquer a small game of hunting deer, rabbits, and hogs.


Despite all the qualities and incredible features, if the crossbow is not durable, then it's all in vain. Barnett and Killer Instinct are the renowned names of the crossbow industry. Any individual who has a passion for hunting and shooting will know the worth of a single crossbow.

For Barnett crossbows, there's no calculated and defined time to measure the durability. However, if the crossbow is handled with care and constant maintenance procedures are applied, it can last for a few years.

Moreover, a Killer Instinct has maintained the quality of the crossbow with a modern, lightweight, compact design and durable quality. Mostly the Killer Instinct crossbows are reliable. It depends on the exposure and shots per frame.

Safety Precautions

Besides, hunting is a fun and relaxing activity. There are some safety precautions you need to take care of. Always follow the instructions mentioned in the manual to protect yourself and your loved ones from damage. If you're a young shooter, seek professional help to ensure all the safety measures before using the crossbow.

Lifetime warranty offered by Killer instinct crossbows. 

All the Barnett crossbows are installed with an automatic safety mechanism which is known as Anti-Dry Fire Mechanism. It prohibits the crossbow from firing if it is cocked but left unattended. Once the tool is turned off, only then you'll be able to shoot.

Similarly, the Killer Instinct crossbows do have safety mechanisms to avoid accidents. Typically, it is mentioned on the crossbow user manuals that you shouldn't leave the crossbows cocked for more than 12 hours or overnight. It may cause damage to your crossbow's efficiency as well as hurt you.

Final Verdict

This comparison has provided you with clearly articulated and precise knowledge about the Killer Instinct and Barnett crossbow. You don't have to make unnecessary and burdensome speculations about their qualities and features.

Although, both crossbow brands have some characteristic features that discriminate among them. However, you can use this information according to your desire and needs to boost your hunting and shooting experiences.

Also, fear of buying a wrong crossbow shouldn't be an issue when investing in either crossbow. With these purchases, you're guaranteed to experience the devastating improvement in your hunting game. Your success rate will be boosted since both of these crossbow brands deliver exceptional results.


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