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How to Choose an Arrow

Owning a bow is not beneficial unless you choose an efficient and quality arrow. After all, it is an arrow that hits the target, not the bow.

We have prepared this article to guide you about the characteristics of arrows and which kind of arrow suits in which situation.

Best of all?

By the end of this article, you will get a better understanding of the material of the arrow and what factors to be considered before finalizing your decision.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Arrow


1. Type Of an Arrow

The material of an arrow is a primary factor that needs to be considered. Each material has distinctive benefits and can be used in different scenarios.

Carbon Arrows

The most expensive bow arrows are made up of Carbon. Though they are more expensive than the rest available in the market, they are lightweight, making them accurate andfaster.

Due to wind drifting and flattering shooting, carbon arrows are preferable to professional shooters. They are durable and elastic. No matter how much you bend them, they will return to the initial state.

The most advantageous point of using carbon arrows is that they can bear small cracks without proper inspection. The experienced shooters offer budget-friendly carbon arrows for beginners.

Aluminum Arrows

If you are searching for the cheaper arrow options, then go for the aluminum arrows. They are considered to be the safer ones as they bend when damaged rather than breaking.

However, aluminum arrows are accurate, silent, and comparatively lighter in weight. You can also order customized aluminum arrows according to your requirements.

The drawback associated with the aluminum arrows is that they are not durable and can negatively impact by mishandling.

Wooden Arrows

Another popular choice of professional shooters is wooden arrows. They are the traditional arrows and hit the target with force and power. Since wooden arrows are not hollow, they are quieter, and you can make tips, knocks, and fletchings by yourself.

Fiberglass Arrows

For the young shooters, fiberglass arrows are the right selection. It is convenient for both bow shooting and bow-fishing. Since these arrows are heavy, they are relatively less accurate and cause trouble while aiming a target.

2. Arrow Spine

The spine is the result of the calculation of the amount of bend or flex of an arrow. Usually, you will find an arrow number written on a label. Some of the spine numbers are 350, 400, 550, and 600. The highest number shows the high flex capability of an arrow.

However, when you find the right arrow spine number, stick to it. Only change if you are planning to change your draw weight or experimenting with another bow. Consequently, the stiffer arrow will work better with a heavy bow, while a lighter bow will be more efficient with a softer one.

3. Point and Arrow Weight

Another important factor to consider before choosing the right arrow is the point weight and arrow weight. Typically, these are measured in grains and play a vital role in precise aiming.

Besides, if you are selecting an arrow for hunting purposes, the heavier the arrow will have greater penetration in the animal. However, aiming will be a slower process with a heavy arrow.

4. Fletching

The feathers of an arrow are called 'Fletchings'. They are responsible for the stability and high accuracy of the arrow. They can be large or small depending on your requirements.

Due to greater dragging, large fletchings favor the close-range positioning as it helps in stabilizing the arrow quickly. However, small fletchings drag lesser and are a perfect selection for shooting farther targets.

5. Shaft Diameter

Another vital factor to consider is the shaft diameter. The small diameter is better for bowhunters as it has more penetration ability and lesser wind drifting on distant shots.

Certain sizes and spines are only available in wooden and aluminum arrows. Or it is also wise to measure the arrowheads and field points to buy the right product.

Sometimes, the head of an arrow is larger than the shaft's diameter, but it shouldn't be lesser as small heads can result in decreased accuracy, less penetration, and cause damage to the target shaft.

6. Common Arrow Heads

Many kinds of arrowheads are available in the market. Some of them are briefly described below, along with their uses.

Bullet Points

As the name refers, these kinds of arrowheads are bullet-shaped and mostly used for target practice. Its curved side makes it quicker to remove from the target.

Field Tips

The most common types of arrows are Field Tips. They are more efficient than bullet points and consist of an inside arrow curve. Apart from target games, they can be used for hunting birds and rabbits.


If you are fond of playing bigger games, then broadheads must be your pick. They are sharp and consist of different kinds of blades.


Your pick must be Judo if you are searching for the flat-headed arrows. They are used for small games as they can grab and stick to the surface efficiently.

Fish Pointers

These arrowheads are used for bow fishing. It consists of a barbed point that holds the fish unless you take it out.

Blunt Points

These arrowheads are cylindrical and flat pointers. They are blunt in conquering the small games.

Analyze Your Draw Length

Before finalizing your decision, measure your draw length to ensure you buy the right item. Firstly, put your arms straight and let someone measure the length (in inches) of your arms and divide the resultant with 2.5.

This is your draw length. Now add 2 inches to find out the ideal length of your arrows. Besides, it is one of the essential factors to ensure that your arrow won't fall from the bow dangerously. Also, it will help you to get a firm and stable grip over your equipment.

What are Your Requirements?

Whether you are planning for bowhunting or target shooting, your arrow will have a greater influence in both cases.

For instance, a light weighing arrow will be an ideal pick for a target shooter as they aim to shoot at longer distances.

Furthermore, bowhunters should prefer heavy arrows as they require deep penetration of an arrow in the animal. Though finding a perfect bow and arrow match might take time, you will make an ideal combination after trial and error.

The best part,

For traditional bowhunters, it is recommended to have 7 to 9 grains for each pound of pulling weight. You can ask the manufacturers for these details.

Instant Guide to Buy Arrows

Apart from all the physical factors related to arrows, there are some points you might consider:

1. If you are a young shooter or hunter, buy cheap arrows as initially, you might damage them quickly. You can save money by purchasing a less expensive product.

2. Curved arrow vanes are not a bad thing. Sometimes, people add them purposely to stabilize the arrow spin in the flight. It is called 'helical configuration.'

3. Typically, the arrow vanes are made up of plastic or feathers, but for hunting, it is better to buy plastic ones as if the feathers get wetter, they will decrease the flight of the arrows.

4. Usually, the arrows come with 'shaft only', and you have to customize it by adding vanes, nock and a point. But as a beginner bowhunter, buy a pre-made arrow as they are cheaper.

5. With the compound bow, your draw weight increases, so you should buy a stiffer arrow, but it will also increase the length of an arrow.

6. Consider the environmental factors such as wind flow in the area where you are shooting. An arrow with a larger diameter will have a greater wind impact than the smaller ones.

What is the Quickest Way to Select the Arrow for Your Bow?

If you are searching for the quickest and easiest way to select the most suitable arrow for your bow, it would be a great idea to visit the nearest professional crossbow shop and try on different versions of arrows.

Inquire the shopkeeper about:

1. Show the seller your bow, tell him your draw length, and ask him which arrow will suit you.

2. Also, explain the purpose of your buying (whether you are shooting or hunting, etc.)

Final Words

Consequently, choosing the right crossbow arrows will add up a lot to your archery experience. However, it is not a straightforward process. It would help if you considered certain factors and climatic conditions to reach the suitable pick.

However, you will get a better understanding of the technicalities and other aspects as you gain experience in this field. Though, it might take time for you to reach the perfect combination of bow and arrow. As for the beginning, you have to go through the trials to get the ideal match.

Moreover, every person has different experiences and different conditions in which they are practising. Your suitable pick will not be suitable for any other. So, take your decision intelligently and check what works best for you. Good Luck!

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