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Ravin R500E Fastest Crossbow

Ravin 500E Sniper Package currently is selling with extra accessories. 

We personally think that modern crossbows have changed the way hunters approach they hunting game. There is a new crossbow in town with all the amazing features one could ask for with each passing moment. Whenever hunters think of investing in a new crossbow, it is Ravin Crossbows that comes to mind. 

Interestingly, the new Ravin Crossbows for 2021 season have come up this time with another amazing item. The new release 2021 RAVIN R500E Crossbow represents another breakthrough from Ravin Crossbows. With 222 FT-LBS of kinetic energy, this slender beast can push a 400-grain arrow at speeds approaching 500 fps. When it hits, the arrow gets there quickly and makes you aware that it was there!


Do you want to jump the string? You're on your way! Good luck! Within moments, they'll already have a broadhead in their cage! This Crossbow has a HexCoil Cam System, which has made it even more worthy of investment. 

 I know you are excited to explore more about this magical product. Let us not wait anymore. Stick to this Ravin Crossbow review to know everything that you need to know. 


All You Need to Know About the Ravin R500E

This new R500E from Ravin continues the company's history of industry dominance. The R500E, which uses the proprietary HexCoil Cam System, can generate speeds of 500 feet per second with a 400-grain arrow and has an axle-to-axle width of 3.6 inches when cocked and 7.6 inches when uncocked. 

Among the outstanding features of the R500E is its new Ravin Electric Drive System, which makes it possible to cock and decock a crossbow by simply pressing a button. Additionally, there is an option to manually cock the Crossbow using the R500 Draw Handle.  

It is extremely easy to remove both the battery and the motor unit from the charger to store or charge them. Additionally, the R500E incorporates the new VersaDrive Cocking system, which uses dual screws to move Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. 

With the VersaDrive System, there are no over cocking issues, and any cocking or decocking can be stopped at any time. Upon release in Spring 2021, the R500E will be available in Ink Gray. Despite its high demand even before the launch, it's anticipated to be one of the most reliable crossbows to use if you're serious about staying focused on your hunting. Ravin R500E is suitable for any archer. The performance is increased multiple times as a result of its amazing features.

More information is available about the Ravin R500E in the content discussed below. The details about the must-have Crossbow on the market will only be known once we know every feature of this worthy Ravin Crossbow. 


Key Features of the Ravin R500E Crossbow

Although, this Ravin Crossbow has not yet entered the market. However, it has come up with a lot of buzz in the market. The news about its launch and features has made it interesting for the archers and hunters to start planning to get one this time. 

The top-of-the-line R500E Sniper comes with a full complement of features and accessories, such as the new Ravin Electric Drive System, the Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope, the Ravin Scope Level, as well as six.001 Premium Arrows. The stock can be easily detached from a 12-volt battery and motor unit with the Ravin Electric Drive, which can then be stored or recharged via the included charging dock.

Well, I believe you to be one of the expected buyers of the Ravin R500E Crossbow. To help you out, I will share some of the most amazing features of the Ravin R500E. Let us see what is going to be in store for us very soon. 


The Fastest Ravin Crossbows

Ravin's new R500E Crossbow will be the fastest Crossbow ever built, reaching speeds greater than 500 feet per second and firing 400-grain arrows. For years, crossbow manufacturers Ravin R500E have sought to conquer this benchmark. The arrival of the Ravin R500E Crossbow is imminent. Ravin R29X crossbow was a flagship model for years. 450fps was a benchmark for some time. 


This breakthrough technology allows the customers of the Ravin R500E to shoot crossbows smaller and faster than ever before, breaking the 500 feet per second barrier. Electric Drive System- The ability to cock and decock at the touch of a button is a solution providing flexible use in the field, streamlined ease-of-use, and high-end accurate shooting.


Comes with A Not-So Light Weight

Despite its size, the 500E weighs 9.9 pounds. In mountainous terrain, would this be the best option for stalking thick brush? Most likely not. Imagine the beast like a sniper rifle with a big, mean scope that shines from fixed positions like ground blinds, box blinds, or tree stands.

However, if you believe that the upcoming Ravin R500E shall be a harder one to carry with you then you are wrong. It comes with a heavy weight due to its amazing features and outstanding components.

Has an Exclusive Hexcoil Cam System: 

By rotating the cams, a full 360 degrees, the Ravin R500E bow can reach 500fps speed. This Hexcoil Cam system is about to be launched. Ravin R500E Crossbow is one of the major components that has made this Ravin Crossbow worthy of investment. 

Has an Electronic Drive System: 

With just the push of a button, this electronic 12v motor will cock or decock the Crossbow effortlessly. Cocking and Decocking are some of the most important features, and when a Ravin Crossbow has an electronic drive system, all of the problems go away on their own. 

Comes with Versa Drive Cocking System:  

With the Trac-Trigger Firing System, the Versa Drive cocking mechanism utilizes a new piece of hardware that allows the trigger to be moved down and up the rail. In addition, you can also decock or cock the bow while clutching the new system, which allows one to stop cocking the bow at any time while doing so.

Extreme Speed and Power:  

The Ravin R500E arrow fires a 400gr bullet at a blistering 500 frames per second. With 222 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, the missile delivers a devastating impact. Its power is something most people are dying for. The extreme speed and power are among the most crucial and worth investing features of the Ravin R500E. 

550fps. Illuminated Scope: 

There is also a variable illumination dial built into this new scope for use in low-light conditions. So, if you need to go for a hunt at night when you are more likely to get your attack successful, then the yet-to-be-launched Ravin R500E should be your next choice. No more concerns about not having enough illuminated environments. You have your Ravin Crossbow, and that is all you need. 

A Convenient Crossbow to be Used

Its adaptability and easy-to-use design make the Ravin R500E one of the best and most popular Ravin crossbows in the market. No matter what level of hunter you are, Ravin R500E Crossbow offers the same features for you all. 

In addition, all archers and hunters of any height or weight may use the bow. Since it is adjustable, this Crossbow is going to become the favorite for the hunter community.  

Pros and Cons of the Ravin R500E Crossbow

Since the next in 2021 Ravin Crossbow, R500E has not been launched yet, we consider it too early to mention its cons. However, with so much buzz in the archery world, it is time that we share some important pros and cons that are expected from the Ravin R500E Crossbow. 


What we like about Ravin R500E 

  •  It comes with an extreme power and intensity 
  •  Has the power of the illuminated scope 
  •  It has a built-in Hexcoil Cam System
  •  It is anticipated to be the fastest Crossbow ever
  •  It has a removable battery
  •  The Ravin R500E has an Electric cocking and decocking system 
  •  Depending on the requirements, the Ravin Crossbow can be adjusted.
  •  A wide range of accessories is included with Ravin R500E.
  •  The bow reduces acoustics and vibration. 
  •  Gears protect hands. 
  •  There are several colors available for purchase. 


What we don't like about Ravin R500E

  •  A bit more costly to buy

What We Think:

On the whole, it can be said that the Ravin R500E is a perfect choice for all the hunters and archers who aim to ace in their professional career of archery. It has everything that you would need whenever going for a hunt. In addition, it has a lot many features that make it one of the worthiest Crossbows of the Ravin series. Despite the high price, one should try this out. 

We at hunting giant believe that this crossbow will be top 3 crossbows in 2022 hunting season and still one in the best ravin crossbows in 2022.Considering all these outstanding features, the Ravin R500E Crossbow awaits your purchase. So, you have first to hold your horses. Just wait a little more till the Ravin Crossbows release this most awaited item. We are expecting the Ravin R500E Crossbow to enter the market real soon despite all the delays. 

Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys