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Ravin R500E Crossbow Package

 ravin crossbow

When Ravin Crossbows first announced the release of the R500E in 2021, it was a rule and technology breaker, one of the fastest models available. Now, two years down the line, it seems only fitting to revisit this article and update you on what's changed and does it lived up to its expectations. A lot can happen in a couple of years, especially in an industry as dynamic and innovative as hunting. In this updated post, I'll dive back into the world of the Ravin R500E Crossbow, check how it has stood against its rivals, how it compares to the latest models, and whether it still holds its ground as a top choice for crossbow hunters.

Does it still impress with its cutting-edge design and functionality after two years? Let's find out. In this update I will go over R500E features, how it performed on the field, and whether is it still a top choice for those who are considering adding this beast with speeds of 500 feet per second to their arsenal and for seasoned owners looking for insights into the long-term value of their investment. Let's get into it!

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  • Is this crossbow for you?
  • Electric Drive System Issues
  • Technological Advancements in 2023
  • Crossbow Package
  • Comparison Table
  • Hunting Experience
  • What we like about R500E
  • Final Thoughts


Is this the model for you?

If you're like me, always on the lookout for the next big thing in hunting gear, this model might just catch your eye. R500e is able to produce an impressive 500 fps, it's like having a sports car in the world of bows. But the real talk is its electric drive system. The ease of cocking and de-cocking with just a push of a button? Sounds like a dream, especially if you've ever struggled with traditional ones.

But here's the rub – do you need another high-tech gadget, another battery to worry about in the wild? I'm all for innovations, but sometimes I wonder if we're complicating our hunting trips more than necessary. The electric system can be awesome, no doubt, especially for hunters dealing with injuries or those who just love the latest gadgets. But for the purists among us, it's worth asking if we're ready for this shift.

If you're someone who thrives on the latest and greatest in hunting tech, or if pulling back a traditional crossbow isn't your cup of tea, the R500E could be your new best friend in the woods. But if you're someone who cherishes the simplicity and traditional feel of hunting, this high-tech wonder might feel like overkill. It's all about what kind of hunter you are – or aspire to be. The R500E isn't just a crossbow, it's a statement. Are you ready to make it?

Ravin electric drive system issues 

The highly anticipated launch of the new Ravin R500E faced significant delays, initially due to global supply and demand issues prevalent at the time. However, complicating matters further, Ravin encountered specific issues with its Electric Drive System. The word was out that it failed, and maybe it will never happen, but despite these obstacles, Ravin's commitment to delivering a product that meets its high standards of innovation and reliability remained. Going into the 2024 season, I don't see many brands going that route just yet, on the contrary, two years passed and the only issue we had with this bow and the new Ravin Electric Drive System was a drained battery. 

Ravin Electric Drive System

Technological Advances

New for 2023 2023, Ravin introduced the camo option for the R500E, alongside the existing Stealth Black variant. I find the Ravin R500E XK7 Camo particularly appealing, adding a fresh aesthetic to this high-performance model. It's important to note that while this update is more about style than technology, the R500E continues to impress with its existing components.

The fully integrated silent cocking system and completely silent draw remain key highlights, ensuring a stealthy experience in the field. The illuminated scope, now equipped with an all-new speed lock for 2023, enhances accuracy and adaptability. Additionally, the HexCoil technology, a cornerstone of Ravin's innovation, continues to deliver outstanding performance.

In my opinion, there wasn’t much need for technological additions to the R500E. The existing technology, including the electric drive system, already sets a high bar in the industry. It's more about users getting accustomed to these advanced features and maximizing their potential. Ravin has already done an exceptional job in integrating groundbreaking technology like the silent cocking system and HexCoil technology into the R500E.


Crossbow Package

It is available in two primary packages: the regular and the Ravin R500e sniper package. Both share key characteristics that make the R500E stand out, such as an axle-to-axle width of just 3.6 inches when cocked and 7.6 inches when uncocked. This compact design contributes to its agility and ease of handling in various hunting scenarios.

The main difference between the regular and sniper lies in the additional accessories and enhancements included in the sniper package. While the regular provides the essential components needed for high-level performance, including the ability to produce staggering speeds, the sniper package goes a step further. It typically includes upgraded optics, such as a more advanced scope, and sometimes additional accessories like a bipod, which aids in stability for long-range shooting.

Comparison Table

What models are in the same league as the R500E? Only Tenpoint Nitro 505 comes to mind and while the Nitro 505 may have broken speed records, the Ravin still excels in its feel, shooting experience, and accuracy. It has a superior hand feel, akin to holding a finely tuned rifle, and its shooting mechanism is incredibly smooth, offering rifle-like accuracy. This makes the R500E a preferred choice for those who value precision and comfort in their hunting gear.

Features R500E specifications TenPoint Nitro 505 specifications
Color Options Stealth Black, Kings XK7 Camo Moss Green, Veil Alpine Camo
Speed 500 feet per second 505 feet per second
Weight 8.4 LBS 7.5 LBS
Length 28" 30.5"
Width Axle to Axle (Cocked) 3.6" 6.5"
Width Axle to Axle (Uncocked) 7.6" 12"
Power Stroke 15" 17"
222 FT-LBS 222 FT-LBS
17 LBS Not specified
Draw Weight 300 300
Cam System HexCoil Cam System Regular
Cocking System VersaDrive Cocking System ACUslide
Assembly Fully Assembled / Pre-Tuned Not specified

Hunting with Ravin R500E: Long-Range Precision 

I have had the opportunity to hunt with the Ravin R500E on several occasions, including an Axis deer hunt and a Southwest Texas Whitetail hunt. Its reputation as a killing machine is well-deserved, with each experience reinforcing its capabilities.

The accuracy of the R500E is remarkable. It can produce staggering speeds of 500 feet per second. Whether it was a 40 or 50-yard shot, the precision is unfailing. On all three hunts, I successfully hit the vitals. The integrated scope, while I have a personal preference for the Burris Oracle, performs admirably. It offers clear visibility and aids in making those critical long-distance shots with confidence.

The speed of the arrow launch is another standout feature. Describing it as 'smoking fast' would be an understatement. The arrows propelled by the HexCoil technology move with such velocity that they deliver clean, ethical shots, ensuring a quick and humane harvest. Overall, it has proven to be an awesome crossbow and I had confidence going into the hunt. I was worried about the battery dying, but I got the extra one just in case. The battery life on the 500E is meant to last approximately 50 cycles of cocking/uncocking. 

ravin battery

What I like about it

  • It comes with extreme power and precision
  • Good standard illuminated scope 
  • Axle-to-axle width of 3.6 inches
  • Featuring proprietary Hexcoil technology
  • Trac trigger firing system
  • It has a removable battery (we suggest getting an extra one)
  • The  electric cocking and decocking system 
  • A wide range of accessories
  • The bow reduces acoustics and vibration. 
  • There are several colors available for purchase. 


 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazing!

The electric drive system is a lifesaver for me. It simplifies cocking and decocking, saving me time and effort. I am in my 60 and this feature really shines. - Thomas

Final Thoughts

As we edge into 2024, Ravin's R500E showed us how to reform traditional crossbows into the fastest hunting machines. This crossbow elevates the entire category to a new level. Its accuracy is striking, offering power and still a modern look.

It not only looks, but for those wondering if it's worth the investment, my perspective is clear: the R500E is not just another crossbow. It represents a significant stride in crossbow technology, combining the efficiency of an electric drive system with the precision of the Trac Trigger Firing System. This crossbow is transforming traditional crossbows, bringing staggering speeds and ease of use with just the push of a button.

So, is the Ravin R500E for you? If you're drawn to top-tier technology and unparalleled accuracy in your hunting gear, this crossbow is more than worth considering. It's an exciting time for hunters with gear like this on the market, and the choice, as always, is yours.

1 Response

Jon Sautelet

Jon Sautelet

November 23, 2022

At our local bow shop they said to stay away from the R500 until they get the cocking issues fixed. Apparently the dual cocking screws are breaking because of the pressure put on them.
They also had at least 9 R26’s in needing new cables and other parts as the strings are breaking.
I have already replaced my strings in 21 and will also do again in the spring due to stretching. Apparently these crossbow’s aren’t meant to remain cocked all day.

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Tomas Deksnys

Tomas Deksnys