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Mission Crossbows - Choosing the right one

Who says you have got to compromise on quality when opting for crossbows? Choosing the perfect crossbow is still a challenging experience for hunting lovers. They need just the right crossbow to ensure that every shot they make reaches the target without any hassle.

No doubt, Mission Crossbows can offer you a variety of the most famous crossbows that have been loved by hunters and are still making their mark in the market! Why compromise when you can get the very best?

The Need For The Perfect Crossbow

Mission Crossbows is on a mission; A mission of providing the best crossbows for hunters! Mission Crossbows knows what you want in a crossbow. They have speculated your desires, analyzed your requirements, and carefully crafted different models that will suit your unique demands perfectly.

That's not all! Mission Crossbows have manufactured three perfect models of SUB-1 crossbows that are the hot deals of today's needs. But don't get confused between the three. Each one of them is unique to the core, and finding the right one will lead to perfect hunting. Why don't you see them yourself:

1. SUB-1 Mission Crossbow

Being the first one in the series, you might think that it is not up to the mark. But that is where you are wrong, asSUB-1 Mission Crossbow has it all!

The most frustrating thing that can happen with a hunter is to lose the target or scare it before you shoot it. It causes frustration, and believe me, and you will not like it. Luckily, the solution is right in front of you in the shape of a perfect crossbow that fulfils all your shooting desires in a jiffy!

The Ultimate Shooting Experience

The more skilled the hunter is, the more fun he will have in shooting difficult games. The thrill of achieving something hard makes their adrenaline rush and their heart's pace increase just by the sound of a nearby target.

SUB-1 Mission Crossbow acts as the perfect hunting partner that can provide you with the ultimate shooting experience. Its accuracy and speed are one of a kind! The comfortable grip, easy de-cock, and lightweight body adds to its specialties.

Features & Specification

With a weight of 7.5 pounds, this crossbow is here to stay! The length of the SUB-1 Mission Crossbow provides a shooting speed up to 385 FPS which is perfect for accurate shooting. With a trigger pull of 3.4 pounds and a power stroke of 13.75, you can opt for almost any shooting game. The features and specifications make it a perfect crossbow for hunting.


No matter how good a thing is, it is always right to be true. The only thing that doesn't favour the SUB-1 Mission Crossbow is that it has only one camo, and it is not available in other colors.

Final Verdict

If you are a person that is looking for a crossbow that will take your target down in one go, this SUB-1 Mission Crossbow is just what you need. It will be your hunting partner and will surely be worth every penny you spend!

2. SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow

Let us imagine a scenario. You go shooting with your favorite crossbow and after a while of hunting, you use your binoculars and find the perfect animal to hunt. You aim your crossbow at it, and with complete accuracy, you shoot your shot. But wait, it hit the animal, injured it slightly, and then the animal ran away!

Now you are left with one less arrow, a crossbow that doesn't have hard-hitting technology, and a sad face! That is why you need a crossbow that will help you in doing the perfect shot in one go. And luckily,SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow is just the thing you need with its accurate and hard-hitting technology, and there is nothing not to like in this Mission crossbow.

Perfect Trigger

The SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow comes fully equipped with a match-grade trigger that is perfectly set to precision with just the right amount of 3.3 pounds. It provides the perfect power and holds to shoot long ranges.

Suppose your target is distant and you have to monitor it through your binoculars, the best way to aim and shoot is with this SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow, as it is built to make your long-range shooting dreams come true at last!

Features & Specifications

Let's talk about high speed and high power! This SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow has a duping speed of up to 410 FPS! It is one of the highest ranges in terms of speed and will reach the target in the blink of an eye. The length and the weight of this crossbow are 30.5 inches and 7.6 pounds, respectively. The weight is easy to carry, and the power stroke of 14.6 proves that it is an elite choice of crossbow that will never fail to amaze you any day!


The only thing that we came to know about the crossbow that makes it a choice is that it is hard to cock for beginners. Even though the crossbow comes with an easy de-cock technology, cocking can still be a big deal.

Final Verdict

How do you know that this SUB-1 XR Mission Crossbow is the right thing for you? If you are a person who likes to compete in tough shooting and hunting games and is always up for a new challenge, this crossbow is just for you. With an accuracy better than both the other models, it makes up for its shortcomings in the best way possible.

3. SUB-1 LITE Mission Crossbow

Loving hunting doesn't mean that you have to be an expert in it. You can still enjoy hunting even if you are not adapted to using a crossbow. However, that would require the perfect crossbow that will cover up your flaws for you and still provide a safe alternative to the lack of skill.

SUB-1 Lite Mission Crossbow is just the thing you need if you are looking to spend a good day in the woods or hunting in the shooting game area. Its easy-to-use mechanism and user-friendly technology make it one of the customer's favorite! It gives you the fun and thrill with complete safety and ease. What more can a person want?

Epitome Of Versatility

Have you ever heard of all-in-one? Or one-for-all? Well, whether you have heard it or not, SUB-1 LITE Mission Crossbow is definitely your All-in-one crossbow. Many times you don't know what you are looking for. You search models after models and designs after designs. And even after this hustle, you can't find the right fit for your requirements.

Let's make peace with the fact that this will surely be your go-to crossbow at all times. Don't know what to expect? Take the SUB-1 LITE Mission Crossbow with you! Being easy-to-handle, lightweight, and with a tight grip, it is surely a thing you can never miss! Hunting games can now become less complex and more exciting with just the right nudge of the crossbow.

Features & Specifications

With a length of 30.25 inches and a weight of 6.9 pounds, this crossbow is here to stay. With a balance of specifications and features that include a 13.7 power stroke, 3.3-pound trigger pull, and 335 FPS speed, it acts as an all-rounder crossbow that is loved by all.

The optimum values of each requirement make it a special one for beginners and the people who have a hard time adjusting to a new one.


If everything is perfect, what makes it different than the others? The only thing that you will come to know about this model is that this model has lower speeds than the other two models. The speed this model offers is 335 FPS, whereas the other provides a comparatively higher speed.

Final Verdict

Last but not least? It is the best choice if you want versatility with synced cameras. It can be your go-to crossbow if you need something that goes with everything. Are you an adventure lover? This SUB-1 LITE Mission Crossbow is just made for you and will become your hunting buddy almost everywhere! It's easy on the pocket and never fails to satisfy your hunger cravings in the best way possible.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Mission Crossbows?

Now that you know about the top-tier crossbows that are booming in the market, you must be intrigued about where to find them. And most importantly, you need to beware of scammers! These scams will promise you that they will give you their best. But guess what? You get a catfish product, and all your money goes down the drain!

But, you should act wisely and smartly. The only way to do that is by purchasing the SUB-1 series Mission crossbows only fromMission Crossbows! Being an original seller that provides a warranty with every piece, not even the slightest of doubt is left!

And only one thing is left to do, and that is to buy your SUB-1 Mission Crossbow series today!


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