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Mission Sub-1 Review

The perfect archery skills matter the most in hunting. A crossbow that comes with the best nock travel, cocking rope, and trigger is all a hunter needs to capture the hunt. Mission crossbow is famous for decades for releasing the premium quality of mission sub 1 crossbow. Moreover, the draw weight of all the crossbows released by Mission archery is beyond excellence.

And you know what?

The speed of the arrow and bows is dependent on the accuracy of the shot. The majority of the Mission crossbows come with a range of 100 yards, but you can find much more in their different categories. The arrow system, trigger, and cocking capacity of the mission crossbows are responsible for their never-ending demand.

Mission Crossbows – A Little Overview

This brand is responsible for the production of high-end arrows and crossbows, which come with the most demanded speed, power stroke the system, draw weight, nock, travel, and many other specialties.

Moreover, the cocking rope and the trigger pull capacity of the mission sub 1 make the hunters crazy about purchasing it. The accuracy of the mission archery and the speed system will surely help you to catch the hunt within the glimpse of an eye.

Let's discuss some of the best items of the mission archery in the list given below.

Mission Sub 1 Crossbow

If you're looking for a crossbow that has accurate and quiet handling, this crossbow is going to be your first choice. With the availability of perfect shooting skills and high-end accuracy up to 100 yards, it stands out of the list to break the records.

It contains the trigger system's premium quality, which quickly de-cocks with a single click of the button. The arrow embedded in it is of the highest quality.

Crossbow with Perfect Shot

The arrow's sudden pull ensures the steady position in the center of horizontal, vertical rows during the release. You'll get the chance to hold the hunt with its high-quality cock system.

Versatile Length

It comes with an axle of versatile length, making it convenient for the hunter to hold it for long hours. You don't have to adjust the length as it comes in different options.

Effortless Loading

You'll get the chance of an easy loading mechanism in it because of a bolt retention arm's presence. This addition saves the time of the hunters.

High Range

It comes up with the best pull-up system, which shoots with accuracy up to a wide range of the shooting area.



  • Quite lightweight to carry
  • It covers up many yards
  • It comes with a sturdy rope
  • The length of the bow is several inches
  • Saves time with easy loading


  • Handling is difficult for some users

Final Verdict:

No doubt, it runs low to provide easy handling, but on the whole, it serves as the perfect option for those who're looking for some handy shooting utensils.


Mission Crossbow Sub-1 XR 


If you want an axle that gives you the access to enjoy hunting at your best in the North American Game, this crossbow is here to help you out. You can shoot up to several inches with its bow. It has a wide limb platform which makes it convenient for the hunters to hold it up for long continuous hours.

The trigger mechanism of this bow is designed with high precision.

Features You Must Know About It

Power Stroke Mechanism

It shoots out the bow with a powerful speed of about 410 FPS, making it one of the best hunting tools for hunters.


The weight of this bow is about three lbs. Thus, you can carry it on your shoulders for longer durations without causing any ache.

High Hitting Accuracy

There's not a single chance that you'll lose the hunt with it as it has gained perfect accuracy with a maximum speed of hunting.


Cocking System


The cocking system of this item offers the maximum grip, which enables the hunters to have a solid hold on it.



  • It has a decocking mechanism
  • It offers an ultra-smooth draw mechanism
  • It eliminated horizontal nock travel of the bow
  • It comes with an ergonomic grip
  • Made up of high-quality materials


  • Some people have issues with its shooting range


Final Verdict:

With the availability of stock mechanism, socking system, and ultra-smooth draw mechanism, it stands out as one of the premium options for hunting. However, you'll have to suffer while setting up the shooting range.


Mission Crossbow Sub 1 Lite

Here's another addition by the mission crossbows, which fulfill the need of accuracy along with the versatility of usage. It contains all those features that hunters mostly demand. The trigger control of this item will amaze you with its speedy mechanism. You'll get the chance to change its draw length according to your own choice.

Its bows are quite easy to handle. Moreover, the shoot it generates is more than wow. All cocks in it are quite enough to provide the maximum accuracy. Moreover, it covers large inches of distance to shot the hunt.


Flight Deck

The flight deck maintains the accuracy of the arrow. It not only maintains the balance but also responsible for the speedy shots with the vertical nock travel.


Synced Cams


Some synced cams are present within it, which offers uniform arrow launch on point with the hunt. Thus the cocking and de-cocking mechanism makes the hunting effortless.

Precision Stock

It has six different lengths of pull adjustment. Moreover, the different inches of adjustment of the bow is responsible for providing a customized fit.

Firm Grip

It makes it easy for the hunters to hold it with a firm grip to scope on the hunt. The lightweight feature also supports this advantage.



  • It has a lightweight construction
  • It has versatile lengths of the bows
  • The speed of the shots is 365 FPS
  • It has adjustable stock limb retention
  • It is relatively easy to assemble



  • It's not as compact as other items


Final Verdict:

It benefits the hunters with many amazing features, including lightweight construction, high bows' high speed, and adjustable stock limb retention. But there's one downside about it that it's not as compact as other hunting items.


A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Buying Mission Crossbow

Many thoughts hit your mind when you think of buying the right bow for increasing your archery skills. The trigger mechanism, the cocking capacity, and other factors matter the most when you're out for buying a perfect crossbow for hunting.

Mission sub 1 crossbow is everything you need to hunt at your full efficiency. Still, there's a significant need to look at some of the essential features for increasing hunting efficiency. Just imagine choosing the bow that doesn't fit your needs. It'll waste all your money.

But don't worry, we've gathered some to-do points. Kindly review them in detail as below so you can choose the wisest item from the market.

 Bolt Speed


The arrows' bolt speed is one of the most important factors to find in the crossbow you're going to buy. It determines the performance of the crossbow. Thus it'll let you catch the hunt with great success.

The greater the speed of the arrow, the flatter it'll hit the hunt. Thus don't forget to choose the arrows that are available with high-speed bolts. This will eliminate all mistakes in the aim and draw.

Accuracy of the Target

 Imagine you shoot the target with full efficiency but still miss the target. We're pretty sure it'll blow away your head. So the only possible way to eliminate this inconvenience is to grab your hands on the arrows available with high accuracy.

A great tool with the highest accuracy is going to be your first choice. As it'll let you grab your hunt on the very first shot.

Weight of the Bow

You're never going to choose the option that is too heavy to carry. This is why the bow's weight is the major factor to look for whenever you find the most appropriate tool. The lightweight feature of the arrow will make you able to carry it for longer durations.

Mission's bows are all too light to carry. Thus you can select any option from them. Most of them weigh few lbs. so grab an option that will let you enjoy the hunting the whole day.

Size of the Archer

As a hunter, you must have an idea that the bolt rides on the grooved portion of the bow. Thus the majority of these bows are made with versatile lengths depending upon the height of the hunter. The cock system must be present in the archer no matter how long it is.

Another thing to keep in mind here is you'll never look back at the heavy cock after getting your hands on the bow, which weighs few lbs. The weight of the bow also coordinates with the inches of the archer. Try to maintain a perfect balance between the two. Mission's bows are perfect to choose in this manner.


Noise Level


Last but not least, the noise level of the bow you're choosing is going to decide whether you'll get your hunt or not. Don't look back at those bows which produce shocking noises when you shoot a bullet. It'll make your quest cautious. So do consider the quietness of the crossbow whenever you think of choosing it.

The only right decision here is to prefer the bows' bows' bows' bows' bows' low noise levels compared to the other options that create a bit of noise. Moreover, check the arrow's pulley mechanism as it's responsible for making noise during the shoot.


Are crossbows any good?

 There's no other better choice than the crossbows, as they're included in the list of most powerful tools to catch the hunt. They're famous for their accuracy and power.

How can you adjust the weight of the crossbow?

You can use several tools for adjusting the weight of the crossbow. One of these tools includes a 7/32 hex, which evenly distributes the mass of the crossbow.

After reading the crossbow review as given above, you're all set to head to choose the premium quality of hunter tool. All the options in the above content are quite efficient. You can select any option from the list above.

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