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New Rambo Bikes 2021

New Rambo Bikes 2021

Electric hunting bike is not just a cycling bike but has become a source of traveling. These fat-tire-built bikes can travel long distances with high speed and power. Moreover, such bikes have revolutionized the ways of transportation and riding. How? These bikes look simple, but a smooth rider always gets into the eyes while on the road.

Do You Know?

These bikes are comfortable to ride without using any fuel. Electric hunting bike is always smooth even when you are hiking on steep hills. It gives you speed with its wide tires - perfect for support and weight-bearing. A rider needs bikes to smoothly pass rough terrains without losing speed from trail riding to city cruises or mountain surfing.

Moreover, a professional mountain rider would always settle for the best. With long-range motors, perfect speed to travel across the terrain, we are going to walk you through a most popular and deadly E-bike hunting brand named Rambo electric bikes.

Rambo bikes from 2015 have been determined to make badass bikes that serve the riders through ultimate motors and comfortable rides. In 2020, RAMPAGE 1000W, an extreme rider's bike model, was the big game in electric hunting bikes. The most quickly sold-out bike 21ah high rated battery performance lasted longer than a rider Xtreme rider desires.

On the very first day of RAMBO BIKES 2020 ATA, Rambo demo bikes made people their fans on the very first day. Well, this upcoming year, 2021, with everything going back to the new standard, Rambo electric bikes have launched a new line of brand new featured models as follows:




1: Rambo Prowler Electric Bike

With excellent performance, here comes the first model called Rambo prowler electric bike. Invisible but vicious is the mid-drive Prowler. The rear station has a massive 380 percent gear range which uses gearless technology from Enviolo! Couple it with the Samsung 48v 17ah battery; the Bafang 1000w Ultra-Drive Motor is practically quiet; you'll drive up to 40 miles per charge. If that isn't enough, the new TrueTimber VSX camo spray template is 100% limited to a specific Rambo.

Key features:

  • MODEL: 1000 XPE
  • PAINT: TrueTimber VSX
  • BATTERY: Samsung 48v 17ah
  • FRONT HUB: KT-M0CF 150mm Sealed
  • Straight handlebar for electric motor pedal levers with thumb throttle
  • WEIGHT: 70lbs
  • RANGE: up to 40 miles
  • REAR HUB: Enviolo CVT with 380% gear range
  • With a full-color touch display


Viper western camo

  • FRONT BRAKE AND REAR BRAKES: it is a Fully adjustable Tektro four four-piston hydraulic 203mm (front brake) and 180mm (rear brake)
  • SADDLE: it is selle royal AO27HEO
  • LEFT HANDLEBAR: controls the electric motor
  • FAT TIRE: Maxxis Minion 27.5" × 3.8"



Rambo prowler bikes use battery and frame integrated systems to keep weight-bearing low, giving a speedy and responsive ride. Prowler batteries are mid-drive batteries that are completely upgraded to 17 -amp hours to the maximum outperformance of long-distance ranges of 40 miles. Indeed the prowler Rambo bike has an ultra mid-drive motor 1000 W motor. Now, what do we mean by that? This motor uses three sensors with a max drive system to provide a pedal-torque of 150 to 160 Nm and power you to 1000W.

Rambo prowler electric bike models are easy to maintain and repair because of their integrated system of bike frame and battery, and motor. Prowler Rambo bike took "built Rambo tough" to another level. Hunting Giant provides free shipping in the contiguous USA. With its weight of 70lbs and a weight capacity of 300lbs. These electric bikes not only help in tedious cruising, but you can also carry your stuff.

Rambo prowler e-bike has an extra-large language rack. From 750W to 1000W motors in Prowler is a premium benefit for e hunting bike users. You can get electric bikes at the lowest prices in the United States at Rambo electric bikes. Don't keep your carts empty; hurry and become the customer of Rambo bikes.


Rambo Venomis the greatest of the finest! It's the love of customers at Rambo. Starring a new Rohloff inner 14 gear speed rear hub, 48v 17AH battery, and a 1000w Ultra-Drive motor, all delivered in one sturdy bike, no terrain can deter you! You have the ideal RAMBO VENOM eBIKE formula combined with Maxxis Minion 26-4.8" tires and 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes. From the hills to the flat savannah, RAMBO Venom E-BIKE is an all-in-one mid-drive bike for you!

Key Features:

  • MODEL #: 1000 XPR
  • WEIGHT: 71 lbs.
  • PAINT: TrueTimber VSX
  • BATTERY: Samsung 48v 17ah
  • FRONT HUB: KT-M0CF 150mm Sealed
  • REAR HUB: Rohloff 14 speed hub
  • FRONT BRAKE: Fully adjustable Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 203mm
  • REAR BRAKE: Fully adjustable Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 180mm
  • SADDLE: Selle Royal A027HEO
  • MAX SPEED: 28mph
  • RANGE: up to 40 miles
  • With Full-Color Display


Viper western camo

  • The left handlebar controls the electric motor.
  • Right, handlebar for pedal gears with thumb throttle for the electric motor
  • Fat Tire Maxxis Minion 26" x 4.8"



With the motto of "taking you places you have never been," Rambo venom e-bikes have an ultimate Samsung-produced lithium-ion 17 -amp hour battery. The whole integrated system of the bike makes trials faster, and customers love to get up to the maximum distance of 40 miles.

Ultra 1000W motor operates in a whisper, delivering mid-drive motor power rating of 1000W to peak power rating of 1500W.


The Megatron is a bike for your ears to focus on! This bike features parts that have never been provided before. Dual lithium polymer batteries with a total battery capacity of 34AH, Dual 1000w hub engines with ON Request ALL Terrain Vehicle are present.

The ability to turn between front, rear, or all-wheel drive wheels on the go! RAMBO MEGATRON E-BIKE comes With a top speed of up to 30mph and with a range of up to 80 miles. Until you start streaming out, you better have one shipped today. The Megatron sets the bar for Rambo's latest Extreme Hunting E-bike!

Key features:

  • MODEL #: 1000 X2WD
  • WEIGHT: 77 lbs
  • PAINT: TrueTimber Viper Western Camo
  • MOTOR: Bafang 1000w Hub Motor x2
  • BATTERY: Dual Samsung 48v 17ah
  • FRONT BRAKE: Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston 203mm
  • REAR BRAKE: Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston 180mm
  • SADDLE: Selle Royal A027HEO
  • MAX SPEED: 30 mph
  • RANGE: Up to 80 miles
  • Full-Color Display

Viper western 

  • Single Speed Hub
  • Left handlebar controls for electric motor
  • Right handlebar for pedal gears with thumb throttle for electric motor
  • Maxxis Minion 26" x 4.8" Fat Tire with Double Wall 100mm Rims.



Rambo MEGATRON e-bikes are integrated battery bikes with a dual motor as well as a dual battery system. It has a crank hub motor placed centrally to give to the low back and stable ride. Both dual batteries are of lithium-ion technology to accelerate more in the hilly area under cold weather conditions without drain out quickly—battery produced by leader company lithium-ion market, Samsung. Batteries are dual, each with a 17 amp-hour capacity.

Thus, the total capacity you can get is 34 amp hours, thus doubling the potential range to 80 miles per single charge. 1000 W dual-motor hub would give double power to Rambo bike having the peak rating of 3000 watts of energy greater than both venom bikes and prowler bikes. MEGATRON bikes are great for deep snow riding, sandy beaches, and climbing up steep hills. The rear-wheel motor hub gives the features to conserve battery along with high power and speed. Get your Rambo MEGATRON e-bike with free shipping  today.

A Beginners' Guide To Choose Best Electric Bike

A mountain professional Electric bike rider definitely would know what to look for in an e-bike. But a complete newbie should be fed with all the information they need to know before buying an electric bike. It's going to save a lot of your money that you spend on your car and uber apps. Let's end the controversial talk and jump into five buying guide tips you need to know before buying an e-bike:

Motor types and locations

  • Rear hub motors

In rear hub motors, the motor is mounted to the rear hub, and power transmission is through, and cassette to the wheel. These types of engines are common for road bikers and city cycling. These e-bikes use rear wheels to put motors. Rear hub motors are a little less preferable than crank hub motors. Still, these motors also provide low ground so that center of gravity of the bike is close to the land that helps in a tight grip and perfect balance by the rider as the rear portion of the motorcycle is the strongest of all.

  • Front hub motors

These types of motors are generally placed on the front wheel. This motor position affects the steering stability, and due to lack of weight in the front wheel, griping is affected. But folding and hybrid e-bikes still use this motor position. And these types of motorbikes are relatively cheaper and readily available in the market.



A powerful motor gives powerful speed and more torque that helps in climbing the slopes. These powerful motors may also tend to burn the battery that reduces the range of e-bike. But engines might not be the only reason for weak battery working.


Watt-hour is the measurement of capacities of a battery and motor. By definition, "no. Of hours a battery can sustain watt of power before dying out" compatible motor and battery system like 250 watt-hour battery. A bike with a 250watt hour motor would lose power more quickly because if the engine is 250-watt hour battery should be of 5500watt hour, this increases the riding range. That was all about motors and batteries. What to see for when buying batteries?


Battery capacities are generally measured in amp hour. The capacity battery would give you the desirable riding range. If you're intended to go for long road trips or live in hilly, steep areas, you need to consider battery capacity. The higher the amp-hour value of the battery, the better its power, and the greater the riding range.


How much time does the battery take to charge?

The optimal charging time for an average battery is 4 to 5 hours then, you will have to take the charger and charging cables along the cruise, but if you are using a bike of high watt-hour capacity, then it might take longer to charge, but the journey is smooth and fun.


How many batteries an e-bike can have, or does an e-bike have bottle cage batteries?

Yes, an e-bike can indeed have more than one batter, and you can use two batteries at a time to increase your riding range. If you are using one of two, you also can back up the other battery. Usually, these batteries are also called bottle cage batteries, as they can quickly charge from a standard wall plug.

Is the battery integrated into the frame?

Battery dimension is important; buy a battery and motor and frame integrated bikes if you are an enthusiast who uses e hunting bikes. As Rambo bike, I mentioned above is all integrated. This gives you extra space in your language rank. External batteries are more comfortable to charge, but they make the bike handling tiring. Still, for an urban commuter, a large design, an external battery can serve the purpose As the hidden batteries within the seat tube are invariably expensive. Many renowned company websites are also working on downsizing the batteries to make their fit easier. But still, some brands are making external battery designs.

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries

Battery capacity might drain out with the passage of time and percentage of usage or the weather conditions of cycling. So you need to buy e-bikes with lithium-ion technology with rechargeable features. If not least, look for the brands that provide the warranty. These are low in weight and fast charging.


The riding range of an e-bike depends upon two features of the bike:

• Motor capacity

• Battery capacity

• Riding style

Motor capacity; Motor capacity of an e-bike and riding range is dependent on how you ride an e-bike. If you are a cyclist, you would know a running your motor at full capacity will not only burn the engine, but chains would also be broken. The same is when trail riding on rough terrain; motor power output needs to increase to meet the speed, which would burn yours eventually.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of the e-bike is given in amp hour. The greater the amp-hour value, the greater your potential range, but like a motor, a battery would drain faster if it is used at high speed all the time along the trail. Some batteries have a potential range of 100 miles on a single charge, whereas others have a significantly less than 20 miles to 50 miles per charge.

Modes of the Bike

Selecting a mode is a great option to conserve your battery.

Low assist mode: On eco or low assist mode, you might require peddling more, but your battery can last longer.

High assist mode: a high assist mode of an e-bike is great for climbing up the slopes and hills or if you need to accelerate the bike, but it will drain your battery. You can switch to any system according to needs and situations.

Best Rambo bikes are all available for shipments, so why keeping your cart empty. Rambo bikes drive like a whistle through the woods. These bikes are rechargeable and have covered a great distance range, more than you can think of. Rambo bikes bring the heat to the hunting industry with new 2021 models. 

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